PS Vita Now $199.99 in North America

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PS Vita Now $199.99 in North America

PS Vita New Price

I’m excited to announce that the PlayStation Vita (PS Vita) system is now available for $199.99 MSRP in North America, making it a compelling value for gamers. With some amazing games coming out in the next few months, including Killzone Mercenary and Tearaway, along with connectivity to the PlayStation 4 (PS4) system through “Remote Play,” now is the perfect time to become a PS Vita owner.

The brand new price applies to all PS Vita systems available at retail, including the limited edition PS Vita Walking Dead bundle that launches this week. We’re also dropping the price of the PS Vita memory cards, as you can see in the chart below.

Memory Card Size

Previous Price

New Price

Memory Card for PS Vita 4GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 8GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 16GB



Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB



Along with the new price, we’re currently celebrating PS Vita with two promotions on the PlayStation Store. The PS Vita Japanese Games Sale , running through August 26, offers discounts of up to 50% off on PS Vita games from Japanese developers, including Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Muramasa Rebirth. PS Plus members can enjoy up to 75% off in the Japanese Game Sale. Additionally, four of the summer’s most anticipated PS Vita titles will launch as part of PS Vita Summer Select , running from August 20 through September 16, with launch week discounts of 20 percent off for PS Plus members. Games featured in PS Vita Summer Select include Spleunky from Mossmouth and Dragon Fantasy: Book II from Muteki Corporation.

Beyond the 900+ games currently playable on PS Vita, we also have a strong slate of content on the way from our third party and indie partners, including games like Rayman Legends, Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate, FIFA 14, Luftrausers, Terraria, KickBeat, Stick it To The Man, Lone Survivor, and Proteus. Phew!

PS Vita will be the ultimate companion device to PS4 through key features like “Remote Play,” which allows PS4 games to be instantly playable on PS Vita at home via Wi-Fi.  We currently anticipate that many, if not most, PS4 games will be Remote Play enabled.

If you already own a PS Vita, share your top three favorite games for the system in the comments below. Let’s help new owners decide what to buy!

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  • I love my Vita so hard. This game at a good time, my 32GB and 4GB cards are completely full and I had to delete all my PSN and PSP games to make room for my actual Vita games.
    Favorite games? That’s tough.
    1) Soul Sacrifice
    2) Gravity Rush
    3) Uncharted
    Runner-ups: Assassins Creed 3 Liberation (I’m still waiting for a new AC VITA game, so disappointed one wasn’t announced today), and Dragon’s Crown.

  • Oh, And One More Thing: Just Like Everyone Above This Comment, I Would Like For There To Be Memory Cards w/ More Space Than The Current Ones (64GB, 128GB, etc.)

  • I’d like to see a 64GB memory card.

  • The Vita memory cards are still WAY too expensive. You can get a 64GB Class 10 SDXC for $70.

    The Vita would sell much better if you could get a 64GB Vita Memory Card for $70.

    I have a Vita, and reluctantly bought the 32GB one for $100. But I know a bunch of people who have held off simply due to the additional cost of needing the overpriced memory.

  • 32GB is still too expensive; should be no more than $50, you’ll easily make the difference off games purchased to fill 32GB card. Come on sony…

  • Nice move sony! Now i’m gonna buy it!

  • Memory Card price drop is what I needed. Maybe I’ll get a 16gb or just go with the 32. Vita needed more exclusives that matter like Killzone, indies are cool but we need more exclusive multiplayer not just ports or franchise hits.

  • I was ready to order a Vita when I heard that the memory card prices were coming down, but sadly this isn’t going to cut it. $20 off the ludicrously overpriced 32GB is just not enough, guys. I want to give you my money, but these cards are still too far out of line with reality. If you want to move Vitas, the memory can’t be that expensive.

  • Why is the “price per gb” on the 8 16 and 32gb cards exactly the same?

    Shouldn’t the prices get better $20, $35, and $60, not $20, $40, $80?

  • Honestly, I think the pricing on the memory cards are still a little much, but at least it’s going in the right direction. ( now I can wait for someone to have a sale off of those prices, and we’re in reasonable territory. )

  • love my vita but its still expensive. its the same price as a brand new ps3. smh.
    and as for memory cards. they still expensive. i got a 32gb from ebay 4 weeks ago for 72 dollars. i got lucky.

    so disappointed that sony has turn vita/ps4 into indie console. no real games were announced. bunch of crap( no offense to indie lovers) i wanted to see AA tittles for psvita i got a borderlands 2 port. thanks.

  • Really can’t vent my anger at these stupid memory card prices. I’ve had a 8gb card from day one and i refuse to pay these prices still far to dear. I don’t know how many games i HAVEN’T bought because am out of memory.

  • hey sony we want more uncharted on vita or other series infamous, syphon filter, twisted metal, gran turismo

  • All though I think the actual console price was fine, the memory cards really needed a price drop. It’s nice to see that they came down, all though the 32gb could still stand to go down more in price. I would sacrifice the system being $49.99 more again if it meant dropping the price of cards even more. Still, a big improvement in price.

  • That’s it? Seriously? That’s it? 4GB card should be included with every Vita. Period. 8GB should be at the 4GB price. 16GB should be $25, and 32 should be $50. The 32GB card is the only one with truly good storage right now, and it’s far too expensive. I absolutely love my system, but I refuse to upgrade from my 4GB card that came with the system bundle thanks to those prices.

  • Memory Card for PS Vita 32GB price $79.99 jajajaja what that hell is that???
    The new price memoria 32GB is very expensive too

  • damnit i dont have my vita anymore am just an idiot for giving it up but i still going to buy a new one down the road and with the price drop it will be easy now thanks sony :D

  • Those are the “significant” price cuts for the memory card? Oh well, guess I’ll just keep buying physical copies of games for $10 to $20 less than PSN prices and sell them off to gamestop when I’m done. At $50 for a 32, I would have gone all digital. Sony’s loss.

  • 1 x 32 GB = $79.99
    2 x 16 GB = $79.98
    4 x 8 GB = $79.96
    8 x 4 GB = $119.92

    Why is it that the jump from 4 to 8 GB is the only one which incorporates savings now?

    Also, what’s the new MSRP of the wifi only vita? or is there only one model now?

    NOTE – I own a Vita + 16GB already and love it. Will probably pick up another 8 or 16 GB card at some point, but I still don’t think I’d buy a 32 GB at that price.

  • Man, that figures… I just bought one a bit over two weeks ago. At least the memory cards are a bit more reasonable now.

  • Awesome…although perfect news for me would’ve been to have new 64 and 128 GBs cards announced. Having that would’ve put the icing on the cake. =)

  • The new Vita price drop is great and I’m glad your going forward with new releases and hope that there are even more games (not only just indie) that make full advantage of the vita’s features!

    However these memory card prices…are a joke. And the lack of a 64 and 128gb option is unusual given that a large chunk of all vita purchases are online. If you are pushing for digital purchases on the vita then why

    A) Limit this with grossly overpriced memory cards
    B) Limit the size of said grossly overpriced memory cards

    It seems like I will be buying these memory cards second hand for a much cheaper cost and sadly none of the profits will go to you which is a shame since I really want to support this handheld in any way I can. I was also really hoping for the introduction of a 64gb memory card.

  • The news from games cm is missing one of my personal favorites. mine craft coming to Vita, ps3 and ps4!

  • 1. Will PS Home still be on PS4?

    2. Will I be able to change my PSN ID on PS3 and PS4 in the near future?

  • I love my VITA but was holding out for a larger memory card at a cheaper price. I’m sorry but the new prices for the memory cards are still a bit ridiculous. In my opinion the Memory Cards is really the the only one negative aspect about the VITA. I don’t want to constantly manage my games, having to delete a game to download a new one, or be force to pay a ridiculous amount for a new memory card.

    Also on a side note i love all the indie games/support. However I’m still longing for some new adventures from Sony’s catalog of IPs for the VITA. Uncharted: Golden Abyss, LBP Vita were a good start but what about other titles such as inFAMOUS or Heavenly Sword. I have always felt the the Vita offered an unique opportunity to provide more of the back story or side story to some PlayStations first party IPs as the PSP did with the God of War Franchise.

  • Nice to see the prices come down some. I’ve had a Vita since launch and it’s a great piece of hardware. Hopefully more people will jump in.

    I also wanted to say that Murasaki Baby looks absolutely amazing. Really looking forward to that one, Killzone, and Tearaway.

  • Please tell us the release date for The Walking Dead Vita bundle. I pre-ordered one on Amazon today. Very excited! Thanks!

  • Alright everybody else, go buy a dang vita. And no excuses getting the Wi-Fi only version. You don’t need to pay for Data if you don’t want to and it adds features to your Vita!

    Go now!

  • How about a Fix for that dreaded
    Preparing to download
    Please wait… Screen
    My vita just sits there and I end up having to cancel the download then turn my vita off.
    So many people are complaining about it, i love my Vita but trying to download things are a hassle because i have to turn my vita off and on multiple times just to get a couple of games.
    Pretty please?

  • oh and Uhh
    Gravity Rush
    Soul sacrifice
    Rayman origins!

  • ive had a vita since launch so this means nothing to me

  • The wifi only or the 3g/wifi for 199?

  • so does that mean the ps vita WiFi Only is less then 199.99

  • Oh hey PSN! I forgot to purchase Soul Sacrifice while it was on sale. I literally just checked it with the intent of buying it (tried the demo a few days ago and I surprisingly really enjoyed it and I’m usually not big on the Monster Hunter/God Eater type games) and to my dismay it was back to being full price… Boo! So put it back on sale soon haha.

    But I did buy The Walking Dead though. Maybe I’ll buy Guacamelee now. I heard it’s awesome.

  • @Don Mesa

    I think this is a good step, but I wish there was the PSP games upgrade to PSV like in Japan.

  • Now we just need a Twitch App for the Vita. PS4 is getting Twitch so Vita should too. Even if it is only watching live streams.

  • Since no one will answer my question, i did go to Best buy .com and found the PS vita is 199 for the wifi only and the 3g/wifi …both 199.99 each

  • My top 3 Vita games? Ooh, that’s a toughie! I’d probably have to say:


    “Gravity Rush” (or “Uncharted: GA”)

    and, if the beta I’m playing is a good indication of what’s to come,

    “Killzone: Mercenary:

  • Don mesa, is sony going to launch the 32gb memory card in eu and latin america?

  • I too would like to have an option of a bigger memory card…. And could we have backround photos inside the create folder bubble?

  • I was hoping for a 64GB memory card, but I am super happy about the price drop finally happening on both the PS Vita and memory cards. Will there be an update on the PS Store? I am still waiting for a specific Update area to download patches for all the games and apps that I have instead of checking each one individually.

  • Hopeful that the new price drop and flurry of games will spur more people to finally pick up this amazing device :)

  • Oh and also please add the functionality to upgrade a secondary account to a master account! I am missing out on some functionality on PS3 and PS Vita because of it.

  • I’m a big boy with a job. My 4,8,16, and 32 GB are all filled up. Let’s start working on that 64 and 128GB cards. These games aren’t going to play themselves.

  • A price drop is always nice.
    But, the cards are still too expensive. You can get a microSD card for $50-$60. Would’ve liked to see a bit more of a drastic drop in those, especially with Ps+ bringing lots of download only games to the system. But, like I said..I wont complain about the fact that a price drop even happened.

    If my demands are not met- I will not be replacing my current Vita.
    Getting tired of my black one.

  • I echo the need for bigger memory cards. I really don’t want to manage multiple cards and 32gb ain’t cutting it for me (I’ve had the 32gb card since launch and lately I’ve been needing to delete stuff).

    How about a 64gb card and an increase bubble/icon limit (correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t it still limited to 100?)?

  • The only thing that can make this better is an announcement of “Gravity Rush 2″…

  • Thanks for the reply Don. Just so you know, Sony’s website says 32gb vita card is 79.99 now, but when you add it to card the website tries to charge you 99.99.

  • I would love to see the Wifi model drop its price too.

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