Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

When we announced the Limited Edition of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, we got a lot of questions about the Vita version. We promised we’d share the details with you when we had them, and now we do. So let’s open this up with some good news. The game will be coming to PS Vita on March 18th alongside the PS3 version. It will support cross save functionality, and will retail for $39.99!

The combo pack will also be available as a download on PlayStation Store. If you prefer a physical copy, you can buy Final Fantasy X at retail, which will include a voucher to download Final Fantasy X-2 from the PlayStation Store.

And we have even MORE news. Coming exclusively to the Square Enix Online Store, we’re happy to announce the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition for PS3. This is the definitive edition of the game for those of you who, like me, loved every minute of the original, and made costumes of all the characters for your friends so they could wear them… once.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD RemasterFinal Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector's Edition

So let’s talk about what you’ll be getting in this version. First of all, you get the full size, 40-page hardcover art book filled with the concept sketches, environment art, and characters that populate the world of Spira. The art is separated into two sections, one for each game. In the Final Fantasy X-2 section, we’ve even included a render of all three characters in every single one of their Dresspheres. It’s amazing to see how the art evolved into the final versions used in the game, and we’ve made sure to include some of the early art that would grow into the characters you know and love.

Secondly, that second disk you see in the image above is the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster original soundtrack (blu-ray music disc). This isn’t your everyday soundtrack — it’s actually more than six hours of music set to images from the game that you can hit play on and be taken on a visual journey through some of Final Fantasy X’s most memorable moments. If you’ve ever wanted to share your love for the game with someone special, this would be a great way to do it. Or you could play the game together, of course!

Finally, we’ve got five lithographs of art I know I would be proud to hang on my wall. You may recognize a few of these iconic scenes — Tidus and Yuna in the waters of Macalania Forest, Gunner Yuna’s striking pose — but the image of Tidus and Yuna embracing after all is said and done (I hope you know where you have to whistle) and the new CG render that appears as the Limited Edition box art are brand new visuals created specifically for the Remaster version. Which one do you think you’d frame?

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

And of course, you get the game too, in case there was any question.

Our goal with this Collector’s Edition was to give this game’s biggest fans something they could really cherish. I hope you enjoy the results!

The Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively through the Square Enix online store for the PS3 on March 18, 2014 for $79.99. Supplies will be limited, so pre-order to reserve your copy.

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  • Confused about the digital download. Is it *just* for the Vita or is it downloadable on the PS3, too?

    • Hi Electivirus! The game will be downloadable on PSN for both Vita and PS3. If you are asking if the hard copy of the PS3 also has a X-2 voucher, then no it doesn’t. The hard copy of the PS3 version has both games in one disc and only the Vita will be a combo with the FFX Cartridge and FFX-2 voucher packed in. Hope this answers your question!


  • Yes! This is awesome. PS3 both games will fit on one Blueray I assume. Electivirus both will be physical ps3, just not sure how.

  • So is the $39.99 for both games on the vita or for each? There were some rumors that on vita they would be seperated.
    And will there be a version that contais both games on both consoles? Would love to play it on PS3 AND my Vita!

    In either case, I’m excited. Wanted to play it again but waited for the HD release and now it’s almost time.

    • This is a bundle pack so you will get both games (FFX and FFX-2) for $39.99 for the Vita. FFX will be on a cartridge and FFX-2 will be packed in with a download voucher. Hope that helps! I have no information on the PS3 + Vita Combo pack at this time.

      Very happy to hear that you are excited about the release! It is right around the corner!!

  • If I may ask 2 questions:
    For Vita owners:
    -Can we buy the games separately digitally?
    -Do we get a discount for buying both games together digitally?

    • And I have answers!

      The game cannot be purchased separately. Regardless of what platform (PS3, Vita, PSN) you will get both game for the price of $39.99.

      Hope that helps!

  • Would’ve loved to get the Collector’s Edition if it wasn’t through the Square Enix store. Oh well I’ll settle for the Limited Edition instead. Definitely won’t be missing out on this. Might get on Vita as well.

  • Finally a release date for the psvita!! thank you!!
    will be released some demo?

  • No cross-buy I assume? Unsure which platform to get the game on, probably will be Vita though.

  • Can we buy JUST FFX for half the price like most PS3 Collections on both PS3 and Vita?

  • Could you guys, please, release it for the PS4? Pretty please :P

  • So Vita version will have FFX on game card and FFX-2 via Download. Seems fair to me

  • I just might buy 2 copies of BOTH Vita games, One pair for me, the other for my older brother.

  • question about the Digital PSVITA version:

    Will there be a digital combo back for the digital version on the Vita?

    what I mean is, you’re going to have a combo pack for the physical PSVITA version, will you offer the same deal for the Digital version?

  • So we can only get FFX-2 digitally? That kinda sucks but I’m still very happy it’s coming so soon. I was expecting a long delay. I wish you would have made a two pack thing for Vita, even if it would have cost $10 more. It would have been worth it for the memory card space. Thanks for finally making FF5 vita compatible last week as well!

  • Aw, I would’ve loved a collector’s edition for PS Vita as well :(

  • Yay, I was thinking the Vita version would be released later since there were no comments about it. Now I’m truly glad to know it’ll release on the same day as the PS3 version.

    Please, any comments about the file size for the Vita games? I’m concerned if my memory card will hold the digital version :P

    • We wanted to make sure all the details were locked before sharing! Glad we were able to share the great news!!

      Apologies but I don’t have the X-2 DL size with me at the moment. I will see if I can get more details on that and respond if and when I do!

    • This is an “estimate” but it should be around the following:

      PS Vita Download: FFX and FFX-2 combined should be 7 GB.
      PS Via X-2 Download: Should be 3.5 GB.

  • Do you have any further information on that CE? The last time SE told us we were getting a free art book we got a mini book as the Game “Box”. Even though this says “Full Size” it also says “Packaging”. What exactly is “Full Size” and what size are those lithographs? if they are no bigger than KH1.5s I will have to pass.

    • Hi Niwaar – This is a full size art book as in it’s give and take 8″ x 11″ so it is NOT the mini size of the KH 1.5 art book. The Lithos are jsut about the same size as the book so give and take 8 x11. It’s called packaging because the Blu-Ray and Game sits in the back of the book. Sorry I don’t have the exact dimensions on this right now. I will share if I do!

      The mini size art book is included for the Limited Edition Pre-Order version so if you do not want the small art book, the Collector’s Edition is the way to go!

      This was a way to give the fans an opportunity to get pick a mini one or a full size one for you hardcore fans :)

    • I got the exact dimensions to the book! The Collector’s Edition’s art book will be 7.625″ x 11″ (around the same size for the Lithos) where as the Limited Edition is “5.75 x 7.625” a standard DVD size.

      Hope this helps!

  • Please release Valkyrie Profile 2 as PS2 Classic on PSN

  • Happy to hear about the Vita version. Both are a day one buy.

    Not happy about the Square Enix store shafting me on the collectors edition. Good chance I’ll be skipping that, I really hope this isn’t a trend or I’m going to start missing out on collectors editions going forward.

  • As it has cross-save I’m guessing it has cross-trophy too, right?

    • The trophies are combined; each title has its own trophy set (X and X-2) even though they’re one SKU on PS3; once you’ve earned trophies on Vita, syncing with the server will give you them on PS3, and vice versa. :)

  • Some more questions if u don’t mind:
    -Any Final Fantasy related PS3 themes, avatars?
    -Are u able to reveal the download size or at least an estimate?

    • Hi again! No details on the themes right now and I am looking in to the download size of the games! Will let you know if I find something!!

    • The “Estimated” size is as follows:

      PS3 PSN: Around 24.1 GB
      PS Vita PSN: FFX and FFX-2 combined should be 7 GB.
      PS Via X-2 PSN: Should be around 3.5GB

      Once again this is an estimate but will give you a general idea!

  • Dear Square Enix, Please release Valkyrie Profile 2 as PS2 Classic on PSN

  • “The game cannot be purchased separately. ” Why? i really cant see a reason

  • Dang, now I dont which system to buy it in!

    Hey do you know if best buy is one of the retailers who is selling the limited edition with the artbook for pre orders? It doesn’t mention it on the site

  • I’m excited for the remastered soundtrack, I’ll preorder the collectors edition right away, and change my original PS3 preorder to the Vita version.

  • No X-2 physical Vita version? That makes me sad :(

  • There will be a Collector’s Edition or Limited Edition of the physical Vita version?

  • I want to get this for both my PS3 and Vita. I have the PS3 version on pre-order. If it wasn’t Square Enix store only, I would have gotten the Collectors Edition.

  • @DeMolay145 This is already out in Japan, and the PS4 is not out in Japan.

  • Will the games be available for separate purchase on either Vita, PS3 or both?

  • Vita day one retail copy for me. I never played these back on the PS2 so I have been looking forward to this since they were announced. Can’t wait!

  • Gah, I mean it will be out in Japan on December 26.

  • Will I be able to get the Collector’s edition if I live in the UK?

  • Well, there goes my excitement for this collector edition. I already have this game pre-ordered for my PS3 and was ready to go upgrade to the collectors edition. However, since it’s only online it looks like I won’t be able to just like with Lightning Returns.

  • We couldnt buy separately physical FFX and FFX-2? please an answer! :)

    • All versions (PS3, Vita, PSN) will be bundle packs for $39.99. There are no plans as of right now to sell them separately.

  • I can’t believe they’re not releasing a physical edition of X-2. They should be making a twin pack available like in Japan.

  • So will the PS3 version and the PSVITA version have separate trophy list?
    Or will the trophy list be combined into one?
    Because I will gladly buy both versions of the game if they have separate trophy list.

    • The trophies are combined; each title has its own trophy set (X and X-2) even though they’re one SKU on PS3; once you’ve earned trophies on Vita, syncing with the server will give you them on PS3, and vice versa. :)

  • I can barely type as my fingers are shaking from excitement! Wow this is incredible. FFX was awesome, thinking back to when I first played it on PS2 I would have never imagined playing it on a handhold in HD!!

  • @Shadowking0 – Most likely same trophies.. It’s going to take forever anyways- But I say that because it’s CROSS SAVE. Cross Save games generally don’t allow multiple trophies cause.. well.. that’s cheap.

  • Well “Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time” had Cross Save and it also had a separate trophy list. So I make a point to ask every time I see 2 versions of the game

  • (Previous Comment) @ Zionine

  • Any word if we can switch to use the original music tracks in the games? The “remastered” ones lack the punch of the originals. If so, I’ll consider buying the Vita version too (even at this disappointing price). If not, I’ll probably not buy at all. :(

  • Little disappointed it’s not Cross-Buy…

  • Oh. I responded to Shadowking and totally forgot to put in my input.

    PREORDERING TONIGHT. More excited about this than any PS4 game coming out. Hahah. I’m going to play the mess out of these two games. I love the physical/digital combo… since if I ever somehow lose the FFX cartridge.. I’ll just play the mess out of 10-2.. it generally has more replay value anyways.

    I hope the graphical quality is amazing on Vita.. I don’t doubt it though, as the first SE project on Vita.. That’s good news.

  • Will the psn Vita version be both games in one bubble or in separate bubbles(ala MGS 2 & 3)?

  • @Shadowking0 — I see. I think Sound Shapes doubled my trophies too when I synced it on my PS4… but what I was saying.. is it’s not typical cause that’s kinda cheap. Terraria for sure won’t have it.

  • Woohoo! Now, time to figure out how to get the Collector’s Ed since SEO doesn’t ship to my country :(

  • how come no ps vita collector edition?

  • It would be nice if we received some more FF avatars. Preferably Lightning but I wouldn’t mind Yuna either.

  • How many trophy sets are we looking at? 2 for each version or shared? When we use cross save do the trophies transfer as well (like Sound Shapes, MGS, Sly Cooper, etc)

    • The trophies are combined; each title has its own trophy set (X and X-2) even though they’re one SKU on PS3; once you’ve earned trophies on Vita, syncing with the server will give you them on PS3, and vice versa. :)

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