PlayStation 4 Turns One

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PlayStation 4 Turns One

It’s hard to believe that 12 short months ago, the PlayStation Nation finally got their hands on the most powerful and socially connected gaming platform ever created. With blockbuster games from our Worldwide Studios like inFAMOUS Second Son, MLB 14 The Show, Killzone Shadow Fall, The Last of Us Remastered and new innovative features like Share Play and SHAREfactory, PS4 has had an unprecedented first year!

In honor of PS4’s one year anniversary, we’ve created an infographic highlighting some of the unforgettable milestones. It goes with saying that this is made possible by you, and we continue to be humbled by your passion.

PS4 Anniversary

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I should also mention that we’re not only celebrating PS4’s first birthday, but also a significant milestone for our brand as we near the 20th anniversary of the original PlayStation on December 3rd. In the weeks leading up to this special day, I’m happy to announce that we have a series of blog posts planned to take a look back at twenty years of PlayStation. Those of you who have been with us from the beginning, along with those who are new to PlayStation family, are in for a special treat so please stay tuned.

In addition, on December 6th-7th, the PlayStation Experience takes over Las Vegas for a massive two-day community event dedicated to our fans. At PlayStation Experience you will also have access to the best PlayStation games coming in 2015, first hands-on with new content, developer interviews and panels lead by the industry’s most regarded development teams, and much more. This event is going to be amazing, so be sure to reserve your tickets now.

Thanks again for your incredible support over the years and please know that you, the PlayStation Nation, are in our hearts and minds every day reminding us to continue delivering the best gaming experiences possible and always ensure that PlayStation is truly the best place to play.

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  • Time flies! Congrats on all of your success! And see you all in Vegas!

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  • One year already? Man time goes by so fast. All I have to say is, keep up the great work guys. I been a PlayStation gamer since PSOne. I can’t wait to see all the great game you guys have in store for us. I also can’t wait for PS Vue. I hope I get in the beta. Very interested in that service. Thanks guy’s.

  • Nice Happy Birthday to such a damn fine system. Good job Sony!

  • Oh how the time has gone by.. A full Year…
    So…. It should be learning to “Pause Download” soon?

  • Oh yeah PS4 turns one and I just got mine right in its birthday to celebrate….only to get disappointed.Couldn’t play since yesterday because I CAN’T SIGN-IN on the damn PS4…ha.I can sign-in in my PS3 just fine,I can sign-in in my Vita just fine..hell I can even sing-in here in the Blog just fine,,,,but in my brand new PS4 I can’t….are you serious with this Sony?

    I was right to call it PS3.5.

  • Happy Birthday PS1…call me next year, your first legal drink is on me

  • I wonder what that special treat is… I hope that means we finally get to play Crash Bandicoot and Spyro PS1 classics on the Vita, like Europe has been able to do for ages… =\

  • Better be some damn ps4 games

  • No time to celebrate, DriveClub is still busted.

  • I still have my ps4 receipt. Im gonna take my system to dennys for a free grand slam breakfast. My vita can go too but its only gonna get biscuits and gravey, because he never finishes his food. LoL

  • Im glad you all realize its been a full year. We are still waiting for many features from two E 3s ago. Such as rest mode with a game still on (like vita) and oh, i dont know, driveclub + edition. And a blu ray remote. And storing music on the HDD. And organizing our download list. And home screen. And seeing when friends sign in. And better servers. Hell, even the red controllers are MIA.

  • It’s really hard to believe that 12 months later, PlayStation 4 still lacks some basic features that PlayStation 3 offers. I hope it won’t take another 12 months to catch up. Happy Anniversary PS4!

  • Been with PlayStation since the first console, although I went back-and-forth between that and N64, whicih of course was a wonderful console as well. Also, my birthday is December 3rd. :)

  • Where is Syphon Filter is it gong to come the PS4 of The VITA?

  • @ZQuestion, that ability has been around for a while now. Do your homework before bashing something for no apparent reason.

  • When is PS Vita turns one?

  • Love the PS4. Well done Sony. Can’t wait for some LBP3 action.

  • Extremely happy with the PS4 since I bought it exactly one year ago. Can’t wait for the PlayStation Experience.

  • Man… hard to believe it’s been 20 years…

  • Happy Birthday to me and ps4. Any special sales plan for ps4 games?

  • Congrats but we needs better online server so psn doesn’t go down as much and why doesn’t Sony cut the price of ps4 to 330$ for holidays m$ won the first 2weeks in nov u can’t let them win in.nov they cut the price to $350 u gust got to make more move

  • So happy to be part of the PS4 family from day 1, and to have been a part of the PS family from PS1. Too many more years! ?

  • @italodancemp3:
    Hate to break it to ya, but the PS Vita is almost three years old.

  • Congrats on the 1 year anniversary!

  • I was a die hard Sega guy (Genesis, Sega CD and a 32X) when the PS1 and Saturn both came out. I rented both systems from my local Blockbuster over 2 different weekends and fell in love with Playstation. I was fortunate enough to get a PS2 and 3 on launch day (sleeping outside of Circuit City and Best Buy). Now that I have kids, things have changed and I didn’t get a PS4 until a few weeks ago, but its by far the best piece of entertainment equipment i have ever experienced. Of course i love my mobile JRPG system, the Vita, as well.

    Thank you to all of the Sony staff who work here with us on the community side, as well as everyone behind the scenes that continue to make this brand the best possible product on the market.

  • Let’s have a Flash Sale this Weekend to Celebrate?

  • The ability to change our PSN ID’s without sacrificing trophies,game saves and DLC. Are y’all really ignoring the amount of gamers wanting this?

  • had ps2, ps3 and now ps4. Sadly I couldnt get ps1 when it came out, because i couldnt afford it. Anyways I enjoyed all of the PlayStations and I hope future is even brighter. To be honest PS1 and PS2 both were a miracle – out of this world experience. PS3 not so much, but I really like where PS4 is headed. Keep up the good work SONY and THANK YOU for the great experiences.

  • the ps4 is an amazing console but it has its problems such as messages getting forever to send,slow download speeds.poor OS stability because sometimes the store would disappear when you are trying to access it etc etc and it lacks certain features that the console should have like mp4 support,mp3 support from the hardrive,DLNA,CD support and much more on the other hand games have been released with glitches and bugs because there is no proper QA before launch etc etc

  • It’s a year old, so why is messaging broken still? It’s worse than it ever was on PS3 even. Fix it!

  • I agree with AwRy108 there is no time to celebrate, DriveClub is still busted.

  • One year old and we are #stillwaiting4greatness. You might wanna get a different studio to finish #disasterclub.

  • Glad to be a playstation fanboy since inception. Here’s to another 20 years. Cheers.

  • Woo! I always celebrate special occasions with infographics!

  • I learned a few generations back to wait about a year before buying a console after launch. Seems like there has been some bugs to work out and honestly there wasn’t a game that said I just had to have it. Now if 2015 stays the way it’s looking that’s when I will make my purchase. However I am still a little bitter with how you guys have handled the Vita. We need some game announcements because after I bought Tales of Hearts R I see nothing coming up anytime soon. Please nobody say anything about remote play because it does not work on a plane, train, or bus.

  • @welmosca I can sign in just fine so it must be you

  • I used to like it, but I think “PlayStation Nation” sounds really cheesy lol.

    Anyway congratulations to you guys. Maybe I’ll pick one (a PS4) up in 2015. Hope it will be as good as the PS Vita which imo is the best PlayStation system ever conceived.

    And congatulations to the 20th anniversary of PlayStation, soon. I hope there will be a nice montage video and I hope there will be sales on all SCE-published titles!

  • Success HA! more like Sucks-es fix all of the issues ppl are having already.

  • Although Sony’s tagline has been “Greatness Awaits”…I am still “Waiting for Greatness”.

    Although the PS4 system is pretty good, it is long from Great. After buying a PS4 launch system last year it primarily became a dust collector since games like BF4 played worse on the ps4 than then ps3. It took almost 9 months for BF4 to play decently on the PS4 and even now that the PS$ has been out for one year Sony is still working out kinks and has yet to promise on items outlined over one year ago for the system.

    When will the “Waiting for Greatness” end?

  • Happy Birthday PS4!!

    There should be a special PS4 birthday theme and notification on the PS4.

    Also, your infographic forgot to mention 1 million sold on day 1!!

  • Thanks for providing the best next gen console
    Looking forward to 2015 and more greatness.

  • Yay… I don’t care unless there is a sale to go along with it.

  • @ 40

    Do you have a PS Vita? You didn’t need to wait for greatness if you have that system. You can feaston the Greatness immediately.

    Just a tip. Sorry if you already have one and if my recommendation was therefore redundant.

  • Yay! Love my PS4. Just wish I had more reasons to play it rather than my PS3 (which has an embarrassingly large backlog of games thanks to PS+).

    When Planetside 2 finally comes out, that’ll give me one reason, at least!

  • One year and still no sharing for sub accounts or option to upgrade to a master account…

  • As someone who has been playing since the PS1, I would love to see PS1 and PS2 support on the PS4.

    Disc/digital support would be a huge deal for me and many other longtime gamers.

  • @PanTheMan16 Actually it is not on the PS4. Get something downloading and go into your downloads.. The only option you have while it is downloading is Delete.. No Pause.. Just Delete

  • @PanTheMan16 Now I see it, They didnt put it on the side bar that you can bring up only in little text at the bottom. And this must be something that was added in the last two weeks of updates.

  • PS4 turns one, and my daughter turns one. She’s getting a PS4 for her birthday!

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