Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

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Thanks to You, PlayStation 4 Just Made History

It’s been a historic first month for PlayStation 4 and the feedback we’re receiving from PlayStation fans around the world has been nothing short of amazing.

It’s now clear that the launch of PS4 is one for the record books. This afternoon we learned from market research firm NPD Group that PS4 was the top-selling console for November and PlayStation was #1 in sales overall for home consoles. This news comes on the heels of yesterday’s confirmation that the PS4 launch is the biggest ever in the history of game consoles. Ever! And it’s all thanks to you.

We’re also seeing gamers embrace the social capabilities of PS4 at a record pace. Earlier this week, we announced that hundreds of thousands of gamers are using the PS4’s integrated streaming capabilities. Nearly 800,000 gameplay broadcasts and more than 7.1 million spectate sessions have streamed through Twitch and Ustream, totaling more than 20 million minutes of live gameplay.

We’re extremely proud to have such a passionate community and are grateful for your support. Thanks for an unforgettable PS4 launch and for making 2013 such a historic year for gaming. We look forward to sharing exciting PS4 news in the near future.

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  • Congrats to Sony!! I got my PS4 day one. :)

  • yay now if i can only play BF4 without the blue screen of death

  • Congrats Sony! Onto unexplored gaming and technology horizons

    • Thanks… we’ll be working harder than ever to continue to bring you the Best Games and the Best Gaming Experiences on the planet.

  • good, not get no man’s sky on ps4 especially if you can get it exclusive and i’l be happy.

  • good, now* get no man’s sky on ps4, especially if you can get it to be exclusive and I will be happy.

    *typo :(

  • It’s always great to see how much passion people have for the PlayStation brand =)
    In any case, do we a total number of how many PS4 were sold in November?

  • Well deserved!
    Now lets talk about that VR headset… :D

  • Congrats. Now make my subaccount a master to celebrate.

  • Congrats to Sony. But, remember — it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.
    Now I hope you use that money to continue to improve PSN and the PS4’s exclusive game library.

  • Congrats Sony! I got my PS4 Launch Edition on day one and love it. Now just bring on those great games please!

  • Thanks to how incredibly HARD it is to find one at the MSRP, I got an Xbox One which was a MUCH easier console to find and is still selling incredibly well like the PS4. Anyways, this is good for the industry, a healthy start to the true next generation (sorry Wii U).

  • Congrats! Managed to get mine after a six hour line on black friday! Tottaly worth it!?

  • The industry is better with Playstation leading it.

    Keep in the lead, stay humble, and keep doing what you’re doing.


  • You’re welcome!

    Hey wait do free Taco Bell PS4’s count in the NPD’s?!

  • Great job PS4!

    Side note: The link showing the sales says “Leader in two-week hardware sales.” PS4 = 2.1 million. XB1 = 2 million. During this 2 week period, wasn’t the XB1 only out for 1 week? So it took ps4 2 weeks to reach just over 2 mil, while xb1 hit 2 mil during 1 week…

    I love PS4 but the time frame should be equal to compare. IE: If PS4 came out November 1, and XB1 came out Nov 30, you really couldn’t accurately say PS4 had more sales during November, would be quite unfair.

    To make an honest report you should post XB1’s 2 week sales as well.

  • I’ve been having a wonderful time with both Assassin’s Creed and Need for Speed on my PS4.
    Just get some JRPGs on the PS4 and I’ll be set.

  • “PS4 was the top-selling console for November”

    Come on, let’s be honest. PS4 had a week head start. Of course it’s going to outsell it in November…

  • The PS4 is a nice console we just see some heavy hitter games to get more people on board. Killzone is nice but in my eyes a game like the Order 1886 looks way better.

  • *it == Xbox One

  • I got mine a couple weeks after launch and so far everything is great. The OS is much faster and the store actually loads up quickly. I hope to see great games come out of Sony’s many first party devs and I am sure they wont disappoint. Congrats Sony on making history now keep this going and make all the other launches just as successful. I still need to get some games, but what other console can you pick up and have four free games (not counting the Play Room) to play right when you get home. Congratulations again Sony and to everybody who made this hardware launch as successful as it is.


  • You’re welcome… Now please patch it. Some of us aren’t getting trophy, or other notifications. Looked around and asked several times, but no fix except deleting everything and going back to day 1. Help!

  • I cancelled my initial pre-order i made in June.. Not impressed with the launch lineup at all.. I’ll buy one if and when there are games out there I actually want to play… but those numbers really arent terribly impressive when you look at the big picture.. #1 console in November? launched before Xbox1.. both consoles sold 1 million units.. and those other numbers, about the streaming and social stuff, i have zero interest in that stuff.. I just want to play good games, and so far, I havent seen anything that pulls me in and makes me really want a PS4… and ive been a Playstation gamer since PS1.. and no, i will never buy an Xbox.. they have even less of a lineup of games I want…

  • Congrats I love my PS4

  • definitely the best system i’ve ever owned. the seamless multitasking & sharing features are awesome. i’ve posted a lot about wanting more content or PS3 games available in the PSN because i just want more content but i couldn’t be more please with the system overall as a whole. NBA 2k is flipping amazing. Madden is awesome. Killzone is gorgeous. Warframe & Resogun are incredible free games. the controller & system both look awesome. they nailed the “next gen” feel because it’s not like anything else. the processing is lightning fast and i’m excited to see what’s in the works.

    ready for more content but overall amazing job best launch ever so far of any system. less issues that other launches and an incredible piece of hardware that delivers on all the hype. well deserved milestone Sony. great job!

    now let’s get some games coming and get Borderlands 2, Runner 2 and Arkham Origins on the PSN for PS4 already! even if it’s just the PS3 versions lol. But seriously.

  • man can you guys imagine what Naughty Dog is going to do with this system? Uncharted 4, Last of Us 2?! those games are going to be freaking EPIC!

  • Companies fudge sales numbers all the time ! Depending on who you believe, some are reporting the PS4 and XBOX One are tied in sales numbers so we never get the actual facts because companies are desperate to outdo one another !

  • Congratulations are in place and i sure hope that the momentum keeps heading upwards and that awesome games get revelead and released soon enough.

  • I have gotten every Playstation console/handheld on its launch day and I will keep doing so, I love my PS4

    Keep it up!

  • Congratulations Sony Team. Right now I’m very happy the way Sony are approaching things. PS4 is near perfection and there are just a few things that I wish I could do right now. Like using my ps3 remote control and full support for older headsets.

    Or at least give us a brand new 7.1 high quality headset. :)

    I’m a playstation guy since the PS one was launched.


  • There were many things I was thankful for this past Thanksgiving, and my shiny new launch-day PS4 was definitely one of them! Sony was listening to what gamers wanted from the PlayStation 3 era of gaming, and this is truly a new age for the medium!

  • Gratz, I’m loving my ps4 and can’t wait to see what it’s like in 6-12 months once more features are patched into the system and more games are released.

    Not even remotely interested in any of the ‘social’ aspects of the console.

    But loving it as a Game Console. Also looking forward to using it for MP3s and video files from my PC just like the ps3.

    Keep up the good work and please don’t make us wait too long for the updates/patches. It’s obvious you had to rushed the software end of things to get this out before Xmas.

    • Thanks… we’re working on lots of exciting updates and features which we’ll get to you as soon as we possibly can…

  • I wish I was one of those 1st millions.

  • I’m a proud day one buyer (even pre-ordered in june) and I’m really happy with all the features that I love to use! PS4 is really 4ThePlayers! Just one sad thing: the PS4 Store is really empty. I remember the day I bought the PS3 (day one at midnight!) there were already more than 20 demos on the store. For the PS4? There was almost nothing. And it’s currently not getting better.
    But well, the best games are coming after the Japan release, so we’ll just have to wait two more months :)

  • Please make more PS4’s Sony! its very hard to find any PS4’s around so you need to supply for the high demand!
    also congrats!

  • BTW, is there an announce about the 3D movies on bluray? It’s sad that we have to go back on our PS3 just to watch our 3D blurays. That’s a huge missing feature on the PS4 (even more when the european PS4 box says it reads 3D movies, and even the console settings ask us to choose the size of our TV screen to be sure the 3D effect on movies and games will be accurate).

  • I wonder what the sales totals would be like comparatively if Sony had been able to keep the supply matching the demand. So many people buying Xbone just because it was the only console available at the time.

    Either way it’s good for Gamers that both are selling well, especially after the Wii U flop.

  • Only thing missing is the Wave Blue & Magma Red DS4 is the US to make this launch perfect.

    It would also be nice to get the Sony branded vertical stand and charger for the PS4 like Europe has too.

  • Great work Sony leading up to and through the launch of the PS4. You guys really should be proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and I’ve been enjoying every moment of the PS4 so far. Have been enjoying the games I have for it but I eagerly await what next year will bring. All 3 first party titles (so far announced) I’ll be picking up day 1 and can’t come soon enough!

  • Congrats Sony! Im very happy with my purchase as with every sony product i have. Now if you could just add some more functionalities to my ps4 and some more AAA games i would be pleased!

  • Congratulations to everybody at Playstation. I’ve been a fan since the PS1 launch and while I enjoy playing games on all systems I definitely favor the Playstation 1st party games. Now about that rumored Parrappa the Rapper game, hmmm? …

  • Congrats to Sony. Been a Loyal Playstation gamer since 1995. Looking forward to getting more games on Playstation 4. I got mine on launch day and I love it. Thank you Sony!!!! Playstation Still Rules!!!!!

  • Thanks sony for selling the most expensive console in the world here in Brazil, and fruit all the will I had to buy one. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

  • It’s funny cuz it only has 3-4 games to play.

  • and 0 Japanese game so far.

  • That’s great news.

    Just please don’t go all in on PS4 support next year. Some of us still play PS3 and Vita regularly and don’t want to see 2014 be the last year for them.

  • I’m loving my Playstation 4! I can’t wait for February when I’ll finally be able to play Final Fantasy XIV on my PS4! XD

  • Way to go SONY … you nailed it this time around ! I can’t wait for E3 and for the games that will be coming out in 2014

  • Pat yourselves on the back SCEI,

    you’ve done an amazing job marketing them, designing them, just for us GAMERS!

    Now put some consoles and new IP on the shelves so I can buy one!

  • Congratulation !!! Got it day one and cant wait to see all great game to come !!

  • Congratulations to SCEA and SCEE for the successful PS4 launches in North America and Europe, and good luck with the Japanese launch this February.

    But I hope that, while the Remote Play functionality is worth noting, the Vita continues to be given enough of a priority as a platform in its own right.

    And speaking of the Vita, is there anything that can be said at this point as to how likely we may see the -2000 model, or the Vita TV, in the West?

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