Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

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Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

It’s been a historic first month for PlayStation 4 and the feedback we’re receiving from PlayStation fans around the world has been nothing short of amazing.

It’s now clear that the launch of PS4 is one for the record books. This afternoon we learned from market research firm NPD Group that PS4 was the top-selling console for November and PlayStation was #1 in sales overall for home consoles. This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s confirmation that the PS4 launch is the biggest ever in the history of game consoles. Ever! And it’s all thanks to you.

We’re also seeing gamers embrace the social capabilities of PS4 at a record pace. Earlier this week, we announced that hundreds of thousands of gamers are using the PS4’s integrated streaming capabilities. Nearly 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions have streamed through Twitch and Ustream, totaling more than 20 million minutes of live gameplay.

We’re extremely proud to have such a passionate community and are grateful for your support. Thanks for an unforgettable PS4 launch and for making 2013 such a historic year for gaming. We look forward to sharing exciting PS4 news in the near future.

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  • Congrates!!!

    But can we get the promised DLC for Killzone Shadow Fall like the Soundtrack and the Soundtrack to Resogun?

    Trophy Sorting Options (we lost a few from PS3)?

    UPnP streaming?

    PSOne Disc and Download Backward Compatibility?

    PS2 Disc and Download Backward Compatibility?

    IS the PS Blog recommendations still being watched? It maybe time for me to revisit that! Lets make PS4 Greatness together!

  • Thanks… watch this space on Vita…

  • Glad to be part of that. All the hard work since Feb with the positive PR. You guys have done the impossible. Congrats! The best part is that in return gamers are the real winners.

  • Playstation 4 is the best thing ever!! I have all ready beaten knack that was a pretty cool game and now I am working on shadow fall killzone and I am getting good at it but the real game I am REALLY looken forward to is informus second son I am really looken forward in playing that for the ps 4 when it comes out next year in the fall and I am deffently getting that … that’s for sure…! :)

  • I am very happy with my PS4, got it day 1 and haven’t been able to pull myself away from it :)

    Another solid Sony product. Keep the great games coming!

  • Congratulations! This is happening cause you guys just did everything right from the begining. Great Job and as a gamer thank you!!!

  • Congrats Sony, been a Playstation fan since day one and you never seize to amaze me. I can’t wait to see what Sony will bring in 2014

  • @Guy Longworth:

    Assuming your comment at #52 was aimed at me, I’ll keep and eye out and see what you have in store Vita-wise!

    (But if it isn’t, apologies to whoever you were addressing.)

  • i haven’t had much to play on my PS4 with BF4’s issues it’s had, and i beat AD4 pretty quick, i was really looking forward to Minecraft being a launch title, and there aren’t really many games coming out til march and after, so i guess i just have to wait

  • Sales would have been much higher if demand could be met. Unfortunately here in Australia, I’ll be waiting until at least February until I can get my hands on one. Thankfully there are still some amazing games on the PS3 to keep me going.

  • You’re welcome! Please validate my support with your continued commitment to making my PS4 experience better every day. I am pleased that I could help you achieve “Greatness”, and am confident more “Awaits”.

  • I got my ps4 at launch…it was terrible launch in my opinion…Bugs and glitches! There are certain games that you couldn’t play without having trouble because of the first update! Limited voice command, not being able to transfer your music or movie file to the console so you could watch or play your music/video file. you couldn’t play your music while play(you could pay for music unlimited and you can listen to music while playing but the music unlimited has limited songs or artist in the application. lack of support for the camera actually it is useless and more…I am thinking of bringing back or selling my ps4 to get xbox one instead because xbox one has lots of features like skype with friends on your console or during gameplay, great voice command and more… I hope you guys improve the console with upcoming updates

    • Give us a little time… we are working on tons of stuff right now and I think you’ll be happy with what comes in the New Year.

  • it would have sold more if only sony had sent more to the retail…

  • Ok now give us some games

  • I too have got my PS4 day 1, I am glad to have been a part of such as remarkable day. This is the best yet & the online is finally a lot better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Congratulations on the great start! Can’t wait to see the new games… I hope you guys are working on a fix for the sub account issue since there is no way to upgrade and sub accounts cannot enjoy the Share functionality on PS4.

  • Making a new account as a master account could be a solution to some, but to those of us with many years of PSN purchases, PS+ and trophies… it is not a option to get rid of our sub accounts. Please allow an upgrade to master account option or simply enable the Share features for sub accounts.

  • Congrats Sony. Thanks for all the great games & memories. Happy Holidays to you all!

  • Fantastic start! Congrats :) Now don’t forget about the vita owners….hopefully you guys have some new exclusives coming for that too


  • When will you guys start talking Gaikai!? Second thing I am most looking forward to other than enabling Sharing for sub accounts ;)

  • Congrats Sony. I was one of the lucky day one customers in the US. I absolutely love my PS4 and so far it’s the greatest console I’ve ever owned. Even better than the glorious PS2 was in my opinion. You guys truly deserve all the success for the way you handled the launch and design of the system. Looking forward to many more successful years with you guys. Playstation is the home of the best games and it’s the reason I’ve been a loyal customer since the PS1.

  • Wonderful! I am hopeful that you guys can find a solution :)

  • I don’t understand why my PS4 has such a hard time maneuvering through applications and trophies while I’m in a game and use the Home button to check on things such as messages and the like. Am I moving to quick, I thought the processors were supposed to be faster, it seems that my ipad is quicker with these type of operations. Is mine defective?

    Also, the Rubber on the controller has split and started to come off and the controller’s top trigger gets stuck a little, which makes spotting in BF4 difficult… How do I make a claim for a replacement controller? I’ts been less then a month.


  • Congrats Sony! I got mine at launch and I love it.

  • i’m sure there are still a ton of people who just haven’t gotten theirs yet, like me. i’ll be getting mine sometime in 2014, and i can’t wait!

  • Looooooove my PS4 ! Day one purchase, glad i pre-ordered!

    Dissapointed that driveclub didn’t make it for day one release but i’m pretty sure it’s worth the wait! Got NFS Rivals in the meantime!

    Knack is surprisingly much better than the reviews are saying, can’t trust the reviews anymore. I’m thankful for the share feature Sony! Watching other people play is what made me buy Knack.

    PLease update it so that we can disable the camera’s mic when playing online, i don’t always want to chat or be heard when i play NFS Rivals!

    Can’t wait to see how Gaikai will work!

    2014 will be an exciting year for video games!

  • Congratulations Sony! I got my PS4 day one, and I’m loving it! The PS3 is one of my favorite consoles, so I can’t wait to see what you guys will create with the PS4!

  • Great launch guys, wish I could afford one :P. How does it feel to be on your 4th great playstation console?

  • I love you Sony, but you need to do more marketing for the games.

    It’s a shame great games like Puppeteer got no media attention. How Sony wants the game to sell if you don’t “talk” about them? Same about Sly Cooper Thieves in Time.

    Then Sony could think “How will we make a sequel to the game if it didn’t sell well?”, but Sony didn’t do the marketing well, how the game would sell? So we gamers keep without a sequel to a great game.

    Sorry, I may not be explaining well by myself, but this is it: MORE TV ADDs, Commercials.

    And we’re still waiting for the revival of Syphon Filter on PS4, and Patapon 4 for Vita.


  • I just contacted customer services, where a rude lady told me that the controller is not covered under the PS4’s warranty and that I’d have to buy a protect on plan!? That’s ridiculous. The controller malfunctioning and falling apart after 20 days of purchase, and it not being covered is absurd and the customer support lady was just rude and aggressively defensive. As if it’s my fault the product doesn’t work.

    But that’s great, congrats on your success and your product, that you don’t stand behind.

  • Meanwhile Vita sold about 75k, coming dead last behind every other game machine sold.

  • you guys are telling us Thanks, well its the other way around thank you for this awesome machine can’t wait for the games rolling out next year infamous second son here i come!!!

  • Haven’t looked back since day one. Loving every minute of it’s brilliance.

    Grats to everyone at Sony & everyone who purchased their PS4. Keep them coming for our brothers & sisters who still don’t have their hands on one. I’m very grateful to have mine & looking forward to it’s greatness ahead. The entire world needs to experience this.

    I also want to send a shout to the people behind the scenes (in the trenches) at Sony who have been working hard on the software. The OS updates & PSN maintenance/updates. Truly appreciated, even though most of the time, hardly mentioned & often criticized. Thanks guys! Keep working hard.

    In closing, I’m super excited for more games & looking forward to the future. Keep making history guys.

  • CONGRATULATIONS SONY! Now please improve the PS4 experience:

    1) Improve game stability!

    2) Allow us to delete or hide deleted demos or free games from the Library!

    3) Add custom themes!

    4) Release a PS4 remote control!

    5) Don’t force us to use a first and last name if we’re not integrating with Facebook!

    6) Give us another option for uploaded movies besides Facebook!

    7) 3D BluRay support!

  • I am loving my Playstation 4! Great console!

  • Makes sense that it was so successful, considering how rare it is. My brother and 16 others were scammed out of $398 on Paypal thanks to some jerk trying to make a quick buck on the launch’s popularity. Now he’s down the cash, and my nephew currently doesn’t have a PS4 coming for Christmas. He’s still hoping to get one before the day arrives, but it’s still such a disappointment.

    I’m happy you guys have done so well though. I trust Sony more than Nintendo or Microsoft after my experiences with the PS2, PS3, and PSP. Hell, still loving my Vita, too. Keep it up, and I’ll eventually buy a PS4 as well… definitely. I want that Infamous Second Sons pre-order bonus.

    • Very sorry to hear about the scam. I recommend you contact the police and see if there is anything they can do.

  • Got my PS4 day one, and am loving it. Can’t wait for what’s in store next year!

  • Congrats, you won the gamers hearts, treat them right and deliver on the games people want and things will become greater still :)

  • Awesome! Good job guys.

    The scary thing is this isn’t even fully launched worldwide; It’s not officially out in Asia yet (this anxious, hyped and eager little Filipino got one sent over from the States) and that’s bound to report huge numbers too.

    Greatness Has Arrived!

  • Congrats and a great job, saving up money to get it ^.^!!!! Can’t wait to see all the exclusive games will be release this new generation.

  • When can I walk into wal mart and buy one please answer?

    • I suggest you keep an eye on their website / press releases. We’re doing our best to get as many PS4’s out to our customers as fast as we can.

  • Are there gonna be anymore PS4’s hitting store shelves before Christmas??????????

    • Yes. But they are in great demand so you will need to be fast to get one… we’re trying to make as many as we can.

  • I just got home not too long ago, but of course, I heard the news while I was out. So even though I’m waaaay at the back of the comment list where nobody would see, I thought I would still leave a little note. (in fact, the same I left on the PS forums)

    Again, congrats to Sony – and the gaming industry as a whole. This goes to show that console gaming isn’t dying. This launch alone (even more-so with the other launches) revitalizes the industry and I’m really looking forward to what the future holds.

    These are exciting times to be a PlayStation fan, MVP, and especially exciting times to be a gamer.

    YAY! : D

    *goes back to playing PS3, Vita, and PS4*

  • Congrats on a great launch. The most exciting part is that 70% of those consoles are probably still sitting under a tree…..the numbers will only improve. Now try to get more consoles out there so that they aren’t sold out all the time :-)

  • im sure its quite a tired subject by now, but there hasn’t been any actual or solid information as far as a completely reliable source is to be concerned, given that youre (sony) the last in line before we receive the games and updates. so would it be possible to tell us anything on upcoming games that are definitely in development and supposed to be really close to release on the ps4 like minecraft, warthunder, rayman legends, starbound, towerfall ascension, bound by flames, guild wars 2, planetside 2, etc.? its really hard to stay a loyal customer to your franchise when even the basic information is being held from me, being as though youre whole idealization is to be for the gamers and developers. im not demanding anything but a little bit of time and information, and this is a owner of ps3 ps vita and ps4.

    ps. congrats on the immensely successful launch, lets hope for a continued strong and consistent stride toward the better and consumer oriented direction

    • Thanks for your note. We have made numerous announcements about games coming to our platform and we will continue to do so in the New Year. We try to do what’s best for you and aim not to over promise but to over deliver.

  • Congrats Sony, never thought you wouldn’t kill it! I love your sarcastic banter with Microsoft you’ve had, made the win more sweet! And even Microsoft congratulated you! Cheers and may you break PS3’s 80 Million units and even surpass the PS2!!!!!!!

  • minecrafttt minecraftt minecraftt!! release date soon please lol and gaiki, will the old games have trophies? if not im not really interested, if so im totally down with paying monthly for it

  • @Guy Longworth I’ll take your word for that, hopefully you’ll be able to add more features into this console…I’ve been loyal to playstation since the playstation 1 came out…I played playstation 1,2,3 and 4….Although there are some problems with ps3 being hacked and stuff…I am decided to stay with sony because I believed in them…My ps3 still running smoothly since I bought 4 years ago :)…main reason of buying ps4 is because I got my ps3…So please add more features to this console like more voice command and being able to video chat with family and friends and more stuff…ofcourse thats if you guys like to compete to microsoft which they bought skype so they could add skype into their console….make yahoo messenger available to ps4 console so I could video chat with my friends and family…

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