Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita

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Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita
Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita

Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can now declare the new Archfiend hunting season open with the launch of Soul Sacrifice Delta, available today for PS Vita — exclusively on PlayStation Store for $35.99. And for the first four weeks, we’ve bundled the game with the following, exclusive raiment items:

  • Soulbinder Costume
  • Magic Helm
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Golden Mask
  • Possessed Mask
  • Slave Clothes

When we announced the release of Soul Sacrifice Delta last month, we introduced you to the new Grim faction and highlighted many new features and improvements to the Soul Sacrifice universe. Here are some more details on the new game modes.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

The first obvious addition to Librom’s pages is the Bazaar Ledger; Carnatux’s bazaar, to be more precise. Here, you can purchase new raiment items, have your palm read, get quest-altering rumours, leave or claim gifts, and embark on special quests to repay your debts because “None of this is free, you know?” as Carnatux would put it. And if you’re lucky, you may even bump into old friends…

Also available from the Bazaar Ledger is the Faction Power Balance where players can contribute to their faction’s global score by logging their Slayer points. Every week, the scores are compiled and the winning faction is named. There’s a reward for each player of the winning faction and the best players in each faction as well. So get logging — your faction needs you!

Found in the Sorcerous Deeds, Alice’s Eternal Maze is a survival dungeon mode where players can test their endurance by trying to survive wave upon wave of deadly Archfiends. The longer you survive, the better the rewards, but be careful: don’t let greed overcome you! You wouldn’t be the first sorcerer to fall victim to Alice’s Hollow, or the last for that matter…

And if you feel you still haven’t had your share of deadly quests, then look no further than the Blank Page mode. In this mode, you will be able to generate random pacts at the cost of some of your offering and lacrima. You can take on the pacts alone or online, and expect a pretty reward once all the quests on the page are completed. There are three blank pages readily available and five more which you can only unlock with Memory Clods.

Soul Sacrifice Delta for PS VitaSoul Sacrifice Delta for PS Vita

Memory Clod and Memory Clod bundle are not available on PlayStation Store at launch in North America due to a technical issue. The two products will be available on PlayStation Store on May 20th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran (in which case you will want to transfer your Soul Sacrifice save data over to Delta), or an apprentice waiting to take the Sorcerer’s Ordeal, there is a lot for you to do in Soul Sacrifice Delta: new modes, new sorcerers, new Archfiends, new stories, and much, much more.

In Soul Sacrifice Delta, no matter what time of the day or night you may want to play, chances are that you will always find someone to play with online, as the multiplayer server is now global, so you can team up with players from all over the world!

So go on, read through Librom’s pages and discover its many secrets. “This is where your story begins.”

Stay tuned for the next Soul Sacrifice Delta update which will bring more content. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a message from the “Comceptor” himself, Inafune-san:

“In Soul Sacrifice Delta, we’ve expanded the world settings based on retellings of classic fairy tales with unique monsters. We’ve already released Soul Sacrifice Delta in Japan and Asia, and we’ve received great feedback from users there.

I’m happy how the game turned out so I’m confident that players in the West will also enjoy the game. With the introduction of additional faction “Grim” and the dynamics among three factions, players across the world will belong to one of the three factions and vie with each other, fighting against new monsters. I hope all of you will be immersed in the world of Soul Sacrifice Delta and enjoy the game to the fullest.”

–Keiji Inafune

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5 Author Replies

  • I bought the game but I haven’t receive any bonus :( Any one the same?

  • Sony relations I have one question, if it cost too much for NA Sony to make original Vita games then don’t, “But you can’t package a game already made for the Japanese market?” Heck I wouldve bought Delta with the new slim in a cool designer black vita like the toukiden bundle for $200 (with phsycial copy). But you dont even endorse an exclusive thats a cult Vita classic, instead an old ported game?

  • Thanks Sony. I bought the game because I loved the first one so much but because its digital and my ISP has a monopoly in my area and only offers 6meg download speed, if I’m lucky I MIGHT get to play at midnight. Too bad I have to get up at 5:30a.m. for work. So if I’m REALLY lucky, I MIGHT get to play it tomorrow when I get home from work at 6:00p.m. Was looking forward to this since it was announced. Really disappointed that I couldnt get my hands on that art book. Was so ready to preorder for that.

  • So question.

    Does the existing Soul Sacrifice DLC work with Delta? Has it already been integrated in the game, do I need to redownload it, what’s the deal here?

  • Soul sacrifice Delta cool! Q and A: DLC for multi-player like PVP and quest coop? would it be possible for player vs player as the opponent lose you choose save or sacrifice your choice? Like lvl up your avatar?? idk if could work right?

  • @djsaiyan
    The existing dlc does not work with Delta. It has its own versions of dlc. plus a ton more of free dlc to come. thats why I decided to buy it.

    There is no pvp, at least not in the since you’re thinking. Though that would be awesome, they would really have to balance things out for a 1v1 2v2 3v3 and 4v4.

  • I was just thinking the idea of balance dude

  • plus you can regain your he/she hp or repair? to gain an upper hand. monster pop up in the shadow ream.

  • @106

    Thank you. =)

  • PVP if a opponent lose it give the player either to choose save or sacrifice to lvl up your avatar even tag team could be fun right?

  • me and my friend talk about the idea for dlc dont you think it would awesome game. I like the original Soul Sacrifice pvp or quest to farm some martial.

  • i bought it today yet i’ve not seen the bundle raiments or anything :| i checked portraits and 2hrs in

  • Say Djsaiyan if you in pvp, when you defeated your opponent which will you choose save or Sacrifice to lvl up each side. Soul Sacrifice Delta.

  • go to Bazaar Ledger and look the a dude with england cap cover his face. you will see a receive gift bottom

  • right corner

  • thats where you get raiments

  • Im so depressed that this game its only digital. I bought SS day one physical. i was expecting to do that too with delta… sigh… well tell Inafune that im sorry. maybe next time or later if u guys decide to launch a physical copy. i hate digital for AAA games, the only way i buy Digital AAA its when they are cheap…. sigh… i wanted to see this game to be successful, now i cannot help in that notion…

  • GrapeTyphlosion

    I was a lot more excited for this game before hearing it is not available physically, seeing as it is basically a big DLC pack the price doesn’t feel quite right. I hope that someone considers A) releasing this as a separate physical version or B) substantially reducing the price of this download.

  • Got the game, and I feel sorry for all the excuses I am seeing here already.

    When the next PS Vita game gets announced for Japan and is not being brought to the US because it is not worth the hassle of retail and all they see on the first few pages is complaints about digital, please look into the mirror and slap yourself.

    I will continue to support as many games as they bring, retail or digital. Does not matter. Just keep bringing them over.

    To those that are interested, this game is worth the money in gold, just pure awesome.

  • Get over yourself, avluis. It’s not the consumer’s responsibility to buy a product. It is the business’ responsibility to fill a demand. There is demand for physical games. A publisher would have to be blind not to know that. They made a calculated decision, which is fine.

    People who don’t buy digital only games have their own personal standards. They may uphold themselves to those standards and that is within their rights as a consumer. If a business wants those people’s money, they’ll have to meet those people’s demands. This corporate apologist bullcrap I see in this industry is pathetic. You can buy what you want, even if it’s digital only, but don’t act all high and mighty about it.

  • I now wish I waited to buy the original game. I know this comes packed with it, but I wish they would have done something for people who bought it at launch.

  • So so very disappointed that it is digital only? Am I the only one who cares about physical releases anymore? I don’t want to spend $35-40 on a digital content, especially one thats a glorified expansion. My mem card is already full regardless. I would have bought a physical release, one that I could have put on my shelf, resell someday, or actually fit on my mem. Blah, and I was looking forward to this, guess I’ll go buy Ragnarok Ace this week instead, I still see the cool first edition boxes at my gamestop. No longer on the fence at least, shame on digital only crap.

  • I bought the Soul Sacrifice Delta Bundle edition and had a question about the exclusive raiment. Does the exclusive raiment come with the character in the beginning or is it just available within the game to get in the future?

  • I would be playing it now if it were a retail release.

    Stop being the worst publisher on your own system Sony.

  • Now I’ll only buy it for $10 or less, or wait for PS+.

    Screw you for ruining my hype for this. If my save data for the English version could be used in the Japanese version I’d just import that one, but it won’t.

  • btw, no one expects 40 million copies to be made. But you couldn’t have done a limited retailer exclusive release like Bamco is doing for the Vita version of One Piece: Unlimited World Red and Tales of Hearts R?

    I mean, come on guys. Xseed is also doing a limited retail release of Shinovi Versus LE. And that’s way more niche than Soul Sacrifice (which has the added benefit of PS+ inclusion of the previous entry to increase sales).

    I really really hate that you guys did this to us. I love Soul Sacrifice. I really wanted to play Delta, but you ruined all my excitement with digital only release.

  • @123
    LE Bundle:
    Read Journal
    Bazaar Ledger
    Cassus the Flunky
    Claim Gift

  • @Tyrannikos
    Then don’t buy it, simple.

  • The best way to show a publisher you don’t agree with something is to not support it.
    You can voice your opinions all day, but in the end, the money is what gets them talking.

    If you don’t know me and choose to reply to me thinking I’m in some sort of high seat then don’t even reply.
    I can understand why you want this and any other game in carts, the memory cards are insanely expensive.
    But if you are going to vent about this then you need to do this for all PS Vita releases, not just the ones you fancy.

    You know they will hear you, when your wallet speaks for you. :)

  • @Tyrannikos
    Also don’t know why you target me as an apologist, I don’t support digital only games and I have made it pretty obvious before.
    All my PS Vita titles, if they come in carts, I buy them as such.

    What I did not agree with is the notion of flat out rejecting a game because it is digital only, in this case.
    Take it as you like but they chose to do so because of some metric which says a lot about those that did buy it in cartridge form, myself included, which means they say it as either being insignificant or not even worth the bother.

    And if that is the case then it will only get worse with the price of the memory card and the increasing size of games like these.

    If the future of this system is digital only for games of this caliber then it serves to mention they will be falling on their own pit trap that is zero marketing outside of this blog and none on retail shelves unless you already know where to get your gaming news.

    So unless they figure out a way to let the mass of new PS Vita owners they want to make it successful then I do suggest they figure out a way to keep games likes this in cartridge form as well.

  • Just bought finished downloading it and got to play it for about half an hour before work and I must say, it so far worth the money. The graphics are gorgeous!!!! And from I could see so far, the content is FAR vast that of the original.

  • I would get this but i wanted to trade in my original game for this one but since its digital only what am i suppose to do with the original one i want some kind of discount cause i own the original game

  • Sony, you drop it with this one, the console is barely holding up, and it is due to people like us who enjoys Japanese titles, and bought the console in hopes of getting them localized; You have overpriced proprietary memory format , and offer a digital only option to a flagship title aimed at the majority of your demographic audience.

    This really lowers my hopes for any other big Japanese title on the console, if you don’t have trust in your products then why the consumer should?

    digital distribution was about giving more options to consumers, not reducing them.

  • hmmmm niceeeee…. (^_^), if only the price is under 30$………………………….. (T_T)

  • @avlius
    From that standpoint, if they honestly thought it wasn’t worth the bother, then they probably shouldn’t have bothered to localize it in the first place.
    And if that’s the case, then I will gladly take my money elsewhere.

  • Hey, you know what’s great? The fact that it’s out, since I’ve been waiting for the NA release since it was announced. You know what’s not so great? The fact that my Vita broke literally 2 days ago, and I am flat broke. Life is suffering.

  • I really don’t understand why these people hates digital on vita. First of, it’s not limited to one vita since you can use 2 vita on same account. If you are in a household with 2 vita, you can enjoy playing the games on both vita with just a single purchase. And also it’s much more convenient you don’t have to hassle yourself in swapping game carts.
    My only issue on SS delta being a digital only is that I already owned the SS digitally, it would be not practical on my part to keep 2 identical games. Even though there are lots of stuff added, but the fact is that it’s only an expansion it does not convinced me to buy it as digital copy. Hope they will release a retail version of SS delta.

  • I’m sorry, but digital only is a deal breaker for me, specially at that price.

    So far I haven’t bought any digital game at over $20.00, and unless memory card prices go down quite a bit, I don’t otherwise in the future.

    It’s sad and ironic that while Sega has come to acknowledge the demand for retail copies of Hatsune Miku, by announcing that Project Diva f 2nd do will get physical copies unlike the first game, Soul Sacrifice takes a step backwards by going from retail and digital to digital only:

    If economics didn’t work out for a full retail release, there were still options for a limited physical release, perhaps as a collector’s edition or even only bundled with a new Vita Slim.

    There were certainly ways to work around it, and Sega has clearly shown that the opposite is not only preferred by the fans, but also possible.

    In the end, if worst came to happen (sales wise), we can rest assured that games such as Soul Sacrifice will still have the safety net that PS Plus provides for critically acclaimed games that sold poorly.

  • No PvP :(

  • It’s only the digital release right?
    Will there be a physical copy release?

  • Is there any chance that we might get the Japanese voices for the game at some point?

  • There was a Japanese language DLC for the first SS. Will that transfer over to SSD? I don’t see a language pack DLC for SSD. Can someone enlighten me?

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