Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store Next Week

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Minecraft PS Vita Edition Coming to PS Store Next Week

Minecraft PS Vita Edition

Minecraft fans, the wait is finally over! Minecraft PS Vita Edition will be available on PlayStation Store on Tuesday, 10/14 for only $19.99. The retail version will be available starting on 11/11 at the same price.

With the portability benefits of PS Vita and its dual analog control system, you can now transfer your existing Minecraft PS3 Edition save to and from the PS Vita Edition, and continue to build, explore, and conquer anytime, anywhere. When you’re done, simply transfer your save to the PS4 Edition for the ultimate Minecraft experience!

Minecraft PS Vita EditionMinecraft PS Vita Edition

For those that already own PS3 Edition and have been eagerly waiting for the PS Vita Edition cross-buy, or are looking to join the Minecraft family for the first time, here’s how it works:

Minecraft PS Vita Edition
About to purchase PS Vita Edition (PS Store) from 10/14

On your PS3 or PS Vita, purchase Minecraft PS Vita Edition for $19.99. Once you have made the purchase, you’ll be able to download the PS3 Edition for free and upgrade to PS4 Edition for $4.99.

About to purchase PS Vita Edition (Retail) from 11/11

On your PS3 or PS Vita, enter the pack-in voucher code through PS Store and you’ll be able to download the PS Vita and PS3 Editions digitally, and upgrade to the PS4 Edition for $4.99.

Existing PS3 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

On your PS3 or PS Vita, simply log into PlayStation Store and find Minecraft PS Vita Edition and you’ll be able to download it for free.

Existing PS4 Edition Owners (Disc or Digital)

Only the PS3 and PS Vita Editions are eligible for the cross-buy offer.

If you have any additional questions concerning the cross buy process, please reach out to @AskPlayStation on Twitter or our other Customer Support channels.

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  • Ahhhhh I’ll buy it at a high price!

  • Minecraft mobile: yes!

  • I paid $19.99 for the PS4 version of Minecraft. Why am I not eligible for the $4.99 Vita version? This is stupid. I would have gladly picked it up for Vita for $4.99. I will not pay full price again. You guys just lost a sale by screwing over the PS4 purchasers.

  • Would it be possible to transfer our ps4 save, if it was on classic to the ps vita?

  • I should have bought the PS3 version first, then upgraded to PS4 right away. This is such an irritating technicality. Thanks guys!

  • so the vita physical version does have a physical game in the box right. Because it sounds like it’s just a voucher with no actual game, just a case for the collection. Please don’t disappoint

  • Dear Brian Silva:

    Can you elaborate if Minecraft Vita will be compatbile with PS Vita TV/Playstation TV?

    This will decide if i will purchase it or not, please be open and directly.

    I am sure i am not the only one with this question


  • So because i didn’t buy MineCraft for the Playstation 3 and just bought the Playstation 4 edition when it came out some weeks back, you expect me to buy the Playstation Vita version at full price? That is a horrible way to treat customers when you take into account that anyone could just buy the Playstation 3 or Vita edition and pay the 5$ upgrade to get the Playstation 4 edition.

    In short term, you want customers to pay 40$ in total for Minecraft on PS/PS4/Vita just because they made the mistake of buying the PS4 version first?

  • Any flash sale this weekend?

  • I’m just happy this is coming out :) Day 1 buy from me! Haven’t actually bought any version of Minecraft yet but my Vita seems like the perfect home for it.

  • yes finally ive been waiting so long and this is for the U.S also right

  • How about making a PlayStation TV Minecraft Bundle? that thing will sell like hotcakes in retail! think about it ;)

  • I didn’t understand, exactly, which day it’ll be released. Can someone explain it to me?

    It says: ”Tuesday, 10/14”

  • This is ridiculous. I feel like I’m being punished because I decided to buy the PS4 version and not the PS3 version before upgrading. I would gladly pay the $5 for the Vita version, but I simply can’t pay full retail again just so I can get the Vita version.

  • gee. about freakin time

  • @ RhonnyK, it says the digital version is out next Tuesday and the physical version is out 11/11.

  • @RyuZX ok! thx man xD Super hyped for it

  • nice!!! my son has been bugging me on this. had some issues with the Minecraft PS3 retail version upgrade for PS4 due to Sony requiring a purchase receipt for the game. hopefully no issues in getting this on my account.

  • Pro tip to save some money, if you Redbox rent the PS3 version for $2 and upload your save files to the PS cloud, you’ll be eligible to download the PS3 version from PSN for free and pay $4.99 for the PS4 version. I’d expect the Vita version to be free to later on.

  • So MANY games releasing Tuesday.

    -The Evil Within
    -Sleeping Dogs: Definitive Edition
    -Potential release day for Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate Halloween DLC.

  • @3 @8 @14 They were quite clear with how the limited cross-buy would play out.

    It’s the same on Xbox, as far as the upgrade goes. The PS3/VITA version, and the PS4 version, are not the same games, as far as content is concerned. And I don’t just speak to performance of the system, but physical differences to the limits of the gameworld, and features.

    Sorry you guys got the PS4 version, and maybe you can try customer service, and see if there is a way to get that fixed around, but again, they didn’t trick it. It was quite clear by both SONY, and 4JStudios/Mojang

  • @7 https://blog.playstation.com/2014/09/22/nearly-700-games-available-to-play-on-playstation-tv-on-day-one-this-october-2/
    …”Our library will continue to expand, with other fan favorites like Minecraft and more.”…

    -Not sure if that is on release obviously, but I do know they plan to support it. They made a big deal about it at the announcement of the PlayStation TV as well. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if they were waiting to release it along with PS TV compatibility, cause now a release for the VITA should really be tested for the PS TV as well, if they plan to support it.

    I’m okay with games like Tearaway not being on the PSTV, but games with simple touchscreen, Uncharted/Killzone/Borderlands 2, they could be remapped to work with a controller, especially with DS4, cause it still has a touchpad. I just wonder how much they plan to utilize the different control schemes, cause it would seem to be an annoyance at best.

  • I’ll buy the retail version because the digital version has a high price and i’d like to have an exclusive voucher on the retail ver.

  • Just a mention here: It was revealed quite a while ago that the Vita edition would only be Cross-Buy with the PS3 version. Mind you the PS4 version to me was quite the surprise mostly because the Vita version didn’t come out before it. I’m sure they’ll do Cross-Buy with the PS4 somehow later on but I don’t think they were thinking about a Vita/PS4 cross-buy to begin with.

    All I meant is that with a bit of research you wouldn’t have felt so cheated :/ I don’t even get why they have a $4.99 premium on upgrading to the PS4. They could’ve saved a lot of scorn by just making it all Cross-Buy. Strange business either way.

  • I wonder if the WesterosCraft maps – or perhaps specific locations like Winterfell or King’s Landing – will ever be made to work on the PS Vita version.

    (A Vita version of the ALfheim Online server might be interesting, too.)

  • Admittedly I am a little bitter about the PS4/Vita shaft……it was my understanding that the Vita was the perfect compliment to the PS4. Seems I was mistaken judging by the fact that you are deliberately giving benefits to PS3/Vita users…..shame!

  • @21 @23

    Had i known that the PS3 version would just get the Vita version for free, i would of course have bought the Playstation 3 edition and upgraded to the Playstation 4 edition, but me and many others had no realistic way of even knowing this when we bought Minecraft for PS4, even the PS blog post about the PS4 editions release fails to mention this and so does the SEN store page for the game.

    It was never made clear for the people buying the Playstation 4 Edition unless you actively search for it online, most people have other things to think about. I am not angry, i just thunk it’s a super bad way of treating customers who are supporting Minecraft on the Playstation 4.

  • @21&23 RIght. They may have mentioned it before in a Blogpost at one point. But, there is a large percentage of customer base who never reads blogs, gaming sites etc. In my case, it completely slipped my mind until about a day later. It was not clear on PSN’s listing, and that’s where it counts.

  • I’d buy that for a dollar. nnnnaaaahhhhh!!!


  • Will the Vita be able to use the the PS3 skins?

  • If i buy Minecraft PS3 on retail next week , am i gonna get the PSVITA version ?

  • Oh hey thanks for screwing over the PS4 Minecraft owners. Why is the cross buy only applying to the old console? How backwards is this?

  • Minecraft Vita…. I am in you!

  • @29

    Dude, READ.

  • This may sound silly to ya but if I buy this, how much of my money goes to Microsoft? I don’t want them get any of my money cos I hate them (for my own personal reasons). Would rather pay this to the developers for their work but if Microsoft is getting some of it then I will buy PS3 version second hand.

  • @30: they have made it quit clear for some time that Vita and PS3 is cross-buy because you can swap saves and that PS4 edition is not because it is a much bigger world. That is why, and many others, bought the PS3 edition when the PS4 edition launched, and then upgraded to PS4 for $5 so that we can have it on all three systems for $25. Don’t blame Sony because you didn’t do the research.

  • @3 @8 @14 Live and learn. Unfortunately it’s been that way since the release of the PS 4. Buy first on the PS 3, then go to the PS 4 (COD Ghosts, BF 4, Zen Pinball 2,and so on…) There are some digital titles that offer cross buy better than others, but it’s always a safe bet to start with the PS3/Vita, and then move to the PS 4 for cross buy.

    I’m holding out on buying the PS 4 version of Littlebigplanet 3 to see if Sony is going to offer some sort of PS 3 to PS 4 digital upgrade deal. If Activision can offer free PS 3 to PS 4 digital upgrades for two of their biggest games with both Destiny and COD Advanced Warfare, it seems that Sony could possibly offer some sort of deal for one their own first party releases. I’ll wait and see before I buy.

  • @33: 1) MS doesn’t own them yet, I don’t believe. But I am sure there is a deal that they are now getting a cut from the date they agreed to the sale. C) There is no way we can possibly answer that for you.

  • Why are people mad? They made it very clear how things were going to work. They had articles, they had blogcast discussions, they had the information out there for a while now.

    PS4 edition released. I then bought the PS3 edition just so I could upgrade for $4.99 that same day to the PS4 Edition AND get the Vita version free when it came out. There was no confusion in this.

  • Hmmm, this reeks of Microsoft. I bought the PS4 version so why don’t I get the Vita version with Cross-Buy? It’s easy for me, I just won’t buy the Vita version until a year from now when there is a flash sale for $4.99.

  • @33

    I’m pretty sure that since there was already a deal in place between Mojang and Sony for this, that the acquisition (or the process thereof) from MS will not affect this deal.

  • @37

    What are you going on about? We aren’t mad at the news. We are mad that they are doing it. Just because they gave us a warning doesn’t make it right. Stupid is stupid no matter how you dress it.

  • Again, I will repeat for the defenders: There is a large portion of the gaming audience who do not read blogs and gaming websites. Me personally, I forgot about the PS3-PS4 upgrade deal until about a day later. This information was not on the PSN store, and that is the only place it matters. It’s not good business.

  • @41

    exactly. This was a disingenuous move on their part. To expect everyone who plays minecraft (most are young kids!) to read every press release is ridiculous.

  • @40: And entitled is entitled no matter how you dress it. I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t get mad at Burger King because I want a pizza no matter how stupid I think it is a food place doesn’t serve pizza.

    @41: Ignorance (meant as a real word.. not a disrespect) is not on the provider. They did not hoodwink or shenanigan. I am not blaming the US Govt for my next trip to Ukraine.

  • I bought my vita after my ps4 purchase because it was being advertised as the perfect complimentary device to my ps4. Just look at any Best Buy and Sony has a nice popup stand that shows and recommends an extra controller, the gold headset, a vita, and the camera.

    So it is a shame that Sony can’t get their stuff together to make sure these people aren’t screwed over. There are serious issues because this cross buy issue is happening across a lot of games. It makes me hesitant to buy any ps4 games if they’ll be multi platform. I’ll lose out on vita yet again. What should I do, anticipate buying the PS3 version? Strange concept because I don’t own a PS3.

    Here is yet another example of cross buy not working how we as end consumers expect. What a shame. I know I am
    only one person and not significant, but count me as another lost sale.

  • It worked exactly how I expected it… because I researched before throwing down my money. Going to enjoy my free Vita version when I get home today.

  • @45

    how many times must it be said that MOST people should not be expected to keep up with the latest press releases, especially considering that a HUGE group of players are young children?

  • @45 You talk about ignorance, and then state that you’re going to go home and get your free Vita version TODAY? lol

  • @47

    HAHA! What a moron!

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