Dragon’s Crown: Fighting Together

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Dragon’s Crown: Fighting Together

The kingdom is boiling in war all around you, and brigands threaten the crown just as much as the encroaching orc forces. But you, noble adventurer, have loot to earn and treasure to find. You have swords to wield and spells to sling! Welcome to Dragon’s Crown. Your adventure begins next week.

Dragon’s Crown, from the developers at Vanillaware, follows in the footsteps of Odin Sphere and Muramasa Rebirth. It blends eye-popping, hand-drawn animation with RPG-fueled combat. An ambitious project, Dragon’s Crown features six characters for players to select, and a bevy of stages to fight through. Though there are chests to open and skills to learn, the combat in Dragon’s Crown is more like a side-scrolling brawler. A brawler you can invite your friends to!

Dragon’s Crown encourages four-player cooperative play on both PS3 and PS Vita. You and your fellow adventurers can brave the dark and dangerous labyrinths together, building characters to complement each other’s skills, or tempting fate with difficult combinations. Want to dive into a dungeon with four wizards? No problem. But best of luck keeping everyone alive.

Once you and your courageous party members clear the first round of stages, alternate routes open up that unleash new dangers and boss encounters. Endure these, and your characters will grow in strength, glittering with prizes freshly won, and magical trinkets aglow with enchantments.

Dragon's Crown, 02Dragon's Crown, 01

Clearing both paths with all six characters on every difficulty setting will take time. As in, more than 100 hours. With this much content, your journey through the ruins and caverns of Hydeland will satisfy even the fiercest craving for loot drops.

Dragon’s Crown launches on August 6th in North America for PS3 and PS Vita. Anyone even remotely interested in brawlers, or incredible fantasy artwork, should ready their swords for this one.

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  • @37, Newegg does NOT have the artbook listed, so if you really want it, I wouldn’t take the chance. I’ll gladly pay the little extra (tax) on Amazon to guarantee the artbook.

  • Currently playing Muramasa Rebirth on Vita and loving it. Can’t wait for Dragon’s Crown as well!


  • Hi John, I hope you read this. I am SO going to buy DC day one for my Vita. Now, would you please help us bring over Grand Knights History and Odin Sphere to the Vita as well? Please please please???!!!

  • Can’t wait to get this PS Vita yeaah!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hmm, will there be a discount for buying the digital version on PSN? Some PS Vita games would give about 10% off for buying it digitally.

  • Great studio!!! great game!!! My PS3 can’t wait

  • I really, really hope this game is succesful in the US and EU, is really nice that it already did good in Japan.
    Going to contribute with getting it for both ps3 and vita, of course.

  • I wanted this game for the vita but since theres no X-play, now im gonna buy it for ps3. and Since theres not even an offer to get both physical copies for a cheaper price like they did with SFXtekken and MLB im not buying both. and its a shame. i really wanted to have it on vita :/

  • Does it have On-line multiplayer on the Vita?

  • Hey is it too late for me to preorder this game to get the artbook? I really want it.


  • I bought the physical disc version of this. Is there any way to give deals to people who want the DLC version from PSN?

  • The art looks cool, but not my kind of game.

    My kind of game is more 3D Dot Game Heroes :) When will it be downloadable for PS3? Will there ever be a Vita port?

    Would also be cool to see Catherine on Vita, even as a scaled down version like Tokyo Jungle Mobile.

  • Already pre-ordered a while ago before the artbook was shown, that was a delightful surprise. It’s hard to contain my excitement for this game, used to love playing Gauntlet legends, streets of rage, golden axe games.

    Much love to you guys for bringing it over.

  • I understand there’s no cross buy, but any chance of a discounted bundle with both versions on psn?

  • Is it me or atlus is one of the few, releasing real gamers stuff outhere.

  • Saw a stream of this, definitely going to buy.

    Thanks for your time.

  • The art looks amazing. Vanillaware outdid themselves this time.
    Can’t wait to play it!

  • :( Unfortunately, not interested.

    Rather see more PS2 remakes, especially if you could make them cross play.

  • $50 and its not even cross buy?! Unless it has a steep PS Plus discount, i think i’ll wait for a price drop. Xilia releases the same day anyway.

  • Oh wow, I’ve heard quite a few people mention this game by name but I’ve never checked it out….
    Glad I finally did, it looks really fun. I’m hoping for a fairly deep combat system. Any chance for a demo? please ;)

  • Just a quick question. Can I purchase & download this from U.S PSN store & play it on a EU console. Just wondering because of the whole Persona 4 Arena issue.

  • will dragon’s crown avatars available on day 1?

  • N singleplayer mode we can play with AI partners on psvita version?

  • Preordered for PS3, and will also be getting it on Vita. One of my most anticipated games this year.

  • This looks really good, but will I still enjoy it if I play single player alone?

  • This game looks awesome!
    I have a few questions to ask:

    Does it have drop in/drop out matchmaking?
    Are all players required to be “ready” in a pre-game lobby before starting?

    Can I search for games/lobbies to join?
    Is it PS friends/invite only?

    Also, somebody wrote that only Player 1’s progress is saved in co-op.
    Could they please explain why?
    Does this apply to online modes?

    Any info would be great, thank you.

  • will this game have any dlc and if so what can we expect?

  • I’ve had the Vita version pre-ordered for SO long. Can’t wait! Also, I’ve almost got Muramasa platinumed… any idea when the DLC will be coming? <3 Vanillaware

  • one cuestion dragons crown will coming whit spanish subtitulate or onli in english

  • I’ve been a fan of Vanillaware since Odin Sphere so I’ve had my eyes on this title since it was announced. I’ve preordered both the Vita and PS3 versions of the game and looking forward to playing as the Wizard. Hopefully this game does good enough that we’ll see a sequel and maybe future Vanillaware titles on the Vita in the future.

  • Gonna get the game for sure but man oh man there needed to be a ps3 ps vita bundle or something since cross buy was out the window. I own both systems an dit just makes me want to gravitate toward one since their is no deal for them both.

  • hi ryan. welcome to the blog !!
    i read on one of the reviews somewhere that you cant play online coop until you beat the game once? is this true?
    and you know the reason why no voice chat? shouldnt be a problem with 2 vitas and party chat but on ps3 its a downer : (

  • also why is there no bundle for buying both versions at a cheaper price. ? dont wanna do cross buy fine but come on give us some sort of incentive to buy both versions.

  • I can’t believe so many people complain about this not being cross-buy.
    Game development isn’t cheap.
    Hopefully this game gets some real dlc (not voice overs) down the road.

  • Got mine pre-ordered off Amazon with their Prime trial. Looking forward to seeing those character sheets in the artbook.

    @86 I don’t think it’s about not having cross-buy per se… Technically both versions are the exact same game, but the kicker is the PS3 version has local multiplayer, and the two aren’t cross-play. I’d think a good number would like the Vita version, but it’s likely that there’s way less people to play MP with. So having just the Vita version or just the PS3 version is a hard choice. If there was cross-play people won’t complain so much about no cross-buy. And if there was cross-buy the lack of cross-play isn’t a big deal.

    I know they said cross-play was pretty tricky as they’ve never done it before, but hopefully it’ll sell well enough (also with future DLC if ever) that they can work on a patch that’ll allow for cross-play.

  • I have been waiting so long for this game and now the wait is just about over! I have a feeling that I’m going to get hundreds of hours out of this game.

    Also, Ryan Clements?! Oh snap! Good to see ya here on the blog!

  • big question on my mind is, is there a price difference on psn over hard copies? sort of like how soul sacrifice was 5 cheaper on psn.(love when that happens :D )

    and ill be playing wizard, hope to see everyone online!

  • Amazing artwork and awesome female characters haha!
    Love the design, for me its like old school games.

  • FOR PSVITA !!!!!!!

  • 1 GB download size.. that’s pretty great to be able to keep on my Vita at all times.
    I’ll probably go that route.

  • “Once you and your courageous party members clear the first round of stages”
    A shame that the blog post doesn’t make it clear that unless you’re playing local multiplayer on the PS3, you’ll each have to reach that point separately, rather than together, because that’s the point at which all other multiplayer (online, Vita Ad-Hoc) unlocks.

    Also unfortunate that you have to do this with each character that you make. You have to complete nearly half the game’s content alone before you can play with others.

  • I’ve been excited for Dragon’s Crown since it was announced. But a number of decisions have almost completely killed my interest.

    Local multiplayer on PS3: all characters must be on the same save. 20 characters could fill up fast with multiple people.

    Vita: no cross-play, can’t play with friends who get PS3 version. Since you can’t copy individual characters, cross-save doesn’t enable you to play your own characters together.

    Removal of Japanese narrators from English release. Even worse is the silence, deception, and indignation by Atlus representatives on the matter. Why should I support a company that not only doesn’t provide what I want, but mocks people for displaying an interest?

  • I’d love to support Vanillaware, but I’m disappointed in how this has turned out. How do these problems get through development, let alone testing? Do people really not care about playing their own characters in multiplayer? I hope Vanillaware will improve their technical skills so future games will be better. I was able to enjoy Odin Sphere, despite the poor performance (load times, slowdown), but the character management in Dragon’s Crown seems like it would just be too frustrating, no matter how much fun the game is.

    I hope too, that they either find another publisher, or that Atlus USA turns its act around. I’m only fortunate that Sony’s systems are so import friendly these days. Big thanks for that, Sony! I like being able to directly support the developers I love, without worrying that I’m also supporting publishers or publishing practices I don’t.

  • Pre-ordered for Vita. Was thinking about getting the PS3 version as well, but someone put it perfectly somewhere else, get the Vita version cuz the PS3 is in its last year or so, which with the PS4 coming out will create an even bigger backlog for me. With the Vita, I can keep playing when I’m on the road, etc.

  • Wow, talk about blowing crap up way more than it needs to be 93-95 didn’t need to be 3 posts, and nobody deceived you. Don’t know what rock you’ve been living under, but it’s been known that the game wasn’t full dual audio. Cry me a river.

    Also, Atlus came in and saved this game when it got dropped by Ignition, so you expect Vanillaware to be like, “nah bro, it’s cool. we’ll just scrap what we got and go home” when approached by Atlus instead of putting their game out? Wtf are you smoking?

  • pricetag??? me wants lol

  • So off topic to start but… I did not post much on IGN but knowing your in the PS family Ryan C is awesome. What a way to land on your feet? This game is fully paid for in pre-order. LETS GO! To arms…….

  • Great seeing you working here on the Playstation Blog Ryan! Think I will be picking this game up at launch since I’m a big fan of these retro inspired titles that have been coming out these last couple of years. The art style is absolutely gorgeous. Gunna pick it up on PS3 instead of Vita since this will look great on a larger screen!

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