Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store Next Week

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Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store Next Week

Minecraft PS Vita Edition

Minecraft fans, the wait is finally over! Minecraft PS Vita Edition will be available on PlayStation Store on Tuesday, 10/14 for only $19.99. The retail version will be available starting on 11/11 at the same price.

With the portability benefits of PS Vita and its dual analog control system, you can now transfer your existing Minecraft PS3 Edition save to and from the PS Vita Edition, and continue to build, explore, and conquer anytime, anywhere. When you’re done, simply transfer your save to the PS4 Edition for the ultimate Minecraft experience!

Minecraft PS Vita EditionMinecraft PS Vita Edition

For those that already own PS3 Edition and have been eagerly waiting for the PS Vita Edition cross-buy, or are looking to join the Minecraft family for the first time, here’s how it works:

Minecraft PS Vita Edition
About to purchase PS Vita Edition (PS Store) from 10/14

On your PS3 or PS Vita, purchase Minecraft PS Vita Edition for $19.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to download the PS3 Edition for free and upgrade to PS4 Edition for $4.99.

About to purchase PS Vita Edition (Retail) from 11/11

On your PS3 or PS Vita, enter the pack-in voucher code through PS Store and you’ll be able to download the PS Vita and PS3 Editions digitally, and upgrade to the PS4 Edition for $4.99.

Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

On your PS3 or PS Vita, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS Vita Edition and you’ll be able to download it for free.

Existing PS4 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

Only the PS3 and PS Vita Editions are eligible for the cross-buy offer.

If you have any additional questions concerning the cross buy process, please reach out to @AskPlayStation on Twitter or our other Customer Support channels.

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  • woah! i just bought minecraft on ps4 yesterday and im not gonna pay full price for a vita game that i already have on ps4.
    I hope sony/mojang will find something for the ps4 community who want to buy minecraft.

  • @45 It doesn’t come out until Tuesday silly :)

  • OtterX, so because *you forgot* about the PS3-PS4 upgrade deal, it’s their fault, not your own?

    Like many others have pointed out, this upgrade deal has been in place ever since the PS3 was announced/released. Don’t come on here today saying that they’ve suddenly “screwed” over the PS4 owners.

  • @49
    exactly. I’m sure KidGreen will shortly come at you with some d0chey self-righteous “uh duh, like we totally have known about this for months now” even though that has NOTHING to do with it. What if I didnt have a PS3 at the time and so was just holding out for the ps4 version? Where was my option then?

  • @41, it sucks right? I must say that I feel sorry for you guys. But, it’s not Sony’s fault for posting it on their blogs or etc. It’s your own fault for not researching it. The heck, even though I don’t own a PS4, I know that you can’t get it backwards. You MUST buy PS3/Vita cross-buy FIRST before buying the PS4 edition, if you want the discount. It’s a simple as that. They won’t make it free either way around anyway.

  • @54

    but you have to admit that the overall decision and its messaging were a bit disingenuous, probably by design.

    Also, for me personally, I’m not alleging that they “pulled one over on us.” I’m SIMPLY saying that it’s very lame of them not to reward the ps4 purchasers. I would have gladly paid $5 for the Vita version. But nope, once again, Sony decisions have led my Vita to continue to collect dust.

    You would think that they would push in any direction just to get people playing Vita again. As @41 said, it was bad business. Not lying, not trickery, just bad business. Plain and simple.

  • @53 But what is the logic? $25 for 3 games, or $40 for 2? There is still no logic to it.

  • @46: But you are posting on a forum that you obviously belong to where they posted in this same forum over and over again about how the deal works. I understand children do not go to read up, which is why my children do not have accounts that they can buy things. As a parent, I watch over that.

    @ 47. Lmao. Yeah.. my bad. Lol. But it’s cool to laugh at ones self :)

    @48: Alright.. that escalated. Sorry you are getting mad, man. Call me what you will.

    @50: Yeah. Lol. Looking a bit foolish :P

  • @52 Duh, it’s not Sony’s mistake too. You should have known by now, that’s what business sounds like. :)

  • Yea, like sukTHEfac said, it may not be trickery, but it’s bad business. Customers who are treated well are repeat customers and spend more money. I know this from experience in retail management.

  • Btw, any way we put this, this is going to be big for Vita. Look at the sales of PS3 and PS4’s Minecraft versions. Easily top sellers each month second only to Destiny last month.

    I bought my Vita less than a year ago and knew that Minecraft would be coming to it one day. I just thought it would be the perfect game for the system. I prevented myself from buying the PS3 version and the PC version just for the Vita version (I wanted to make sure the Cross-Buy thing was correct with the PS3 so I just waited for the Vita version to make sure). So my hope here is that some of us will one day play with each other and have some fun because that’s what Minecraft is all about ;) I still wish that there were more public ways to play with people other than the add a friend idea.

    Just for fun, what is the first thing you guys are going to build? I’ll probably build a castle ^_^

  • Simple fact – Sony and Mojang did a great thing when they sold the PS3 version of Minecraft and said at the time the Vita version would be cross-buy. Another simple fact – they did a great thing again when they offered a low-cost upgrade to the PS4 version.

    And another simple fact – they’ve done a bad job so far taking care of those customers who didn’t buy the PS3 version but did buy the PS4, and own a Vita. True, they warned people of this situation ahead of time – I knew it (though I don’t yet own a PS4 or a Vita) – but that’s not much of a solution for someone who sees the PS4 version in the store or who grabs it on an impulse buy.

    Hopefully they’ll do the right thing and offer a discount for the Vita version to PS4 owners, eventually.

  • @59 I may give in and spend another $20 and buy the Vita version. The first thing I will build is a giant d*** and send it to Sony & Mojang, and tell them “Here, this is for you.”

  • @52: Again.. people disagreeing is d****ey? I haven’t called you out or disrespected once but tis the weapon of a weak mind. I get it. And it isn’t up to Sony or anyone to make sure you have every single option available. What if I don’t own a PS4! Where is my PS4 option, Mojang!? They gave a deal they didn’t hide how it works.

    @ 53: That is how I feel. I am sorry that you paid more. I am. I have paid more than I should have on more than a couple occasions.

    Cross-buy has been the worst application simply because of the people that now feel everything should be free. Most all of us have been bit by a PS+ game that goes free a week after we buy it. There is no deceit or being disingenuous. They don’t need to tell me a month in advance.

    If they blasted it across radios about the cross-buy, there would be a person saying that they don’t own a radio. Or the billboard wasn’t big enough.

    If it went backwards, there would be a person upset that he never would have bought the PS3 edition if he knew this.

  • @60

    I don’t really build things per se. I have just been creating an underground railroad of sorts, connecting different mine bases/homes/whatever with bed, crafting table, and furnace in each. I’m just now searching and building minecart tracks to finish it.

    The only things I really build are very tall structures that can easily be seen from anywhere on land. Those towers mark the entrances to my many home bases.

  • @59: Not sure. I haven’t got into the game yet but my two sons love it.

    @61: Hehe.. And they will use your $20 to wipe away their tears :)

  • @61 That would make a lovely Valentine’s Day present for Sony. Mostly because Minecraft is the perfect simulator for such a present ha. Plus, they could send it along to Microsoft and everyone would have a jolly laugh.

  • @61

    exactly. I dont see how this is such a hard concept to grasp. Those people for some reason keep attacking us saying “theyve told you for months!” but it doesnt have to do with any of these central points.

  • This is Bull****. You (Sony) push upgrade to PS4 and get all the benifits, so I do. Then I buy minecraft the day it finally hit the PSN and now you expect me to pay full price for the Vita version when I could have just bought the PS3 version and had great upgrade benefits. WOW Sony… Talk about screwing your customers. No Thanks, I’ll pass on the Vita version and you can lose the sale!!!

  • people need to understand the difference between disingenuity and lying. No one is suggesting the latter.

  • If you want to use the “you’re an idiot for not already knowing this,” then fine. However that doesn’t change the fact that this a shady way to do business, and it would be nice if I didn’t have to research every aspect of a purchase before pulling the trigger.

    There is no good reason why Sony could not honor this deal both ways. The cross save argument is completely false. Cross buy is not dependant on cross save. There are plenty of games that offer cross buy without cross save. I’m not affected of this issue but I completely understand the people who are.

  • @66: The central point is to send Sony a Minecraft picture of a male genitalia?

  • @69 hey thanks for being a normal, empathetic person who can step out of their own little world once in a while!

  • @69: Not calling anyone out as an idiot. Being ignorant is completely different. And yes, a knowledgable consumer does actual research before making a purchase. It would be great if Mojang (who are the ones that make this choice.. not Sony) let people cross-buy to Vita from any version they have bought. I hope they do.

  • @54 Really? A reward? Isn’t the special discount big already? That is like 75% off. As I told you, it’s not their fault either way. I am pretty sure that they made that deal because they think that there are more people who owns atleast a PS3 before they bought a PS4. And isn’t that right?
    And since they are a company, where would they aim the discount? On the smaller population with only a PS4 or a bigger one with a PS3?
    You should know that they already lost money when they made that special discount of the game for PS4.

    @55 Logic? I don’t think you need a logic for that. Put it simply this way, they’re a company. Just because your costumers bought your latest console, they would not make anything special for you. You already have the special discount, so I am sorry you didn’t got it. :P

  • Thank you Microsoft!

  • What if a person doesn’t have a ps3? They were just supposed to know that they needed to buy the ps3 version if they wanted the Vita and PS4 versions for $25? “Oo, the ps4 version finally came out. But instead of going onto my ps4 to buy the game, I must login to the webstore that nobody knows about and buy the ps3 version. Then I can login on my ps4 and download the game.” Why does the consumer have to do so much of the work?

  • Anyway, Sony should make another deal soon, so just wait for it. It would be very bad for their image if they don’t, so…. Well, they’re already bad as it is.

  • Yikes, came in here expecting to finally read happy comments from Vita owners (which is incredibly rare on the blog!) But nope! lol They complain when they don’t get games, they complain when they get games, they complain when they don’t get cross buy, they complain when they don’t get cross saves, they complain when they don’t get a physical release. There is absolutely no way to please this audience! XD Tread lightly Vita developers!

  • @72 Again, happy customers are repeat customers who spend more money. Unhappy customers are more hesitant about future purchases from sellers. Having no logic to a business decision such as 3 games for $25 vs 3 games for $40, which is all dependent on purchasing order only makes unhappy customers.

    I left Microsoft consoles in 2009 for bad business practices. I haven’t looked back.

  • Yay, Thank you Microsoft for providing the Vita its only AAA game this year.

  • Hey, I am ng saying that they’re right. Of course, I would feel that way if I bought the PS4 edition first too.

    But ask yourself this, why did make it a cross buy anyway? Or, why is there a special discount for Ps4? They could just make it all on a separate purchase right? So why didn’t they?

  • *i am not

  • @72 (I feel like I’m missing comments here) As I told you, it’s not their fault either way. I am pretty sure that they made that deal because they think that there are more people who owns at least a PS3 before they bought a PS4. And isn’t that right?

    Funny enough, 31% of PS4 owners are new to the Playstation brand. Another 17% didn’t own a console last generation. Cool eh?

    I think of it this way, as a Canadian they could have jumped the price up of this easily enough to $25 or something anyway (they have with every other new game), so I’m glad they went with the low-price model with no discrimination. Also, I think I saw a while back that someone is going to wait for the game to go on sale for $4.99. Minecraft will likely never go on sale for this price until the announcement of Minecraft 2. And if it does it’s likely the sale will be on Microsoft systems. Although it would be funny if Sony were to heavily short sell Minecraft from now on for little to nothing because Microsoft owns it. Think of it, Sony has the ability now to make Microsoft lose money directly haha.

  • YAY finally I’ll be able to play Minecraft on the go with actual physical controls!

  • @76 My first comment was happy and all of them have been since =D We’re discussing business dealings though. Minecraft is like the musical chairs of the gaming world now.

  • @81: That is kind of my point. Trust me, I get that it sucks to have happened. I do feel for that. But in any deal, there is ALWAYS going to be someone that misses it… otherwise it isn’t a deal. My entire point isn’t that they are right or they are wrong, it is at least for someone, anyone, to accept some responsibility for their own. Blaming any and everyone but ones self.

  • @83: I have no idea who I am talking to anymore. Lol. But no worries. Your posts have actually brought a much needed light heartedness to this entire discussion. I haven’t taken offense at anything you have said.

  • Lol, isn’t that what happened when people knew that drive club ps+ edition weren’t gonna be released? XD

  • Isn’t not weren’t. Stupid Sony for not placing an edit button

  • @76 Oh, I am definitely happy about this. I wish it was released on Vita first. I’ve owned Minecraft on PC since it was in Alpha. So playing it on console hasn’t been that much of an improvement for me, other than being able to play with my PSN friends. Now I’ll be able to play it away from home, which is awesome!

  • @76 Here’s a selection of quotes from other forums that are far happier than mine:

    Fuyuhana11: “I keep checking my Twitter feed to see if 4J has announced anything. Its the first thing I do in the mornings. I just wish they would release it already.”

    rufio2: “Same here lol I am startin to feel pathetic. I check when I wake up. Before lunch. After lunch. After work. And before I go to bed. I need to get a life”

    Edal_Elusive: “OhGodohGodohGodohGod.

    I really, REALLY hope this comes out soon. I NEED something to fill this hole in my heart.”

    POSEIDON_85: “Yaaaaaaaay. I was getting bored with destiny anyways!”

    JimLad800: “takemymoneytakemymoneytakemymoneytakemymoneytakemymoneytakemymoney”

    There, other people’s enthusiasm have now been infused into this blog post ;) I mean I’m happy, but not as happy as these people lol.

  • Firstly. Comment #1? You win at internets. Second. Yes! Yes!! YES!!!

  • @89 I could understand that lol
    I mean, I once bought a game, only to see it next month on PS plus for free :(

  • Hope it has its trophy list, not sharing trophy with PS3

  • Dear Brian Silva,

    WIll this have Cross-Play? my little sis has a PS3 I want to play with her online with my Vita is it possible? I hope you reply me back please.

  • There was no reason to believe that a game would be eligible for cross-buy between PS4 and Vita by default, and to find out whether this was the case, you would have had to have looked it up online. 4J and their media handlers have made every effort to make the terms of their promotion clear in every single article on the port. I know this because I read just about all of them trying to get a release date.

    As far as the argument with little kids not reading the blog, it is ridiculous on its face. A six year old can’t create a PSN Master Account — i.e. the only type of account a PSN Wallet can be created with. If a Master Account has been created for a six year old, it was done so fraudulently. That being the case, it is their parents’ responsibility to research what they’re getting for their money. Caveat emptor.

    Stop trying to blame other people for your own failings.

  • I have the disc based version for PS3 and I still can’t get the PS4 upgrade. Been trying to go thru customer service but they want a receipt which I don’t have. Such a hassle.

  • I’m not spending another $20 on the Vita version when I JUST spent the same on the PS4 version. M$ made Mojang evil fast…

  • @98: That is odd. My friend has a 360 copy of Minecraft and he upgraded no problem to his XBO.

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