Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

When we announced the Limited Edition of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, we got a lot of questions about the Vita version. We promised we’d share the details with you when we had them, and now we do. So let’s open this up with some good news. The game will be coming to PS Vita on March 18th alongside the PS3 version. It will support cross save functionality, and will retail for $39.99!

The combo pack will also be available as a download on PlayStation Store. If you prefer a physical copy, you can buy Final Fantasy X at retail, which will include a voucher to download Final Fantasy X-2 from the PlayStation Store.

And we have even MORE news. Coming exclusively to the Square Enix Online Store, we’re happy to announce the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition for PS3. This is the definitive edition of the game for those of you who, like me, loved every minute of the original, and made costumes of all the characters for your friends so they could wear them… once.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD RemasterFinal Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector's Edition

So let’s talk about what you’ll be getting in this version. First of all, you get the full size, 40-page hardcover art book filled with the concept sketches, environment art, and characters that populate the world of Spira. The art is separated into two sections, one for each game. In the Final Fantasy X-2 section, we’ve even included a render of all three characters in every single one of their Dresspheres. It’s amazing to see how the art evolved into the final versions used in the game, and we’ve made sure to include some of the early art that would grow into the characters you know and love.

Secondly, that second disk you see in the image above is the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster original soundtrack (blu-ray music disc). This isn’t your everyday soundtrack — it’s actually more than six hours of music set to images from the game that you can hit play on and be taken on a visual journey through some of Final Fantasy X’s most memorable moments. If you’ve ever wanted to share your love for the game with someone special, this would be a great way to do it. Or you could play the game together, of course!

Finally, we’ve got five lithographs of art I know I would be proud to hang on my wall. You may recognize a few of these iconic scenes — Tidus and Yuna in the waters of Macalania Forest, Gunner Yuna’s striking pose — but the image of Tidus and Yuna embracing after all is said and done (I hope you know where you have to whistle) and the new CG render that appears as the Limited Edition box art are brand new visuals created specifically for the Remaster version. Which one do you think you’d frame?

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

And of course, you get the game too, in case there was any question.

Our goal with this Collector’s Edition was to give this game’s biggest fans something they could really cherish. I hope you enjoy the results!

The Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively through the Square Enix online store for the PS3 on March 18, 2014 for $79.99. Supplies will be limited, so pre-order to reserve your copy.

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  • YAY! Finallyyyyyyyyy a Final Fantasy game made for PS VITA. Now bring Type-0 over to the west!!!!!

  • was hoping for a physical copy of both for the vita like japan but seeing we are only getting a physical copy of X and a digital copy of X-2 and then i would have to buy a bigger memory card as the original i believe was around 2.1GB on a dvd this isnt what i would call a great deal sorry sony no thanks

  • OMG yesssss i will buy the PS3 & PS vita versions!!
    i love FFX/X-2 both are my favorite final fantasy games <3 so much nostalgia ;'')

    • I played this game for over 200 hrs back in 2001 – I plan on doing the same again. So much nostalgia of my college years – rather be playing FFX than studying! And now with it being accessible on the Vita … how am I going to get any work done around here!!! :P

  • Finally! It’s great to hear that I can play it on day 1 for PS VITA along with PS3 version. But it would be a treat for us to play it on Christmas time.

  • Is there any possibility that the game has extra subtitles, like, portuguese ?

  • So just to verify, I only want this on my Vita, what are my options?

    • You can but the physical copy at retailers or you can download on PSN. Both options come as a X / X-2 bundle pack for $39.99.

  • @Zionine Yeah I’ve seen the Terraria trophy list is combined. And yeah “Sound Shapes” is another example of separate trophy list. And since the game isn’t cross-buy they could give a person a little bit more incentive to buy both versions.

  • Best FF ever!.. great for the vita owners that they decided to include both games in the bundle, march will be awesome! Metal Gear and now this.. wow, i´m so excited!

  • Question: Will we have the option to buy DLC for the Japanese voice acting?

    I would like to get the Vita version, but I wish there was collectors edition for that one too.

  • Will EU get the collector´s edition? It´s already expensive, if I need to import the price will be ludicrous! I feel like EU is getting the short stick lately. There was no Pre-order link for KH1.5 limited edition for EU either. At least there was one with the pre-order bonuses for LR:FFXIII

  • Does the soundtrack CD include music from Final Fantasy X-2 as well or is it just Final Fantasy X?

  • I got the Collector’s Edition of Lightning Returns but I don’t know if I can get the Collector’s Edition of this for a couple reasons:
    1) I only have so much money.
    2) I’ll have to deal with Digital River again. Can you guys please use someone else? Did you not see how badly they messed up the Ni no Kuni Wizard’s Edition last year? I would really prefer to deal with you guys directly since I trust *YOU*, Square-Enix, not a third-party who don’t care about customer service.
    Thanks. :(

  • I hope SE will announce a Limited Edition for the PS Vita too.

    100% Sure buy :)

  • I see what SE did here. They purposely did a physical/digital combo to do away with buying used copies. If you trade back the game to your local Gamestop, you can bet that copy has already used up the code for Ff x2. So if you want to play both games you have to pay full price, since they’re not available separately.

  • Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD will be available in the Brazilian PS Store? What will be the price?

  • Regardless of which I am buying it for the PS Vita.

  • Any word on when the Vita version will be available for preorder? Is the box art the same?

  • Well this is actually pretty bad news.

    I never had any intention of buying the game for PS3, but the Limited Edition sounds like it’s not the same packaging as the Kingdom Hearts HD bundle, right? Because if it is, then that’s pretty bad, because that packaging is horrible. I would gladly trade my KH HD LE with someone’s normal edition copy.

    I was going to buy it on Vita, mainly for FFX-2, since I never got to play it. So I would want that it physical, not FFX. Why can’t they both be physical, when in Japan, Soul Sacrifice had an option to buy 2 carts in one box? If the case already exists, why not use it?

    Because of the decision to have no physical release of FFX-2 on Vita, if I ever get this collection, I will wait for it to be cheap. $20 or less. Killing at least some of your profit margin.

    • The Limited Edition is the same as the KH 1.5 packaging but the Collector’s Edition isn’t. The Limited Edition is a free upgrade for people for pre-order. The free upgrade will no longer be available once pre-orders are complete or we run out of inventory – which ever comes first and will become the standard packaging. Collector’s Edition will be a full size art book.

  • quick question the digital version how much space will it take on the memory stick ?

    i currently have 8gb memory card only 1.5 gb left due to FF7-9 + parasite eve 1-3rd Bday+ xenogears guess i might have to keep the saves and delete the games :( or buy a bigger memory card which i wont be able to afford unless price drop lol

    • I am looking into the download size and will get back to everyone when I find out!

    • This is an “estimated” size but here we go!

      PS Vita PSN: FFX and FFX-2 combined should be 7 GB.
      PS Via X-2 Voucher: Should be 3.5 GB.

  • Since this is a SE forum, I hope you read this. Crisis Core FF VII on Vita please!

  • Will there be an easy mode?
    I was never able to beat the final boss in Final Fantasy X on PS2 and it made me sad. :(

  • Hi
    I was hoping to see more details about the download size of each (Vita)

    • This is an “estimated” size but here it is:

      PS Vita PSN: FFX and FFX-2 combined should be 7 GB.
      PS Via X-2 Voucher: Should be 3.5 GB.

  • Great news, looking forward to replay them both on my Vita

  • Hi Sakura-san!

    please answer my questions:
    1. does the Artbook included in Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster Limited Edition available at Amazon, different from the one available in the Square Enix Store?
    2. If I preorder, does my Credit Card charged instantly?

    Looking forward for your response… Thanks! <3

    • Hello GeroIPS-san!

      Ohayou gozaimasu! Answers below!

      1. The Limited Edition (Not the Collector’s Edition) is the same at all participating retailers. Collector’s Edition is only available at the Square Enix Store.

      2. Each retailer has different policies so I would check with the retailers you plan on pre-ordering from.

  • WOOO!! Vita version here I come!! Vita is the best way to play JRPGS!! #JRPGVITA

  • Hey Sakura Minamida,

    please tell the guys to make a REMAKE of Final Fantasy VI ;)

  • Hi, i’d just like to express disappointment at the lack of a physical release for FFX-2 Vita. Vita memory cards are rather small in comparison to the size of games, I prefer to purchase physical releases when possible. FFX-2 is not some “bonus”, it’s one of the best games in the series and I don’t like it being forced into a download only title, even if I buy retail.

  • How about a physical FFX-2, I wanted to lend the game too, no one cares about FFX, you might aswell put X as download only, thx.

  • Hi Minamida-san:

    Any word on the Vita packaging?

    Hope we get either one with ONLY Amano’s logo illustration on a white background OR the same as the Japanese Vita Twin Pack.


  • Buying on Vita! Can you tell us if there is Cross-save? (you should also port to PS4 as well. Im not buying any new game for my last gen PS3 but I would buy it on PS4 instantly)

    March cant get here soon enough :D

  • I love that Final Fantasies 1-10 are all available on the Vita. Good going, Squeenix. This year I played through VI and IX for the first time on my Vita and had a great time. Bonus points that it’s possible to transfer my Vita save to a PS1 memory card and back using a PS3 as an intermediary, because I am insane, apparently.

  • No cross-buy ;_;

  • Will there be an option to use the original Japanese voices?

  • Is the Square-Enix store still using Digital River for order fulfillment? I’ve heard nothing but horror stories, there’s no way I’m buying direct from companies using them.

  • thanks! going to buy the game on vita! can we pre order the game on vita? will we get added bonus?

  • I would have LOVED if this collector’s edition had the Vita editions included too. I’d have paid $100 for it even. As it is, I gotta go with the Vita editions alone, portability is the biggest sell of this remake for me. I hope the people that’ll be selling the visual soundtrack on Ebay don’t gouge me too badly.

  • Even a voucher code to get the Vita version for half-price would get me to buy this thing. C’mon Square Enix, I wanna buy them both SO badly but you gotta give me a little somethin’ somethin’, not gonna buy the same game twice at full price….at least not at the same time…. *cough*orunlessitspokemon*cough*

  • My fight moneyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

  • Thanks Square; been looking forward to this for my vita :)

  • I plan to own a PS4 by the time this comes out which means my PS3 will get boxed up. Please let there be a collectors edition for Vita!

  • Very disappointed to see that another Collector’s Edition is being made exclusive to the SE Store.

  • Is there any chance of us getting a video comparison between the PS3 and VITA versions? I am pretty sure I want the vita version but if it’s anything like the difference between the Jak and Daxter collections on PS3 and Vita I wouldn’t dare so….

  • Hello,

    So is there a digital release for FFX / FFX2 for ps3 too or only disc based like KH1.5

  • I wish that the Vita retail version had both games on disc instead of a download code for the second. Yes, I know the Vita cartridges have a 4GB limit, but what’s stopping you from including two separate cartridges?

  • I’m so excited to finally get a release date! This is one of the reasons I bought my Vita and I’m excited to get this. Thanks so much for the good news!

  • Any chance on an early release on FFX?

  • No Limited Edition for the Vita version? :(

  • Thanks Square for bring this great game to vita I can’t wait to march to get it

  • I hope a kingdom hearts remaster soon for vita :D

  • Q1 of next year is _packed_ with crazy good games, but I’ll definitely be making room for this on my Vita. Specifically looking forward to X-2 (most underrated FF title… that battle system is ridiculously good).

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