Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

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Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

It’s been a historic first month for PlayStation 4 and the feedback we’re receiving from PlayStation fans around the world has been nothing short of amazing.

It’s now clear that the launch of PS4 is one for the record books. This afternoon we learned from market research firm NPD Group that PS4 was the top-selling console for November and PlayStation was #1 in sales overall for home consoles. This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s confirmation that the PS4 launch is the biggest ever in the history of game consoles. Ever! And it’s all thanks to you.

We’re also seeing gamers embrace the social capabilities of PS4 at a record pace. Earlier this week, we announced that hundreds of thousands of gamers are using the PS4’s integrated streaming capabilities. Nearly 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions have streamed through Twitch and Ustream, totaling more than 20 million minutes of live gameplay.

We’re extremely proud to have such a passionate community and are grateful for your support. Thanks for an unforgettable PS4 launch and for making 2013 such a historic year for gaming. We look forward to sharing exciting PS4 news in the near future.

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  • I still really want one, but resisting the shiny new gadget is difficult. I shall have one, indeed I shall. Just not until a RPG releases. Need games, that are not shooters. I don’t play shooter, or open world. Ps4 at this point is not for me.

  • I just want to say thanks Sony for making such an awesome new system. I love my ps4, vita, and ps3. I’m sorry to say December should be yours as well but since there is a huge shortage we are gonna have to ignore all the reports on how Xbox outsold ps4 in December. Or will they because of the huge backlog at gamestop of over 2.5m paid for consoles! Time will tell but either way I am grateful I have my ps4 and I eagerly await all my friends to get theirs!!

  • Just another note, please push developers to release upcoming PS3 games on PS4 as well. FF 13-3 for instance is not on PS4, nor is the new Tales game, nor were the Persona games just announced for PS3. All of these games really ought to at least release on both consoles to make the purchase worth it (and the DS4 is SOOOO much better than the DS3)

  • Great job, Sony, the PS4 is a beast and I absolutely love it. Thank you so much!

  • Congrats. i love the new system, i love the controller and the overall direction of the console. Excited for the next round of titles for the new system to hit the shelves.

  • Congrats!

    Any plans to amend the Twitch application for more versatility (i.e. controlled number of framerates/bitrates)? It would allow those with limited internet to customize settings for betting viewing/broadcasting

  • Loving the PS4 so far! Also, I haven’t been able to comment on the PS Blog from my iPhone in over a Year. Has this feature been disabled?

  • for clarification, I haven’t been able to comment from my phone using the mobile theme.

  • First day 1 purchase on any console I’ve ever owned, and also the best one yet! Congrats Sony!

  • Congratulations Sony

    I was so excited to receive my PS4 after waiting to be able to purchase it when it became available again but some thing happened with shipping and it was stolen before I could ever see it

    Despite all that I still believe in your great work and still cant wait to get my hands on it when ever it becomes available again!

  • Sony won me over Feb 2012 when I got bored and made the switch from Xbox. I had xbox 360 from launch, but the exclusives, hardware, and PS plus was just to much for the ol Xbox. I now have the PS4 and I completely love it. I am heading to Arizona in 3 days, and I will be bringing my PS4 with me on the plane. I purchased the accidental protection plan, so If an accident happens, I don’t need to worry about it. I can take my PS4 wherever I go with no worries! Keep the exclusives and great PS plus titles coming.

  • Good job on making such an awesome console! I just got my PS4 yesterday, and it’s sitting proudly above my slim PS2 and PS3. One big happy family! ^_^

  • Thank YOU Sony, for putting us first.

  • Congratulations! I never owned a ps3, I was a 360 owner, but I’m so glad I got a ps4 (launch day) and for the record I’m never getting an Xbox One. You guys earned this victory!

  • The article’s title sounds so sweet to me! O hope! In November 2013 Sony’s Adam Boyes said Shenmue is one of the most requested titles among 10,000 requests. In March 2014 there is a postmortem about Shenmue, with Yu Suzuki and Mark Cerny (Lead System Architect on PS4) and now Sony promises “epic” announcements coming…

    Nothing is confirmed, yes, but if PS4’s motto is #GreatnessAwaits #4ThePlayes, then an epic announcement for the epic Shenmue 3, would be the true personification of this! I want to believe…

  • Well its official PS4 is the king of consoles not to mention way better than xbox. also on another note px4 Turtle Beaches can voice control your playstation by mic n its easy to use !as 4 the psn store BRING PS 1 2 3 titles to catalog on ps4 n you dont ever need 2 worry bout a shortage of games hope sony does in fact do this for the PS4 petition any 1 ?

  • That’s great for sony but my day one with PS4 was bad. PS4 i brought didn’t work at all and getting replace never happen. All i got back was refund and it was sad day for me but its good to hear you did good.

  • parasite eve 3 legend of dragoon chrono trigger secret of mana illusion of gaia ff 1-9 tenchu tekken command and conquer shinobido teenage mutant ninja turtles jax crash bandicoot syphon filter castlevania hd 2 god of war chrono cross soul reaver kain s legacy metal gear any thing lol all these titles either a port or a new game would be amazing if only nintendo would join forces 2 bring it to home plate also onimusha monster hunter mega man legends cant wait 4 mighty number 9 capcom can suck it 4 delaying the creator his game n screwing him 4 years cool borders die hard trilogy jurassic park panzer dragon driver fear effect 1 2 shenmue abe s odysse dragonball z games ghost in a shell wild arms primal rage balls 3d nightmare creatures ninja shadow of darkness champions of norrath jeez these all need a new release or port these were the golden aged games we grew up with n still love add more if like and to finish my post BLOODY ROAR 1 2 that will shut MS up with killer instincts lololol n njoy your read guys l8tr

  • yeah unfortunate 4 u i got mine at walmart on BF n was lucky but to be honest just get another 1 im very happy with ps4 s servive no hiccups or malfunctions just wish px4 blu tooth file was updated to ps4 file update thn ill be 100% wireless with the headset n also ps3 users still get 400$ worth of free games ms obviosly cares littles about their customer nor do i ever see tht kinda deal deal elsewhere sony has always been a fave n nintendo really want thm to collab to shut ms out entirely tht would b a glorius day

  • Great news! I had no doubt that the PS4 would rock the sales!

    The only bummer is that I can’t buy one because they are impossible to find. Please make more. At the rate it is going it will be 6 months before anyone can simply walk in and buy one anytime.

    Please Sony, fix this. This is the first PS I have not owned on day one. ;-(

  • yo if your looking 4 PS4 use their website to buy 1 or check online 4 stores near you tht might have 1 avail if thy do just pre oder to guarentee 1 for yourself depending where your from though i cant guarentee u finding 1 but IF you do preorder it immediately im comin from ny n their r tons around here if u go n check store s outside your juristiction youll find 1 def

  • Resogun is the shizznit woooooooot

  • Yeap thanks to us! now as a reward to ur loyal fans PLS add the MP3 and MP4 support so i can watch my movies and music on it! C,mon this is ps4! its suppose to do everything the ps3 can do and MORE! not less! GET TO IT! CONGRATS!

  • Are you celebrating by bringing back music ownership, Youtube and DLNA next week? Otherwise I don’t feel much enthusiasm when a corporation does well.

  • Thanks for a great console guys. I got it day one and i love it!! i cant wait to see all the great stuff this new year.

  • Congrats Sony on a great and world breaking launch cant wait to see what my Playstation 4 brings to the future.. Gamers <3 Sony/PlayStation

  • Congratulations! You deserve it! Got it from day one, and I haven´t stop playing since! Cant wait for the 1st party games!

  • OK Sony, we’ve done our part of the deal, we’ve bought these systems and given PS4 the best possible start.
    Now its your turn to hold up your end of the deal. PS4 is great but is in need of some serious firmware updates to give us the system it should be.

    No trophy sorting options at ALL
    Trophy Collection list is so boring,bland compared to PS3 n the game icons are FAR too small
    CD, MP3, 3D Bluray support obviously
    Fix the annoying bug that puts you back to the top game in the Store page when you back out of what game you were looking at n we have to scroll all way back again (Same thing happens when looking at my Trophies, VERY annoying)
    Friends list is so bland n colourless compared to PS3/Vita cos we have no panel customisation options like those 2 systems (Give us our comment function like PS3?)
    My MAIN disappointment with the 8GB PS4? I cant access game save data while playing a game! Why can we access PS+ cloud on Vita on a games live area while it running but not on 8GB PS4?
    Please give us PS3 type alternative keyboard too?

    Oh and you OWE PS 3D DISPLAY OWNERS CONTINUED 3D SUPPORT TOO. Im sure they wouldnt have bought it if they knew 3D games would all but dry up 6 months later

  • Congrats to Sony! . I am with you guys since PS1, and I hope that our community grows stronger then ever.

  • Hi! I live in a small town called marquard in south africa in the freestate. You will probably never read this but its my biggest dream to have the new ps4 but my family doesn’t have the funds all I want to say is good luck for 2014 merry christmas

  • PS4 is also sold out in probably every retailer in the middle east as well :) lucky for me i got 2 PS4’s one for me and one for my boyfriend.

  • I also received my ps4 at launch & so far i’m loveing it. I have a few questions though, when will we get the youtube app & when will we get mp3 support. Thanks in advance i love playstation!

  • Hi on the ps4 the music unlimited verry often the music just stop and thats really bad. on my android phone u guys have a offline mode wich the songs get download to my phone can u guys add a offline mode on the ps4 thanks

  • The Ps4 is great , keep on the good work and bring us that Infamous:Second Son that we all love.

  • Now Sony just needs to add ability to stream videos from my NAS drive like the PS3 and 360 so I cano get rid of this Xbox 360 and replace it with a PS4.

  • Congratulations SCEA !!! i have my ps4 pre ordered from Sony Argentina. i’m very exited and happy with my brand new ps4!!! greetings from Buenos Aires, Argentina

  • After being an Xbox-er since 2001, I’m jumping ship to see what all the hype is about. I luckily found a PS4 last week. It should be shipped by Christmas!

    Ill keep y’all posted!

  • Wow
    Such success
    Many sales
    Much greatness

  • I wish I could celebrate with you guys, but my PS4 experience so far has been anything but smooth. My first unit wouldn’t accept my controllers after a week. Some kind of Bluetooth issue.

    My second unit keeps spitting out discs at random, with more beeps than a censored mafia flick. It searches for discs every ten seconds and won’t allow me to put a disc back in. The only fix is to unplug the console entirely, but it just happens again eventually.

    Come on, Sony, you’re going the way of Microsoft, and this is a dark costly path for both you and the consumer. Stop and turn around, I implore you!

  • Loving my PS4, but for the love of god give us an option to turn off the LED in the controller. I like it for some things, but folks ran a test and the battery life is nearly cut in half by it always being on. I don’t always need that thing shining.

  • I have always been the biggest PlayStation fanboy and am hoping that the PS4 starts becoming something that I like so please do one thing for us true PlayStation gamers…


    The L2 & R2 control scheme is for Xbox gamers!

  • I bought my PS4 here in Chile at the midnight launch november 29th! Congratulations guys!

    I only have one thing to ask of you: Could you guys add more resolutions options for the PS4? Most Non 1080p TVs are 768p and most monitors are 900p. At 720p everything looks blurry as the resolution doesnt match AND is lower. If I use 1080p on the other hand, it looks better (as the TVs downscale to their native res) BUT you get some notorious lag and input latency, as the downscaling is being made by the TV!

    All in all, please add different resolution options cause not all people have 1080p TVs :( And we all know that the best resolution to play in is not neccesarily 1080p but your TV NATIVE resolution :-)

  • Thanks guys! You weren’t my go-to in the last generation, but you are now. Just put some classics out there to tide me over until developers catch up and I’m in for the long haul.

  • I can’t wait to get mine, I been waiting for a while. Im ready for the graphics, detail, story, and the 3d!!

  • Congratulations, Sony! Even though the PS Vita is facing an opposite context, which is so sad, considering how successful the PSP was in the past. By the way, should PS Vita gamers expect anything coming at E3 ’14? Almost two months with my Vita and I’m already running out of games…

  • Congrats to All the people Of SONY PLAYSTATION , and the PLAYSTATION NATION….. Got my PS4 on Day One midnight launch had it pre-ordered since E3……and I pick up 7 games also…. I’m happy that I have had no issues with my PS4 . I can’t wait until they patch in more new features. I’ve been reading the other comments and # 62 saying that he’s going to sell his PS4 and get a Xbox One because of missing things like importing MP3 & Videos, and play your own music . I got news for you I also have a Xbox One guess what Xbox One you can’t download your MP3 or Videos either . You have to wait for it… Just like The PS4 at least sony said that by Jan 2014 we such have that feature but Microsoft did not even give a date …. And also the Voice commands for Kinect 2.0 need to be fixed… In fact The PS4 EYE listens to me more than my Kinect 2.0….. I like my Xbone , But I Love My PS4 I love

  • Sony you have completely out done yourselves! the gaming experience is absolutely amazing on the ps4. This is why I have been nothing but a PlayStation gamer since the very first PlayStation and will continue to be. Thank you Sony for listening to us, the gamers!

  • awsome job guys cant wait for Destiny and the new Uncharted Greatness Awaits no Greatness is HERE

  • It was amazing being part of this, from E3 till now and moving forward. Thank you for the opportunity to meet you and have a very good conversation. I am happy for the successful launch and I am very happy with my PS4.
    There is still some work to be done and I am still around to offer my opinion and continue very good conversations.


  • Will the mmo game DUST 514 make it to the Playstation 4 I hope so

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