YouTube Comes to PS4 Today

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YouTube Comes to PS4 Today

Gaming on YouTube is all about sharing. Sharing your favorite funny moments from Far Cry 4. Avoiding as many Aliens as you can. Even sharing your games.

That’s why starting today you can share gameplay directly to YouTube on PlayStation 4 like a bawss, and watch all the YouTube you love with a new app starting to roll out today on PlayStation Store. Just hit the Share button on your DualShock 4 to turn your power move into your next great video on YouTube.

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You can also find and watch videos uploaded to YouTube by your PlayStation Network friends in the “What’s New” section of the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation mobile app.

To enjoy all the glory of your games, the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 lets you watch videos in up to 1080p and listen in 5.1 channel audio. The app also has our latest design for YouTube on TV that makes browsing faster and smoother.

Still rocking a PS3? We’ve got’cha covered there, as well as on the hundreds of millions of devices where you can watch YouTube. Game on.

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  • did you bother to test it it keeps crashing

  • Can’t use the share button to upload to YouTube. Keep getting an error.

    Somehow, I’m not surprised.

  • I’m really happy the youtube app comes to ps4 videos look great

  • It kept telling me that there is an error with the communication while connecting to the server! What is the f**k going on!?!?!? Even though, I still can see my PSN icon displayed on YouTube app.

  • i cant log in, same as #4 communication error

  • Update the PS Vita version! It is really outdated, and there are many times when a video doesn’t want to load due to an error. And I think it has to do with the forced Ads on videos.

  • Hello Richard,

    Is there any word yet on what kind of Youtube support there might be for the PlayStation TV?

    (From what I gather, the current PS Vita app can be downloaded and installed onto a PSTV, but does does not yet run on one. Might there be a patch update released at some point to ensure compatiility with that device?)

  • Pretty weird that it took this long to get YouTube on PS4, but at least it’s here I guess.

  • Yeah, why did it take so long to add in YouTube support?

    Anyway, better late than never, I guess.

  • Anyone figure out how to get it to actually work linking with your YouTube account?

  • I can not connect my SEN with Youtube, I keep getting errors. Can it be because I use 2-step verification?
    Now that Youtube is here, next I want to see is Google+ + SEN

  • Linking not working here yet either, despite checking my Google settings and seeing that PSN was in fact given permissions to my YouTube account. Maybe it’s just overloaded on the PSN side at the moment?

  • yes, it’s finally here! much better than using the browser, and i love the new interface! the only thing that’s bugging me is i can’t sign in to my youtube account, but i can pair my laptop and ipod to more easily search for videos. this whole 2.0 update is quite a treat indeed. i’m gonna go play with it some more =]

  • Richard O’Grady the youtube app video quality is far from 1080p i think even 720p is debatable or am i overlooking some hidden setting?

  • Same… conection error… I hope you fix it SOON.

  • I also get an error when I try to sign in. I guess I will just play some DriveClub while I wait for this to be fixed, oh wait, 3 weeks later I still can’t. That $350 Xbox deal is looking better and better…I switched over but regretting it. DNLA, external storage, works with my remote…

  • also glad to see that the original youtube site fully functional on the ps4 web browser, which in my opinion is 10x better than the current ps4 youtube app in quality and functionality, (comments, share functions,) all work in the ps4 web browder on youtube now like a normal pc does.Also i was hoping u guys would’ve made the ps4 app more like the vita’s youtube app. (which is the best by far in my opinion) thanks again….not complaints….just suggestions

  • You know what?

    It would be nice if I could actually use it and link my account to it.

    Unfortunately I created my account years ago when I was under 18 and now I can’t use certain features, because I have a sub-account. Even though I am over 18.

  • Can PS4 users expect stream to youtube feature?

  • 1080p? looks like 480p……

  • I can’t log in to YouTube after entering my email, password, second sign in code, choosing my YouTube profile (I have 2 for my account) and finally approving PSN to access and manage my YouTube account I get a “cannot communicate with server” error message. If I repeat the process (don’t need to approve except first time), I get the same error.

    Basically I can’t link my PSN and YouTube accounts because It keeps throwing up an error.

  • Now I’m getting a NP-34388-6 error, which doesn’t exist on Sony’s support site.

  • I decided to sign in in the web browser so I wouldn’t have to keep signing in over and over again. I then went into the YouTube and chose sign-in and it said my YouTube and SEN were connected, but I’m still not signed in.

    I checked Google’s account permission page and SEN doesn’t even show up there at all. Something is broken.

  • pls dont tell me its the same horrible app as the ps3…. pls… make it more like the vita version… the ps3 version sucks!

  • Now we need Google + account AND Facebook to use our ps4 features. Funk that.

    Also, after 2.00, im afraid to even use my ps4. Good job, guys.

  • Youtube app isn’t working :(
    Vids wont load and freezes when i try to exit…

  • Youtube app can’t log in, keep getting an error that it can not connect to the server, hopefully they will get that fixed soon.

  • Aside from the horrible issues trying to link PSN and Google accounts I have a question about this:

    “To enjoy all the glory of your games, the YouTube app for PlayStation 4 lets you watch videos in up to 1080p and listen in 5.1 channel audio. ”

    Great news but as far as I can tell videos we share to youtube are 720P. Any chance we can get an option to save & upload 1080P clips?

  • Can’t log in to share videos on YouTube error message keeps coming up can’t communicate to server. Please fix.

  • And if only it worked. This is something I had been waiting for. Probably my favorite upcoming feature. Now it’s here and I can’t do anything with it.

  • Hit the share button hundreds of times and keep on getting link PSN account to youtube account and getting errors… Even when it says it’s linked together it still doesn’t work and the process begins again… FIX THIS DAMN IT!!!

  • did you guys mess with the voice quality for parties. it sounds more clear but weird like high pitched and not enough bass or something. it doesnt sound very good sounded better before the update. im probably in the wrong blog but i dont know where else to go to talk about this.

  • I am also unable to log in with my account.

  • Can’t log in to YouTube. Can’t use the share button to upload to YouTube. Keep getting an error.

  • Well, I guess this is what to expect. I just want to upload my vids to youtube, I hated having to go through facebook to grab my vids.

  • I’ve tried logging into my YouTube Account and every time i tried to log in i would come to saying “An error Occurred whiled trying to Connect to Server”

    I Hope it get’s fixed soon

  • server communication error here as well. Tried all day since the patch early in the morning.

  • Yea!!!

    Now PLEASE get the music player updated so we don’t have to load music from USB. Make it so we can put the music on the hard drive, and make custom playlists for games. I need my racing music. Thank’s.

  • Sam error as many others – server communication error.

  • Thank you for not just moving the PS3 app over. Looking forward to future updates

  • I love how the author of the post is a software engineer for this app and we are all experiencing sign in issues with it lol. Hopefully he’s hard at work on a fix.

  • I’ve been playing around with this. It’s working great except for one small problem. I can’t log in to YouTube. I would have thought that would have been something you guys checked out before releasing, but what do I know?

  • Being unable to log in to the Youtube app is annoying, but otherwise the app looks fine and is pretty easy to use. Takes a bit of getting used to since I’ve been using the Xbox 360 one for so long. Hope a fix for the log in issues comes pretty soon.

  • so i’ve been trying to sign in on the youtube app all day, but i’m still getting errors. i feel like it’s google’s fault because it’s making sign into google+ instead of youtube. i also noticed the video quality seems worse than when i was using youtube on the browser, and i can’t find any type of quality setting anywhere. despite those two problems, i’m still happy it was released today instead of being delayed.

  • cant even log in, I’m really disappointed with this new update, you would think they would have everything working smoothly before the update

  • That’s great and all, but can you please fix the Standby/Rest Mode please? Every time i come back to my PS4 after dropping into this mode it feels hot like its been on since I last used the system and the orange light continues to flash like its doing some standby operation or shutting down.

    Standby mode was working fine before and I’d hate to lose this feature because of what it lets me do every tuesday and lets me remote play in and start the system up to play.

  • Maybe when you put out an app MAKE SURE IT WORKS MORONS!!!!!!!

  • at least that works.

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