The Top 25 PS4 Games According to IGN

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The Top 25 PS4 Games According to IGN

Greetings, PlayStation.Blog! My name is Colin Moriarty. I’m IGN‘s Senior Editor, the man who leads the charge on all of our PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita coverage on the site, and co-host of our popular PlayStation-centric podcast, Podcast Beyond.

Now, you may ask why I’m here, writing words within these hallowed digital halls. The reason is quite simple, my friends. Each year on IGN, we update our Top 25 lists for all current platforms. These lists are designed to help hardware veterans and newcomers alike parse through the best-of-the-best to figure out which 25 games rise above the rest on their platform(s) of choice.

You may have seen our Top 25 Vita Games list in the past, as well as our Top 25 PS3 Games list. Both of those have been updated this year, and better yet, they’re quite different than previous iterations. That’s because our selection committees have been shaken-up and otherwise widened. I think you’ll like what you find.

We’re also introducing our Top 25 PS4 Games list for the very first time, the perfect source to take a glance at whether you already own the console or are planning on buying one in the future.

Of course, reading is so 20th century, so we didn’t only unleash written lists; we also did full video lists for you to watch. All three of them are embedded throughout this blog post, should you choose to watch them.

But riddle me this: what are your favorite games on these three platforms? You can tell me in the comments below.

Until we meet again, a healthy and hearty BEYOND to you.

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  • This Top 25 is a fraud: there aren’t even 25 games available on PS4.

  • Love you Colin, BEYOND!

  • Beyond Colin. Lists are very helpful in making sure I don’t miss any of the top games for all my playstation consoles.

    P.s. Great news on your new project. See you for the big event Monday.

  • Wow Colin, mad props to the number of comments you have replied to. Don’t see that everyday.

    Thanks for your work at IGN, gives me something to do while AutoCAD at work spins… BEYOND!

  • How can gaming sites still be relevant when almost every single one got payed to give a good score to tons of bad games that got more money spent on marketing than the game itself; or when almost none of their reviewers don’t even finish the game, and if they finish it they do it on the EASIEST difficulty possible (and they still get a hard time doing it); or when a game is so hard for them that they trash thinking that the game is bad because they could even get past the first stage; or when they think a EFFING WALKING SIMULATOR has more fun than lots of others games because of its “deepness” and they give more priority to “deep story” than the GAMEplay itself; or when all this feminist propaganda only encourages censoring on tons of games and SJW pandering on tons of western games (AAA and indie) so everyone think they are doing a “Social Justice” and “ARTISTIC” work, ALL guided by PURE HATE and BRAINWASHING so when a game that has content that those n*z*s want to see they give them the best coverage?!

  • IGN’s PS3 top 25 list is null and void since MGS4 isn’t even on it, which IGN rated at 10 …. unbelievable.

  • No Octodad?! One of the best stories about an octopus out there and strangely educational.

  • Oh and let’s not talk about the Zoe Quinn scandal… with that you can see a lot of more kinds of corruptions within the videogame industry.

  • I watched both PS4 & PS3 videos even though i could give a rats behind about IGN and there biased opinions. But i find it funny 95% of the PS4 games you can play on PS3 or are PS3 remasters. Minor Spoiler TLOU is #1 for both consoles. And how the F does any COD game make a top 25, goes to show the PS4 is lacking in games.

  • CTL;DW = Commercials To Long; Didn’t Watch

  • C’mon! Where’s Sparkle 2?!?!?!?

  • I don’t own a PS4, your PS3 list is pretty good, but your PS Vita list is such a tragedy, that I’m pretty sure is moving backwards though time now and is ultimately the cause of the destruction of the Library of Alexandria.

  • Well, it seems Colin stopped replying to comments just in time, as we finally have our version of the IGN trolls that jumped into the thread here.
    All I’ve got to say to them is this…

    @ GamerJon92 said: “…IGN and there biased opinions.”

    First off, it’s “their”. Second, “biased opinions” is redundant. Opinions are biased by their very nature. There is no such thing as an unbiased opinion, as someone forms their opinion based on their biases. Also, it’s “couldn’t give a rats behind”, not “could”, as saying could implies that you care.

    @ Viewtiful_Gene: On top of your generally atrocious spelling and grammar, your entire rant consists of nothing but hate that what you consider to be good games, your “opinions”, don’t seem to be shared by the majority anymore. If it makes you that upset, maybe it’s time for you to find a different hobby. Aside from this Zoe Quinn thing, which shows individual reviewers were bought off, not entire sites, there is absolutely no proof that the review industry is corrupt. Only trolls who are butthurt because games they don’t like get good reviews and games they like get ignored. That’s not corruption. That’s just diversity in what games people enjoy. Deal with it.

  • Uh, what is this….crap….doing in the PSblog? IGN makes the worst lists of all time, especially PlayStation lists, bleh.

  • @AizawaYuuichi :
    Well, english isn’t my first language.
    And I was about to respond you with lots of arguments, trying to be clear enough, but then I read
    “there is absolutely no proof that the review industry is corrupt”
    There are TONS of proofs. You can search for them. But, seeing that you fiercely defend the fact the I’m wrong, you probably won’t do it becuase you might get scared to be proved wrong, because your responses in this site are always the same: they are responses telling that other people are wrong (or c**ks*ck*ng to a certain game/company/whatever)

    Oh by the way, you know about “mass control” right?, well I’ll tell you something, a little secret, if you aren’t a marketer/dev/something related to videogames, then you are part of that controled mass.
    Because when a game is massively hyped and marketed everywhere and anytime, the only thing gamer will care about is on buying the most popular and marketed s**t so they can show off how “gamer” they are just because they have hottest crap, and no matter how bad the game is, they will still think it’s “good” because everyone will be afraid of not being part of the trend and because everyone were talking about it.


  • (contd)

    Are you going to tell me that Watch_Dogs is as perfect as everyone said it was? How about Destiny? Isn’t Destiny an abortion that came from the terrible combination of Defiance and Borderlands and some Halo? Why The Last of Us for PS4 didn’t have as many perfect scores like his PS3 counterpart, maybe was because they already did all the marketing before so now they didn’t care?
    Are you going to tell me that Gone Home and Dear Esther are superior to W101? Are you going to tell me that Fez, Brothers and Braid have good puzzles? Are you going to tell me that Gone Home didn’t have perfect scores because it was about a lesbian, in the middle of all this SJW and feminist propaganda?!

    I could go on and on.

  • Colin: serious question. Do you run into fans every time you leave the house that walk over and shout BEYOND at you? That would make me stabby. “I’m glad you like the show but I am out on date” sort of thing?


    Also, your lists all suck without Valkyria Chronicles (I know it isn’t out on Vita or PS4 but it should still be in the top 5 regardless). not trying to troll but that’s what you get!!

    • Greg and I get recognized from time to time, but not that often, no (unless we’re at a convention). Though the last few times we’ve gone to dinner together, our waiters recognized us, which was interesting. We’re always honored when someone knows who we are and wants to chat. We’re truly blessed to be able to do this for a living.

  • All 3 are very good lists. I don´t agree 100% with the Vita, for me the best game there is Uncharted GA but otherwise I think they´re pretty solid choices.

  • I think al of the 3 are correct lists Colin, Great work! The only thing I would like to add is any of the Assasin’s Creed in the PS3. My election would be Assasin’s Creed 2.

  • ABOVE!

    Thanks for the list. Metro Redux and Watch_Dogs are definitely on my list. Now my list won’t be *that* stagnant.

    Although, CoD: Ghosts got too much credit, without a single homage to Battlefield 4. And this is coming from an unabashed BF-hating CoD junkie.

  • Featuring Tomb Raider at the front page is not acceptable. The squeal is not coming for PS4, it does not matter its timed or not. Crystal Dynamic betrayed us.

  • Adobe Flash is unsupported on Vita.

    Can’t say I always agree with IGN reviews, but I always look for them first from you guys.
    Definately bought a few I normally would not have otherwise, and usually have not been disappointed.

  • Hey Colin, first off…Beyond!
    Secondly, I disagree with the PS3 list as Okami HD did not make the list. It’s one of the most unforgettable experiences to ever comes out of the PS console line (to the point it even influenced my username choice lol :)). Wish more companies would be making more games like this. (sigh) One can only hope.

  • I cant understand how MGS4 is not on the ps3 list…. I understood your reasoning before (you have to play them all to appreciate MGS), but now there is no excuse because you could have just put MGS: The Legacy Collection on the list this year……….

    And you could have put it at #1.

    What other game besides MGS and Gran Turismo has been a TOP rated game since the PS1?

    What other game besides MGS speaks of war, culture, race, countries, revenge, nuclear weapons, peace, politics, loyalty, comradery, friendship, love… maybe a couple RPGs maybe..I’m not sure of that, but MGS does it with style….stealth and action…cinematic and comedic beauty. It’s SO unique and SO good… a true piece of ART.

    I understand that MGS isnt for everyone.. but neither is Flower. MGS the legacy collection is THE best deal / bang for your buck in gaming besides buying a ps plus subscription. I cant believe you guys overlooked that collection of amazing games..especially reading ign’s reviews for each and every MGS game…….

    Ugh, what do I gotta do to convince you. Give me your codec # and lets talk this over….lol.

  • Oh, and the distinct lack of fighting games on the lists (Street Fighters, Marvel vs Capcom, Skullgirls,…). Forgetting a whole genre is not cool, Colin.
    Aside from that, pretty good lists. Beyond!

  • Hey Colin! It’s BlindMango =P These were some good lists this year. Can’t wait to see how much the PS4 list progresses over the years too

  • Nice list. I think Demon Souls should’ve been on the ps3 list instead of Dark Souls though.

  • not gonna change the fact that for the next 2 or 3 years we’re gonna hear from Xbox fans “The PS4 and Vita don’t have good games”

    Not because the Xbox One has good games, but because that’s what they said about the PS3 and the PSP for about 3-4 years.

  • Ignorant Gamer: “Vita has no games!”
    Colin Moriarty: *Proceeds to show IGN’s list of the top 25 Vita games
    Ignorant Gamer: “Oh” *Walks away in shame while at the same time wishing he/she had a Vita


  • Colin, will you be the mother of my children?!


  • Top 3 PS4: Tie between Child of Light, Resogun, Transistor
    Top 3 PS3: Rayman Origins, The Last of Us, Journey
    Top 3 PSVita: Rogue Legacy, Ys: Memories of Celcetta(which I’m REALLY sad wasn’t on the top 25), and P4G (which is prettymuch the top of every Vita list just about lol)

  • Nice to see you have made it over to the playstation blog Colin. Although I’m personally not an islanders fan (Go leafs!), I am a huge fan of the beyond podcast and your reviews over on IGN. Keep up the good work and hope to see you post more on the PS blog… BEYOND!

    P.S. Keep pushing shu to allow gamer tag changes. They have to do it eventually…

  • The Lego Movie games is MUCH better than Lego Marvel Superheroes in just about every possible way.

  • Also, Rayman Legends is much better on the Wii U. I tried it on my PS4, but I prefer the Wii U version.

  • Knack should also have been included. I guess you didn’t want to get laughed at by the hipsters, but its definitely at top 25 contender, more so than others on the list.

  • If The Last of Us is on both PS3 and PS4 lists, how is Tomb Raider not?

    Swap pills with XP for headshots and the games are identical and both amazing. No way Tomb Raider doesn’t belong above several games on the PS3 list(and the 360 list).

  • where is little big planet? :(

  • where is little big planet (ps3) ?

  • LOL @ the Vita list.

    don’t you guys have anything else to play on your Vita?

  • DiabloIII or Destiny didn’t make the list? :/

  • I find the lack of Towerfall Ascension disturbing

  • Colin, Beyond!,

    TLoU-R is my favorite game all time. I beat it on PS3 on normal and beat it on PS4 on hard. Now I’m playing new game + hard on PS4 trying to get all the collectibles and such.

    I’ve dipped my toe into multiplayer a couple of times and always get absolutely destroyed and thus have no fun. I really want to have fun in the multiplayer and get some trophies (this game is a SOB on trophies). Anyways, do you have any tips to make it less painful?

    By the way, great list!

  • Top 25….of 27 ps4 games

  • IGN is garbage, so why should we care what you think? Ah right. Anyone with a thought for themselves doesn’t. ;3

  • Now I see why Last Of Us Remastered got a 10 from you… ethics!

  • Colin, is IGN that short of money that they actually put themselves out for stuff like this? In light of Gamergate, you didn’t, nor did Sony, think this was a terrible idea?

    I mean, you just wrote a 10/10 review for a game from a year ago for fifty bucks that is perfect from PS4? This wasn’t an issue for you, Collin?

  • Collin Moriartey, your Esteemed Critical Review Award For Integrity In A Review For A Last Of Us Remaster that you got from Sony last week, any thanks beyond your speech?

  • No Destiny in the list ? And you call this list Top 25 Games for PS4 ? Seriously Destiny is a game that will change the game industry for ever. It surely deserve Number 1 slot in this list.

  • @honk.. stop makin a fool of yourself. Last of Us is one of the best games ever made…over 200 game of the year awards… why are you picking on one of the many people who give it a 10/10? I think it’s YOUR credibility (and sanity) that you should be lookin at.

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