The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

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The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

The Last of Us Remastered launched last week and we’ve enjoyed hearing your reactions and watching your Twitch streams. Your #PhotoMode images have been breathtakingly good. If you haven’t jumped into Factions multiplayer, now is the time. All throughout August we have some great new content rolling out.

Starting today the Grit and Gear Bundle and new Gestures can be purchased when the PlayStation Store updates in your region. These items will be available for The Last of Us on BOTH the PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us: Grit and Gear BundleThe Last of Us Remastered on PS4

Next week we’re continuing to give you ways to prepare your Factions clan for post-pandemic survival by releasing the Professional Sports Bundle. This bundle is available for PS3 and PS4 as well.

You can buy the new Gestures individually or grab a bundle of all three for $2.49. The Grit and Gear Bundle features six items and costs $6.99. Professional Sports Bundle has seven items and runs $7.99. Both head item bundles each feature an exclusive item that can only be obtained by buying the bundle.

We have more Add-On content coming two weeks from now. From that drop we revealed one map and showed off some of the new weapons on our Twitch channel in July. We’ll detail another new map, the weapons, and some new bundles over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to watch our social channels for latest The Last of Us news and Add-On content all month long. See you online!

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  • I don’t understand you Eric. On comment #3 you said this:

    Eric Monacelli’s Avatar
    + Eric Monacelli on August 5th, 2014 at 9:36 am said:
    I don’t believer we are stated “all of the DLC from PS3 version” for the Remastered. The value of the season pass with a price point of $20 was insanely good – over 85% savings!

    And then a few lines down on comment #8 you said this:

    + Eric Monacelli on August 5th, 2014 at 9:37 am said:
    It’s not irrelevant at all. All the DLC/add-ons we released up until the Season Pass ended is available to you for free to use on Remastered.

    And one more time:

    + Eric Monacelli on August 5th, 2014 at 10:24 am said:
    We ended the season pass the week of May 13. However Season Pass content does carry over to PS4 still. Please visit this to see how to make it happen:

    You sound very confusing. I don’t buy add-ons or dlcs myself but i just think you should address this issue in a more comprehensive way with the fans. We are the ones keeping you guys afloat and employed. Remember where you came from.

    • Well aware of that and much appreciated. The season pass ended the week of May 13 so all DLC after that isn’t a part of that Season Pass. The forums give you a step-by-step to retrieve all DLC you had that was part of the Season Pass.

  • Okay, so you say my season pass ended. $130 still didn’t unlock the full experience of TLOU though? I didn’t complain paying $50 again for a Remastered edition. It was worth it. I love the game. But at $130, I should have owned the whole experience.

  • Seriously, to anyone complaining about this: this is optical, cosmetic DLC, and no, there is no reason at all you should be entitled to it for free even if you got the season pass on the PS3. With that season pass, you got exactly what Naughty Dog said you would from the beginning (and more) at a ridiculously huge discount. This is almost as bad as complaining the season pass won’t cover the DLC in Uncharted 4.

    The only thing I hope is for the new maps to be free. Not because I wouldn’t gladly pay for it, because I would, but because I just don’t want to see the player pool divided again.

  • That’s a shame, I wish all of these items would be in the season pass.

    BTW when the new maps come out, are you guys going to be separating the pools again in the PS4 version? That’s the stupidest thing ever and I hope you guys don’t. >:(

  • Good thing i waited. I feel bad for you guys, its unfair, especially when you cant trade the ps3 one in for a ps4 at $10. I know gamestop is doing 50% off but still.

  • I was saying last week when Naughty Dog released 80 pieces of DLC for Last Of Us Remastered that the shadiness is just starting. I didn’t expect to be affirmed only a week later.

  • Wait, new maps are coming in two weeks? What about the whole “we’re consolidating the player base” selling point for the Remastered version? That was just a three-week feature?

    I’m having enough of a hard time trying to get into a match with a buddy. It took 14 minutes of waiting to find a match on a weekend day Central U.S. time for a single match during the first weekend of release. This new map is going to just make it harder. Get the kinks sorted out before bifurcating the player base, you jackanapes.

  • Eric, please stop trying to put a PR spin on this. You know it, I know and everyone else knows it; this is BS.

    I bought your game on launch last year, along with the season pass.
    I bought your REMASTERED game last week that promised to have ALL DLC.

    I have put plenty of money into Naughty Dog’s bank account. Stop nickel and diming your fans and customers. Its flat out wrong. Sony claims they are for the gamer…..aslong as the gamer pays for the same thing 2 or 3x over along with some non-included DLC packs.

    The fact that Naughty Dog and Sony are actually trying to defend and justify this is a joke. They are cosmetic skins, I could really care less, but the fact that you are playing PR games with fans and customers is wrong.

    • We never said “all DLC” to my knowledge. We were very careful about this. Read the back of the box for instance.

  • Forget this! Fix The Last of Us Remastered’s matchmaking for multiplayer&game crashes!

  • The newest map better be the mall or else .

  • I just want to be able to choose my gender, clothes, and race in MP. im glad you guys are working on the matchmaking.. love. this. game :)

  • Tell me this: In February, did you or did you not know that TLOU Remastered was in production and that it would include Left Behind? You gladly took my $20 for my season pass in February, only to turn around and include that content in the Remastered edition. I feel you guys purposely withheld this information to milk more money. I feel cheated. I would not have bought a season pass in February if I had known it would all be included in the July Remastered rerelease. I feel like you guys don’t care and are like “Okay, tough luck.” I paid $130 into TLOU so far.

  • I just wanted to sign in to say don’t let the (very) vocal minority get you down. This is truly the most entitled gamers have ever been, demanding content far exceeding that which they realistically paid for. They wanted to spend $20 to unlock $100 of content, it’s just ridiculous.

    Keep up the good work guys, I can’t wait to see what you do with UC4. :)

  • Screw you otakumike. I paid $130, not $20.

  • I’m seeing a lot of crying about the dlc items. Sure they suck but I don’t recall being forced to buy any of it. You want better content than a hat stop buying it and show devs dlc should be something more than a tshirt or hat.

  • Easy there, I’m referring to those complaining about the season pass. Your outbursts against me do little to make you sound more credible though.

  • Charging extra for cosmetic DLC is fine. But asking players to pay for skills, weapons and soon to come maps is not right. It gives users who pay advantages over ones who dont. All gameplay dlc including maps should be free.

  • I agree with #68. Cosmetics in multiplayer are ok but when you hide weapons behind that paywall you run the risk of breaking the balance of the game. I haven’t run into anyone that has that grenade launcher purchased and I hope I never do. :/

  • I always try to be on your side, ND, but if you look back at previous blog posts, there have been several claims of Remastered including ALL DLC from the original. I even pointed it out in one thread, saying the statement should be amended, but to no avail. I knew people would be upset when they found out it wasn’t true.

  • The launcher is by no means OP, otakumike.

  • YOU called me out otakumike. I complained about them withholding information about the Remastered edition and the included DLC in February, knowing full well it was coming. They still took money on season passes in February (at the time of Left Behind) without telling the customers that it would be included in the PS4 version. (knowing full well it would). I paid $60 for the PS3 version, $20 for the season pass and $50 for the PS4 version. As a customer, I have a right to complain. You can not take that away from me.

    If you’re going to call people out, then you deal with the backlash. Running like a limp wrist from your own words does not make you sound more credible.

  • I’m reading all the comments and this is hilarious….. Now to be honest I’ve still yet to play the game, and I got it last year on PS3. lol I have such a backlog it’s insane….. But that’s what happens when you buy a PS3 for the first time in 2011…… YEARS after release. But this game IS the next one I’m playing, after I’m done with Y’s on Vita.

    With that said, I normally dont’ care for online MP unless it’s a real MMO like Final Fantasy 11 (getting 14 in Dec) … Perfect World.. etc. The only DLC I bought for THIS game was Left Behind. However I have quite a few Season Passes for other games, including God of War Ascension and two Assassin Creed games. One thing I know, is that in all of them, EVERYTHING was free and there was no time limit on the Season Pass. Well I take that back a bit, everything in AC IV Black Flag was free except for the Time saver packs you dont’ really need.

    The stuff I’m seeing here with ND is the biggest load of b.s. I’ve seen yet.

  • I would like to see a prequel to the last of us where we play as Joel killing people and taking their stuff. Him and Tommy could raid people’s camps for supplies and build a stronghold while recruiting hunters. Food for thought

  • I own the grenade launcher it’s alright. Not really OP because the damage radius is pretty low and you have to be dead on accurate to down a guy.

  • Honestly I think all the weapons are extremely well-balanced. The burst rifle and flamethrower might need a tiny bit of tweaking.

  • I like the continued support coming out for tlou so much content and at some point soon I will purchase this.

  • I can’t even play the MP because I can’t ever get into a freaking match! I bought this game for PS3 and played the SP 4 times through and was looking forward to playing the MP. So I spent another $50 on it just to not play the MP.

  • I wound up with a bunk disc from GF last Feb and could only get as far as the docks because it would crap out everytime no matter what I did. So I moved on and shortly there after I heard about Remastered on Ps4 and decided to holdout on the digital purchase and man was it worth it!!! TLoU in general is the digital equivalent of crack infused meth!!!
    Would I have dropped $50 on remastered if I paid full or even half price for the Ps3 version? Oh hell yes!!! Due to the undeniable fact that that means the games greatness will have an even longer life span now thst it’s on Ps4!!! I no doubt will be coming back to this one again and again over the years!!!

  • I should note that my PS3 broke so I waited and bought a PS4. I had the digital copy of TLOU on PS3 so I couldn’t even trade it in. I paid $110 for the same game. I don’t care about the microtransactions because I know I don’t have to buy them, but I want the matchmaking to work.

  • It’s called a Season Pass, not a Forever Pass. Good grief.

  • the season pass only exceeded $30 value if you like masks and stuff for the multiplayer ( i don’t)…So I paid a lot for Left Behind

  • Did any of you actually read what we were getting with the season pass? When you look at the season pass, yes even when the game first came out, it said 3 dlc packs, 2 multiplayer and 1 single player and bonus day 1 upgrades. We got more than 3 dlc packs because of delays. Sure the rest were cosmetic but they were still free.

    However I do think season pass holders should get a discount when purchasing the new map packs or weapon packs or ability packs. Screw the cosmetic stuff. ND next time instead of calling it a season pass call it a limited DLC pass. That way stupid people who cant read dont complain.

  • @82 it also included two multiplayer map packs. The going rate raate for map packs and single player add on is 14.99 so yea it was over 30 dollars

  • So let me get this straight, I bought the game on PS3 then I bought the season pass then I decided “Hey this game has a great multiplayer and story I will buy it again on PS4” now you are telling me less then a week later you wan’t more from me ? My main problem is the planned Guns so you plan to turn this game I bought twice mainly for the multiplayer into pay to win now LOL to think I actually thought you where about giving us gamers a great experience but no Naughty Dog you are no better then EA and right now I am starting to feel Sony are no better then Microsoft trying to rip us off with PS Now, Lieing to us about Games and now ramming Microtransactions down our throats. Shame on you Naughty Dog I am very disappointed you have ruined a Perfect game with greed.

  • Welcome to the future of gaming. Pay $50 for a port and you don’t even get everything.

  • ND makes great campaigns but the multiplayers? That’s where their greed really comes into play.
    As uncharted 3 and last of us have and are showing. Strike 2 ND. Really hope with uc4 you guys take a step back from exploiting your fanbase. Think I’ll only purchase the goty edition, just incase.

  • I got on my PS3 today and I got the new DLC, even though I didn’t bought the DLC. ND are you still giving us DLC for “free” for season pass holders of something? I thought it ended.

  • All of us tolerated when they announced PS Plus being necessary just like we all have tolerated paying for DLC which should have been included in the original disc, but pulled back for profits. There needs to be a boycott of DLC.

    I don’t care how appealing some DLC deal, Pre-order deal, or otherwise seems, NO ONE SHOULD BUY.

  • The PSN Store has updated and The Grit and Gear Bundle is nowhere to be seen. I’ve checked in the in-game store & the regular psn store :( Whats the problem?

  • hey i checked but the samurai helm and mask weren’t in the customization menu am i supposed to be a certain level? or is that for ps4 owners?

  • Thanks for buying our new car that is just a remodel of last years car with a new coat of paint.

    Do you want to make sure your new car is complete with all the goodies that were suppose to be included? Sorry d00d thats gonna be an extra few bucks.

    Oh you purchased a pass for last years model? Oh well, you arnt getting the new content for free or even for a discount. Thank$ and come again!

    Naughty Dog, when will you be selling DLC on the disc for Uncharted 4 so we can all get more bang for our buck.

  • Sooo about that Survival co-op against waves of infected…

  • Does this DLC carry over to both consoles or is it specific to the platform you buy it on?

  • Well, I understand when a dlc is done after a release of a game (like a few weeks /months after) to propose some new levels. Then if I loved the game, I would be happy to pay for it. And thought DLC were an awesome way to play more to the games you love.
    BUT when they propose not free DLC at the launch of the game, like hats, gesture or whatever stupid things it is.. why ?? it should just be included in the original release of the game.
    STOP that makes no sense to me.. Can someone explain me why they do that ? Are the new gen games too expensive to make for studios ? or they are just greedy ?

  • MMM…

    That fresh smell of future DLC off a fresh remaster of a year old game? Smell it?

    Enjoy paying for those cosmetic PVP things like… guns.

  • why did u retired the season pass? :( i recently bought the game on ps3 and a lot of people are still buying the last of us on ps3!!! it’s not fair!!!!! other games are older and still have their season pass and the last of us didn’t even was 1 year old and u retired the season pass. :( WHY!!!??? be fair with your fans please!!! :(

  • Has Naughty Dog PR taken a long leave from this blog? Absolutely hilarious. I imagine at some point Sony themselves banned the Naughty Dog PR rep for looking so absurd.

  • Okay, can someone please clear this up for me? Are all these micro transactions DLC’s free on PS3 if you have the season pass? But not if you have the PS4 version because the season pass was only associated with the PS3 version? I’m asking because all these recent items have been free for me to use on my character, I dont even have to go to the in-game store.

  • I agree with xNothingGoodx. Expect nothing, get nothing.

    Thanks to this wise consumer.

  • I wish there would be a bundle for all additional DLC not contained in The Last of Us Remastered. I would be willing to pay a very reasonable price of $20 for all of this.

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