The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

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The Last of Us: New Add-ons Out Today on PS4, PS3

The Last of Us Remastered on PS4

The Last of Us Remastered launched last week and we’ve enjoyed hearing your reactions and watching your Twitch streams. Your #PhotoMode images have been breathtakingly good. If you haven’t jumped into Factions multiplayer, now is the time. All throughout August we have some great new content rolling out.

Starting today the Grit and Gear Bundle and new Gestures can be purchased when the PlayStation Store updates in your region. These items will be available for The Last of Us on BOTH the PS3 and PS4.

The Last of Us: Grit and Gear BundleThe Last of Us Remastered on PS4

Next week we’re continuing to give you ways to prepare your Factions clan for post-pandemic survival by releasing the Professional Sports Bundle. This bundle is available for PS3 and PS4 as well.

You can buy the new Gestures individually or grab a bundle of all three for $2.49. The Grit and Gear Bundle features six items and costs $6.99. Professional Sports Bundle has seven items and runs $7.99. Both head item bundles each feature an exclusive item that can only be obtained by buying the bundle.

We have more Add-On content coming two weeks from now. From that drop we revealed one map and showed off some of the new weapons on our Twitch channel in July. We’ll detail another new map, the weapons, and some new bundles over the next couple of weeks. Be sure to watch our social channels for latest The Last of Us news and Add-On content all month long. See you online!

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10 Author Replies

  • @honkayjeezus

    Don’t you mean “Expect nothing, get everything”? Because the last time I checked, I have it all. lol

  • Fancy chargingvyour loyal customers for a few hats what next charging for a new gun or ammo what a joke

  • The match making. It is void from online multiplayer.. You don’t find games, if anything happens you’re lobbed into one and it’s usually a one-sided cluster you know what or topped with large sprinkles of lag. U3 matchmaking is stupendous in comparison. Oh, 15 minutes and I found a game.. Just now. No I can hear people. Lag apparently the topic of the game.

  • @NothingGood Apparently you didn’t see the press release that you just posted on. Cheers.

  • Why does it say I have purchase the enforcer pistol when my friend bought the same game and was able to unlock it multiplayer. This and the p2w perks are a lame joke and you should probably fix the matchmaking before trying to nickle and dime us with more dlc.

  • Oh look, a bunch of brats whining that the season pass left for the PS3. Eric specifically said it will be gone right when all of the main DLC is released. You idiots don’t have the right to complain. Why do you care so much on cosmetic DLC anyway? Just gamers being greedy and stupid as always.

  • Cosmetic DLC, Gamerz? Like guns?

    So much hate and name calling from Naughty Dog and Sony on this site…

  • As if we needed more proof… No other hobby is plagued by entitled whinny kids and man children than Vidja Gaemz :)

    It was stated what the season pass would get us. They Delivered. It ended. Now they’re offering extras, Your choice.

    But NO! This “We want everything for free” mentality is embarrassing.

    My .02

  • Considering the ridiculous amount of cosmetic dlc available for the Uncharted multiplayer,are people really THAT surprised/upset about this?

  • Ohh, I was wondering why I don’t have all the dlc for having Season Pass from ps3 version. But, that’s ok.

    Also, thanks for keeping this game updated with these kind of multiplayer bundles. Hopefully, some other kind of update, different from map update and costume update, will be added to multiplayer.

    I hope you can add zombies that will chase the person it first notice or who made it aggro by shooting. It will be fun.

    For people who is complaining about the price, you guys could have traded your ps3 version for the ps4 version. I save $33, paid only about $20 to get the ps4 game.


  • I understand the intent is the same as coming out with the original version and offering DLC. But in reality, it does come off a bit shady and disingenuous to offer it for sale to people that quite possibly double dipped on a GotY(type) edition… which has normally been an “all bells included” version of a game.

    I was going to buy the game once it came down a little bit.. but now I will have to wait until the Last of Us: Remastered: Gold: GotY: Definitive edition comes out :/

  • How about fix the multiplayer match making. That would be great thank you.

  • That ND reps reply on post #59 came off very rude and condescending. Am I the only one who thinks this?

    + dizeeStL on August 5th, 2014 at 11:07 am said:
    Eric, please stop trying to put a PR spin on this. You know it, I know and everyone else knows it; this is BS.
    I bought your game on launch last year, along with the season pass.
    I bought your REMASTERED game last week that promised to have ALL DLC.
    I have put plenty of money into Naughty Dog’s bank account. Stop nickel and diming your fans and customers. Its flat out wrong. Sony claims they are for the gamer…..aslong as the gamer pays for the same thing 2 or 3x over along with some non-included DLC packs.
    The fact that Naughty Dog and Sony are actually trying to defend and justify this is a joke. They are cosmetic skins, I could really care less, but the fact that you are playing PR games with fans and customers is wrong.

    Eric Monacelli’s Avatar
    + Eric Monacelli on August 5th, 2014 at 11:29 am said:
    We never said “all DLC” to my knowledge. We were very careful about this. Read the back of the box for instance.

  • Seriously ND don’t ever make a season pass again if it is to play trickster with your loyal fans like this.Just don’t do it for UC4.

    @ 114 BODH185 – No you ain’t the only one,you’re right…the truth is ruthless and looks like they cannot bear it.

    @ 107 Gamerzlimited – Jesus man…..STFU once and for all….you’re a damn bot here on the Blog…nothing that Sony or any other company and devs do is wrong to you…….they are always right.Its easy to say bulls*** when your money is not involved.

    “Just gamers being greedy” – You have no clue of what you’re saying.Just STFU.

  • @Eric Monacelli I purchased a mask from the store today and it has it as purchased but it wont let me download it or equip it in the game

  • I don’t get why people are complaining. If you don’t like the new DLC then don’t get it. Nobody is making you buy it.

  • @108 Where is the name calling from ND and Sony? All I see is ND and Sony getting called names from whining consumers.

    @114 How is that condescending? He answered your question. And they NEVER said ALL DLC would be on TLOU: Remastered. People clearly mistook “most DLC” to mean “all DLC”. Not Naughty Dog’s fault nor Sony’s fault.

  • what the hell i just bought the ps3 version since it was on sale for 19.99 and now your telling me that the season pass is no longer good. how can i get a refund on the season pass? cant believe Naughty Dog made me pay for a season pass that is no longer good i’m calling them right meow. ha ha ha.

  • New maps are always welcome, I could careless about the headgear and the other DLC

  • Naughty Dog isn’t even ashamed anymore.

    Once upon a time I had the utmost respect for this studio. Now every single TLOU news is cringe-inducing.

  • its really sad the way how these gaming companies nickle and dime us for sh@iity DLC…I’m ashamed that ND would do this 2 us gamers its enuff we are paying high prices for games n da 1st place……THE season pass should’ve never ended n the 1st place….if ND was smart they would bring back the season pass 2 ps4&3 owners instead of playing cash cow…..for adding dis dlc trash…n yes im not buying it…ill vote with my wallet n so should u …. get yo sh@t Together ND…some people payed 2x for your game….

  • I probably should have just bought the season pass already, but kind of pissed that it somehow expires. Bought TLOU on ps3 day 1, Left Behind day 1, and TLOUR on ps4 day one, and assumed there would be no reason that i would need to pay more for so many usable MP weapons and classes. Cosmetic items… whatever. Not a big deal. Gameplay items, however, should have came bundled with TLOUR, no questions asked. Loved this game and have always been vocal about the single player, and especially how it was the most fun ive had playing multiplayer on ps3. Seeing that i need to purchase some of the weapons i want to use is ridiculous.

  • So, this items will not be free for season pass holders?

  • Where is the Samurai Head Piece? It’s not on the Store and on the Pack

  • Pass. I’ll be looking for a “all DLC” deal as I was hoping remastered was going to be. Also, why not release the season pass again?

  • @Welmosca Ah shut your mouth, pipsqueak. You know exactly what I’m talking about. Stop lying and denying the truth. Why? Because they were late to buy the season pass? There was a effing reminder on the blog and the gamers should have known it! It’s not their fault they can’t read.

    Well your loss, don’t ever buy a season pass from them if you can’t bother to listen to their reminders.

    @GankstaMac Feels like you’re trying to nickle and dime from them. IcedDice has a point, you wanting everything free is embarrassing. Naughty Dog specifically said the season pass will be gone in a specific day and there was a reminder to know when it was going to leave. But no, you’re just too stupid to understand and don’t bother to read. Thanks to Eric’s reminder, I got it a week before it left. A sh@iity gamer like yourself should get your sh@t together and pay for the darn DLC. Who cares that they paid 2x for the game? They asked for it.

  • Instead of making usless dlc maybe you guys fix the bugs. Yesterdey i expirienced one pręty frustrated one. Weń Elie gets firs time a rifle. I kill almost all hunters, and when i was killing The Last of Them I saw how new! enemies apiers from nowhere. Sometimes in the begining of the game my character wiatrem for runing a script to another characters.It was like I make the dor opened and wiatred for another characters to go this door. P.S. Sorry for my poor English.

  • @honkayjeezus

    Are you aware what all these people are whining about? Hint: Paid DLC. Word of the day: “Paid”. Knowledge is power.

  • Just another rip- off if you ask me, The REMASTERED is not better in any way. i really thought that the graphics will blow me away but its not happening. I played both ps3 and ps4 versions on the same tv and there is no difference. Now i payed for the game twice and now i need to pay more. I will never buy a game that was on ps3 and now is REBORN on ps4… its so fcuking frustrating… THANKS FOR NOTHING

  • So, what was the name of the new upcoming map that ND leaked previously?

  • Plus.. if we purchase the map, will we have access to play the map or will we need to pay another fee to play it. ND wasn’t entirely clear with that ;)

  • I understand the desire (and need) to be cordial in responses to our criticisms. At the same time, though, I hope the overall negative response is being taken into account. Know that this strategy is not appreciated–at least not by this community. These sorts of nickel-and-dime upsells are better suited for F2P mobile games.

  • What a shame naughty dog making the game into a call of duty micro transactions everywhere. I bought the two versions at full price and we still cant get nothing extra for free. I’ll have to think about buying another naughty dog game again full price. At least gta is giving us free dlc every month yes it also includes cosmetic items at no cost. Nice try defending this actions eric monacelli

  • Well, unlike most people here. I’m glad you guys are supporting the multiplayer of this game for a second year now.
    You guys didn’t lie, you specifically said all the DLC of the PS3 version and that is true.
    Call of Duty change game every year, and people without PS3s couldn’t play TLOU.
    If there were an incentive for those that did own it on PS3 to upgrade to PS4, then I’d be all over that, but for that to happen, you would have needed to include a code to redeem the game and it’s not included with the PS3 copy of it.

  • All of you are crying because their malibu stacy doll didn’t came with a free hat.
    None of you actually read what was in it. Gestures and Costumes. Seriously?
    Cry me a river…

  • Please tell us whether or not the new DLC maps will split up the PS4 multiplayer community or not. The main reason I bought the Remaster was so I could play multiplayer with the DLC maps and be able to choose the “no parties” option. I really hope my reason for repurchasing this game isn’t voided in a three weeks after release..

  • Glad to see so many Plus members letting their voices be heard. 80 pieces of DLC before the Remaster was released and more lined up including a week later is not acceptable.

    And Sony, give us some decent Vita sales! I just bought a 2007 game on PSP on the VIta because I realized that is the idea of a sale in your mind. Granted, it was Final Fantasy Tactics War Of The Lions and it will be awesome.


    “People think $50 is too much for TLoU remastered? A ton of work went into it and it has all the DLC included. $50 bucks is a steal IMO.” -Robert Krekel said this and he’s the Sound Designer for NAUGHTY DOG.

    He wasn’t joking, it literally was a steal because barely any of the DLC is included, plus they ended the Season Pass right before the launch. Thankfully I traded this in and got my money completely back since I only had to pay $25 for it.(Which is a reasonable price for a year old game.)

  • I’m loving the game so far but one thing that doesn’t make any sense at all ito me is, I’m located in the UK yet the only free hat I could download was from Canada. You say “represent your country” but give me a free hat that is not even from my country and I have to pay for the one for MY country. I’m not sure why…….. well money would be a good guess but please explain why I was given a Canadian cap for free but an English one I have to pay for? yes my location is set to UK before you ask.

  • I can’t believe after only TWO weeks of this game being out on PS4 they’re going to put out a map pack and divide the multiplayer userbase in two. People have had enough difficulty with matchmaking BEFORE dividing the userbase into those that have the new maps and those who don’t.

  • What I can’t figure out is why ND seems to be hurting early adopters who want the remastered version more than anyone else. Let’s say $10 is a fair price for a next gen upgrade, as has been the precident. Let’s also say $20 is a fair price to pay for the extra DLC content included in Remastered. That makes $30 a fair upgrade price for anyone who didn’t own a season pass and $10 a fair price for those that did. Taking advange of GameStop’s 50% off trade in offer the figures, relative to the aformentioned fair prices, work out to:

    People who never bought TLOU at all save over $30 (only a $50 game rather than $60 plus the added $20 value of DLC).

    Bought TLOU but no season pass (disc) save about $5.

    Bought TLOU but no season pass (digital) lose about $20

    Bought TLOU and season pass (disc) lose about $15

    Bought TLOU and season pass (digital) lose about $40

    So the ones who supported this the most get the worst deals. Way to show your fans the love there, ND.

  • Thanks so much Sony and Naughty Dog for saying “look over here at something shiny while we talk about Morpheus and Playstation Now”.

    Can’t wait for the Uncharted Remastered, then the Uncharted GOTY then the Uncharted Ultimate Money Edition. Really awesome how you also didn’t even finish the netcode for a year old game before releasing it.


    A little bit.

  • NaughtyDog outdid itself again.
    Did not mind paying 60$ for Last of Us for PS3, neither did I when I bought the PS4 version for 50$.

    #PS4 – Best console ever in the history of gaming, I am just so much in love with my PS4.

    Btw, Cant wait for the Order to come out :)

  • It’s ok to release extra DLC that doesn’t affect gameplay at all. My biggest DLC concern is that there is no Co-op mode for TLOU. I know ND already stated it was unlikely ( or something along those lines ), but I want a Horde mode from Gears Of War. You could do what Guerrilla Games did with Killzone and add it as DLC . It just feels like TLOU could work really well with a Co-Op mode.

  • Don’t get me wrong – I love this game. I bought it on PS3, and bought it again on PS4. Cosmetic DLC doesn’t bother me – I have no use for it, so I vote with my wallet and refuse to buy it. What bothers me is that there are weapons and skills that actually do alter gameplay that are locked behind paywalls. That’s the kind of stuff that I see as nickel-and-diming. I’m not raging mad, and I’m not going to scream and say I’ll never buy another Naughty Dog game again. I’m just … disappointed. I see The Last of Us as a piece of high art, and the shameless monetization of the game is saddening.

  • Wow I bought the season pass for no reason, I mean why would you make us pay for cosmetics isn’t that why I bought the season pass? Now you’re just getting a lot of bad reviews for this l just fix things and see the reviews go back up,But over all very good game but I don’t know why I bought the season pass.

  • So, we Season Pass holders don’t get all the DLC for free? I’m just astonished that you guys would do that to us.

  • “Gamerzlimited” You are an ND & SONY Ass kisser and you asss smooching ass stomped and as it was stated before SHUT THE FU*K UP before your permanently shut up! Unlike you we have to buy all of our SHI* with the hard working jobs we have our mommies and our daddy’s whose house I bet you still live in didn’t buy our shi* for us. So do us all favor well the ones who actually purchace our stuff keep your nose out of it.

  • Having problems with purchased items. My guns and clothes disappear from my inventory, then when I go buy it again, it says that I all ready bought it.

  • Ok it’s kinda BS that I have the season pass for the ps3 version of The Last Of Us and now I have to pay more to get the new dlc coming out. Also what I have on the ps3 I have to get it for my ps4 and now I have to save a lot if more money to also get the dlc on te ps4 and it’s really hard for me to get money and tu also have new games coming out soon that I also want :(

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