Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

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Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.

In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.


Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.

Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.

We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • Darn. I was hoping you guys would still do the maintenance anyway, and that we’d get some surprise new features and what not on PS4. :)

  • Was offline for the majority of the day anyway.. My pre-order of infamous:First Light went active and pre-loaded already at midnight! Just a few more hours! Cant wait to play!

  • I bet the scumbags are gutted they can’t ruin anyone’s fun anymore! Go get laid or something ffs!!!

  • Sony is NOT GREEDY, neither they have all those money lying around, but a 16 hours DDoS is A JOKE & UNACCEPTABLE ! DDoS isn’t a hack, it is basicly a flood with traffic from thousands of zombie computers. Any kid with enough money to waste can rent a Botnet and just send the comand to the Botnet Zombies.

    Those are not hackers, they do NOT HACK. This has nothing to do with hacking and breaching through the servers security and this is nothing like the 2011. From what I know 2011 can not happen anymore, as it was a mistake long fixed by Sony.

  • Alright RC now we are ready for the drop.

  • As an IT and a co-admin of couple of servers of small business i know that for 10-15k $ you can buy a decent DDoS hardware server wall that will reduce DDoS time of an “average strength” DDoS attack to being a 30 minutes threath. For a service huge as PSN it would be at least 20 times more but still nothing compared to the millions paying $50 a year and this wall reducing the 16hours time to 1-2 hours is so worth it. Hardware solutions are much better & faster than software solutions for filtering and reducing DDoS + better spread of their cluster servers & use multiple traces would reduce the affected arreas.

    Also I don’t see why the need for “always online” and getting kicked out of my games whithin 30-60 minutes, everytime Sony`s license servers go down or if my internet goes down. At least increase the time to 12-24 hours.

    Sony said they WERE AGAINSTMS “24 HOURS ONLINE CHECKING” policy but I don’t see how 30-60 minutes policy for digital games is better than that 24hours policy. I would have less problem being online once in 24 hours than the need to be online every hour so I can access my digital games.

    Please Sony we love you and we love the PS4, love us back !

  • Where is this week’s drop?

  • So my only question is, why do I have to log into the PSN to watch Netflix, Youtube, or Amazon. I had to dig out my old Wii. I think that’s a flaw in and of itself if for the PS3/PS4/Vita, you need to log into the PSN to do anything. Thanks goodness for a Wii, lol!

  • So where’s our free game/s? Any time Sony is hacked or has an outage that makes us entitled free stuff right?

    (Sarcasm. I couldn’t resist.)

  • We wont be getting charged for yesterday’s outage, will we?

  • hey PSN-Team,

    when I remember back to the 2011 DDoS attack – you secured your network with Prolexic – a DDoS service provider – wasn’t they able to protect the PSN on Sunday?

    What are your next steps to make sure that the PSN will not affected again by those events to make sure the service is up’n’running?

    Backup circuits by another Provider incl. DDoS protection (if not already considered)?

  • YES!!!This really saved my day right now! Thanks for not updating today! and get well PSN

  • I can’t logged in for more than 10 minutes then I’m signed out.

  • @miuki – wouldn’t have mattered. The guys responsible for this are taking down services around the world. It’s not just the PSN.

  • Should probably extend the flash sale or offer a free game for the inconvenience. PSN goes down way too often.

  • its your fault sony tell the playstation nation why it is your fault!!
    ohh ya i thought ps4 users would be fine but guess not you failed sony by making ps4 users pay for playstation plus to play online unbelievable You also support sopa cispa nxkeystroke and many others You should pay to fix your server

  • Good thanks for the update..hopefully we won’t experienced this problem again…..I’ve been loyal to sony since the ps1 launch and I am really disappointed about the capability of my ps4 compare to xbox one…xbox one guys have skype that allows to video chat with anyone and what we got for having a ps4 camera, playroom, livestreaming, limited voice command..ya right?

  • Free games or get the Hell out….. **Sarcasm**

  • Or I guess to everyone… it’s 100% impossible to protect servers COMPLETELY from DDOS. You can minimize impact, but fighting against hackers/DDOS is a CONSTANT arms race. You get better protection, those responsible for the incidents come up with a better method to attack you… which you then have to protect against.

    The people responsible for this, after one of their recent attacks on Riot, made a tweet to that effect saying Riot had upgraded their servers significantly, but they’d still managed to take them down.

  • This is the whole conversation I had with Playstation Support over Chat. As you will read I was LIED to repeatedly, they refused to reimburse me and to make matters worse EVEN REFUSED TO GIVE ME A REASON WHY THEY WOULDN’T REIMBURSE ME… The claimed this outage of due to maintains but have since came forward and confessed it was due to a breach of their servers which is their responsibility to maintain and protect… and as a result they welched in providing services ALREADY PAID FOR and now have demonstrated that it is company policy to lie in-order to defraud paying customers…

  • @113 You pretty much just mocked what I said in my other post. I really wish people would come up with their own comments.

  • Carlos Q.: Hi, my name is Carlos Q.. How may I help you?
    Herbert : The PSN has been down all night… what is going on
    Carlos Q.: I see, Herbert. I’d be happy to look into this for you today.
    Carlos Q.: Please wait while I research this for you.
    Herbert : Okay… because right that this very moment I am PAYING for a service I am NOT RECEIVING..!!!
    Carlos Q.: I am Sorry for this inconvenience , at this moment the PlayStation Network and our system to access your account is temporarily under maintenance of the Playstation Network. Reason why there are connectivity problems at this time. We appreciate your patience and understanding on this matter, we don’t have an exact time frame since it seems this is an unexpected down time. Please try accessing the PlayStation Network in an hour or two, perhaps.
    Herbert : Really… Well I am going to need a refund of my money for the time frame I am not receiving service for.
    Carlos Q.: I am really sorry Herbert, since this is a maintenance I can’t offer a request for a refund,however let me check what can i do for you in this situation.
    Carlos Q.: Are you still there, Herbert?
    Herbert : I’m still here

  • Carlos Q.: Ok in this case I was researching and I can’t process the refund.how ever let’s try to access in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : You say this is maintenance… but isn’t maintenance scheduled and announced with a time frame
    Herbert : This is neither
    Carlos Q.: I apologize for this inconvenience Herbert.
    Herbert : Not to mention… I am paying for NOTHING right now and no disrespect to you Sir. But WHY am I paying for NOTHING
    Herbert : Where does it say that you all can charge for no services rendered
    Herbert : Are you still there????
    Carlos Q.: I understand your frustration Herbert,however this is the update for the PSN.
    Herbert : Okay… and how does that justify an unscheduled, unannounced outage with NO TIME FRAME
    Herbert : And then take my money and tell me to DEAL WITH IT..!!!
    Carlos Q.: It’s seems this is only temporarily you could access in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : Sir I work very hard for my money and respect it very much… I am not feeling the appreciation for my business with you all

  • Carlos Q.: I apologize for this inconvenience Herbert, I understand your frustration, however you could try in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : I believe you misunderstand… in a couple of hour the injury to insult will have only have grown, as I continue to receive the loss of services Paid For already…. yet I am asking to be reimbursed as you all are unable to provide the service claimed
    Carlos Q.: I am really sorry Herbert, I can’t offer a refund for this situation, however you should not have issue to access the PSN in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : Why will you all not reimburse me for you’ll inability to provide me with the service I have already paid for?
    Carlos Q.: I apologize for this inconvenience Herbert. we are updating the PSN, you wont have issue in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : Sir I asked a respectable question… May I please have an answer!

  • Carlos Q.: I really apologize Herbert I can’t process a request for a refund for this because we are updating the PSN, you should not have issue when you try to access in a couple of hours.
    Herbert : Sir once again, I am PAYING FOR SERVICES I AM NOT RECEIVING, why will you all not reimburse me for you’ll inability to provide me with the service I have already paid for?
    Herbert : I am only asking for what I have paid for
    Herbert : It is not UNFAIR to request a wrong to be made right!
    Carlos Q.: I understand Herbert, however this is for update for the PSN, I apologize for the inconvenience, I can’t process the refund since the servers are updating for the update of the PSN.
    Herbert : Sir what kind of business takes people money, gives them nothing in return and then won’t even tell them Why will you all not reimburse me for you’ll inability to provide me with the service I have already paid for?

  • Carlos Q.: During the outage, Users will have limited access to PSN functionality. All customers will be prevented from using the PlayStation Store (including in-game commerce), Account Registration, and Customer Account Management features during the maintenance. I appreciate your patience and understanding. For future reference, if there are any issues with the PlayStation®Network (i.e. Network maintenance, Server down, etc.), you will see information about it on our Support page. To access that page, please click the link below:

    Herbert : In order to continue to deliver you the best online games experience, we will be performing maintenance to upgrade the software for the PlayStation Store on: Monday, August 25, 2014
    Herbert : Sir what is today’s DATE!

  • Carlos Q.: I understand Herbert the server are getting ready for the update of the PSN, in some servers start today the maintenance.
    Herbert : Sir respectably… You don’t work for free, and neither do I… I am grateful for this… but right now I am being stolen from with all due respect… I am only asking for my money back… wrong is wrong… right is right… this is simple
    Carlos Q.: I am really sorry Herbert I can’t offer a refund for this situation.
    Herbert : Why Not… I am not receiving services Paid For!
    Herbert : This is a FACT!

  • Carlos Q.: In this case is for the updating the PSN, and you should not have issues in a couple of hours.
    Carlos Q.: Are you still there?
    Herbert : Sir with all due respect… you stated in the beginning of this conversation that this outage does not have a time frame… HOW can you honestly state now a time frame of a couple of hours… not to mention the very real FACT/POINT I am not receiving the services I have already paid for right now, am not being give an answer as to why you all refuse to give me a reimbursement and am just suppose to sit quietly and take this very wrong and disrespectful treatment of me and my money… Sir it is one thing to disrespect me, but to disrespect my money is uncalled for
    Carlos Q.: Unfortunately, it appears I am not able to assist you with your request today. I will be disconnecting this chat session. Thanks for contacting PlayStation.
    Carlos Q. has disconnected.

  • MindPowerOverU lol what a lame attempt. You are not even a PS+ user and yet you troll. Your meaningless comments should all be deleted because you are flooding the context of the meaningfull comments


  • Weren’t PS Plus subscriptions supposed to help stop this?

  • @ MindPowerOverU,

    Congratulations. Biggest Jerk ever. I’m sure the $.0058452186111761/hour you pay for PS+ was worth the effort you put in.

    You were extremely disrespectful that the CSR. Yes, there has been conversation of being reimbursed for downtime. So for a 4 hour outage, it was certainly worth your $.02 worth

  • Thank you for the post. It contained details of what happened and how you handled it. IT also included information on the security. Far more than I expected, but everything I hoped.

    Thank you also for the update on the maintenance.

  • As I said above the spammer Honkay… ‘help stop’ is not the same as ‘completely prevent’…

    These DDOS attacks are hitting numerous services. Valve has had downtime on their DotA2 servers, Battle.net has gone down several times, League of Legends goes down prettymuch every night for the past week or two as a result of this, the PSN has been hit, I thought I saw a brief Nintendo outage…

    You can never 100% prevent this stuff, it’s an arms race. Yes, they’re improving their servers, but they’ll never be DDOS-proof.

  • @MindPowerOverU
    I feel bad for this support person that had to take this chat session. $#!+ happens! Even the message screen that came up when I tried to login to the forums said it was a scheduled maintenance but I’m not losing my $#!+ over it. And at $50 a year, how much do you think you’re entitled to for a few hours anyways? You really blew this out of proportion with Carlos IMO. God help you if something actually disastrous DOES happen in your life. From what I’ve read, you wouldn’t have the constitution to handle it so just take this as a lesson to accept the things you cannot change and don’t get so worked up man! It’s not good for your ticker.

  • Psn got hacked??

  • Everyone is worried about playing a game online. IN 2011 we got hacked and nobody could get on. Why is PSN such a target and MAC or XBOX isn’t. Yea thank god my information was not stolen. How the heck can they let people hack their system?

    Playstaion = Easy Target!

  • Massive companies…. Love BootLickers… but Thank you all for read…. You all fall for anything and will never understand what it takes to stand… and yes they should give back the .00123456789 cents to everyone that paid for service… Free = whatever you get be grateful… but when you charge you are liable and accountable!

  • I still can’t access the Playstation Store and would like to get Lost Planet 3 for $10.00. So most of PSN is running okay, but that and trophy sync on PS4 were not working for me at all yesterday even at 10:00PM. Anyway we can get an extension on the Flash Sale at least?

  • *Le Sigh* Where’s the mods when you really need them?

  • DDOS everywhere…. CS, BF, PSN, etc.

  • @DrDigitalFear

    Do your research… XBox got DDOSed as well, albeit to slightly less impact – they had a partial outage a few days back. Apple isn’t considered a gaming service, so they weren’t targeted.

    A group of wannabe hackers called ‘LizardSquad’ are targeting gaming services and DDOSing them to take down parts of their network. Sony, Microsoft, Riot, Valve, Blizzard and I believe even EA and Nintendo have been targeted.

    I repeat… this is NOT exclusive to Sony and it’s not Sony’s fault.

  • Nothing gets hacked more often then Windows. That is why most experts prefer Fedora/Linux since Windows has no serious protection. Also the group that did this caused problems for multiple companies and made a bomb threat to Sony on top of that. This type of attack would have worked on any company that got hit with it, but they targeted only certain ones. Blizzard, Sony and League of Legends. While I did request an extension on the Flash Sale, I do not blame Sony for what occurred. They in general just take a more drastic approach to these situations while many other companies are not as likely to even tell you such an event occurred and finding out requires other means. Many of you may not know about the problems UPS is having right now or how it effected other companies do to a loss of a high number of shipments and what that means for the companies attached to them. This was done by someone causing an annoyance and is a massive problem since hackers will always be one step ahead.

  • That bomb threat was the final straw I hope, I think the government is actually going to take this seriously now. Hopefully they find these guys… because this is getting absurd. I’ve essentially quit playing LoL ranked because you can never be sure when it’s going to have issues thanks to these guys.

  • Not Hardware specialist but i’m good with building hardware together to make powerful system shouldn’t you guys have something to stop that DDoS time. You need to Shield Your Network with all that money you’ll making from PSN Plus Membership and PS4 then wasting on that project morpheus. Just saying, it would be nice to have more network security and when users sign into their PSN Cell Phone code is needed to make sure its them every time or once to confirm its them.

  • To all these posts that say “I *PAID* for it, so it ought to be reliable! You owe me, Sony!”

    If you buy a bus ticket and the bus gets stuck in traffic because of an accident, they’re not going to give you anything special for getting to your destination late. With a plane ticket there’s a little more protection, but only for excessive delays – those making demands a couple hours in would have been politely ignored or offered a chance to buy a ticket on another airline.

    Should Sony do better? Ideally, they’d be perfect, but…. Can anyone fully and competely protect from a DDoS attack? Not really, at least not with a server you want publicly accessible. Who outside of Sony knows it was a single attack? Maybe they stopped an attack against one type of server only to be hit by an attack against a different type of server. Is that rampant speculation? Of course – just as everyone posting about how PSN is the same for PS3 and PS4 is speculation, or that it’s unreasonable for Sony to be down for more than an hour. For all we know, Sony’s problems were upstream at their ISP(s).

  • Glad to see PSN is back online

  • How come I am not seeing a Plus symbol next to my name when I post now I am a member until Sept 2018???

  • I’d like to be in the news, that we can place comments to things that publishing friends as it is done in the psvita, and have Skype


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