PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

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PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

If you watched our press conference at gamescom, you’ve already heard some of the great news we’ve just shared that gamers everywhere have been waiting for. Today, we’re happy to confirm that PlayStation 4 (PS4) will launch on November 15th in the U.S. and Canada – in time for the holidays! PlayStation fans in Europe and Latin America will also be able to get their hands on a PS4 system on November 29th, so you’ll be able to connect with your friends and fellow gamers worldwide on PS4 this year, taking advantage of all of the deeply integrated social features and incredible gaming experiences that PS4 has to offer.

PS4 truly provides the best place to play. By the end of December, we’ll have 33 titles available for PS4, including NBA 2K14, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Skylanders Swap Force, Need for Speed: Rivals, Battlefield 4, Madden 25, FIFA 14, NBA Live, Killzone: Shadow Fall, #DRIVECLUB, Knack, Assassins Creed IV Black Flag, Watch_Dogs, Just Dance 2014 and Lego Marvel Super Heroes.


We are proud of our relationships with game creators and pleased to be working with nearly 620 developers and publishers from around the world. More than 180 PS4 titles are in development, including Destiny from Bungie, Inc./Activision Publishers, Inc., Mad Max: Fury Road from Warner Brothers, Witcher 3 from CD Projekt, The Division from Ubisoft Entertainment, Dragon Age from Electronic Arts, and also Helldivers and The Order: 1886 from SCE Worldwide Studios – so you’ll have plenty of great games to look forward to in the coming months.

As we’ve previously mentioned, DualShock 4 makes it easy for you to easily edit and broadcast your gameplay using the wireless controller’s “Share” button. That’s why we’re also happy to introduce our new partnership with the popular video platform Twitch, to give you another channel to livestream your gameplay to fellow gamers anywhere in the world.

We can’t wait for November 15th to come so you can get your hands on a PS4 system and see for yourself all of the breakthrough gaming experiences our new platform has to offer. So tell us, how many of you and your friends will be waiting in line on November 15th to get your hands on a PS4? Greatness Awaits!

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PS4 Launches in North America on November 15th, Gamescom Wrap-up

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  • Wow PS4 sounds amazing

  • November 15th? Can’t wait!! ^_^

  • Many great games coming too, and PS4 on the back.
    Amazing conference guys!

  • Gimme!!

  • Will I be waiting in line? HA! That’s what gamestop pre orders are for :D

  • Ghosts, Watch Dogs, and Lego Marvel will probably be the launch games i get. I’m hoping there will be some downloadable games available day 1 as well.

  • Ooohh I can’t wait for it! Every news I hear about it, just makes it more awesome!

  • I was hoping it would launch earlier, I think you are leaving yourself open to being beaten onto the market by the competition.

    Regardless, I can’t wait I have gotten every playstation console and handheld on its launchday, I already marked myself “out of office” for 15Nov in my company’s calendar system!

  • I can’t wait and hopefully on that day we can change our PSN IDs if we want to

  • I’m incredibly excited for the release of PS4 (and a mere week before CATCHING FIRE!!!) but where is the update? Here in Canada I haven’t got the PS store update yet! :/

  • I’ll be there launch day, hopefully one of the first in line for a midnight launch at the GameStop around the corner from me.

  • Just like in 2006 when I stood in line on my birthday to get my 60gb PS3, I know exactly what i will be doing on my birthday this year. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

    Cannot wait!

  • Buying AC IV on ps3 and then only $10 to rebuy/upgrade on PS4……not bad. I dont know why I’d to that….but not bad.

  • Thanks for letting us now when we can pick it up. My guess was November 16th.

  • Come on November! Been having my pre-ordered since it was announced! =)

  • so, are all PSN games still gonna be incompatible with the thing?

    I would be excited, if there was really any reason to upgrade.

    what does the PS4 offer besides requiring plus to go online?

  • Pretty much know what I’ll be doing over the long Thanksgiving weekend :)

  • Really glad it’s on a Friday. I can’t wait going to play it like crazy and if I get tired I’ll remote play it on my vita while in bed. This generation is going to be a fun one!

  • it’s almost here :)

  • woohoo. i’ll be finishing up school then. great graduation present!!!

  • I was hoping it would be launched before the competition but November 15 isn’t bad. I’m pretty excited!

  • ohhh great news :) :) i cant wait

  • I was hoping for an October release..:( Guess November 15th it is.

  • So I guess I have 3 months to get through my PS3 backlog until PS4 comes out! I’ve only pre-ordered Killzone so far, but it’ll be cool to try out Playroom and Driveclub right at launch too.

  • Please post a complete launch list soon.

  • Also will the friend list increase take place before the ps4 launch? i really hope so.

  • Only 3 months away! *___*

  • BoooYAH!!!! Can’t wait!!

  • Greatness awaits.. indeed


  • Really disappointed to hear such a late launch date. I thought you guys were in a prime position to launch in early October, maybe even late Sept!! But either you had production problems, or more likely, it was a launch lineup issue. To think that there’s only 3 first party titles (one of which will be free to all) coming out before the end of the year, explains why it’s not being launched in Sept/Oct. Just not enough 1st party titles ready for launch. I’m still a huge PlayStation fan, and would have bought it day one with out without the games. That’s just the kinda game junky I am. So that’s why it’s so hard to see such a late launch date when the first few million units sold will be bought by core gamers anyway, who also care only for the new hardware, and would accept the wait time on the software. Oh well, a week or two before Black Friday seems like a sound plan… :(

  • if the developers permit it, will we be able to broadcast every single minute of our gameplay (to twitch)?

    or does it still fall under the 5/15 minute rule?

    Haven’t heard anything about HDCP, so by this point I’m guessing it’s strictly enforced on the PS4(for games)?

  • Dear: SONY

    Please do a unBoxing Video~!!!!

  • Also good job on, 31 launch countries compared to 13 is a pretty big difference. It’s almost like MS is just handing over their market share in all those regions. .

  • Best Playstation news I’ve heard since the Playstation 3 or Playstation Vita. I’m looking forward to the Playstation 4. It will be 2 weeks before my 33rd birthday. Playstation 4 will kick butt. Already preordered mine after E3. Thank you Sony and Thank you Gamescom. It was well worth the wait.

  • Which latin american countries receive the PS4 on November 29th?

  • glad i pre-ordered :) now i jus gotta make sure the location is on the first shipment of consoles. went to a few places and they were already preordering for second shipment :/ midnight launch pick up for me mwahahahahaha. price drop on vita is nice, only prob is i bought 2 of them like 3 weeks ago :P oh wells can at least upgrade to better memory cards cheaper soon :) good stuff sony!

  • Agreed Mobius2525 :)

  • @ 39 THANKS:)

  • Shut up and take my money!

  • Can we please get a better video of the UI walkthrough. I want to know how things like the party system and stuff work. And how the in game menu will work. I don’t understand why its being kept a secret.

  • Was hoping for October, but November 15th is cool too I guess. :p

  • What a great announcement November 15 ,well I preordered the PS4 since June 17 and Killzone: Shadow Fall,Battlefield 4,Watch Dogs and Call of Duty:Ghosts.What a great place to play those four games.

  • That presentation was horrible, I hope we get direct feeds of the videos.

  • @khaosklub (reply #17)
    “so, are all PSN games still gonna be incompatible with the thing?”

    Yeah, pretty much until the games are recompiled for the PS4. Binaries compiled for the Cell architecture of the PS3 are no way compatible with the x86-64 architecture of the PS4. _Completely_ different microprocessor architecture and opcodes. And I wouldn’t even want to think how slow trying to do Cell hardware emulation on an x86 platform would be. (For you apple people, it would be like trying to run a PPC binary on an x86 Mac. Just doesn’t work.)

  • Been pre-ordered since the end of the E3 press conference! Can’t wait to get mine November 15th!

  • Quick question: do you know if that PlayStation Plus deal (90 days free with 12 month subscription) is coming to the US Store too? Also, do PS+ subscription cards work in that deal?


  • Best of luck to all the early adopters, I’ll be waiting until 2026 when Final Fantasy XV releases to get mine. ;)

  • SONY PS4 is going to be a REALLY TOTAL AWESOME game system to play

    I can wait for 11/15/2013 to play the PS4

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