Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

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Update: PlayStation Network is Back Online

UPDATE: The PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network are back online and people can now enjoy the services on their PlayStation devices. The networks were taken offline due to a distributed denial of service attack. We have seen no evidence of any intrusion to the network and no evidence of any unauthorized access to users’ personal information.

In light of today’s issue, the networks will not undergo the regularly scheduled maintenance, which was planned for Monday, August 25. We will provide an update shortly for when the maintenance will be rescheduled.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by this issue. Thanks for your patience and support.


Like other major networks around the world, the PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network have been impacted by an attempt to overwhelm our network with artificially high traffic.

Although this has impacted your ability to access our network and enjoy our services, no personal information has been accessed.

We will continue to work towards fixing this issue and hope to have our services up and running as soon as possible.

We regret any inconvenience this may have caused.

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  • For those of you stating that you want a refund for the outage, I would just like to point out that you don’t seem to realize how silly and greedy that makes you sound. A bit of math; $50/year subscription is roughly 13.7 cents a day, where an $18/3month subscription is just shy of 20 cents per day. Now, you consider that Sony announced 10 million sold. Of that, let’s say that 70% have a year of PS+… that means that Sony took approx. $958,904 out of their customers’ collective pockets. HOWEVER, they’ve provided you with fourteen (14) free games via PS+ that do not require online services to play. If I am being to subtle, what I am getting at is… quit whining.

  • I’m very disappointed by PSN. This is second time this hacking incident has happened, I think maybe a lawsuit should be brought up towards Sony and PSN for not being on their toes for this. They apologized the first time and I forgave them, and trusted that they would not let this happen again, but what happens, they get hacked again. When I was with xbox it has never happened. I am very DISAPPOINTED WITH PSN, SONY.

  • For everyone who is complaining about the day’s outage: I’m right there with you about being angry about being unable to game yesterday. But, rather than jumping blame at Sony for something where they were the victim – and don’t forget that LizardSquad also called in a bomb threat on SOE President John Smedley’s American Airlines flight, forcing it to redirect and be searched – you’ve really got to point blame where blame is due, the DDoSers.

    They hit PSN, XBL,, LoL, Path of Exile, among others. This isn’t about Sony being weak. This is about being bombarded with a distributed denial of service attack, which, as others have mentioned before, is an artificial flooding of service meant to overload and crash servers.

    Are we entitled to anything from this? Nope. Would it be nice to be credited with an extra day tacked onto the end of our PSN+ memberships as acknowledgement? Yeah, and that’s around the extent we’re due, if anything. Heck, I was going to play some FFXIV after work, a game I have a paid subscription for as is, and I’m not even clamoring for a day to get tacked onto that as well.

  • Glad all is back to normal. Hopefully this is a learning experience for you guys and you can prevent this from happening, or at least cut back its effects in the future. Us “Pony’s” love our PSN! :)

    Keep up the great work Playstation team!

  • I hope that they looked for injection attack while the DDoS was in full swing. I remember back before the 30 day down time in 2011 that a firmware update was thwarted by an SQL injection attack on Sony Servers. I slowed downloads to a point where the firmware got corrupted and crashed consoles at restart…

  • I think that after of yesterday, they should leave the system account on PS4 just like PS3, avoid the Primary and Secondary console, i couldn’t play in all day. But good to be back online.

  • Sony, you need to reinvest the money of PS+ in more number of servers; AKA back-up servers in order to prevent getting the PSN service under maintenance.

    Whenever there’s a maintenance that needs to be made, you open these alternate servers for the meanwhile. People pay for the service and expect it to be open 24/7.

    Also, you really need to speed up the loading of friends list, especially those over 500. It takes forever to load.
    Try new techniques to make it faster or create specific friend lists to load up a few friends instead.

    People on the internet “Youtube” are demanding it. The sooner the better.

  • This is why we can’t have nice things…

  • @ CommandingTiger

    Yes the PS + subscriptions can pay off for backup servers rather than help pay for maintaining and upgrading their current servers. Let alone purchase enough to handle the traffic in which it is not in their peak causing whoever is online possible crappier PSN service than they already get. Don’t forget leasing or purchasing a place to house said backup servers and maintain and upgrade those as well.

  • Many of us spent alot of money on your system, there is no excuse, we should have lag free gaming, no disrupt of service. We are now charged $50 a year fee for members to play mulitplayer games through the PlayStation Network, whereas doing so was free before. And with Sony having sold more than 10 million PlayStation 4 videogame consoles so far, that’s a lot of consoles . Wheres the dedicated servers that was promise to us all.

  • Anybody still facing issues? I am still not able to log in

  • Ugh this is so stupid! How many times can you get hacked or whatever it was……seriously.

  • To the idiots still crying about refunds and hacks, Google DDoS now, stop looking stupid and untitled….

  • But why the hell i couldn’t play the Last of Us on my PS4? I waited for Sunday, put the CD for the first time. While loading, wanted to check PSN, i couldn’t. Ok, no problem. The game updated, i checked the menus, but i wanted to check PS4 for whether i can see anything related to the game before begining. Nope, PSN not connected. Whatever! Inreturned bactk to the game and…bingo! Frozen! Only the heroes pictures on the screen and nothing more! PS4 restart or so…no use! But why i was working a moment ago but stoped a moment later? My Sunday ruined! :((

  • Yeah no its not. Still can’t do anything, and I even rebooted my modem to make sure

  • This is not true my account has been compromised the 24th of August 2014. I spoke to sony support and are now looking into it for a potential refund and security issues. LIESSSS.

  • Les agradecemos por la restauracion del servicio, es lamentable lo que nos sucedio. Creo que no sere el unico que pida esto pero es prioritario darnos mas seguridad y proteccion a nosotros y nbuestras cuentas, no solo por el hecho de que no podremos jugar sino tambien estan en sus manos nuestros datos personales nuestra informacion de tarjetas y cuentas P:aypal. No me gustaria retirarme de PS solo por el temor de no estar seguro.
    Sigan adelante personalmente yo AMO todos mis sistemas de PS y han sido son y seran mi vida.

  • Glad we are back online, but gave me a good day to do the entire Battlefield 4 campaign; BOOYAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am glad to see the service back up and running the psn network is a lot better compared to how it was on the PS3.

  • how stupid. Went to download a game under the flash sale and it let me fund my wallet but I couldn’t download the game. Went on the website to download it and the page doesn’t exist.

    Why would they take the sale down when their stupid servers were shut down all day yesterday, regardless of the reason?

  • While it’s unfortunate that PSN still lags behind XBLA and it’s lack of resiliency here proves it don’t give us free crap this time like last time.

    Just f-ing release DLNA and media playback, ability to see friends sign-on, and all the features people have been ASKING REPEATEDLY FOR.

  • phinnv8, don’t be simple.

    ps3 still offers all those features you want, it’s going to take time in updates, like the ps3, for the ps4 to get where we all want it.

    and xbox servers are down right now due to the same attack, so sthu about psn lagging behind…it has never lagged behind and has always offered more for less.

  • What will happen with the Flash Sale? I really wanted some of those games… I wasn’t able to purchase them due to the maintenance. Could you enable it again at least one day? T.T

  • I must add that whoever engineered and implemented your network did not know what they were doing. To this day you appear to have the same problems as always. It is a dinosaur network and it’s showing it’s age. What is even sadder is the fact that you just piggybacked the PS4 on top of it instead of created a new infrastructure to build on.

    The inability to upgrade accounts to master, the slow speeds, the vulnerabilities, and the lack of staff knowledge really concern me. You do realize for PS4 this is now a PAID service? Put some money into your future Sony and build something right for a change.

    Do some research, hire some professionals, and quit playing the victim card. If you always park your car unlocked in the same area and the crime keeps occurring then that means you don’t learn. Here is a start free of charge:

  • Wonder is there any extension for the time constraint purchase, like Movie rental? I didn’t a rental movie in first 24 hrs, then when I went back the next day, Sony had the outage. Now, it said is expired. :< Please advice is anything I can do.

  • Estupidos hackers retrasados

  • We pay PS+ and this is what we get , sony cannot pay for DDOS protection unbelievable ..
    Still better than 2011 24 days offline and accounts hacked ..
    shame on SONY

  • People seriously need to chill and read up on what an actual DDoS attack is and look into how easy it is for someone to do this. This isn’t a hacker trick as they didn’t “hack” the network, all they did was send a ton of packets of info to it and made it crash. This can happen to anything, regardless of security, as it’s not someone actually breaking into the infrastructure and stole information. All they did is overwhelm the servers. Sony wasn’t the only one attacked on Sunday, if you look it up you’ll see the whole story. Also, you’ll find that several people or groups are trying to take credit for this, one being Lizard Squad (Twitter) and one being Famed God (also Twitter, and claims he’s with Anonymous). You’ll also find that the president of SoE’s plane was rerouted, grounded and searched due to the jackasses that did this claiming that the plane had a bomb on it from the terrorist organization ISIS. So, before you go on and complain, do a little research, you may be stunned at what you find…

    And Sony, thanks for the great gaming and hope all is well…

    P.S. XBLA was attacked earlier in the evening as well for all you XBone fanboys that wanna say MS is so much better…

  • There is no protection from a DDoS attack take a look into it…

    Also, read a little of what happened yesterday, not only were several online gaming communities disrupted (MS as well), but the president of SoE’s plane was falsely pointed as to have had a bomb aboard planted from the terrorist organization ISIS and was rerouted, grounded and searched.

    Two people that credit this is Lizard Squad and Famed God (claims he’s part of Anonymous, but doubt it), both can be found on Twitter, commenting on the events.

  • Do research before you whine, might help ya in the future…

  • The nerve of some of you entitled idiots blaming Sony for ISIS terrorist / ISLAMic extremest. Those are the culprits. Blame Jihad, blame their religious bafoons who want to kill everything that is not muslim.

    Those people sent a bomb threat to the plane SOE’s pres. John Smedly was boarding. It had to turn around and land in Phoenix to make sure there was no bomb. The twerp that did this will ROT IN JAIL!!!

    I am so sick of hackers and script kiddies this week..

    Our servers at work were hacked 3 times…. 160 some sites defaced with photos, videos and messages about the twin towers and burning Americans…it was sickening and I have nothing for Disdain for any hacker, or Terrorist….. ( they are starting to be one and the same).

  • PS4, PS3 & PSVita were all affected because it made PS3 also lagggg badddd couldnt sign in alot

  • PS4 still off.

  • I had an extra effect from this. I was playing inFamous Second Son (disk, not downloaded) and I wanted to check the remaining trophies. Then the system hanged and the DualShock became non-reponsive. Or sort of. I could use the PS button and the up and down arrows. I had to reset the controller, but that is ok.

    The real problem is that I couldn’t check my Trophies AT ALL while service was down. I tried disconnecting the internet, but it says I must be connected to see my Trophies. This makes absolutely no sense.

  • Really Still down whats the point in buying PS Plus?

  • This is bull **** iv’e waited a year for Madden 15 and now there not letting me download it WTF sony can you please get your heads out of your asses please and thank you…..

  • Im still having trouble connecting too and staying connected to psn i thought the problem was solved already. What’s the deal? This is extremely annoying.

  • Why do these kids think that it will affect Playstation only. Theyust understand that it also affects the millions of users. It is ridiculous that they have nothing better to do than upset people that just want to enjoy there gaming experience.

    Thank you Playstation for getting it back up and running.

  • Sony you need to upgrade your security measures its going to keep happening wake up.

  • still cant get online with my PS3 . anyone else having issues

  • Hey does anyone know why I can’t access my billing info it takes forever to load and then it says it can’t connect in time.i have a good connection but it still doesn’t work any suggestions?

  • I can’t login… it worked yesterday but refuses to work today… Sony what’s wrong…

  • i cant connect my ps4 on psn anymore since the attacks and sony dont give a answear! why i cant connect to psn?????


    W H Y ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  • We should get something free cause yal really messing me up. I gotta pay my playstation plus. And PSN is still down. Like come on. Give the Playststion Gamers some free games.

  • I hope they get better security measures in place cause im planning a ps4 in september. does it effect your netflix or youtube apps

  • Should I use my credit card right after what happend with the hackers yes or no please respond

  • Is black ops 2 hacked now? im hearing alot of complaints even myself because of the game not allowing anyone to play multiplayer.

  • NO ITS NOT its still down

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