New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

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New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

Bonjour, PlayStation.Blog readers! That’s about the only French I know, but that’s okay, because we’re bringing the best part of Paris Games Week to you here in North America: a brand-new trailer for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD!

New Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Trailer Revealed

This trailer, titled “Enter the Fray,” takes you deeper into the war-torn world of Orience, where the Miltesi Empire has launched an invasion on the Dominion of Rubrum. You’ll be taking control of the 14 members of Class Zero, each with their own unique weapons and play styles to repel the invaders and preserve their magical crystal.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD sweeps us all into a war of nations on March 17th, 2015 for PS4. And don’t forget! Pre-order Final Fantasy Type-0 HD now at and other participating retailers to secure the Final Fantasy XV demo!

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  • It seems the cutscenes aren’t really remastered and does not include the new character models. Also are you guys gonna remodel some of the important characters too or is it just the 14 Class Zero students getting the make-over. From what I’ve seen everything else is in embarrassingly low poly model. I hope they get make-overs as well because it is gonna look very inconsistent if they’re not. And finally, the camera. DO FIX IT. It’s one of the most serious flaws in this game and every single person who has played it has pointed this out.

    • Thanks for your feedback! The game is still in production and the development team has been great about listening to the fans about what works and what doesn’t. We hope you’ll be happy with the final result!

  • I cannot wait for this. All the entitled whining aside, I’m glad it’s coming to PS4. I expected it to come to Vita since it was a PSP game, but PS4 will do it more justice. All the naysayers will just have to deal, this is the best route logically. Besides, if you have a Vita AND a PS4, you’re insane if you’d prefer a Vita version. Why hold it back when PS4 is superior?

    I think a lot of these people never heard of EXCLUSIVES.

    I can’t play Sunset Overdrive on my PS4 or Uncharted on my 360, but you don’t see me crying.

    Most PlayStation fans own ALL the systems anyways.

  • I get it square enix wants more BUCKS thats why they release it to PS4 instead of vita. I just don’t get the logic why would you guys never release the psp version of it in the west market. It would had been a psp system seller long time ago and would had been one of top selling psp games in the west. And now since vita can play psp games, you would had hit 2 birds with one stone. In short, what dumb marketing strategy.

    • The dev team is doing a lot of great things with this game that only a powerful console like the PS4 is capable of, actually! We hope that when you get to play it, you’ll be convinced that the PS4 was the right choice for such an epic title.

  • I´ve been watching trailers for this game for ages. And Vita is getting Agito+ the mobile phone version crap. Square Enix is keeping square mind set, and it shows in crappy sales of their “new” video game in last 3 years. I think they sell more mobile phone ports than console games.

  • No matter how I look at it…. it seems that this game was really supposed to be Vita title. I mean take a look at graphic level, most locations looks bad, we also saw already that standard monsters looks worse than in FF X (and I mean original not HD). This game screams “VITA!”

    I kinda think that they decided to do 180 turn when they noticed that PS4 is not selling at all in Japan. (selling worse than already 4 years old Vita)… that might have been a problem for them. Final Fantasy XV is far from being complete (50%) so they might release it in 2016/2018 (+it is not really FF anymore, more like DVM). KH 3 is game phantom, nobody knows anything about it. So they kinda failed to deliver any PS4 game… and they needed at least “something” or all they hard work (caused by bad management) on FF XV might go to waste.

    But hey it is not our problem… most of people asked for PSP/PSV version not PS4… and it seems that we were right as game really doesn’t look good (at least it seems so from few last trailers)

  • No vita?? Seriously?! That’s just lame…

  • @2
    So how drunk were you writing that non-sense?
    Firstly, this isn’t a exclusive, it’s on Xbox One and PS4
    Secondly, PS4 is clearly doing this game no favours in the looks department. This actually looks quite bad on a home console because it was originally made for PSP. Also SE admitted it was fans who got the game over. Well guess what? Look into history and you’ll see people begging for it on PSP PSN release or PS Vita Type-0 HD. they spat on the fans faces with that act. If you like to be spit on, that’s fine. But don’t act like we’re doing something wrong when SE did something wrong. Type-0 is made for Portable use, hell even IGN’s preview said it was obviously a handheld game and it’s a shame they didn’t change certain things, because it’s a issue on a home console.

  • At first I was going to still get it, but honestly now, I’m thinking if they don’t announce PS Vita is getting Type-0 HD, I won’t support this release.
    I personally can’t easily accept the non-sense Square Enix did.
    I got FF 1-10-2 on my Vita and own both DD of Dissidia and 012 for me to become the joke of SE. Nahh I’m good. Agito+ hasn’t even been confirmed for a NA release lol and even worse, it’s just a phone game brought to Vita, probably digital only release if it does come to north america so SE has something to laugh at.

  • @hazelcabug A lot of games were not localized for the PSP because the system was being pirated way too much. It’s hard to say exactly how much this affected things, but a lot of companies stopped trying to release on it later on because of it.

  • The worst part is that Square Enix lied to us, got our hopes up and then stabbed us all in the back. If you honestly think this game couldn’t run on Vita, take a look at games like WipEou 2048, Killzone Mercenary, Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Hell just look at Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD – a much bigger game than Type 0, it looks gorgeous and runs perfectly on Vita.

    Blah, blah – Vita’s not profitable right? For Japanese games it’s certainly a better choice than X1. Japanese games don’t sell on Xbox. They can justify putting it on Xbox, where it won’t sell, yet they can’t justify putting it on Vita when it’s a PSP game that Vita owners have been asking for for years… okay then.

    I’m sorry, but SE can’t be excused on this one. The game is being localised because of Vita owners who wanted it, yet they’re the people being left out of the equation. Unless SE changes big time, they’re forever going to be that company everyone used to love but nobody cares about anymore. I used to be a huge fan of SE. What they did on SNES, PS1, PS2 and PSP was awesome. What they’ve done on PS3, the way they’re ignoring Vita and the future games they’re bringing to PS4… no thanks.

  • meh no vita , no buy!

  • I think this will eventually be released on vita. SE just wants to make as much money as possible on the $60 PS4 game plus DLC. If so, I wouldn’t blame them. Then they can release a vita GOTY edition with a little bit of free DLC and all will be forgiven.

  • can I ask why FFXV is listed in IGN as a DEC 2014 title,while in the official Playstation JP site they listed it as a 2105 title,while in the Japanese PS store the games Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFXV are already listed but you cant click them or do anything.

    Square,your teasing sucks ass :(

    • FINAL FANTASY XV doesn’t have an official date yet, but a lot of websites have to at least put something in that field. We’re not trying to tease you. :) When the game has a date, we’ll be sure you know!

  • This will be the first M-rated Final Fantasy game, won’t it?

  • I’m still getting the game for PS4 but I would have had it on Vita

  • VITA….

  • How can you justify selling a remastered version of an old handheld title for $60, especially when its just one game. Capcom sold Okami HD for $20 at launch…





  • No VITA? Damn. I was really looking forward to this. Not buying for the PS4. This should’ve been on VITA. =(

    @2 I can’t carry a HDTV and my PS4 in my pocket.

  • I have a PS4, but I’m gonna have to side with the “no Vita, no buy” crowd. There’ s no reasonable excuse for this because it was originally on a handheld.

  • God I miss the old Suaresoft. They’ve really become a shadow of their former selves.

  • *Squaresoft

  • Not for the Vita? Not interested.

  • @Remmy8199
    Yeah… Square Soft, Sakaguchi-san and Uematsu-san… I miss them all. Sakaguchi really respected fans, didn’t like porting old titles just to grab cash, instead he prefered to make new games! What a brilliant idea, right?

    Sadly the last Final Fantasy game for me is Lost Odyssey. That’s the last title worthy of being called Final Fantasy.

    Well there is also Bravely Default which gives similar vibes to older FF games. But like I said FF XII for me means Lost Odyssey and nothing will change that :)

  • No Vita, no buy.

  • Im buying day one, i must be the few are actually excited to finally be able to play it. Oh well i guess, i for one am not passing it up. I could care less about a vita version. Really? We should be lucky its on PS4, as its lacking Final Fantasy. I hate that the love for the series has dwindled and took a nose dive downhill but i still love it and should keep me busy. Plus i like the real time action reminds me of crisis core, i dont see how no one is excited.

  • No Vita Version??????????

  • So let me get this straight.

    You made an HD game of a PSP port, and you think putting it on the PS4 is a good idea?
    I am SOOOO GLAD I have not bought a PS4.

    Why are you ignoring the Vita, where you BELONG?

    You wan to make it on PS4, I don’t care, let the intelligent people (cough @2) buy it.

    But ignoring 11 million people that you have a great market for is pure lunacy.

  • I guess I’m in the minority that can’t wait to play this. I feel sorry for Vita only owners but as for me I got remote play so I’m good. I have been waiting to play Type-0 in any way, shape, or form and this will be the best way to do it.

    This is one of the few times I’m willing to give Square my money.

  • Would prefer on Vita. Barring that, whenever PS4 gets enough good exclusives to warrant a purchase I’ll pick it up used.

  • No Vita, No Buy.

    Already digital bought FFX bundle, so whats the problem?
    If you guys would just get more competitive with your digital prices, you would see a better return.

  • Funny how your stories can inspire greatness, and yet your company seems solely profit based.

    Maybe your coporate executives should be forced to play their own game, and learn a few things.

  • No Vita, must buy.

  • If you think you are not partly responsible for my motives on morale fortitude, and trying to change the world, even if part of it is only posting on a PS Blog.

    You are wrong.

    You can thank yourselves.


  • If this was on the Vita I would buy it day one. I put over a hundred hours in Dragon’s Crown and Rainbow Moon getting the plats on my Vita. I have to travel a lot and just don’t get the time to game when I’m home. Listen to the people we want this on the Vita.

  • I would love to play this game, but I would like to play it on my Vita, since it was originally a PlayStation Portable game. It makes no sense to put this game on the PlayStation 4.

    So, I guess when I do eventually get a PS4, I’ll but this for cheap.

  • You guys are like those stalker Exs that just won’t let go…. It’s been announced for PS4 for months now. Move on with your lives.

    Just keep spreading that negativity guys, I’m sure that’s how you achieve your goals in real life.

  • On behalf of the *majority* of us, (the ones who are going to buy the game) thanks Scott Strichart for bringing us the new trailer! Looks fantastic and the voice acting seems on point.

  • Ignore the idiots! Game looks awesome and the majority of us are grateful this game is coming to the US at all. I don’t care what this is coming for, 360, ps3, vita, ps4, x1, 3DS, atari 2600. I’ll play it on anything. I do think a PS3/360 version would make the most sense, but absolutely nothing wrong with PS4/X1. I prefer the TV to a handheld so I am just happy it’s coming on a home console period.

    If you guys wanna play it on vita so bad, you can remote play.

  • Hopefully it’s not going to be as clunky as the PSPs controls.

  • It’s still a good game people stop crying about it just because its not on the vita.

  • No Vita version? Good I applaud this.

  • @ + Rezolution77: Amen to that

  • When SE announced that not only it would not come to Vita, but would also be next gen exclusive, they tried to justify this saying that only the PS4 and XB1 would be able to handle the graphics, but the more we see, the more evident this is just a half cooked HD port, meshing some HD graphics with some graphics which seem taken straight from the PSP version. Also, SE has confirmed that there are only 3 differences from the PSP version: graphics, control layout and difficulty setting. A fourth difference could be considered the removal of the multiplayer feature. Unfortunately for SE, Remote Play remains a very faulty feature. I have attempted it multiple times with Destiny, but only managed to make it work properly 2 or 3 times.

    $60 for what otherwise would be a $20 HD PSP port (maybe even a PS3) is ridiculous. The HD Remaster of FF X/X-2 was priced at $40 ($20 per game). Either SE is trying to force the $60 price tag to those people that may find the libraries of the PS4 and XB1 still somewhat lacking, or they think that their 3 hour demo of FF XV is worth $40 (Ground Zeroes).

    At this point I certainly can say that I won’t give SE a cent for this game, as it’s a vile cash grab.

  • I cant wait. Remember palying the psp jpn demo and the gameplay was fun.

  • no vita no buy

  • I’ll get this when the price comes down. Every other “Remaster” title has been $40 or $50, and there’s no reason for this one to be more. Especially considering it was a PSP title.

  • Lol funny that you can play the PSP version on the vita with English sub’s if you have a hacked vita.

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