New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

Bonjour, PlayStation.Blog readers! That’s about the only French I know, but that’s okay, because we’re bringing the best part of Paris Games Week to you here in North America: a brand-new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

This trailer, titled “Enter the Fray,” takes you deeper into the war-torn world of Orience, where the Miltesi Empire has launched an invasion on the Dominion of Rubrum. You’ll be taking control of the 14 members of Class Zero, each with their own unique weapons and play styles to repel the invaders and preserve their magical crystal.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sweeps us all into a war of nations on March 17th, 2015 for PS4. And don’t forget! Pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD now at and other participating retailers to secure the Final Fantasy XV demo!

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  • Is this on Vita?

  • So I take it sometime next year for the Vita version?

  • seriously… vita version SE u traitors… u gave FF adventurers to the 3DS u didnt even make it multiplatform with the vita and u deny us FF type 0 to vita users which were the ones claiming for this to be localized….

  • This is cool. but too bad you screwed over Vita owners

  • I’m going to reiterate something I posted back when this whole Vita debacle occurred. Up until it became evident that Sony and various publishers were refusing to throw significant support behind the Vita, I had every intention of purchasing a PS4. But seeing as how they cannot support their handheld, coupled with a general lack of games that truly capture my _personal_ interest on the PS4, I currently do _not_ intend to purchase a PS4. I post this here because the backstabbing that occurred with this remake is what hastened my change of heart.

    Sony, you should recognize that stubborn decisions such as these can cost you potential customers.

  • The trailer leaves me with goosebumps!! Now I’m even more excited to play FF-type 0!! Also for those that are complaining about no Vita version, at least we FINALLY have a chance to play this game!!
    It may not be on vita,but we get it on the next best thing, Ps4!

  • Will the FFXV demo only be available to those who pre-order the game?

  • I’m kind of speechless. That is graphical awful for a PS4 title. Actual it is pretty ugly in general. A low contrast gray palette lacking in detail wouldn’t look all that great on a Vita or even a PSP for that matter. Early adopters of the PS4 are looking for killer graphics. What on earth is Square Enix thinking these days?

  • $59.99? Someone is not thinking correctly.

  • Just waiting for Final Fantasy XV.

  • Unlike stup…*cough* some people I´ll buy this game, no matter the console it is, it looks awesome.

  • Game looks good one of the best looking FF I have seen yet. I’m just not an MMO person so I welcome it.

  • I am loving Freedom Wars! If you haven’t grabbed it yet, check it out! It is very well done!

    With regard to FFT0, I am afraid that I have to pass as well. I was very excited at the prospect of playing what may have been one of the best games made for the PlayStation Portable, but as it was never released in North America, that excitement waned, and eventually soured.

    Thank you for your efforts, but no thank you.


  • Lol, you gotta love how they keep ignoring all the posts about it not being on the Vita, but only reply to the people who suck up to them. They know good and well what their fans want, but they still don’t listen.

  • I’m so happy this is coming to the West. I’ve always wanted it, and am glad i can play it on a big screen. Preordered it the first day i saw it was available, long ago. I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks to everyone involved.

  • Oh silly me, I forgot, gamers aren’t allowed to have opinions unless they reflect the majority. :”>

    Anyways, I will buy this regardless of what system it’s on.

    I was excited when they said it was coming to Vita, but when they said it was actually coming to PS4 I was like “great! Even better!”

    I own all PlayStation systems, so if I wanna play it on Vita I’ll just use remote play.

    I can sort of understand why some people are sore about this, but at the same time I can see why this is better from a marketing standpoint.

    You have to learn to sit back and maturely look at all aspects of something, and not immaturely whine and cry because things don’t go your way. Not every game comes out for every system, that’s just how it is.

    I’m willing to put money on the fact that when this is finally done and comes out, it will be much better on the PS4 than it would have been on the Vita. But it takes someone open-minded and mature to see that. Consoles are superior to handhelds both graphically and hardwarewise.

    This would have been nice to add to PS Vita’s terribly lacking library of games, but what’s done is done. Besides, there’s a few gems on the Vita I really enjoy.

  • I just feel like, putting this on console instead of a handheld gives SE more room to play with, and therefore they can do more with it, maybe add some features the Vita couldn’t handle due to limited space or something. You never know til you try.

    But if everyone is going to be butthurt and closed-minded then you’ll never allow yourself the chance to find out if the game is actually good. Just because it started on Handheld doesn’t mean it has to stay there. I’ve seen a lot of PSP games being remade for PS3. PS3 is console. No one complained about that.

    Heck, Birth by Sleep was a PSP game, and it’s gonna be on the HD 2.5 ReMIX, which is a PS3 game. I don’t see anyone getting on SE about that.

    I think “gamers” just aren’t happy unless they have something to complain about…

  • Don’t understand why this post is low voted. I’m happy a Final Fantasy game is coming to next-gen so soon, even if it’s yet-another-remaster. FF Type-0 looks awesome and I hope they bring FF-X HD to PS4 too in addition to waiting (seemingly forever) for FF-XIII Versus or FF-XV or whatever they decide to call it by the time it ships.

    That said, Post #1 hits the nail on the head with the two criticisms of the trailer. Otherwise day 1 purchase.

  • No Vita, no buy. You treated us liked crap with the last blog post and you’ve continuously ignored the Vita question. Not having a PSP title on the Vita is just absolutely ridiculous. People who buy this for SIXTY dollars are getting extremely ripped off.

  • sooooooooooooooo cool!

  • Only Square would have the stupid idea to sell a PSP game for 60 bucks. And they think people will fall for that because of a FF XV demo? Good luck on your flop.

  • I guess the most logical way to put it would be like this: the PlayStation Vita does not do very well in the US whereas the PlayStation 4 has been the number one selling system since last November so it only makes sense that they would want to put it on the ps4 instead of the Vita the PlayStation Vita appeals more to the Japanese market but Japan already got thier shot at this game on the PSP now Square Enix is trying to appeal to the Western market and Western gamers primarily game on PC and console. so even though a lot of you are upset about the route that they’re taking hopefully this will at least help you understand why they’re doing it from a marketing standpoint it makes the most sense.

  • Since you get to choose a character to play wit they should have a potential online way to play with friends so u can join or dropout whenever

  • Sadly i have to group up with the No vita no buy.

    The developers seems to overly underestimate the Vita’s hardware capabilities.

  • It must be fun working on Square Enix and having to do the marketing for this game. You have Tabata lying to journalists, angry mobs of Vita owners, and having to sell what ultimately is a 2011 PSP game for $60 in 2015 on PS4.

    The venom is going to get even worse when (if?) Square Enix announces the “consultation prize” that is Agito Plus. I’m sure the audience that begged for a PSP game is going to love a port of a mobile F2P game built out of the assets from said PSP game …

  • An announcement for Agito Plus’s western release, that is. Of course, that’s far from guaranteed. Square Enix has shown no interest in bringing over Chaos Rings Prequel Trilogy and those are just single player games.

  • Not on Vita – no buy from me.

  • Like number 1 said, the cutscenes aren’t in 1080p and it should be in 4k or even 8k “options” as this is a CG video rather than an in-game cutscene. The game of course will be 1080p on the PS4.

    Like number 3 said, there’s no reason why Not to release the PSP version as well, I got my japanese version on UMD be we can all agree that UMD are outdated. A digital-only version would be exceptional, all you need is to add the English voice acting and menus.

    Speaking of quick and easy cash, how bout releasing Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core on the PSN Store? That would be exceedingly easy. We would all want that.

    I am going to buy the PS4 version of it. Can’t wait to get it.

  • +1 on No Vita no Buy.

    I have a PC with over 200 games., many of them JRPG. Most of them I didn’t even bother installing/play for more than 5 minutes. I only brought them because I respect the publisher/developer.

    You are not god, Square Enix. If you are not going to treat my vita with respect, I will take my money to the other 40+ Publishers that do.

  • No Vita = No buy… can give all the crappy “it’ll be superior on PS4” excuses you want…it is a mobile game designed for a mobile system…not a home console….theres is no way that it being on ps4 instead of vita is going to benefit the game itself.

    Its a PSP game…anything they did with it on ps4 they could have easily done on the vita with maybe some lower res textures that would still look fairly equal to ps4 on account of the screen size.

    Sony your handling of the best portable system on the planet is absolutely pathetic.

  • I hate you, Square Enix… i really do.
    This game was for Vita..

    Wont buy ANYTHING from you.


  • No Vita no buy, sorry

  • How can u come here to show us that… after all that happened months ago?



  • + Scott Strichart ….PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!
    You know this is great and all but I want to talk about something else!!! why is it that every time we get free games for the month they are these indie titles that I really don’t care about, all the time…I mean I like some indie titles but STOP FLOODING US WITH THEM ALL THE TIME!!!!! THE SYSTEM HAS BEEN OUT ALMOST A YEAR NOW, AND SOME OF THE TITLES THAT WERE RELEASED WHEN YOU FIRST LAUNCHED WOULD BE NICE TO HAVE ON PS PLUS…. (KNACK, AC BLACK FLAG, ECT..) I HAVE BEEN A LOYAL SONY FAN FROM DAY ONE (PS ONE, PS 2, 3, AND NOW 4…. SO PLEASE SOMEONE RESPOND….IT’S TIME TO ADD SOME AAA TITLES TO THE PS4′S MONTHLEY PS PLUS UPDATE.

  • No Vita will buy, Thanks

  • to everyone who sais we vita owners have no right to be upset. Its a psp title from years ago bypassing a system that could actualy play it natively through digital copies…and instead they are bypassing said system and selling the game for $60 on systems the game has no right being on….ps3 would have made more sense as far as home consoles go…releasing it on ps4 and charging $60 is just being straight up money hungry.

    They don’t care who plays the game, they dont care how many people love it….they just want to squeeze every penny out of us as possible….and that is a business practice that should never be supported….

    I own multiple versions of every final fantasy 1-12 …even own 13 but wish to god i never bought it….everything your company has done since last-gen first came around was to screw people out of every penny you could possibly get…You have turned life long die hard fans into people who cant stand to see your name attatched to anything…you are now the same as EA and Activision, the most hated publishers out there…if you dont see a problem with that then your blind.

    Squaresoft is unfortunately dead….Square Enix is not Squaresoft and it should cease to exist.

  • PS Vita wasn’t a right choice?

  • I don’t necessarily agree with Square’s decision on which console they’d port type zero to , however all is not lost considering the fact that the vita and vita TV both support remote play and in doing so psvita/tv owners are able to enjoy them. another thing to keep in mind is that square may consider adding the title to playstation now, albeit this all but announced. so yeah it sucks that we won’t receive type zero on the successor console or on the initially intended platform(psp) but at least we will receive it.

  • the thing is though…with remote play….you cant play on the go which it was specifically designed for…not unless you have some seriously poweful internet wherever you are at all times…

  • A PS4 HD version is much better than a Vita version.
    The game is getting a huge makeover.
    You guys beg for a game to bring overseas, then it does and you won’t support it?
    What kind of message that sends to Japanese devs? Keep your games in Japan, like FF Type-0. It’s with that mentality that we don’t get the games we deserve.
    The way I see it is that if I want to play a game, I will buy it.

    I feel you are all being irrational.
    You blame Sony for the lack of support of games, the Vita is the system with the most games of any new systems out there, it has more games than the 3DS that came in a whole year before.
    Sony just released Freedom Wars, seems like a great game to buy.
    If you feel like the Vita has no support, there’s nothing that restricts you to from selling the Vita.
    Sure there isn’t any new Final Fantasy, but there’s a ton of other JRPGS: Dragon Crown, Ys MoC, Ragnarok Odyssey, Rainbow Moon, Persona series, Disgeae series, and tons more.
    Assassin’s Creed Liberation is one of the best in the series. Killzone Mercenary was a beast, the story was better than shadow fall.

  • the people with portable systems (psp and vita) are the ones responsible for the game getting localized and instead of giving fans what theyve asked for, for years….they instead decide to make into a straight up money grubbing ploy….it has no right being on ps4 and for that price…theres no excuse for it.

    Give me one logical reason why it had to be on CURRENT GEN and not LAST GEN or portables (for which the game was specifically designed)….you cant…they are releasing it on current gen, simply so they can ask a higher price for it..thats it.

  • could you all consider putting it out on the Vita as well like cross buy or cross play at least?
    oooorrrr maybe give us ff12 for the Vita to hold us off till 15? ( sorry i never know where to direct or place my questions about these)

  • For everyone giving the Vita owners grief – just back off.

    The facts are…

    -This was originally a PSP game, never brought West despite a finished localisation

    -PSP and Vita owners had been asking for the game for years

    -Vita owners are THE single reason this game is getting localised

    -Square Enix originally announced Type-0 HD as a Vita title and then went back on it without so much as an apology

    It’s SE who are to blame here, not the Vita owners.

  • Looks good, but I don’t really feel like spending a lot on a Vita game for my PS4. Sure, it’s being updated in new ways to take advantage of the hardware… But this is a PSP game. You can only remaster it so much before it just won’t look any better… Especially with games like Infamous: Second Son or Ryse showing just how powerful the new systems are.

    If this were a Vita game, it’d be an instant buy. Unfortunately, because Square seems to be disregarding the fans’ cries, I’ll probably be passing or getting it used at a later date.

  • My Black Friday goals are Wii U, Vita, and/or TVita. I could have been hyped for playing this in my hands or on the big screen, neither hampered by tethered streaming. But, no, it’s been decided that the international Vita audience is of no ‘import’ance compared to the Japanese domestic home console install base. After all, Japanese players can just download & play the original release! What, you rest-of-the-world-ers don’t have that option? Eh, don’t worry, you’ll love buying an entire console for this one elsewise-portable game!

    And echoing bringing Crisis Core out digitally. Don’t care if it’s dumping the PSP version onto PS Store or doing this dog-&-pony HD Remaster, since even if you put it only on home console *coughBbScough*, we at least got the portable original West-side.

    And isn’t it about time to put the 20th Anniversary editions of FFI and FFII onto the PS Store? It’s not like the mobile incarnations have been updated much all since the PSP releases, so I’d much rather here than there if the parity’s maintained.

  • inb4 “Pre-order FINAL FANTASY Type-0 on PlayStation Store and receive the PSP version at no extra cost!”

    (Which, honestly, would pique my interest. No trophies, lower graphics, and no revisions, but slap those English voices in and make it legible… Okay, I still wouldn’t pre-order the PS4 version, but to know I can drop it on my PSP whenever, that’d be at least some handheld closure.)

  • Im not going to huff and puff about it lol but sure seems like the right move

  • Like I said in my first comment, there’s no reason why they couldn’t release a PSP version of it. Digital Download only for PSP – Vita.
    Like there is no reason they can’t release Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core as a digital download, a game already released in the US, a game already on the PSN in Asia.

    It’s a quick cash grab, but it seems SE is allergic to money…

    I am still going to get the game.

    As for the price: “Oh, but it’s a Portable Game” No it’s not, I remember how it looked and this doesn’t look like it. Jaggies everywhere plague the PSP version, low res textures. It’s a whole new game.
    Sure, I would MUCH rather have it on a weaker console with lesser graphics./s not.
    As far as stories goes, FFVIICC was much much better than it’s last gen home consoles predecessor, even tough I liked XIII, VIICC was much better and so was The Dissidia games.

    And this particular game, blows the last gen SE games out of the water, with the exception of “Eidos” games.

  • Crisis Core isn’t available on PSN anywhere.

    Type-0 isn’t getting a huge makeover. They’re improving the character models and redoing some textures. If it was getting a huge makeover, they’d actually be addressing some of the issues with the game’s original release. They wouldn’t just remove the multiplayer section but actually redesign it for console players.

    You complain about others protesting and not supporting something they asked for, but a bunch of people seem to be failing to realize something: maybe they just don’t own a PS4. Remote Play isn’t an option then, now is it? Tabata, the game’s director, even said as late as last year that it wouldn’t make sense to release Type-0 on a home console because it was designed for a portable. In that case, it might actually be of personal preference. Square Enix is making that decision easy too. If Type-0 was on Vita it would be $40. It’s on PS4 at a crisp $60.

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