Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

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Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Collector’s Edition Detailed, Vita Release Date

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

When we announced the Limited Edition of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster, we got a lot of questions about the Vita version. We promised we’d share the details with you when we had them, and now we do. So let’s open this up with some good news. The game will be coming to PS Vita on March 18th alongside the PS3 version. It will support cross save functionality, and will retail for $39.99!

The combo pack will also be available as a download on PlayStation Store. If you prefer a physical copy, you can buy Final Fantasy X at retail, which will include a voucher to download Final Fantasy X-2 from the PlayStation Store.

And we have even MORE news. Coming exclusively to the Square Enix Online Store, we’re happy to announce the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition for PS3. This is the definitive edition of the game for those of you who, like me, loved every minute of the original, and made costumes of all the characters for your friends so they could wear them… once.

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD RemasterFinal Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector's Edition

So let’s talk about what you’ll be getting in this version. First of all, you get the full size, 40-page hardcover art book filled with the concept sketches, environment art, and characters that populate the world of Spira. The art is separated into two sections, one for each game. In the Final Fantasy X-2 section, we’ve even included a render of all three characters in every single one of their Dresspheres. It’s amazing to see how the art evolved into the final versions used in the game, and we’ve made sure to include some of the early art that would grow into the characters you know and love.

Secondly, that second disk you see in the image above is the Final Fantasy X HD Remaster original soundtrack (blu-ray music disc). This isn’t your everyday soundtrack — it’s actually more than six hours of music set to images from the game that you can hit play on and be taken on a visual journey through some of Final Fantasy X’s most memorable moments. If you’ve ever wanted to share your love for the game with someone special, this would be a great way to do it. Or you could play the game together, of course!

Finally, we’ve got five lithographs of art I know I would be proud to hang on my wall. You may recognize a few of these iconic scenes — Tidus and Yuna in the waters of Macalania Forest, Gunner Yuna’s striking pose — but the image of Tidus and Yuna embracing after all is said and done (I hope you know where you have to whistle) and the new CG render that appears as the Limited Edition box art are brand new visuals created specifically for the Remaster version. Which one do you think you’d frame?

Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster

And of course, you get the game too, in case there was any question.

Our goal with this Collector’s Edition was to give this game’s biggest fans something they could really cherish. I hope you enjoy the results!

The Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster Collector’s Edition will be available exclusively through the Square Enix online store for the PS3 on March 18, 2014 for $79.99. Supplies will be limited, so pre-order to reserve your copy.

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  • Total fail for not having X-2 on a cart for the Vita. Either the game is too big to fit on a Vita cart and it’s Sony’s problem, or SE made a mistake. I’m not buying the Vita version due to this oversight. I’m now on the fence for the PS3 version. I’d much rather have the vita version.

    On reflection. I won’t bother with either. I’ll wait to see if you change your mind on the vita carts. Until then I’ll drag the Ps2 out of the closet and play the originals instead.

  • will the digital version be cheaper than retail?

  • Uh, okay. So let me get this straight. If I buy the Collector’s Edition, it’s $80. If I buy the regular PS3 edition (is it only digital?) then it’s $40. If I buy the Vita version, it’s $40, with X-2 being a digital download. If I want to take advantage of the cross-save feature, I have to buy the PS3 and PS Vita versions separately, which will cost me $80-120. You gotta see how this is confusing.

    • Here is the clarification (You were pretty much spot on).

      – Collector’s Edition has the PS3 version with both games on disc
      – Regular Edition has both games on 1 disc
      – Vita Version has both games but with FFX on Cartridge and FFX-2 on Voucher
      – All versions are available on PSN as a FFX / FFX-2 Bundle

  • Hei mod , currently i seen only region 1 NA who got the FFXHD and X2 , will there be region 3 HK , SG ? Cuz i live in asia :( my psn is region 3 :( i really love this game .. have finished it 5 times in row and still not enough !!

  • Awesome news, finally a Vita release date! A shame there’s no collector’s version for the Vita, though.

  • When will it be up for pre order on any site beside the SE store?

  • Yes! One step closer. I’ll be getting this* in support of the “if you buy this, we’ll think of making FFXII HD as well” campaign.

    *Vita retail ed.

  • Ugh…so, the only way to get both games on one disc is to buy the Limited Edition version directly from Square, and it’s $80. If I buy either the PS3 or PS Vita version of the game in physical form, it’s $40, and I have to download X-2.

    The real bummer is that I have had what I thought to be the definitive version of the game pre-ordered at EB for months now, but what I’m getting will be the regular edition, so I might as well cancel that. And $80 is a bit of a high price for me. It’s also disappointing that there is no discount being offered for the digital versions, which is the way I will probably choose to go.

    On the bright side, I’m happy to hear that you are NOT separating the games and selling them separately on Vita as it was originally reported. Vita games should never cost more than their PS3 equivalents, and combo packs should be sold in the same way. Still, a cross-buy discount would be nice, as I would consider buying both the PS3 and PS Vita versions together if there was some sort of saving (or at least a discount for the digital versions).

  • It seems very silly that you wouldn’t just print 2 cartridges for Vita.

  • Really dissapointed in not being cross buy. I cant see anyone buying them both to use the cross save functionality. Seems a stupid move from Square, make it cross save but not cross buy?

    After dissapointing games FF games youd think they would want to save face for once.
    Ah well still excited X was a great game and never finished X-2 and nows my chance. But the corss buy would have been an immediate 100% sell for me and im sure many many other people.

  • I’m psyched… FF X in HD on my Vita is going to be a sweet, sweet experience.

    Sakura, Square has yet to make some of its best PSP games available digitally on the Vita yet:
    -Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII
    -Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep
    -Valkryie Profile: Lenneth
    -Final Fantasy: Type-0

    Are there any plans to release these games for the Vita? What can fans do to encourage Square to consider releasing them?

    Also… Final Fantasy XII has yet to be announced for an HD re-release. What are our chances of seeing that one re-released by its 10th anniversary in 2016?

  • Why is Square Enix all of a sudden only selling collector’s editions on their webstore and not retailers?

    Thanks for your time.

  • Correcting myself, I think. If I buy the PHYSICAL game on PS3, whether it’s the Collector’s Edition or not, both X and X-2 are on the disc. Is this correct, Sakura? I’m basing this on one of your earlier answers:

    “Sakura Minamida on December 16th, 2013 at 5:11 am said:
    Hi Electivirus! The game will be downloadable on PSN for both Vita and PS3. If you are asking if the hard copy of the PS3 also has a X-2 voucher, then no it doesn’t. The hard copy of the PS3 version has both games in one disc and only the Vita will be a combo with the FFX Cartridge and FFX-2 voucher packed in. Hope this answers your question!”

    • Yes you are correct! The PS3 Collectors, Limited Edition (First Run), after the first run the Standard Edition, comes as a bundle on one disc.

      Even on PSN, all available options are bundles.

      Physical Vita is FFX Cartridge & FFX-2 Voucher
      PSN Vita is both games bundled

  • This looks wonderful and I will definitely be pre ordering the collector’s edition after I finish pre-ordering the collector’s edition of Dark Souls 2.

  • So much confusion..why didnt square make this easy. Buy retail, get both games hardcopy, buy Vita, get game and download code if it wont fit to 2 cartridges, or dont do a hard copy on vita at all, Buy digital, give a choice as individual or discounted if you buy both.

    Limited edition get both discs and art books and soundtrack or something. Done and Done

    Square over complicates, i love them dearly but stop over thinking. Im looking at you hard to follow FF13 with your random back and fourthness.

    On a side note..vita for me hopefully 100% digital as i have the 32gb card. I may be able to get 100% sphere grid if i have it on vita lol

  • We players want cross-buy.

  • Only interesting there is the music dics, would prefer that instead of the LE mini-book.

  • Okay, I’m straightened out, just one question that’s probably been answered long ago, but will the games feature the original Japanese with subtitles, rather than just English voice-over? I’m assuming so, but I just don’t want a rude awakening when I pick up my PS3 and/or Vita versions.

  • Can you post a 1080p of that rikku pic? I like it but it’s not wallpaper size…

  • aww sakura xD FFX was my first PS2 game as well i was 11 when i first played it now i’m 22

  • you know what i’m hoping the soundtrack for both games should be on PS store!!
    also i wish the japanese original voices is an option for these games.. if not please concider making them a DLC i know a lot of people prefer the japanese voice acting xD btw english is also fine

  • thanks squareenix i’m very happy with the ps vita news :)

  • Any chance the Vita retail version will get the limited edition pre-ordet art book that PS3 got?

  • Maaaaaaaaaaan i was worried I was going to have to buy FFX and FFX2 separately for 39.99 each, I sure wish they threw in a code for a digital copy of MGS Peace Walker for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection like you guys!

  • I’d love to get this Collector’s Edition, but Digital River is AWFUL. Will not buy through them.

  • Brilliant news Sakura & thank you for your post.

    Really looking forward to re-visiting Spira, I read this HD edition enjoys an updated soundtrack score?
    Very iconic, I loved both these titles back in the day.

    Great work bringing these classic to us all – thank you Square-Enix.
    Ahh, if only you could have squeezed in Final Fantasy 12 as well ;D

    Can’t wait to take on Trema & those super bosses again, ride ze Shoopuf & fire the Besaid Aurochs !!!

  • Went To Best Buy Yesterday And Saw The Trailer On PSVita.


  • Hello!

    First of all, SO excited for this.
    But just a few questions:
    1) Does the collector’s edition come with a separate game case, or are there slots for the game/soundtrack built in to the artbook?
    2) Is the white cover seen in the CE picture above the final cover, or is it a placeholder?
    3) Any plans on releasing the games separately via PSN (obviously in the future)? I will be buying physical for Vita, but I would like to eventually like to get X digitally as well (I’m detail-oriented like that).


    • Here are the answers that I can share!

      1) There is a slot at the back of the book that holds both the game and Blu-Ray Soundtrack.
      2) The white cover is the final design. We wanted to bring a little bit of Japan to North America :)
      3) I have no information on this. Sorry!

  • if I buy the digital version of FFX, would I still get a voucher for FFX-2?
    I would like to have both games digital

  • Hello, please make sure you guys make a Collector’s Edition for Final Fantasy XV with a Noctis figurine. Thanks

  • I had already ordered the limited edition through Amazon, bu this collector’s edition is too good for me to pass up. I absolutely loved playing through FFX (never owned it, though), and I have never played FFX-2. This HD collection is near-perfect for people like me. I wish there had been more order options, though. After numerous attempts, my order finally went through on the Square Enix Online Store.

    It’s a shame about the cover for the collector’s edition. I hope that isn’t a final image, because I much prefer the cover of the limited edition version. The “FINAL PRODUCT MAY VARY” note near the bottom-left corner of the image gives me a small amount of hope, but I doubt it will chance much/if at all.

    • It will be the white cover but the beautiful image used on the limited edition cover will be included as a Lithograph for the collector’s edition :)

  • In Spanish for PSVita?

  • Preordered both Lightning Returns and this off the Square Enix Store…does this mean I have to wait until late March for both games, though?

  • Well this sucks.
    So the limited edition of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD will have the same packaging as Kingdom Hearts HD?
    You guys don’t listen to your fans at all do you? We don’t want the game in the art book, we want it separate!
    Now I have to go and cancel my order.

    Please Reply —> And why can’t we get the two cartridges for the Vita version for both Final Fantasy X and X-2 like Japan? Why can’t we get the twin pack? I don’t want a download of Final Fantasy X-2, I want a physical copy of the game for my Vita. I hate this move by Square Enix.

  • Final Fantasy X was my first PS2 game. I purchased it before I even owned a PS2. For Christmas that year all I asked for from family was money so I could buy one. I didn’t want any family member to buy it for me because I knew it wasn’t cheap but my mother surprised me with a big box under the tree. She had purchased the PS2 for me and my aunt gave me a memory card. I was all set and so excited. I stayed up all night playing Final Fantasy X.
    When Square Enix announced the HD remake I was so happy. I was looking forward to owning both the PS3 and Vita versions of Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD but not anymore.

    I hope you guys/girls over at Square Enix Amercia change you minds and give us a proper release of the games.
    Please give us the twin pack just like Square Enix is doing in Japan.

  • This will be something at sme point that I will get, glad to see its coming much sooner than later in the next year.

  • Hi, is there any information on a UK release for this or will it be exclusively for US?

  • Why is it only thru the Square Enix Store, why cant I order it from Amazon?
    Id love to have it but dont really trust publisher specific stores

  • Are X and X-2 independant from each other??
    I’m really interested in my most favourite game of all time, which is FFX; not so much in X-2. Could I sell or gift that to someone else by passing the download code?

    And more or less the same question, will I (living in Germany) get that voucher at all? With R&C Nexus that didn’t work out so well, since someone at Sony must have said no codes, just on-disk… which was a real **** move and from what I’ve heard not even discussed with Insomniac before :P

  • Also I know this might have been said alot but any chance of a Square Enix HD collection for PS3/4/Vita containing Dissadia 012 Duodeciem, Criss Core, The 3rd Birthday, and Final Fantasy Type 0?

  • Still undecided whether I should get this or wait for Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix. If I do plan to get it, I would get both digitally for the Vita. Like Zilas said, I didn’t buy the Limited Edition for 1.5 Remix because I didn’t want the game to be together with the art book. If it’s a soundtrack, fine. But for the game, absolutely not.

    @D-Squad3 See? It’s not that hard to write more than 2 words even though it’s off topic. But please continue writing comments like this next time.

  • It’s a shame that the games will not be sold separately. I was only interested in FF X since I don’t like X-2, guess I will not buy the HD remaster after all. I don’t want to pay 40 bucks for two games when I know that I wont play one of them.

  • I’d rather buy FFX and FFX-2 for $40 a piece at retail for Vita.

    But at least FFX is retail, I suppose. Better than I thought.

  • Great news about the release of this game! One question though. A few people already posted this question but it hasn’t got a response yet. Can you confirm the trophy sets are seperate for the PS3 and Vita versions? or are they shared between the two platforms?

  • Also, damn it SE. Artbook packaging is terrible.

  • So I’m confused about the limited edition content. Will there be any difference to the ingame content between the standard $39.99 edition to the limited $79.99 edition?

    I’m other words what I’m asking will the gaming experience be the same on both editions or does the limited edition have more added ingame features? Please respond.


  • I want the PlayStation Vita gamecard for FFX-2 as the Japanese version. =____=
    Could not you do as the Japanese versione of FFType-0 ?! One pack, two UMD (in this case two PSV gamecard). Also at the same price as the PS3 version but both of the cartridge. Bah.

    I’m disappointed.

  • I hope I’m right at this… The combo pack is for Vita/PS3 and priced at $40? And we can buy separately right? I’m wondering, should I spend $80 and get both versions or $80 for collectors? I’m happy for this and I’m waiting on word for FFXII! C’mon Square, make it happen!!

  • why didn’t you guys do this with kingdom hearts 1.5!!?? I would of loved that ): please do a collectors edition for kingdom hearts 2.5 & also I’ve been asking for some kingdom hearts avatars for psn for so long..

  • Hi, I want to order both Final Fantasy X HD collectors edition and Lightning Returns collectors edition. I know you guys want to make as much money as possible and that is why it is exclusive to your online store. But how am I suppose to get this at a reasonable shipping rate? To get this next day it is almost 30 dollars. I would buy this in a heartbeat at the store I pre ordered this from, or if you guys had a reasonable rate. I want to know do you have any plans to release this anywhere else?

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