Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

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Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.

In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.


Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.

Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.

We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • Glad it’s fixed! But might I make a suggestion? I’m sure it’s not exactly what everyone wants, but.. how about charging us to either play online.. or up the price of PS+. Then with the money you’ll be getting from that, invest it right back into the PSN. Get some extra techies and offer up user name changes, add more protection and create a network no one, or group or program…anything can really interfere with. I don’t exactly want to pay more, but if it means you’ll be using that to strengthen the PSN and offer up more services like the user name change and other things, I’ll pay with no complaints!

  • Thank god playstation network is back online and nothing happened to anybodies acc. Hopefully this problem has been and gone now.

  • Great sucess

  • So for those of us who missed what time we had to play sunday and had to start the work week before it came bk online get screwed because you’ll most likely be doin the maintenance on the off days… nice…..

  • PSN wins

  • @JaY31612 – Try reading the blog post next time. It says the maintenance has been postponed…

  • Can you please remake the PS Store from the scrap? the current one is terribly slow and it’s been 2 years that we all suffering from it.

    the programmer who made it should be fired if he’s not already.

  • I lost my “gaming” sunday, because most of my ps4 games are digital. I was kicked out of the middle of playing TLOU Remastered when this “attack” happened and my console said could not connect to licenses server… after that I was not able to start any game for the whole day.

    I lost more than 16 hours waiting and checking for you to fix your network. It sucks that there are people who would DDoS but come on, most of the DDoS can be filtered within 1 hour and even in severe cases 3-4 hours. You should have both hardware & software filters I know it is not your fault for getting DDoS`ed but it is your fault for taking 16-24 hours to fix it AND YOUR ONLINE CHAT SUPPORT LIED IT WAS A MAINTAINCE. You should not lie to your customers, there is no shame on getting DDoS there is shame for having a 16-24 hours slow fix.

    I don’t like to complain but you should do better. I love my PS4 and I had my day ready to play and you Sony let some kids ruin my & million peoples sunday.
    You should offer us gifts – games or a neat flash sale, especialy for the people with digital library who was not able to play or run any game at all for the whole day.

  • What about our bf4 double xp weekend most of us werent even able to play it so i think the weekend should be next weekend

  • Also I really hope you will make sure to put those DDoS kids in JAIL where they belong. They should get a day prison sentence for every ruined users experience = 50 mil users = 50 mil prison days :) Seriously tho, they should get at least 10 years in prison.

  • GO SONY!!! Find and Kick dem Hackerz ASS!!!

  • Add me up for awesome @ akaJoeTea
    There’s a few good comments here, seemingly by adults.
    You’re right, this was not an attempt, this was a successful execution of a ddos. Sony’s PR, like most PR, is horrible.
    Sony could implement some sort of server protection; they could also invest in doubling or tripling the amount of servers/network available.
    I agree with some that paying for PS+ should make these unscheduled outages favour the consumer; a billion dollar corporation could satisfy millions with a tiny bit of compensation.

  • When will it be possible to play online? Bf4, CoD and Fifa etc.
    How long should it take before the servers are up and running again.
    Hours, days?

  • Yeah right… Sony should offer Free games and gifts for the inconvenience caused by some basement dwelling sexually deprived and socially awkward losers with way too much free time on their hands.

    NO! No free games or compensation for being attacked by these losers with an Ddos attack.
    Some of you whinny/entitled gamers got to realize that by giving free games every time they decide to attack, will not be a deterrence, It will in fact encourage more attacks fron these basement dwelling freeloaders on any network.

    Sheeesh, i shake my head in disappointment of where’s my compensation mentality.

    My .02

  • Sony, I will forgive you if #Suikoden2onPSStore happens.

  • i am paying for online services, i dont care what extras i get for it or how much im paying. but i am paying. these mishaps are unacceptable. and i dont really like the idea of the ps4 being thrown into a last gen network or servers or any of that sort. we were promised better service for paying extra. and im not seeing it.

  • Thanks Sony for your hard work! ^_^

  • Shame that people feel as though they have to DDoS stuff. Bit pathetic of them really.

  • Can we get Metal Gear Rising for PS PLUS as a free game of the month next week Tuesday? =)

  • @IcedDice777 I don’t find it normal for some basement kid with no life to be able to DDoS a huge network like PSN for 16 hours. Sony should do better. You can’t completely protect from DDoS but they should be able to resolve it for 2-3 hours tops and not try to hide and lie about it at first. I asked the Online chat 2 times if its a maintaince or DDoS and they have denied the DDoS.

    I am a HUGE SONY FAN as I said and I have never complained for anything against Sony, but 16 hours offline is too much.

  • It wasn’t just the online multiplayer. MY PS4 ( and almost every other PS4) actually KICKED US OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF PLAYING A GAME (TLOU Remastered in my case) & started saying can not connect to licenses server…..

    Thats not right, i have over 15 digital games for my PS4 and i couldn’t play even single of them. I knew about the maintaince on 25th, so i logged on PSN on 23rd, restored licenses just to be sure i will be able to play my digital games during the maintaince…

    Weird thing is if i had my ethernet cable off before the attack my gaming would have been uninterupted…. that is all Sony`s fault. My PS4 should not kick me out of my OWN game that I pre-ordered 2 months before release to support Sony & Naughty Dog, just because some kid is flooding….

    Seriously if Sony doesn’t excuse properly with gifts, I will move back to “disk library” rather than “digital library”.

  • Stop Crying you baby`s the world is going to Hell and you baby`s are Crying over PSN server. LoL

  • Glad you guy are back up.
    I really hope the FBI catches everyone involved.

  • I don’t understand what these hackers are trying to prove.

  • XBL > PSN

    i can’t remember a day where i couldn’t play online on xbox live. shame were paying for ps+ only for the servers to be wasted on overpriced ps now and other pointless services. psn could do with a backup server rather than always shutting things down for maintenance or getting hacked.

  • Let us know when you update PlayStation 4 to mp3 compatibility on PlayStation 4

  • I find it funny ,the number of people who get so upset over not being able to play for a DAY.
    Happy everything up n running now
    Thanks Sony / plantation

  • @69 IXxHIJACKERxXI Well you know, gaming is there escape from reality issues but since you’re paying 50 a year for a service or however much it tends to get to you when it’s down for an extended period of time. Still there isn’t a fool proof method of stopping DDoS and i’m sure MS has had similar issues too it’s just not publicized for various reasons.

  • @DanteAMT if you activated your PS4 as your primary device, you would’ve been able to play your games offline. Not Sony’s fault. They owe you nothing there.

  • Why cry about 1 day of no online gaming? Netflix worked pretty well today on my 4, got through the first season of dexter actually, I even took care of things to lesson my work load for the rest of the week. So now I actually have the same amount of time to play my games online. And for the people saying “I’m paying X amount of money and I’m not seeing my lost time being refunded” act like they use this service 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, 13 months a year.

  • They should have just done the maintenance too and then finally put the PSN back online, now they’ll again randomly pick a day and then again it’ll be down.

  • Also for the random xbox fanboy up there
    XBL goes down all the time, but the difference between Sony and Microsoft is that MS has dedicated technicians who deal with software/hardware/server issues because they are a computer company where as Sony is a multimedia company . XBL has been hacked before account info stolen and personal info stolen but nobody can remember that because all of the xbox fanboys probably had a PS 1 at that point because xboxs online service sucked at the beginning. And also free games as compensation is whack. It’s funny that XBL has actually gone down for every major game release and the only one PSN went down for recently was GTAV.

  • Thank you Sony, Bring on the DS2 DLC.

  • i expect some free games as compensation!!!

  • fivexi activing your PS4 as your primary device has nothing to do with this, neither I can find anywhere on Sony`s support that one needs to activate as primary so i will not be kicked in the middle of my game, right after some kids decide to fool around with a service i pay $50 a year and I have prepaid till 2016, just to support Sony.

    Activating as primary console is when you want the other account on your PS4 to access your services & games. Just turned off my ethernet cable and I am sure I will be able to play fine for days offline, which prooves that there is no logic on why I should be kicked off in the middle in my game cos someone is flooding the servers.

    The least Sony can do is put those kids in jail & sue them & compensate us, at least with a spend 50 $ get 10$ promotion. The $50 I pay for ONLINE PS4 Multiplayer were supposed to be for better servers & 16hours downtime because of some low life kid is unexcusable also trying to hide it at first by calling it “maintanance”. Other gaming services got flooded too but they got back up in 1-3 hours…

  • Just glad we are back

  • We pay enough money for this service. It’s about time you invested your profits into making your network more secure.

  • Free games is too much, but a good sale or promotion for spending $ on digital games would be nice. I could see myself pre-ordering Bloodborne & Uncharted if we get 20% Pre-order discount. Otherwise without a proper EXCUSE from Sony, i can see myself moving from digital back to physical disks. People buying physical disks and selling them afterwards and they were able to play their games and what, me buying Digital Day 1`s and pre-orders and not able to play my games cos of some kid being bored ?
    p.s. We also want to see the trolls and the person/people behind the flood in JAIL & punished ! If you are not going to compensate us Sony, at least bring justice to them !

  • Guys, please make the PS4 OS more resilient to network problems. Currently, the whole console becomes a mess of instability and hangs if it there is some sort of network issue and the best solution is physically pulling the network connection.

  • SeeNoWeevil exactly, i see no logic why i can play fine for days with my ethernet cable off, but the moment there is a PSN issue & i get booted off the game and can’t access anything till PSN goes online. My PS Vita has no problems playing my games when PSN has Issues, why can’t my PS4 do the same ?

  • Damned Aiden Pearce

  • Just sucks!!! I couldn’t play blacklight retribution for 10 hrs

  • I couldn’t get Last of Us on PS4 to load past the splash screen (it was probably looking for a connection because it has an online component and wasn’t programmed to time out and proceed to the main menu if no connection found). I guess PS4 really ended up being online all the time, even for single player games, just like One!

    I’m surprised how many people are claiming a DDoS attack isn’t a hack. While DDoS can be done just to make a nuisance of themselves, its primary purpose is to create vulnerabilities to implant a virus.

    Considering Sony claimed there was no hack in 2011 until 5 days after they were hacked, I’m not going to take their word that no date was stolen at this early stage. They’re either not sophisticated enough to know when data has been compromised or too dishonest to admit it until their hand is forced (in 2011 by the hackers themselves who bragged about it).

  • Weird, 1 hour ago i pulled out my ethernet to see if i will be able to keep playing the games on my PS4, and now it told me i have to go online within 5 minutes or TLOU Remastered will be suspended.. I thought Sony was “against always online” ??????????

  • tbh i think we deserve a game for this as much as i love playstation better than xbone they can mess up pretty hard i thought the system was very secure becuz of 2011 i thought wrong you would think theyd learn cmon psn u guys can step it up we deserve a free game make it a good game too not some 30 second low rated indie (i like indies depending on what it is)


  • The people responisble for these attacks should be jailed, tried, convicted, and put in prison.

  • +DEAD___POOL
    the hackers are trying to tell sony to stop their “greed” whatever that means becuz apparently sony has all this money lying around waiting to be spent

  • LizardSquad is a bunch of nubs but that doesn’t excuse Sony for having PSN down all day (and missing BF4 double XP). Xbox Live was down and back up in no time as was Blizzard’s servers. Now that most of us are PAYING for PS+ we expect and deserve much better service than what we got yesterday. Makes me think someone at Sony panicked from last year’s fiasco and pulled the plug rather than properly investigating and resolving the issue.

  • Thanks Sony for a swift maintenance! Back to The Last of Us MP!

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