YouTube Comes to PS4 Today

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YouTube Comes to PS4 Today

Gaming on YouTube is all about sharing. Sharing your favorite funny moments from Far Cry 4. Avoiding as many Aliens as you can. Even sharing your games.

That’s why starting today you can share gameplay directly to YouTube on PlayStation 4 like a bawss, and watch all the YouTube you love with a new app starting to roll out today on PlayStation Store. Just hit the Share button on your DualShock 4 to turn your power move into your next great video on YouTube.

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You can also find and watch videos uploaded to YouTube by your PlayStation Network friends in the “What’s New” section of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation mobile app.

To enjoy all the glory of your games, the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 lets you watch videos in up to 1080p and listen in 5.1 channel audio. The app also has our latest design for YouTube on TV that makes browsing faster and smoother.

Still rocking a PS3? We’ve got’cha covered there, as well as on the hundreds of millions of devices where you can watch YouTube. Game on.

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  • Managed to log in, but cannot upload anything as it says “cannot upload” and drops an error string such as one mentioned earlier.

  • Protip, if you can’t link your account to youtube, verify your account’s email, i didn’t had mine verified and after i did, i could sucessfully link it

  • How do I sign into YouTube successfully? I paired it with my tablet, tried signing in a dozen times. What am I missing, someone please help in details. You can also message me on my psn @Coryoke.

  • @46 Apparently “The PS4 freezes in its “Rest” mode if you have an app/game running prior into entering the mode. If your PS4 is idle and nothing is in the background, entering rest mode will not cause the PS4 to have the infinite orange loop.”. I experienced this too. Please fix the Rest mode.

  • This is clearly unusable, cannot log in, i have been trying for hours on and off and tried at 6.30am this morning so it isn’t due to bombardment, can you please sort this out, this was one of the main attractions for me with update 2.0 which has been far from a success.

  • They should have made the Youtube App like the VidZone app

  • Works great now. I wish they could make it 1080p though.

  • Yeah nice, except you CAN’T LOG IN YOUTUBE ! Error message all the time (and not coming from Google servers, it’s a PS problem). And furthermore, PS4 stuck in Rest mode. Did you at least tested the 2.0 update???

  • And i can’t link my account. Surprise surprise….

    I’ve been rocking with you guys since 1995, you’ve always done right by me. But we as gamers have YET to have ONE update go smoothly since the PS4 has been released. We have to pay to play online now which is fine with me, but PSN STILL runs like a free service! Every other freaking day there’s maintenance. What the hell is all this maintenance for if we STILL have nothing but intermittent issues? You guys seriously have to step it up because this is ridiculous……

  • Can somebody from Sony comment on this issue? I thought at least you could tell us if you are working to fix this, the silence from Sony on these issues is deafening…..sort it out.

  • These comment sections are becoming more & more of an embarrassment every time I read them.

    I wonder if the people actually read what they wrote, and say: “Wow! It is amazing how f***ing crazy I really am.”

  • Ever since i downloaded the YouTube app it wont let me log in to my account and it keeps giving me error’s Sony please fix this problem thanks

  • Keeps crashing.

    Can´t use share play either.

    But who am I kidding, I didn’t really expect it to work flawlessly, coming from Sony.

  • I repedetly tried I sign into my YouTube account with this app but keep getting an error. I’m ready to share aome of my video via YouTube instead of the crappy facebook, but nothing.
    First Driveclub, now this… Sony is on a roll this month.
    When will it be fixed???

  • Has anyone been able to upload to youtube yet? I kept getting unable to upload message yesterday, one video got through once, but it seems very shaky. Sometimes when yu click upload to yotube, it takes you right to the video edit or preview screen, others its asking for email and password, even though I’m already linked.

  • I get an error every time I try to log in.

    Please fix.

  • Finally!! Thank you!! But… I can’t connect my account! Keep getting a “communication error” just like everyone else. :( AND my PS4 now won’t wake up from “rest mode”.

  • I must admit I haven’t had the Rest mode issue, my update and install went fine, it rebuilt the database itself and apart from PSN going down it seems fine, however the youtube sign in is causing me real grief and I haven’t yet tried the Shareplay.

  • this is bloody rediculous why cant they just release something that isn’t broken.

  • I have both consoles and both have their plus points and their minus, a big minus for PS4 though is their untested updates practice and PSN which to say we now have to pay for is shoddy at best compared to that console we are not allowed to mention.

  • Nope, still won’t upload to youtube! Still says, “cannot upload.”

  • I tried to log in yesterday on the YouTube app with no luck but left it because I thought it’ll be worked on. Nope, still doesn’t work about 24 hours later…

  • Frustrating “An error occurred during communication with the server” if I type the wrong password it let’s me know. When I type the right one it can’t communicate. Please fix.

  • Hoou thats a finally….I’m surprised it took this long to put YT on PS4…really am…..but what really matters though is that when I get my PS4….YT will be there so…nice Sony.

  • can’t log in

  • Can’t sign in because of server error. This has been going on since day one of app. It’s becoming very stressful!

  • meh

  • I can’t log in to my Youtube account because I am a sub-account… Please fix this.

  • I cant connect.
    I get “error connection” message.

  • Well still no joy here, just tried about 10 times, service unavailable, account is linked (clearly it isn’t) and error communicating with server messages……so annoying.

  • I had no issue linking google account, I just can’t upload videos.

  • An error occurred during communication with the server. Awesome thank you for not working. . .

  • Still can’t sign in. It keeps giving me errors.

  • Yeah, my whole PS4 crashed when I updated to 2.0. I had to initialize it back to its factory settings and firmware. Now I’m re-downloading and re-installing everything, and I won’t be updating my firmware again until the problems are fixed.

  • Any word on HBO GO for PS4? At least tell me isn’t an Xbox One exclusive.

  • Where is HBO GO app on Sony PS4? I’m sad and disappointed :(

  • Never mind the HBO App! Sony need to fix the YouTube App since alot of their loyal Customers here including myself Can’t log in to There YouTube account this sucks Sony FIx IT SONY!!!

  • And i still cannot log in to my YouTube App account please fix it SONY!!!!

  • I’m glad that YouTube is finally on the PS4, but after reading a statement like “starting today you can share gameplay directly to YouTube on PlayStation 4 like a bawss”, it’s frustrating to not be able to sign in due to some mysterious problem over on Sony’s/Playstation’s end. I realize every PS4 owner is probably trying to get their YouTube app working after waiting so long to get it, but at the same time having to pay for the Plus package to enjoy online Playstation services and then go through this is somewhat aggravating.

  • Very disappointed that I can’t login to my YouTube account because I’m using a sub account.

  • Youtube app on the PS4 is NOT working. Keep getting the same error message everyone else is getting, “Error with the communication….” MY PS4 is connected by an ethernet cable and gets 60 Mbps.

  • I can’t sing in keep getting error , I tried everything restore setting and restore psn license .

  • I finally manged to get a video uploaded:–n0

    It took a heck of a long to for it to appear on the youtube account though.

    Now I just get a message saying it cannot be uploaded.

    Anyone having better luck ?

  • You put out update 3.35 for the PS Vita. It says that PS4 link can be change the video settings within the app’s option.
    It’s not there, am I missing something? Did you forget to put it?

  • Please fix the YouTube app and upload functions already. @94 that’s a ps tv exclusive feature.

  • I finally get it working, but i had to use my main YT account, I could’t connect it trough my sub-account

  • Too bad sub accounts can’t use it. Thanks for alienating a good chunk of people.

  • Help! PS I can’t link my YouTube account to PSN please fix……..=(

  • you see what happen was that they had released the app after the update and so many people were on the network, that it could not properly update and that’s when failure happen. the same thing is going on with the update 2.00 it is very flawed and the only way I see my beloved Sony fixing this is by another update. I use to work for Sony Electronics and it was a blast… S.C.E.A COME AND GET ME LOL

  • Hey guys thanks for this update its awesome. Youtube about time, all the new voice commands are great, and themes !! However you made the same mistake that you made with Vita, yyou only dropped 5 themes (3 on Vita ) and they kinda suck. I thought it be like an improved ps3 theme where i can say take the destiny system music but the key tones from the rectangles use a saved screen shot as my backround and pick what color i want the borders to be. Why is it that the new gen themes feel a downgrade from next gen?! Also please change thePlayStation> start power> enter rest mode command to jus PlayStation > sleep. Throw in an onscreen confirmative “are you sure ?” text with a yes/no voice command response for good measure

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