The Top 25 PS4 Games According to IGN

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The Top 25 PS4 Games According to IGN

Greetings, PlayStation.Blog! My name is Colin Moriarty. I’m IGN‘s Senior Editor, the man who leads the charge on all of our PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita coverage on the site, and co-host of our popular PlayStation-centric podcast, Podcast Beyond.

Now, you may ask why I’m here, writing words within these hallowed digital halls. The reason is quite simple, my friends. Each year on IGN, we update our Top 25 lists for all current platforms. These lists are designed to help hardware veterans and newcomers alike parse through the best-of-the-best to figure out which 25 games rise above the rest on their platform(s) of choice.

You may have seen our Top 25 Vita Games list in the past, as well as our Top 25 PS3 Games list. Both of those have been updated this year, and better yet, they’re quite different than previous iterations. That’s because our selection committees have been shaken-up and otherwise widened. I think you’ll like what you find.

We’re also introducing our Top 25 PS4 Games list for the very first time, the perfect source to take a glance at whether you already own the console or are planning on buying one in the future.

Of course, reading is so 20th century, so we didn’t only unleash written lists; we also did full video lists for you to watch. All three of them are embedded throughout this blog post, should you choose to watch them.

But riddle me this: what are your favorite games on these three platforms? You can tell me in the comments below.

Until we meet again, a healthy and hearty BEYOND to you.

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  • The Pride of Long Island! BEYOND!

  • Colin, you should go on the PlayStation Blogcast sometime!
    Sid, make this happen!

  • What a pleasant surprise seeing you here, Colin! BEYOND!!

  • Nice list, I was all ready to start complaining that FFXIV wasn’t going to be on there, but look at that, it is. Well done! It should be higher, though. ;)

  • Oh and I can tell there was a committee (not just you) selecting for PS4 otherwise Resogun would be #1 :-)

  • And my favorite games on all 3 platforms (by the ign editors) are: Resogun, Persona 4 Golden, The Last of Us, Demon’s Souls, and Hotline Miami.

  • I remember an IGN Top 25 games for PS3 list a year or two that didn’t have either Killzone 2 or Killzone 3 on it…nor did it have Metal Gear Solid 4.

    …but Spec Ops The Line was on there.

    Just saying.

  • The relevance of a top 25 this early is highly debatable. I think Resogun will still make my top 25 next year.

    • I understand your reservations. I actually shared this concern at the outset of creating the list with some of my colleagues. But I think the final product will be instructive to folks who are looking for the best-of-the-best on the console right now. With that said, I’m sure the list will likely look radically different next year, with another year’s worth of games to choose from.

  • BEYOND!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woah, I saw the “don’t tread on me” avatar and got SOOOO confused!
    Is this your first blog post, colin?
    Sounds Awesome!!!!1

  • BEYOND, Colin! You are the best!

  • Colin, I just want to say “Thank you” to you, and the rest of your Beyond brethren,for trumpeting indies as well as you do. People need to understand how great games can be all shapes and sizes.

    • I’m in complete agreement with you. I think it’s wrong to judge a game by its pricepoint or how it’s delivered. There’s so much space — endless space, really — for free games, and $5 games, and $10 games, and $20 games, and $60 games, and everything in between. The reason the gaming space is so fun these days is because the ecosystem is a mixture of smaller games, bigger games, indie titles, and triple-A’s. There’s something for everyone, for every taste, for every mood. I love it.

  • Is Transistor really that good? Maybe I should add it to my backlog.

    • I actually had to defer to some of the other members of the selection committee on this one, as I haven’t played it much beyond (!) a few minutes. But Marty, one of our editors here at IGN, swears by it. I’m excited to give it a go when I have more time in my schedule to do so.

  • Oh yeah, and I played Shatter specifically because of your love for the game!

  • BEYOND!!!!

  • next year will probably be the last ps3 list you guys make…

    also, there´s a lot stuff i´ve missed since it´s pretty hard to keep up with the games you want here in south america…and to think i haven´t played the last of us…yet.

    • Yup, I suspect next year will be our final revision to the PS3 list. Kinda sad, but also kind of a relief. These lists are tough to make! =)

  • BEYOND! Pretty solid list. My only complaint (I normally don’t complain on these things) is that Valiant Hearts did not make the PS4 list after so much praise on Podcast Beyond.

    • Beyond! I’ll actually let you in on a piece of the process.

      Towards the end of the process of creating the list, when we had a pretty concrete 22 or 23 games, all in order. So, the selection committee each petitioned for the couple games they’d include to round it off. I put down Valiant Hearts and Dead Nation on my piece of paper. Others agreed on Dead Nation, and so it was included, but sadly, Valiant Hearts missed the cutoff because I didn’t have a second vote.

      Rest assured, though, that I adore that game. I think it’s really special.

  • Love your work, Colin, and I can’t wait to read your new piece about Sucker Punch when I have time.

    What would you say are your most anticipated games for Vita going forward?

    From one Long Island kid and Jets/Islanders fan to another, I heartily say BEYOND!

    • Hey, thank you for the kind words!

      My most anticipated Vita games are Tales of Hearts R, Natural Doctrine (which I’m lucky enough to have a copy of; will play it on my trip to Japan for TGS), Freedom Wars, and Hotline Miami 2. Probably some others, as well.


  • So many great games, especially on Vita. Good to see you here, Colin. Beyond!

  • I hope we’ll see Freedom Wars and Bloodborne added to these lists! Nice writeup on Freedom Wars btw!

  • Colin, will you be covering Sony’s conference at TGS and what game announcements are you hoping for? I’m hoping for the revival of one of Sony’s old JRPGs. Either Dark Cloud, Legend of Dragoon, or Wild Arms.

    • I will be; I’m leaving for Japan on Sunday morning. I’m not sure what announcements I’m hoping for. I’d love to see something on The Last Guardian, of course, but yeah, an old-school JRPG revival would be great, too. The original Wild Arms is one of my favorite games of all-time, after all…

  • Not to fluff you Colin, but I think your strongest trait is your ability to have strong opinions, but also to not destroy someone else for theirs, provided they articulate it in a respectful manner.

    • Thank you. I think strong debate is healthy, and even necessary. You have to respect the other side. I know what it’s like to be disrespected for my opinions and beliefs, and I try not to do that to others.

  • Oh I have an actual question-What is your opinion of the current “XMB” of the PS4 and do you think it will evolve into something more manageable?

    • I love the PS4’s so-called XMB. It’s a huge step-up from PS3; in fact, it’s kind of hard going back to the PS3 once in a while after using PS4.

  • Colin! BEYOND!

    Great list except that Watch Dogs is way too high and shouldn’t be on the list at all. :p

    I would replace it with PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate.

    Otherwise good job with the list. :)

    • Hey, Beyond!

      This year’s list was created by five people with unique points-of-view. I actually don’t care for Watch Dogs much — I played for an hour or two, and it didn’t hook me — but others in the committee felt the opposite, and they have the right to have their voices and opinions heard, too. It was important to me to equally represent everyone.

      And yeah, I enjoyed PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, too, though I found it was more at home on Vita. Still, it was a rewarding Platinum!

  • Can you please hide the comment on IGN videos. Have you seen them lately? It’s filled with trolls of all kind fighting with one another about the consoles they picked. Please?

  • To the Guides Guru…… BEYOND!

  • Solid list, BEYOND!

  • Beyond Colin! Love the list, I suspect it will change quite a bit by this time next year!

    • Beyond, and thanks! Oh, and I have no doubt this list will change over the next year. It’s exciting to think about, actually.

  • Even with amazing games like Destiny out right now, Transistor has been one of my faves of 2014 so far. Go Oilers! Beyond!!

  • Great list, Colin. BEYOND!

  • Clinton? Been there, done that. Paul? How about Pass. Walker? Take a walk. The ticket we need is Moriarty/Miller 2016!

  • Personally, Muramasa: Rebirth on Vita has overtaken many games on any system on my list. I’m close to 100 hours in, including the DLC, and I haven’t been so in love with a 2D action game since the classic Castlevania: Symphony of the Night. (Muramasa is on the IGN list, but #17 is a little low for me)

    • I really liked Muramasa Rebirth. I think it, along with Dragon’s Crown, might be the most beautiful game on Vita (not surprising, since they’re both from the same developer). Actually, when I was screening the video for the Top 25 Vita Games, I remarked out loud, “Man, Muramasa really is gorgeous.”

      Also, SotN is easily one of the best games of all-time. You have good taste.

  • #ColinWasRight. BEYOND!

  • Good list. Thanks for visiting another site; makes the eco-system of Playstation seem more welcoming. Beyond!

  • Colin, I’ve been following you and the IGN Playstation crew for a while now. Just wanted to say thank you, and BEYOND! Also, I think it’s great that these lists are filled with such diverse games. There was once a point in time when console gaming followed certain trends, and that time is gone!

    • Thank you for your support. It means a lot to us.

      And I agree. Diversity in genres, developers, price points, all of that… I love it, too.

  • Well go figure. This one has neither Killzone PS3 game nor MGS4.


  • I should mention that there’s a lot of very good games on those lists.

    …didn’t see Gravity Rush in the Vita list, either. Again…just sayin. Difference of opinion and such.

  • I’d say my favorite games from each system (not including rereleases) are The Last of Us (PS3), Muramasa Rebirth (Vita), and inFamous: Second Son (PS4).

    Resogun is rad, though. BEYOND!

  • Colin, what the heck are you doing over here? Also, why didn’t you post the top 25 Vita games too?

  • Crap. Nevermind.

  • I want to change my PSN name. We need your help Colin!!!! Oh and BEYOND!

  • Awesome picks. For me:

    PS3: Beyond: Two Souls
    PS4: The Last of Us: Remastered
    Vita: PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate HD

  • The Last of Us

  • Lmao. The difference in comment civility between here and IGN is insane.


  • I appreciate your opinion on the top 25’s. But, of course mine differs.

    PS3: Demon’s Souls
    PS4: Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition
    Vita: Persona 4 Golden

  • hey colin, do you think Vita will see any AAA titles in the future? or it’s gonna be indie all the way.

    • I don’t know. I think that if you could a game like Freedom Wars as triple-A (and by definition, it is), we’ll see more coming out of Japanese studios. But I don’t think you’ll see another Uncharted or anything like that.

      But who knows?!

  • and I must say …… Beyond!

  • Wow IGN here?

    Nice to see that you don’t post as much XBOX stuff on the PS section of your site like last gen. Nice to have people who are on the PS team at IGN actually support the PS.

    I remember watching a video of Greg Miller and the PS3 had froze and he said, “I have no idea why people own one of these things.” Having opinions, and talking about the pros and cons of a system is a great thing, but why have someone on the PS team at IGN that doesn’t even like PS?

  • Amazing conversation. I wish the IGN comments section was this civilized.

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