Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PS4

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PS4

Update: An earlier headline for this post stated that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PS Vita, which was incorrect. Type-0 is coming to PS4 in North America and Europe.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

I’d like to start this out by thanking everyone who let us know how badly you wanted this game to come to North America. Ever since the original PlayStation Portable release in Japan, you guys have never given up on it, raising your voices in an effort to see this title come to North America and Europe. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s coming and it’s going to be in HD.

Stay tuned for more details in the future.

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  • Welp, Sqeenix dropped the ball right there… Hype up the Vita owners and then quickly turn around and slap them in the face. Excuse me while I go get some snacks to see the ****storm happen.

    Will see if I’ll get this or not depending on what I see in the next coming months. Liked what I saw in the initial PSP release but passed on it due to being Japan-only and not being to confident in my Japanese.

  • PLAYSTATION 4!!!!! WHAT THE HECK?! OH GREAT the way you guys take FOREVER to get things out this will probably be out in 2017 TOPS!!! i cant believe this …. lol only ps4 …. wow …. AND DONT EVEN THINK ITS GONNA LOOK LIKE FFXV LMFAO OH HECK NO!!! LOL oh my god …. i cant believe this ….

  • So you heard our voices about wanting this PORTABLE game that PORTABLE gamers wanted so badly, but anre’t even releasing it on a PORTABLE device? Thanks a lot Square Enix. Thanks for NOTHING.

    The ignorance of your company someone amazes me again.

  • Nice troll SE…. Only For PS 4…. i want …..

  • SO STUPID….A PSP GAME ON PS4…..I’d rather burn my money then buy this on PS4….It’s made for Vita…..A-N-G-E-R!!

  • Oh. No Vita.

    Well I’m still going to buy it, but…..dang it!

  • No Vita version?


  • WHAT? NOT PS VITA stop playing with my heart for real, PS4? WHY not PS VITA too.

  • The japanese voice actors cast is fantastic on this game this would be a shame to have a version which not include it.
    And if the game is not dual audio which mean english only, this would be really disapointing.

    Please Square-Enix don’t miss that. We are fans forever here :)

  • Disappointed once more.

  • WAIT WHAT! Excitement lost…

  • Thank you Square. I will buy this on Vita without hesitation.

  • Is this for real? No Vita release? I’m going to sue you for for afflicting me with the most serious case of blue-balls known to man.

  • Not for Vita? The heck?

  • Seriously. No, seriously?
    Whatever Square, not buying this for PS4. Why don’t you have a look at the Vita for once?

  • I can’t believe there is no Vita version.

  • You guys can go f yourselves; VITA should be the starting point, not the exclusion point.

  • LOL Vita owners just got trolled hard.

    SCEA really hates the vita and its owners………..

  • I hate you SE. I want it on Vita and you had to make that mistake and get peoples hopes up. And the game is a damn handheld game by design, yet not on Vita? Ugh… You suck

  • Screw off Square Enix! No Vita no sale!

  • really crappy update

  • well, now i hate SE even more. come on man!

  • Excellent trolling Square Enix/Sony/whoever

  • At least we portable gamers have the fan translation.

  • So… no PSVita then?

  • Seriously? At least have the decency to not troll PS vita owners for purchasing your system and getting screwed over for it. I was extremely happy and now it’s not even being localized for the vita. Good job. I hate you all now. /Rage

  • Seriously Sony, get this to VITA. What a disappointment.

    I hope the one who got the type gets reprimanded (don’t get them laid off).

  • Lol, i LOVE Vita, but i am so glad this is on PS4. I could play it on Vita through remote play, anyway, but i like my pretty games on big screens. :D

    Thanks everyone involved in getting this to the West! :D

  • If your going to play with everyone hearts then give out free copy of the game to many people you just crush their hope for PS Vita version. Now i do have to buy PS4 ASAP now.

  • THANK YOU SQUARE!!! ALMOST ALL IS FORGIVEN…. still pissed about 3 FF13 games, but everything else we’re cool.

  • WE WANT VITA VERSION!!! SE, whats wrong with you?!

  • It’s about time! Awesome news! Really looking forward to this!

  • Well that bites. Won’t buy now. It’s a psp game it should be on Vita.

  • @81 NO Vita? *Picks money back up and shakes Head*

    This should have been in the SONY press conference, quite a big deal :-)
    I’m very excited now! Hopefully you can tell us soon when to expect it :)

  • HU3HU3HU3HU3HU3 Just stabed vita from behind, one more reason to take a 3DS XL abd put my vita next to my PSP on the drawer and let them rest in peace together.

  • So happy to hear this news! I’ve been following Operation Suzaku, who were collecting signatures to petition them for this localisation :3 Finally hearing good news about it makes me very happy<3

  • HOLY THOUSAND FANGASMS! Finally after 3 years of begging for it! I want it on the VIta though, but this confirmation is fine for now, so damn happy I’m shedding manly tears.

  • *HAPPY DANCE!* I have wanted to play this game since…well forever! I even converted my old God of War PSP to a Japanese account just so I could play the demo! YAY!!!!!!

  • EDIT: No Vita? Not interested. Sorry, Square-Enix. But keep ignoring what the fans have been asking for…

  • Let me just add to the chorus of voices here by saying that I *won’t* buy this game for the PS4. I *would* buy the game for the Vita.

    It’s not as if the Vita were incapable of running a port of a PSP game with upgraded visuals …

    So, to reiterate: Vita? Day 1 buy. PS4? No buy.

  • I can’t believe this.

    A nothing showing at E3 and then you go and mock the entire Vita community?

    Do you even want to sell them anymore? Like, at all?

    I’m speechless. I’m truly speechless here.

    Way to go Sony.

  • What the F?

  • Well, better than nothing, but you heard us wrong, we wanted this on the Vita…. You could at least release on both, like you did with FFX…

  • I cannot believe you would toy with the emotions of Vita owners like that. Looks like I won’t be buying, AND i’m holding a personal vendetta against whoever was responsible for this post. I feel as though this was a cruel, cruel joke. Shame on whoever wrote this with “Vita” in the title instead of PS4, and shame on Square Enix for leaving Vita out of the HD update when this and Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep have been the most requested PSP games to come to Vita through either PSP Classics or an HD remake. Shame on you, Square Enix.

  • SCREW SONY E3!!!!

    SCrew this FF agito posts!

  • Wahh wahh. They didn’t say no Vita, they’re just announcing PS4 at this time. So keep being entitled stompy tantrum-throwing crybabies, instead of being glad it’s even brought to the West. You’re gonna get your Vita version, anyway, but don’t think it’s because you threw a fit like a little kid.

  • WTF?!!! NO VITA VERSION?!!!! WTF?!!!!!

  • Were gonna throw our vitas away! More losses for you sony! Pffft you broke our hearts real bad!

  • @128
    “I could play it on remote play anyway”
    That stupid mindset is probably part of why we aren’t getting support anymore on Vita. We’re supposed to buy a PS4 as Vita support.

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