New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

Bonjour, PlayStation.Blog readers! That’s about the only French I know, but that’s okay, because we’re bringing the best part of Paris Games Week to you here in North America: a brand-new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

This trailer, titled “Enter the Fray,” takes you deeper into the war-torn world of Orience, where the Miltesi Empire has launched an invasion on the Dominion of Rubrum. You’ll be taking control of the 14 members of Class Zero, each with their own unique weapons and play styles to repel the invaders and preserve their magical crystal.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sweeps us all into a war of nations on March 17th, 2015 for PS4. And don’t forget! Pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD now at and other participating retailers to secure the Final Fantasy XV demo!

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  • As for Sony’s support for Vita, give me a break. The fact that we’re arguing about Type-0 shows how badly they failed in getting third party support for the handheld. They couldn’t even get one of their closest partners to port a PSP game to its successor. This goes to things like Monster Hunter, original Metal Gear games, Grand Theft Auto, etc. Internally, they’re not doing much better either. Gran Turismo is Sony’s best selling PSP game and their best selling video game series overall. Does Vita have one announced? No. The God of War duo are some of the best selling PSP games. Does Vita have a God of War game that isn’t a port of a port? No. Now that Freedom Wars is out, is there a single notable Vita game from Sony still in the pipeline? No.

  • (Oh, and regarding Crisis Core, should it ever come out digitally, please make it the “International” version. Remember reading about that having a Theater mode, if not else. At any rate, skippable cutscenes would be a must. Then again, after FFX HDR…)

  • I am getting this on day 1.
    I don’t get people who would prefer to get the lesser portable version over the home console PS4 one.

    FFX sold 4:1 on PS3:Vita. There’s still a lot of buyers that like the portable device, but really, if SE came out with Type-0 on the Vita, then a year later they release an HD version of it, you’d all be complaining that SE is milking the game. Avoiding this, they are going ahead with an HD version up front.

    Again, there’s no reason to not release a PSP version that will be capable on Vita. But if you already own a PS4… Just get the better version.

  • This game looks great, been waiting for it since before it was released in JP. Wish i had the $$ to get this. Makes me want to take up some side jobs to make sure i get this.

    Also: As a long time Sony fan waiting for ps1 to come out way back in the day. I’m mainly a PC gamer now days. Seeing all these posts, it’s like the the new Sony fans are just a bunch of stuck up snobs. Square should just go back to its roots and stick to Nintendo. Since day 1 of NES they’re fans appreciated every game they had. (For wii u especially now.) but if this game was on the new ds , it would make far more money than ps4. With better respect at the end of the day from their fans.

    Hardcore PC gamer, ps3, regular Wii.

  • Thanks for bringing us this trailer. I’m sorry Scott Strichart that you have to deal with all these negative comments about no Vita version. The game looks great, trailer got me hyped, and I’m happy we finally got a release date overseas.

    So, lets be real about this everyone, the Vita sales are low (not trying to bash it, the Vita is my primary gaming device) so releasing Type-0 on it could be financially risky. However, releasing an HD port on a more popular console with a demo of FFXV, now we’re talking business. I’m not saying it couldn’t run on the Vita, of course it could, but SE’s logic is sound. And I actually find that Type-0 looks great on the PS4 so no complaints here.

  • I have one question. Are you guys playing a collectors/limited edition? If you want even more money from me for the game this is the best way.

  • @103,
    those numbers for sales, was that digital or physical?
    Because we all know Gamefly and Retail stores probably have the biggest numbers on those.

    But digital would show who’s actually buying what.

    I haven’t checked for PS4, since I don’t want/need one yet (non backwards compatible).

    But how exactly is it better? Are Indie games?
    The console might be, but it doesn’t always improve the game.
    Much like my PSone clasics on my Vita, though the display is better than the t.v’s back then, it’s still the same.

    As for @105,
    Was alot of talk too about Freedom Wars, but as it sits right now, just under 200 sales.
    Not too good, for such a long awaited title, and its not lack of Vita owners. (I was tempted)
    SAO is at just over 3000, nice game btw so far, with massive potential.

    I can’t get over how you even come here to say Vita owners don’t deserve it, what does it matter to you.
    You’ll get it on PS4, so is it necessary?

  • *planing.

  • No Vita No buy

    I was a die hard PSP gamer, and waited for so long for this game… Then nothing at all
    Then the rumour on Vita at the console launch got the flame back…. Then nothing
    Then the potential release of the digital PSP version…NOTHING

    And boom, you decided to port it to home console, knowing that over a million gamers signed several petition for a vita game ???

    Seriously backstabbibg your loyal fanbase…

    SE didnt give a single big game to the Vita… You dont deserve my money honestly.

    At list have the decency to release the PSP version now that it is 100% translated…

  • No Vita, I’ll Buy….cause I am paid very well, unlike most here.

  • @Rezolution77 Do you really think ratings = sales? They don’t. SAO should sell more than FW on PSN, though. It was only available there. Freedom Wars got a general retail release.

    @DeadlyKaiser You going to post the exact same comment on every page or something? Cool, you’re buying it because it’s not on Vita. Good for you.

  • @111
    My point exactly.
    Gamefly is gertting all the money though.
    Look at the market, not much on the market, when it comes to Vita.

    You know what that says?
    No real purchases.
    And Plus even gave some of those

    Bet you will see alot more playing it when Wed-Fri gets here when they get it in the mail from them.

    You say ratings don’t mean anything, but they do.

    Sales go straight to Sony.

    Now if some Sony would get some real developers and go digital (if they didn’t get too greedy), it would work.

  • $60 for an HD port? LOL

  • @113
    Even worst… 60$ for a PSP game on PS4…. and it shows.
    It would already feel like meuh on PS3, but now we are talking PS4 and XBONE… paying full price for an upgraded portable game that looks like a Vita game in HD res….

    Seriously, for all the nayers here… Look at the sells of games like FFX remaster:
    PS3 80m console, 1m sold
    PSV 9m consoles, 500k sold

    The ratio shows that there is huge potential for the Vita, it just needs the right games, with the right amount of PR

    P4G….700k sold…

    SE, reconsider your position, and please release FFtype0 on Vita, we have asked for it for ages…we deserve to get it…even as a PSP digital release. This game was designed as a portable game, not a home console game. It will show very clearly. Think of those MH clones crossing over to home console…never worked. FFtype 0 is a game for Portable system, and it should at list be multiplat…

    You could even use the PSP assets on PSV resolution, without a single extra work, just ad the translation that has been done for the PS4, and the job is done…. No cost whatso ever… and you would start to get back some love from a LOT of haters

  • Ah, I’ll buy it at a high price.

  • This is a PS4 game? Very good for ppl who carry their PS4 around.

  • Hahahaha Even the person incharge of this thread cant handle to answer the really obvious question. Probably because they think wrongly and their marketing is really dumber than they look.

  • Two important notes:

    – This needs a Vita port. I see no technical reason why it wouldn’t be possible on Vita and the original game was a PSP game, so it’s just natural to support the same platform family.

    – The multiplayer needs to be added again. It was a core feature of the original and the games difficulty is so varied, that it expects features like the New Game+ or the co-op mode. Also, I don’t see any reason why the console version wouldn’t have multiplayer. It makes little sense.

  • Ha! I’m just pre-ordering this for the FFXV demo code. EB games let’s me return games for up to 7 days which i will after i get said code. No Vita No Buy

  • I have a PS4, but would have preferred to see this on the Vita. Where is the Vita love? Also, bring Tomb Raider to Vita as well.

  • How about Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2 HD for Vita? Come Square Enix, pretty please?

  • Will the game have Japanese voice with English subs?

  • Hopefully they better not remove the theme song “Zero”sung by BUMP OF CHICKEN. It was a really good song.

  • Thank God for Freedom Wars. For all of you disgruntled about Type 0, I’ve been playing Freedom Wars the past few days. IT IS EXCELLENT.

    Buy that instead, you will not regret it.

  • I can’t wait for this game to come out. Got my PS4 just for this game along with FF XV. <3

  • Yea this game doesn’t look good at all. It looks very bland for a console game. With a smaller screen and limitations it looks fine but when you have access to the extra power of console you better make good use of it. Soo far it doesn’t look like it is using it very well. It looks like a slightly up res handheld game with a couple of extra lighting and water effects and thats it. This could of easily been released on both ps vita and ps3 just like FFXHD which sold really well.

  • Releasing on the PS4 so they can charge $59.99 instead of the Vita $39.99 or $29.99 PSP confirmed. #Profits.

    RIP Squaresoft, I can barely remember the good games, you used to always make, nothing could be bad. Now nothing can be good.

  • Bring this game to our beloved Vita! If you truly care about your fans then you won’t release it just for PS4! Vita fans have been dying for this game, but you wanna spit on us! Please bring the game onto our handhelds! #NoVitaNoBuy >:(

  • ???? It still ASTOUNDS me that I’ve been waiting for this game and they skip over the vita to go to PS4. And as a major release. I could understand putting it on the PS4 as a PSN arcade game, but they’re advertising the F% out this game. I’ve played MANY great PSP games and I can tell you I wouldn’t play for example “Monster Hunter Freedom UNITE” on my TV. 300+ hours invested in that game. Financially, I get it. I do. But come on, seriously. Have you seen “Freedom Wars”?! If that can be put on the vita……..then so can this game

  • The last good Final Fantasy games were VI and VIII.

  • I cant wait. Remember palying the psp jpn demo

  • vita :'( still waiting for a miracle to happen.

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