PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

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PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

If you watched our press conference at gamescom, you’ve already heard some of the great news we’ve just shared that gamers everywhere have been waiting for. Today, we’re happy to confirm that PlayStation 4 (PS4) will launch on November 15th in the U.S. and Canada – in time for the holidays! PlayStation fans in Europe and Latin America will also be able to get their hands on a PS4 system on November 29th, so you’ll be able to connect with your friends and fellow gamers worldwide on PS4 this year, taking advantage of all of the deeply integrated social features and incredible gaming experiences that PS4 has to offer.

PS4 truly provides the best place to play. By the end of December, we’ll have 33 titles available for PS4, including NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders Swap Force, Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4, Madden 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live, Killzone: Shadow Fall, #DRIVECLUB, Knack, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Just Dance 2014 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.


We are proud of our relationships with game creators and pleased to be working with nearly 620 developers and publishers from around the world. More than 180 PS4 titles are in development, including Destiny from Bungie, Inc./Activision Publishers, Inc., Mad Max: Fury Road from Warner Brothers, Witcher 3 from CD Projekt, The Division from Ubisoft Entertainment, Dragon Age from Electronic Arts, and also Helldivers and The Order: 1886 from SCE Worldwide Studios – so you’ll have plenty of great games to look forward to in the coming months.

As we’ve previously mentioned, DualShock 4 makes it easy for you to easily edit and broadcast your gameplay using the wireless controller’s “Share” button. That’s why we’re also happy to introduce our new partnership with the popular video platform Twitch, to give you another channel to livestream your gameplay to fellow gamers anywhere in the world.

We can’t wait for November 15th to come so you can get your hands on a PS4 system and see for yourself all of the breakthrough gaming experiences our new platform has to offer. So tell us, how many of you and your friends will be waiting in line on November 15th to get your hands on a PS4? Greatness Awaits!

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PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

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  • Sony says on twitter “Fun fact: @SonySantaMonica Studio, @MediaMolecule, @NaughtyDog are working on unannounced PS4 titles.’

  • Fantastic! This is going to be a great holiday, for sure. I’ve got it pre-ordered for release day delivery along with Killzone 4, so I’ll be happily shooting some Helghast while others are fighting each other at the stores.

  • To have this system launch ON my birthday is like a dream come true. Can’t wait for my bday to come this year gonna be the best ever.

  • SWEET! So glad I had mine preordered the day after E3 at GameStop. No lines for me ^_^

  • Not sure where the best place to ask this would be so ill just put it here.

    Is there any plans to make the Dualshock 3 or 4 work with the PC games? I like to use a controller for some of my PC games but would rather use the Dualshock rather then a 360 controller because i am so used to it, so it would be nice if Sony made it work with the PC at some point, and you might get a few extra sales on some hardware.

  • How many GB will the system have? i hope it’s around 500 or more… if not i won’t purchase it til they have a bundle

  • Why no mention hdd space?

  • @56 and @ 57

    The PS4 was announced to have 500GB of hdd space at E3.

  • About time! :-) *excitement*

  • Had it preordered since minutes after Amazon put it up from the E3 conference. Snagged a 2 year warranty this time, not making the same mistake I did with PS2 and PS3.
    Again beating MS to the table with a launch date.
    Best of luck this generation, may you break the 77 million mark that PS3 did.

  • BRING IT !!!!

  • @58

    really? i guess i missed that…

  • @Lego_my_eggo the DS3s work on PC. Google motionjoy and get a Bluetooth dongle.

  • Why no mention of hdd space? Gamers need to know this.

  • @58 Col, thx.

  • Also any news on purchased videos!

    if you delete a purchased video it’s gone for good and saving it on a external hard drive isn’t very organized…

    if sony wants to promote videos and etc please add a storage (digital/physical) for PS videos… i think i have 100GB worth of videos… i’ll be very upset on losing so many “purchased” vids…

  • No waiting in line for me, thank you Amazon and your awesome release day shipping <3

  • correction – @58 cool, thx…

  • Great news, but the sooner, the better. I need to free up one of my HDMI ports for my sweet new preciousss on 11/15.

  • Hope there’s no mail issues cause it’s on a Friday. >:)

  • Given you (the Playstation blog team) work for Sony, are you privy to information like this prior to the event? If not, do you get just as excited as the masses in regards to huge announcements such as this?

  • Hey, @66 psnblog, no Sony changed that policy a few weeks ago. I deactivated my “video” old PS3 and was able to download some purchased videos–tv shows and movies–to 1 PS3 and my Vita (the SD versions)

  • Clearly 2013 is the rebirth of Sony, it’s like watching my home team win the Championships! I’ll be getting a PS4 no doubt, how can I not at the price of just $399.

  • Awesome news, I’m super excited for the release of the PS4. Both my brother and I have our systems pre-ordered. Release weekend required taking the day off for sure!

  • can not wait!

  • Def gonna pick up a PS4! but I might have to wait a bit to save up the cash. Is Lego Marvel going to be part of the ps3/ps4 upgrade program??

  • Not gonna lie, I dont know what game to get but I will have a PS4 on Nov. 15

  • I am going to set up camp in front of the stores 3 days before the Playstation 4 goes on sale. Can’t wait to buy this Bad Boy!!!

  • For everyone worried about hard drive space, just buy your own hard drive.

  • incredible

  • I am on vacation from September 12 to end of October then 2 weeks and PS4 at my door step great love you Sony

  • Wait, what about PlayStation Home? Is that going to be on the PS4 also?

  • I can’t wait to have a PS4 in my house.With all the new features and games, i will be hard pressed to stay on top of my school work,lol.

    I also saw the blue and red controllers.I have to have the Magma Red Controller in my hands.

  • Massive disappointment, nothing but indie games…Where were the AAA games for PS4? Nothing on gaikai? Sony that was a terrible conference. Thinking twice about getting one at launch now.

  • Awesome!! Can’t wait for this Epic console.
    Thank you SONY you made my way to gaming world

  • I wished that europe had the release date for the 15th november, being playstations biggest market.

    But at the same time I understand what sony is doing.

    PS4 will dominate europe and japan anyhow.

    They just need to dominate america this time ,and I believe they will


  • Sony drops the mic.! (yet again…) =)

  • Assasins Creed 3 for PS+ next month!! Thanks Sony

  • Murasaki Baby looks unique,original and artistic. But I don’t have a ps vita.

    Is there any chance of a PS4 version later.


  • ive had my ps4 preordered since June after E3…im in that 1 million group :) feel proud.

  • 33 games between launch and end of december….my wallet is gonna hate me

  • I only got my PS3 about 2 years ago, I’m still enjoying it.

    I’ll consider PS4 when they release a PS All Stars Battle Royale sequel done right. Knack is tempting but I’m not interested in any of the other titles.

    Oh and PS All stars Sequel better have Knack!

  • Good news but we really need some details on the upgrade policy for going from ps3 to ps4 digital software. $$$$ matters to us we need to know how much it’ll cost us.

  • Sony forgot to mention The Last Guardian, oh well maybe in 2015

  • waiting for my PS4 i preordered it last month <3 i really can't wait to play next gen games!!
    AC4, BF4, watch dogs, KH3 and FFXIV

  • @Misaow I know about Motionjoy, but that is not official and i have heard far to many stories of it screwing up drivers on peoples PCs. I would like it if i could just plug a Dualshock in and have it “just work” and not have to worry about stuff like that, similar to how seamless it is with 360 controller if it is supported.

  • Where can i pre-order one that i can get on 11-15? Everywhere i checked in America is sold out of launch versions. Little help please.

  • Man, so many good news. The indies are awesome. The Witness is my most expected PS4 game right now. And I can’t wait to see what Santa Monica and Naughty Dog are cooking.

  • Hey @86 Strangeheaven, you make a good point. PS dominates the rest of the globe which probably explains the perceived “better Plus offerings”, too. But dominance here in America is about to swing back.

  • Is the PS4 coming to India this year?

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