Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita

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Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita
Soul Sacrifice Delta Out Today on PS Vita

Hi everyone, it is with great pleasure that I can now declare the new Archfiend hunting season open with the launch of Soul Sacrifice Delta, available today for PS Vita — exclusively on PlayStation Store for $35.99. And for the first four weeks, we’ve bundled the game with the following, exclusive raiment items:

  • Soulbinder Costume
  • Magic Helm
  • Wizard’s Hat
  • Golden Mask
  • Possessed Mask
  • Slave Clothes

When we announced the release of Soul Sacrifice Delta last month, we introduced you to the new Grim faction and highlighted many new features and improvements to the Soul Sacrifice universe. Here are some more details on the new game modes.

Soul Sacrifice Delta

The first obvious addition to Librom’s pages is the Bazaar Ledger; Carnatux’s bazaar, to be more precise. Here, you can purchase new raiment items, have your palm read, get quest-altering rumours, leave or claim gifts, and embark on special quests to repay your debts because “None of this is free, you know?” as Carnatux would put it. And if you’re lucky, you may even bump into old friends…

Also available from the Bazaar Ledger is the Faction Power Balance where players can contribute to their faction’s global score by logging their Slayer points. Every week, the scores are compiled and the winning faction is named. There’s a reward for each player of the winning faction and the best players in each faction as well. So get logging — your faction needs you!

Found in the Sorcerous Deeds, Alice’s Eternal Maze is a survival dungeon mode where players can test their endurance by trying to survive wave upon wave of deadly Archfiends. The longer you survive, the better the rewards, but be careful: don’t let greed overcome you! You wouldn’t be the first sorcerer to fall victim to Alice’s Hollow, or the last for that matter…

And if you feel you still haven’t had your share of deadly quests, then look no further than the Blank Page mode. In this mode, you will be able to generate random pacts at the cost of some of your offering and lacrima. You can take on the pacts alone or online, and expect a pretty reward once all the quests on the page are completed. There are three blank pages readily available and five more which you can only unlock with Memory Clods.

Soul Sacrifice Delta for PS VitaSoul Sacrifice Delta for PS Vita

Memory Clod and Memory Clod bundle are not available on PlayStation Store at launch in North America due to a technical issue. The two products will be available on PlayStation Store on May 20th. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran (in which case you will want to transfer your Soul Sacrifice save data over to Delta), or an apprentice waiting to take the Sorcerer’s Ordeal, there is a lot for you to do in Soul Sacrifice Delta: new modes, new sorcerers, new Archfiends, new stories, and much, much more.

In Soul Sacrifice Delta, no matter what time of the day or night you may want to play, chances are that you will always find someone to play with online, as the multiplayer server is now global, so you can team up with players from all over the world!

So go on, read through Librom’s pages and discover its many secrets. “This is where your story begins.”

Stay tuned for the next Soul Sacrifice Delta update which will bring more content. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a message from the “Comceptor” himself, Inafune-san:

“In Soul Sacrifice Delta, we’ve expanded the world settings based on retellings of classic fairy tales with unique monsters. We’ve already released Soul Sacrifice Delta in Japan and Asia, and we’ve received great feedback from users there.

I’m happy how the game turned out so I’m confident that players in the West will also enjoy the game. With the introduction of additional faction “Grim” and the dynamics among three factions, players across the world will belong to one of the three factions and vie with each other, fighting against new monsters. I hope all of you will be immersed in the world of Soul Sacrifice Delta and enjoy the game to the fullest.”

–Keiji Inafune

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5 Author Replies

  • @49 Not in the US it hasn’t.

  • if this game is so great why isnt it got its own bundle like BORDERLANDS 2 ? if this 1 is anything like tha last 1 ill w8 and try it when it gets free in tha igc play it a week n delete it to make space on my mem stik.

  • This will be a entire new game or a expansion for the old one?

  • oversevethousand

    Can’t wait for the store to update with this. My only concern/disappointment is that we never got the Toukiden crossover boss DLC, and I don’t think it’s included in this. Ah well, that’s life.

    I just hope Inafune can rebound from this for the following entries in the series. Bad sales in Japan and people “protesting” it being digital here aren’t helping it at all, but I genuinely think this could potentially be one of the best Sony/Playstation IPs to ever exist if they stick to their guns with this one.

    Bring it on!

  • @51 Since November

    @50 You can share physical games, but for downloaded games you’ll have to reset your vita each time, because it locks to your PSN account, even so he’ll be playing on his vita on your account, so he can’t earn trophies.

  • oversevethousand

    It’s got about twice as much content as the original, more or less. It’s an expansion, but it’s got more content coming in than many sequels add after years. It’s also doing some heavy changing of how things work, supposedly.

  • For those wondering, the price they announced for EU is 30 euro, so I think it’s safe to say it’s gonna be 30$.

  • lRoseOfDarknessl

    What if the online pass cost extra $10.

  • @55 Survival mode, faction wars – each week faction having the most points wins (you can donate the points to your faction from quests or something). Winning faction gets rewards and best players of the winning factions (guessing most contributions?) get rewards. There’s shop for outfits, there are blank pages you can fill up with offerings and lacrima to get new quests, there are new bosses and tweaked old ones, there are new spells and spell combinations… SO much to do! And the amazing amount of ways you can make your character look to make you stand out! Soul Sacrifice 2.0 is here!

  • Guys, the game will cost $36. I know this because its up on the store RIGHT NOW. At that price, im debating getting it.

  • $35.99?!? What kind of oddball price is this? Man, that’s pretty pricey…

  • oversevethousand

    $36 is all of $6 more than the expected price. Not a huge thing.

    Already downloading it. Hope to see you guys in the game!

  • I myself have enjoyed playing the first game and will all the free dlc people are complaining about having to pay really. I will be purchasing the game as soon as I get paid this thurs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I own the original,as much as i love it i wont buy this at $40,gonna wait till it gets cheaper,seriously a revamped version should not cost at full price,but again i doubt they be that generous with the price,so wait for discount then

  • Oh and later at E3 next month they’ll announced Soul Sacrifice 2 is coming this year,i wouldnt be suprise

  • The lack of a price is highly suspect…

  • this is ridiculous… $36 for a revamped version… the japanese only 1000Yen for upgrading from teh previous SS.
    why does this is digital only [with full price] for reg1? the asian version have a physical & almost the sampe price with this digital -_-
    Any chance the PS+ user get the special price?

  • I’ll wait to a special discount to get it. US$36 it’s over my digital-game price. I’d gladly pay US$40 for the retail, but, there isn’t any… Meanwhile, I’ll keep playing Toukiden, and the Soul Sacrifice DLC that, even after getting platinum, hasn’t received any love from me. If it was US$20, would have been a no-brainer.

  • oversevethousand

    You guys are off your rocker. This has more than enough new content to warrant the price.

    Don’t go complaining if the next one doesn’t come over at all – you guys complaining about digital only and the price can look in the mirror when that happens if you want to know why it won’t come over.

  • oversevethousand

    $20? That’s not even funny as a joke.

  • I Love SS, since a year ago when purchased it, I paid full price on day one for Digital.. but the only way I pay full price again.. is that You release a retail edition with the Artbook that was in japan. Otherwise a upgrade promotion for a cheaper price.. or I’ll wait for a offer on PLUS.

    Really, SCEA, you guys doesn’t know how to promote games for Vita.

  • its $35.99

  • @51 Yes it was. It was free back in Feb or March maybe.

  • oversevethousand

    Their poor promoting skills really aren’t the issue if you want all of that. That’s just unreasonable.

  • I repeat, I’d gladly pay US$40 if it was a retail release. But, US$36, for a digital-only game? Let me start those SS Vanilla retail card DLC pacts, with some pals…

  • I won’t pay more than $19.99 for any digital only Vita game sorry. Especially if its just an enhanced version of an already released game.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    uuhhh wait. its digi only???

    soo you gouge us with proprietary memory then force a digi only structure on games?

    each game isnt just about lone cost, its about the memory it takes/costs to even contain the game.

    the “i can afford it, why cant you” argument is meaningless when you have to take into account this game is going to run you almost 4gb after all the patches. memory space is at an ultra premium. hell, its beyond that.

    side note/unrelated: borderlands 2 states the game is just shy of 5gb on the psn. cant confirm if the physical version has a voucher for the dlc, meaning you just bought a physi game that is still going to need a lump sum of memory.

    or if all of the game file is indeed included on a vita game card. i see no asterisk next to any of the pages where the physi game is being sold. yea the game “includes” the dlc but does it actually include it on the physi card?

    borderlands 2 vita psn page doesnt have an addon section… sooo? does this mean vita phsyi cards are now exceeding the stated 4gb max game file?

  • shibbydibbybibby

    related: many people who prefer physical games do so because of the horrendously inflated memory. we cant all just toss 3-4gb to the wind. seeing how SSD had a physi release in other regions just adds insult to injury. why digi only when other regions get a true physi release?

    i own my fair share of digi games, but its become a lost cause to even try to go near digi anything when the memory pricing is sickeningly out of touch.

    i take into account the real cost of any purchased game. 3gb+ game files x memory cost = lesser of 2 evils….?

    toukiden/ragnarok/soul sacrifice/valhalla knights? i have enough memory dedicated to vanilla versions. i also dont bastardize my games/memory space with a psuedo upgrade vers. unless its physical. if i spend money on digi, the game had to earn its right to be there. this also used to be a problem prior to the app ext.

    i can justify physi games since it afford me saved memory space, but not digi when it tends to be more about when the price/memory space is affordable. a game, no matter the quality is meaningless when the cost of the memory to contain it is staggeringly inflated.

    physi ftw!

  • I wish this were also available on a physical cart. :(

  • Very disappointed that there isn’t a retail release. Will pick this up when it goes on sale.

  • oversevethousand

    Guys, seriously. $20 because it’s digital only? Think about that for a minute.

    The majority of retail games are also put on PSN at the retail price – some are lower, and others start retail at a lower price, but their digital price usually matches that. Demon Gaze is $40 on PSN for instance. If you but that, you aren’t buying the physical game. The physical game is irrelevant. Why should this cost drastically less than other new digital titles based on that? That makes no sense.

    Any of you who genuinely thinks this should have been less than $30 (that’s a 25% discount) is out of your mind.

    And “it’s just an upgrade”? Have any of you played Soul Sacrifice? The content they’ve added is as much as was in the original game, so if that was worth the $40, this, having twice that content, is worth $80, isn’t it?

    Think before you speak. This game is worth the price. If you don’t want it, fine, but don’t make excuses like that.

  • Azure_Flame_Kite

    Waiting on a physical copy of the game (if that ever happens). You guys could at least had a limited number of physical copies for sale. Will buy it at a cheaper price if it stays digital only.

  • oversevethousand

    Localizations aren’t free. They can’t just put all this work and money into something, even something digital only, and then give it away for next to nothing ($20). That’s unrealistic.

    If you wait for a sale, fine. At least you’ll get it eventually – and be sure to enjoy it, because your crappy attitudes are probably going to help ensure we never get another Soul Sacrifice localized – assuming they can even make another with such bad sales.

  • oversevethousand

    And come on. If they had released it physical, you guys would just find another excuse (“Theyre charging $40 for an upgrade? Ugh!”) to not get it. Maybe that horrible mindset is why it didn’t do so well in Japan – and if it didn’t do well there, do you really think they would risk the costs of physical here?

    Be realistic people. We need to be grateful for every localization we can get, no matter what format they’re in. They’re not a guarantee. They’re not a right. They could stop localizing these games.

    If you want the game, stop with the excuses and the nonsense and just get the game. I can tell you, I’m only just a little into it, but it’s absolutely worth it.

  • This should have been a retail release something like how gamestop got one piece unlimited world red and tales or hearts r vita retail releases. I wouldve loved a collectors $60 dollar edition with hardcover art book and guide and metal case. Great way not to make money Sony. Throw out your flagship like this, I hope if we get an uncharted golden abyss 2 for vita they dont expect an only download. I spend 350 day one for this and this is the redheaded child of the sony systems.

    I dont ask for much but four big retail releases like Freedom Wars, Natural Doctrine, Gravity Rush and “Soul Sacrifice” would have went far this year (in retail packages). And Vita is almost at 10 million sold, so you could make full AAA releases like uncharted, all single player type games without the multiplayer take far less resources. Just like tearaway fantastic game made by 7 people at media molecule.

  • Point is i want my retail Soul Sacrifice Delta. Not a 3.0 gb download my 16 gb card cant fit.

  • I’m paying for a product, not making a donation. I had bought Dead or Alive 5, and Dead Or Alive Ultimate, also Ninja GAiden 3, and Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge. I’m fine with paying what a product it’s worth, for me, along as it comes as I want. Those 4 games were released as retail, so I paid the full price, Day One. I don’t like digital games, unless they’re via PS+, or at a price I’d consider (Killzone Mercenary at US$9 on PS Store, bought! Okami HD at US$20 on 1st day released, at US$20). And, there’s the thing on the absurd memory card prices.

    So, I’ll get SS Delta, when it’s at the price I consider. Enjoy your game! :) I’ll keep playing the Vanilla Soul Sacrifice I got Day One, retail.

  • bought.. gotta show support to keep those games coming!

  • I’m really disappointed that there isn’t a discount for those that already own Soul Sacrifice. I won’t be buying this until it goes on sale, I guess.

  • I won’t be picking this game up as well due to the counter-active marketing of the vita.
    I spent $100 on the 32gb and with the games i’ve already purchased on the psp along with gust titles only getting digi-only releases,
    I’m still in a situation where i cannot have my entire catalog of games, but I don’t even have the capacity for the games i would like have AND have space for new releases/dlc/patches without having to delete games to make space.
    Then we’ve got a 64gb stick that you have to import in for $120 because the memory cards are priced so insanely high, despite wanting to push digital titles even further.
    I WOULD buy SSD if it had released physical, or if the 64gb were stateside and at a reasonable pricepoint, I could then justify a digital only.
    I don’t understand the decision to shaft one region out of a physical copy, but from my perspective this can only prove to hurt the sales of this game, and the SS series even further by sonys’ current structure.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    one mans ceiling is another mans floor.

    to some the game is worth the price. to others it isnt.

    some people wouldnt spend 5 cents on this game. likewise some of us would rather import if there is an english vers. elsewhere to be found.

    another thing to note is… alot of the time when a game is released there is sale price(ps+ sale) for said game.

    the free raiments are just costumes. they garner no ability in game.

    costumes are nice touch for some and for others its just hokey dress-up. nothing to warrant a purchase and albeit a digi only one.

    dont assume we all think/purchase/act/enjoy/participate/capitulate the same.

    or if we do differently we are somehow lesser.

    the game is NOT worth the price for many. yet everyone has a price they will accept.

    seeing as many didnt even bother with SS till it hit the IGC says it all.

    many of us wouldnt touch the $40 price tag, but when it hit $20 sale price a bit back, we did.

  • shibbydibbybibby

    support to devs is more then your wallet, likewise support to fans is more then a bottom line.

    blind support to devs for supports sake can be a bad thing.

    an inkling of a sale may have caused more people to bite…

    but telling people theyre ultimately stupid because you justify/rationalize the price is just ignorant.

    i am with the consensus that im in no hurry and will just wait for a price/vers. that suits my gaming interests.

    if that leads to me importing and US psn not seeing support. so be it.

    same could be said for the vita slims. i wasnt waiting for SONY NA to get their act together, soo… chock up 2 more slims exported from japan. SONY still gets my dough, but its 2 less sales to boost the US market/numbers sold.

    hell, im still amazed the 64gb cards arent available.

    apparently the vita sells well in japan. yea well uhh, are they taking into account the sales from exported vitas?

  • shibbydibbybibby

    @ xXkcinXx

    64gb cards hover around $90-100. the sellers that are gouging are rampant… but if you delve a lil deeper im sure youll find then for less then $100. *hint no ebay/amazon/playasia

    *obviously im disregarding the shipping cost. but then again many sites do have free shipping, albeit timely… 3 weeks!

    completely understand if you feel burned getting a 32gb and then the 64gb being the same price.

    hell, i feel burned having bought the 64gb. but definitely even more so if i had gotten a 32gb for the og $100 price tag. i sooo almost did it too. in line/product in hand/rung it up… very last sec i said no way…

    good luck and godspeed!

    oh and happy hunting…

  • They should have at least give discount to those who already owned the original Soul Sacrifice to show gratitude to those who supported SS from the start. Im still gonna buy SSD from psn though.

  • @shibbydibbybibby

    I think i’ve spotted a place or 2 that have them at the range you mentioned(with the 3 week shipping being the case)
    and i think I’m still going to invest in the 64gb in due time. I at least have friends that would be happy with a 32 that i can make back some of the expenses.

    The arguments and points you bring in your posts i believe speak for a large amount of the people on the various reasons why we’ll just stick to vanilla, which i will be doing as well as a day 1 physical pre-order buyer of the original.

    I would like to play delta, but until I have a means to obtain it that i’ll accept, RO Ace, Toukiden, and vanilla SS will tide me over.

    Also back at ya to happy hunting.

  • Hi kumi, does the $36 price already includes the online pass?

  • I would buy this at full price if a physical version was released. I loved the heck out of the original so much, its pretty disappointing to see this digital only. Hopefully you can release a physical copy, even if it is Gamestop exclusive, limited run or whatever.

  • One faction saves, the other sacrifice, what do the grims do?

  • $36 and digital only? As much as I don’t want to, I think I’ll have to hold off. I’d pay that price for a physical game. Maybe.

    I think there should have been an option for owners of vanilla SS to upgrade at a lower price point. As it stands now, $80~ for one game is…eh… Maybe I’ll end up buying it at the end of the month since I’ll have a bit of birthday cash leftover after student loans, but I guess we’ll see. I was planning on continuing my .hack PS2 collection.

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