Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PS4

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD Coming to PS4

Update: An earlier headline for this post stated that Final Fantasy Type-0 HD is coming to PS Vita, which was incorrect. Type-0 is coming to PS4 in North America and Europe.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD

I’d like to start this out by thanking everyone who let us know how badly you wanted this game to come to North America. Ever since the original PlayStation Portable release in Japan, you guys have never given up on it, raising your voices in an effort to see this title come to North America and Europe. Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s coming and it’s going to be in HD.

Stay tuned for more details in the future.

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  • Nice troll… F you Square Enix.

  • Shocker for the ones who did the entire fan translation with the PSP version. As long as I can support Final Fantasy I’m totally down!

  • I really hope you reconsider SE, having it on PS4 is great but at least put it on Vita too. After all the original was on handheld and Vita owners such a myself have been clamoring for it for years.

    I thought the X/X-2 remaster sold decently on Vita??

  • Finally! Finally! I’ve been awaiting this ever since I saw the first trailer in Japanese T__T

  • So the hardluck Vita owners get trolled hard by SCEA and Square.

    Even by accident, that’s a rough mistake for Vita owners who are *starving* for more AAA games (not unoptimized ports, not indies that look like they are from 1985, not Remote Play which requires a PS4). Type-0 was a game that PSP and later Vita fans clamored for in the West, and this mistake (and subsequent outcry) should show what a misstep this was. Sure, it’s great it’s on consoles, but the real excitement was for the Vita, which really needed this game.

    Sure, there’s Remote Play, but not everyone has $399+ to blow on a PS4, and it’s just not the same.

  • These are the kind of games Vita should have on it’s roster!

    I rarely comment on anything, but the PSP was filled with great game experiences and the Vita should have expanded the capabilities of them. Probably it was because of the twist of focus towards the new generation by developers, Sony included, but on Vita they just kind of forgot to empower what they’ve already got and could have gotten better for, in the end, their consumers.

    I love the narration and storytelling expressions that they could achieve from Tomb Raider or even the Last of Us which were part of the past generation and obviously that was the starting point to amazing experiences as we could see yesterday at E3, so why not bring that to portable gaming? RPG’s in particular could really exploit this on Vita, and my question is: Was this a lack of support by developers as it’s said, or was it a failure that the Marketing direction in order to bring the fruit out to developers wasn’t powerful enough to make it happen?

    I’d hate to see Vita becoming PSP’s 1.5 towards what’s really next on Sony’s mobile gaming’s platforms.

  • And another thing, why the HECK was this NOT announced during the PRESS CONFERENCE???


  • @147

    If we get a Vita version, it’ll be because of the outcry. If everyone just accepted it with a smile there would be no reason for them to release Vita as well, so fan feedback is important.

  • @150 I have more games on Vita that i have time or card space for. No support? I get a game or two a week on it. I don’t see what the problem is.

  • WTF !??? Square :|

  • It was like a million voices crying out in unison, then suddenly silenced.

    Eh, maybe you guys can remote play it on the Vita. Either way, I’m getting it.

  • Square Enix you are dead to me.

  • I ill pass this game, i hate rpg games, this is for nerdys..

  • Given the lackluster showing of the Vita at yesterday’s conference, combined with the almost nonchalance attitude Sony is showing towards the Vita as a real gaming console – Indies do not count – it comes as no surprise that SE would ignore making a Vita version available.

    In any event, I swore off of SE games given their treatment of players of their Guardian Cross game; I am no longer prepared to support this company.

  • @158 I’m positive it’s in the works, but this is how marketing works. PS4 is being announced today. They have their own reasons why they’ll announce Vita at some other date. A lot of games that are on more than one system, PS4 gets released first, then Vita, and Vita is announced later. Just watch.

  • Will we at least get the original Japanese voice acting as an option?

  • compatible with playstation tv …. that would help …. take a note

  • no vita no buy thanks square

  • Oh, just seen the update. Ok, I’m gonna bury my Vita in the garden, then. *walks away crying*

  • @147
    Man, you sure showed those evil, evil trolls for expressing disappointment!

  • So it’s not for Vita after all…..

    Well you had me , then you lost me. Thanks for nothing Sony

  • When everyone was asking for this game to come to North America we wanted it on PSP and then Vita. No one wanted it on consoles. So how the hell can you say you listened to us and brought us what we wanted?!? Teasing us with a Vita release and pulling it away from us is criminal! Ack, this upsets me to no end.

  • I’m not the type who usually gets upset over gaming but this is just messed up. Really, really messed up. I was very happy a few minutes ago when I thought I could finally play this game on my Vita but now … not so much. If Square doesn’t want to support the Vita with this, a portable game, then I don’t really want to support Square. I pass.

  • Why complain bout Type-0 when you can play Pixel Junkie series on Vita? c’mon Vita owners you are sooo unfair with sony’s generosity. Now seriously, F$#@$ Square and Sony!!!

  • Thank you Square-Enix! After 3 years of waiting, words cannot express how excited I am right now.

  • Square Enix who made this very game for PSP (PlayStation Portable) years ago designed for a PORTABLE device is NOT getting ported to PS Vita which is the successor to PSP and is instead getting ported to PS4. The logic? PS4 is profitable while PS Vita is still struggling. In conclusion, Square Enix is nothing more than a money hungry corporation and it’s no longer about the fans. It’s about profit. I’m so disappointed. PS Vita hardly has big time exclusives. This would had definitely boosted sales. You might as well officially announce the death of PS Vita. ??

  • Can’t say I’m surprised by this update. It’s what I’ve come to expect from Sony and Square Enix. Thanks for nothing, yet again.

  • why no Vita love :( :( :(

    Sony continues to prove how much they want the Vita to die in the West

  • Stopped supporting SE years ago and this epic trolling is not making me regret that decision. Good job guys.

  • both failed, SquareEnix for not porting it on PS Vita & Sony for posting wrong info………….GG WP

  • This is just embarrassing.

    First the Vita has no exposure at E3, despite having both Freedom Wars and Over My Dead Body 2 coming over, both high profile titles in Japan. Sony is just ashamed of Japanese games apparently.

    Second, we get Square giving us a huge slap in the face by not releasing an handheld game on the new handheld, even if to just give it support.

    There is a reason this handheld is selling poorly in North America, and it’s because upper management at SCEA is incompetent at both showing off the titles and gaining support for it.

    I don’t think I want to support Square anymore and the fan translation should be good enough.

  • Damn, I was one of the guys that wanted this, I was so ready to buy it day one where it should be, on Vita. It’s a damn hendheld game. Maybe Sony really doesn’t care about the Vita after all. This is a wake up call.

  • Wow…. I was so happy to hear Vita would be getting it….

    I really hope you guys work with SE on bringing this to the Vita.

  • This announcement was much better when it was for the vita. ps4 who cares.

  • PSP, then Vita owners have been asking for type-0 to come west for almost 3 years.

    Type-0 HD belongs on Vita, period.

    I really didn’t buy my PS4 to pay $50 or $60 for a HD remake of a 3 year old psp game.

    If it’s not on vita it’s a no buy from me. Sorry.

  • Fans got trolled by being told this was coming out on the PSVITA but now we are told its on the PS4 Only… Good news is that people can still play the original PSP game with a fan made english translation patch that was just released a few days ago on a PSP or a exploited Vita.

  • Release Window or Release Date? 2014 or 2015??

  • even SCEA doesn’t have hope for the Vita

  • Holy molly! Finally!!!!!!!

  • Wow just can’t wait. I’ve been waiting for this for such a long time now. Hope it will be compatible with remote play, just to enjoy it on the vita as well. ;)

  • REALLY? no vita release, I swear sony and SE don’t have a clue what their fans want, this is just underwhelming.

    Sony doesn’t give a f…. about the vita anymore and they are promoting it as a tablet that nobody cares, you had the chance here to promote the vita, this is a portable game, nobody wants this for home consoles, stop trolling your fanbase really.

    This is a huge bad move and a very disrespectful one.

  • What’s wrong with PS3 and Vita? :(

  • Nice Troll. PSV is now more like an accessory, and controller for PS4. What a disappointment for Vita and for Sony.

  • Oh GOD SQUARE! Vita means Life! I don’t want to play it on my PS4! I want to play it on my VITA!


  • Instead of ignoring Ps vita owners, they’re openly teasing us for buying their overpriced paperweight.

  • I love how everyone is blaming Sony when it isn’t them that’s deciding on which of their branded platforms the game will be released on, if anything the blame should be solely put on Square Enix for causing this mess in the first place by initially putting PS Vita in the title of the blog post.

  • Why no love for the Vita? It’s such a great hardware! If they release it also for the Vita, it will boost the sales of the Vita and regain the love for SE.

  • ::reads it again:: Nope, still doesn’t say “No Vita”.

  • Umm…thanks square, but BRING IT TO VITA!!!

  • Type 0 looks good. Glad to hear we get it.

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