Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

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Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

It’s been a historic first month for PlayStation 4 and the feedback we’re receiving from PlayStation fans around the world has been nothing short of amazing.

It’s now clear that the launch of PS4 is one for the record books. This afternoon we learned from market research firm NPD Group that PS4 was the top-selling console for November and PlayStation was #1 in sales overall for home consoles. This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s confirmation that the PS4 launch is the biggest ever in the history of game consoles. Ever! And it’s all thanks to you.

We’re also seeing gamers embrace the social capabilities of PS4 at a record pace. Earlier this week, we announced that hundreds of thousands of gamers are using the PS4’s integrated streaming capabilities. Nearly 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions have streamed through Twitch and Ustream, totaling more than 20 million minutes of live gameplay.

We’re extremely proud to have such a passionate community and are grateful for your support. Thanks for an unforgettable PS4 launch and for making 2013 such a historic year for gaming. We look forward to sharing exciting PS4 news in the near future.

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  • Glad to be part of history :)

  • Congrats sony, I appreciate everything you’ve set out to do for console gaming. I appreciate the thoughtfulness but this is only the beginning. Myself, being a well rounded non cocky gaming connoisseur plan on acquiring all the gaming consoles in 2014, I have the ps4 currently but can’t open it tip christmas so Im sweating it out…PS4 is the console of choice and as far as consoles go Sony comes first! although I play pc games and mobile games consoles are my bread and butter and I am dedicated to supporting sony on its journey for greatness… thank you for thinking about us.

  • Hey I made it into the video :55 Best Birthday EVER!

  • I am glad to be apart of this epic history !!

  • I’m proud to say I currently own the original Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, and now Playstation 4. Playstation 4 was my first ever day 1 console. And I’m glad I picked it up :) I also have the Playstation Portable and hoping to get the Vita as soon as I can rack up some cash. Sony, you have a loyal fan in me. And remember that being such a big company was made possible by the little guy. Go Playstation! #4ThePlayers

  • Hail to the king baby.

  • You’re welcome Sony! I got my PS4 day one and I am loving it!
    Especially the remote play with my Vita.

  • …and here I am, playing with my original PlayStation, you know, the gray one.

  • Cant wait for the inFAMOUS bundle.

  • Out of the millions sold a lot of us are avid SingStar players with a lot of songs can you please give the community and update on a ps4 version I know lots are waiting on an update before they get their new system. I got my ps4 and have been loving it look forward to SingStar info soon :)



    PS Home on PS4?

    And When Will The Red And Blue Controllers Come To North America?

  • I remember the day when I first met my first Playstation I was at my friends house and I swear to go since that day I became a PS fan for ever! there’s no better console than Playstation! you are the best guys!

  • Yay I helped make history!!

  • Well done Sony. Having been an xbox user last gen, i was a bit nervous making the switch. But WOW what a great decision by me to switch and what an amazing console you have released. Thank you

  • Be nice if the store would get a YouTube app or that the web browser could actually play videos now.

  • Please do your best to restock major online stores like the Amazons around the world before New Year. Yes, it was an amazing launch and you have the undisputed top product, but don’t forget about those didn’t catch a preorder!!! Please!

  • I think the Xbox One is well on it’s way to being a firm number three (with Wii U number two). If you take the portable systems into account, it could rate lower.

    Still, to smack Sony a bit, I only played a PS4 for the first time Wednesday at a local Target. I wish Sony would catch up on it’s supply so I can get in on this. But, you can’t pick them off of a tree.

    There were plenty of Xbox Ones at that Target, though. It dynamically shows what system people want and, most importantly, which one they don’t. If Microsoft thought people would gravitate to their system because of a lack of PS4s, they obviously forgot about the system that’s $100 less than the PS4 and $200 less than the Xbox One. And there’s an ample supply of the machine of Mario.

    But Sony may have made the perfect product. Now, if only I could actually buy one. That could be a couple of months.

  • congratulations !
    been playing my ps4 since i bought it and its epic
    i love it :)

  • Congrats Sony. Got my PS4 day one I’m loving it.

  • PS4 will be released in South Korea next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have already booked PS4 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • congrats! been loving mine since launch!

    please add Sirius/XM satellite radio app


  • It’s too bad Sony didn’t have enough inventory available for the launch. They could have sold twice as much. Our stores will probably not see any more till after Christmas. But, we have plenty of Xbones and they sell as fast as we get them in. PS4’s were late and under supplied. Xbones, on time and in stock.

  • if you really want to thank us then please give us a PS4 games sale on the PS Store or give us Knack for 10$ or so. :-)

  • Playstation Nation loves you too Sony! :D

  • Congrats sony! Bought mine at the midnight release day one along with cod ghost bf4 and killzone shadowfall. simply amazing system all around!

  • NO…THANK YOU SONY & PlayStation :P

    Thanks for giving me nearly 16 years of gaming bliss :P & thanks for giving me the AMAZING PS4 to :P

  • Congratulations! So much deserved!
    I’m gonna buy mine by the end of 2014!

  • If you had released the PS4 on Nov. 29, you could have had the best selling system AND the “fastest selling” system. But if was really nice of you guys to give guys up in Redmond something to grasp on to.

    I’m loving my PS4… except for the fact that the HDMI doesn’t work with older HD TVs. It outputs at some janky resolution with letterbox and won’t let me change the video output option. Maybe a VitaTV will help me with this problem….

  • Wow, good to hear! I passed on getting one at launch, I’ll pick it up next year when there are more games/bugs have been ironed out/I’ve made more of a dent in my PS3 backlog, but you guys will definitely have my support sooner or later. Glad things went well without my $$ and hoping for good things to come! :P

  • Congrats! I love my PS4, though the launch library was pretty weak. I’m looking forward to The Order and Uncharted!

  • So glad i’m impatient and grabbed a ps4 day one. I’ve been having so much fun with it but 2014 is just going to be crazy. So much good stuff coming out but i’m really excited for E3 because knowing Sony they going to have lots of surprises!!!

  • Say just wondering is the ps4 going to get home??

  • Who cares how many units they sold , Tell Sony to Fix the damm WEB BROWSER , so I don’t have to put up with , MISSING PLUG INS, PLEASE DOWNLOAD ADOBE FLASH PLAYER.

  • At 00:30…is that Bow Wow?

  • @ 107 AlexMex90 – Don’t know if you was being sarcastic there but I still play with my PS1 too.

  • Congrats! I’ve been a loyal fans all these years and got a day one PS4! I’m happy to see such success!

  • I shall be getting mines when a MGS5 bundle comes out..or better yet i will support a more LOYAL GAME COMPANY like NAUGHTY DOG and get the UNCHARTED PS4 BUNDLE!! yeah i can wait..since GTA5 is only going to get better and better..on the PS3..and i still have UNCHARTED 3 and GOD OF WAR ONLINE to kill time with :p..I was going to get GT6..but id rather wait for a GT to come out on the PS4 so i can enjoy the BETTER GRAPHICS!!..SMH..BF4, KILLZONE and Infamous are games that are ALMOST worth getting a PS4 now..but im not rushing it..besides i can just play my bros PS4..

  • Congrats SONY!!! I’m proud to be one of your biggest fans and I’m absolutely loving my shiny PS4! :)

  • Good job sony! i hope the ps4 keep up the good work for the next 10 year’s im stil trying to get my hands on a ps4 but it’s sold out everwere in my head that’s really good but i know im missing out on lot’s

  • We have a roadmap of things we can improve and we do our best to prioritize what the majority of our fans want first within the technical capabilities of our organization. As with PS3, the PS4 will get better and better over time. Thanks for your support.

  • Day 1 got mine midnight release, no problems at all. The system has met all expectations and more for me. Thanks sony on job wonderfully done..Looking forward to your exclusive game releases in future.

  • one thing I forgot I own the ps3 headset and wondering if near future there will be an update to use it on my ps4?

  • Guy this is what your replies look like skimming over them:

    “Why.. do I… type.. so many…. pauses….. in my…. replies…?…..”

    Reading an essay by you must be painful! lol. Anyways, Congrats to Sony! I’m happy to be a day1 owner of the PS4.

  • Congrats! You just need to up the supply so I can get my hands on one. (Or mail me one :P) Been with PS nation from the PS1. Looking forward to the many more years to come!

  • Congratulation to the Sony Team on a job well done, loving the console and waiting for “The Order”, that game looks terrific.
    I’m some what of a collector of all consoles and games, the “gaming bug” bit me early with the Atari 2600 to now (still have them of course), but the Sony brand is where I spend most of my free time currently, keep up with the good work and thanks for years of quality gaming.

  • I decided to wait out launch as there are no games I want to play, that are not available on PS3. I’ll be waiting for a long while by looking at the list of releases. Good to see you were able to crack out the units at your plants.

    What is the plan for the Vita? it’s platform is struggling. At this point the other platforms that have struggled have been abandoned, Anybody remember the move? or Eye toy?

  • Will inevitably get the PS3.5 in 2015…(sigh) just for the matter of not accumulate games to play.

  • Congrats to Sony. You absolutely deserve it. I love my PS4. I pre-ordered one from Amazon 5 minutes after the E3 press conference was over and I’m glad I did as some of my friends are still trying to get PS4 due to how well it sold. Once again, congrats!!! :)

  • still only own the ps3. the ps4 will be mine in a couple of years.

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