The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

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The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

The Last of Us Remastered launched last week and we’ve enjoyed hearing your reactions and watching your Twitch streams. Your #PhotoMode images have been breathtakingly good. If you haven’t jumped into Factions multiplayer, now is the time. All throughout August we have some great new content rolling out.

Starting today the Grit and Gear Bundle and new Gestures can be purchased when the PlayStation Store updates in your region. These items will be available for The Last of Us on BOTH the PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us: Grit and Gear BundleThe Last of Us Remastered on PS4

Next week we’re continuing to give you ways to prepare your Factions clan for post-pandemic survival by releasing the Professional Sports Bundle. This bundle is available for PS3 and PS4 as well.

You can buy the new Gestures individually or grab a bundle of all three for $2.49. The Grit and Gear Bundle features six items and costs $6.99. Professional Sports Bundle has seven items and runs $7.99. Both head item bundles each feature an exclusive item that can only be obtained by buying the bundle.

We have more Add-On content coming two weeks from now. From that drop we revealed one map and showed off some of the new weapons on our Twitch channel in July. We’ll detail another new map, the weapons, and some new bundles over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to watch our social channels for latest The Last of Us news and Add-On content all month long. See you online!

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  • We’re supposed to have $30 worth of value plus I am the season pass for the PS3 .what carries over I have no idea ?

  • We still need to pay for cosmetics =( Too bad. Loved than they were free with Season Pass.

  • Really wish there was a Season Pass for this type of content on PS4. Also find it really disappointing that The Last of Us Remastered was marketed to include all the DLC from the PS3 version, but that didn’t include any of the skills or weapons released during the Survivalist Weapon Bundle, Situational Survival Skills Bundle and Professional Survival Skills Bundle… Very misleading…

    • I don’t believer we are stated “all of the DLC from PS3 version” for the Remastered. The value of the season pass with a price point of $20 was insanely good – over 85% savings!

  • So they made the game $49.99 to nickel and dime you to death. This is bull****. And they don’t even give you a discount if you already own the game on PS3.

  • Lol wow. I guess $50 wasn’t enough for a year old game.

  • So they made the game $49.99 to nickel and dime you to death. This isn’t right. And they don’t even give you a discount if you already own the game on PS3.

  • When are you guys going to nerf that Bow? It is way OP. At least make it unusable while getting punched in the face (have to re-nock an arrow or something). :-) Didn’t play any PvP on the PS3 version, but I’m loving it on PS4 (and re-playing the Campaign was beautiful!). Hope you guys will continue to support PvP outside of cosmetics…would love to see larger team sizes on larger maps. Keep up the great work!

  • So my Season Pass I purchased on my PS3 version has became completely irrelevant on my newly purchased Ps4 version? I have thrown $60 (PS3), $20 (PS3 season pass) & $50 (PS4) ($130 total) and you still want more? You guys are insatiable. :\

    • It’s not irrelevant at all. All the DLC/add-ons we released up until the Season Pass ended is available to you for free to use on Remastered.

  • I just threw up in my mouth…

  • Naughty Dog aspires to be the next Capcom. Keep at it!

    • Ha. We’re making the best product possible. That’s all we strive for. We’ll have ways to get the DLC items in the future via bundles and sales.

  • @ ButtersThaatsMe andOtterX Try redownloading your Last of us season pass content individually on PS3. Content like weapons, skills and cosmetic stuff.I did that and It unlocked them for the PS4 version.

  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Last I checked, no one is forcing you to purchase cosmetic add-ons for a game. Also, anyone who thought their PS3 season pass would carry over to the PS4 needs to give their head a shake. Yeesh..

  • Yay!!! The people love our game let’s shove some more DLC down their throat every 2 weeks is what I read.

    • Ha. Not at all. We want you to play with new gear. Also, if you don’t want to buy now we have bundles and sales coming.

  • ^^^^^^^^^It does carry over

  • Uhhh if you need these items you have a problem. If you can’t afford these items…you have a problem. Enjoy the game, worry about your looks later, ladies.

  • Also, you had to pre order the digital version from the PSN in order to unlock all previously released content. Read guys…read.

  • @Kenichi_89 – that only applies to the content released before the PS4 version came out. The DLC packs that were brand new when the PS4 game came out weren’t included and I’m assuming these won’t be either.

    I just want to echo what these guys are saying. You guys are trying to nickel and dime us to death. The PS4 version was advertised as containing all the DLC from the PS3 version. It didn’t contain the multiplayer stuff from the PS3. I was able to get all the old stuff only because I had the season pass from the PS3 version, but you guys want to charge for the new multiplayer stuff now. How much sense does that make? Like OtterX said, you got a lot of us for $60 for the PS3 version, $20 for the PS3 season pass, and another $50 for a “remastered” version that didn’t contain all the PS3 addons as advertised and now you’ve got your hands out again. I love the game and I love Naughty Dog, but this is too much. You guys aren’t showing as much loyalty to your fanbase as your fanbase has shown to you guys

  • @15 – even preordering from PSN didn’t unlock everything. It was the PS3’s Season Pass that was the key to unlocking most (not all) of the DLC on PS4

  • After one week you already are pushing out more DLC for the PS4 version? Is this is a joke?

    You put 80 pieces of DLC up for the PS4 version before it was released, and now this? Can’t wait to hear the PR statement about this.

    • The add-ons will be available for PS3 and PS4. We released content on the day the PS4 version launched as well.

  • The PR statement on releasing optional cosmetic content? Hahahahahaha

  • Season Pass for the PS4 version? Already have the season pass on the PS3….would love to see a season pass and not have to buy everything individually.

  • @Burly… Thanks for telling consumers how to voice their opinions with your opinions.

  • Please get jobs if this optional DLC is gunna break your wallet. ENJOY THE GAME ITS A MASTERPIECE!

  • So us season pass holders don’t get these for free?

  • “The PR statement” I couldn’t help but think of the head of Naughty Dog defending something horrible, not “were really sorry we offered optional items in the game that you already paid for and enjoy.

  • I still can’t stomach paying $50 for a graphics upgrade…

    Next gen done right…

    Assassins Creed PS4 upgrade – $10
    Call Of Duty Ghosts PS4 Upgrade – $10
    Battlefield 4 – $10
    Watch Dogs – $10

    Naughty Dog – $50

  • Why are people complaining?

    These optional stuff are just cosmetics, they don’t affect gameplay. You guys are acting like you’re all forced to buy everything Naughty Dog releases. If you can’t afford it, DON’T BUY IT. Simple, right? You’re not missing out on much.

    Thanks for the awesome game ND!

  • All of these next gen systems between you guys, yet all this whining.

  • This just like the last week items are an outrage….these head items should be available free of charge to season pass owners…..tell me what’s the point of buying the season pass if you release items and charge even the season pass owners.Moreover you guys said that all DLC released would be free of charge to season pass owners but after a time you do this.

    Anyway I learned a lot about the path you’re taking ND…and I gotta thank you for the lesson,this was my 1st and last ND season pass.

  • Guys. Complain about this out loud and you’ll realize how stupid you sound. Go tell someone what you are mad about. They’ll laugh. Thanks Naughty Dog for a wonderful game and plenty of OPTIONAL DLC.

  • Are the Multiplayer DLC trophies for the PS3 version getting updated to match the PS4 ones?

  • So you’re hinting at paid maps DLC, Eric? Please release the maps for free. You guys released a lot of hats for an expensive price considering they don’t alter the gameplay in any way.

    Don’t split the player pool just like you did with the PS3 version. I bought TOUR specifically for the unified pool and the greater variety of maps. Listen to us for once and release the new maps for free as part of a patch similar to what you did in Uncharted 2 with The Fort.

    For now, I just hope you guys are considering this. Otherwise I would be disappointed in ND. 4 of my friends got TLOUR because of my word of mouth, so don’t disappoint.

  • I agree about the bow being overpowered. It’s as powerful as the hunting rifle, but faster and easier to use. The hunting rifle is fair because you’re lucky if you can hit a player twice without them taking cover.

  • I’m not buying anything other than a season pass (at great price, of course). I didn’t buy the PS3 version because I didn’t want a second rate version (no offense) but was hoping for a season pass when the PS4 version came out. I’m kind of bummed out.

    Still, I love the game just like it is so that’s my take on it. Season pass or no DLC!

  • @ 29 burlyman603 – How long will you keep posting nonsense here without a valid argument?…..are you ND bot or what?….funny to see you talking about “stupid” after all your comments.

  • Oh my snarky comment got a response. Should have ignored me Eric lol… >.>

    Anyways the game is amazing, I guess after buying it twice it’s a little disappointing to see dlc already is all. Not that I am unhappy with my purchase in any way.

    On a different note: Multiplayer maps. I recall there will be new ones released as DLC for Remastered down the road? If so…more snow ones. Lots of snow ones. Make it happen. Best part of the story and favorite maps in MP so far have been in the snow. I will buy them. More snow!

  • I think the Season Pass holders of the PS3 should get all of the new DLC for free! Yes , it ended but that means that people that didn’t get the season pass will have to pay for it, so there is still money to be made, so i t seems a matter of greed. If PS3 holders upgrade to a PS4, and you get all of the previous released DLC for the PS3, wouldn’t you feel kind of cheated if you bought a season pass for the PS3 and now have to buy the extra new DLC? A season pass is just that, a season pass for the game not a timed pass or monthly pass, it is for the longevity of the game. So don’t be greedy and take advantage of your people like Capcom, take CARE AND REWARD the players that have supported and been there from the beginning ( I bought the deluxe collector’s version for the PS3 on day 1)!

  • I’m glad I didn’t buy the remastered version, its just a cash grab by Naughty Dog. I own the PS3 version and the season pass on PS3. Lame there wasn’t a $10 upgrade like normal games have done in the past (ACIV,Battlefield,Madden,etc).

    Also, very disappointed my trophy progress wouldn’t transfer from PS3 to PS4. They expect you to replay the game another 5 times. Oh look new DLC GroundedXTurBOCRUSH and GroundedXTurBOCRUSH +

  • Eric Monacelli I want to thank you and Naughty Dog for bringing TLOU Remastered for PS4. I was one of the “converted” from xbox360 to PS4 and I was so close to buying PS3 just to play TLOU and Uncharted Series but after playing inFamous SS i knew i couldn’t stand the 720p graphics of last gen, so i waited for TLOU Remastered and I pre-ordered it the same week it was on the PSN.

    Anyway PLEASE BRING UNCHARTED 1+2+3 Remastered Bundle. I know i would gladly pay full price $60 for a Bundle of those 3 games combined even if they are just HD ports running at 1080p@60fps, even if you don’t bother remastering all the textures and stuff. Just running them at 1080p@60 fps + good shaders and reflections would be so awesome.

  • People will find anything to complain about.

  • ^ they really will.

  • Paid maps already? That united playlist with all maps didn’t last long.

    Matchmaking is still ridiculously broken. It should never take more than a minute to find a match, right now it can take 15+ minutes!

  • It’s weird. I had the season pass for the PS3 version, and it gave me everything from the killer bundle in-game, but the PlayStation Store doesn’t seem to recognize I have any of it and I have to pay to get it for Remastered.

    Regardless, I love that this game is still being supported with DLC even though you guys said the grounded bundle was the end of it. I look forward to playing on the new maps, and I’ll be buying these cosmetics and the gestures (but it’ll have to wait a bit; my wallet took a big hit this week when I bought the PS4 just so I could play this game sooner than I could have if I’d waited for the Destiny/PS4 bundle).

  • The problem, dear Naughty Dog, is that the season pass SHOULD NEVER HAVE ENDED!

  • Wow, there’s a lot of whining in here. You got a new game for $10 off what they could have charged plus almost all of the DLC. They’re allowed to release extra OPTIONAL DLC if they want! Damn.

  • I’ve never played the multiplayer for this game and probably won’t. To be honest, the campaign is enough for me. I just find it ridiculous that you guys considered the remastered edition the “complete edition” with all the DLC, and yet you release more. Furthermore, isn’t the point of a season pass to include ALL content released as DLC for that game? What’s even the point of buying a season pass then?

  • I am loving the factions multiplayer. I love the setup of it, I love the blending of respawn and elimination styles.

    Please, though, fix the matchmaking or whatever is slowing my ability to “find game”. I’m always waiting for a “searching for optimal game”

    I cant fathom how a long time game maker like ND and a long time console maker like Sony can’t figure this out.

    7+ minutes plus I’m sitting here waiting to get into a game.

  • LOL everybody is whining about their season pass expiring and the stuffs not free blah blah blah LOL but then they’re going to be all happy and talking good about naughty dog once uncharted 4 gets released LOL and they’re definitely not going to become another capcom naughty dog makes amazing games!!! Keep up the good work guys

  • I see the PR reaction is already incoming…

    “You are the next Capcom” – consumer

    “Ha!” – Naughty Dog

    “We’ll have ways to get it all in a bundle in the future” Naughty Dog

    You mean like in a Remastered collection of a year old port?

  • I can’t believe all the complaints about OPTIONAL, cosmetic dlc. I’m far more concerned with whether or not the match making is fixed yet. Beyond that, great game!

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