Dragon’s Crown: Fighting Together

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Dragon’s Crown: Fighting Together

The kingdom is boiling in war all around you, and brigands threaten the crown just as much as the encroaching orc forces. But you, noble adventurer, have loot to earn and treasure to find. You have swords to wield and spells to sling! Welcome to Dragon’s Crown. Your adventure begins next week.

Dragon’s Crown, from the developers at Vanillaware, follows in the footsteps of Odin Sphere and Muramasa Rebirth. It blends eye-popping, hand-drawn animation with RPG-fueled combat. An ambitious project, Dragon’s Crown features six characters for players to select, and a bevy of stages to fight through. Though there are chests to open and skills to learn, the combat in Dragon’s Crown is more like a side-scrolling brawler. A brawler you can invite your friends to!

Dragon’s Crown encourages four-player cooperative play on both PS3 and PS Vita. You and your fellow adventurers can brave the dark and dangerous labyrinths together, building characters to complement each other’s skills, or tempting fate with difficult combinations. Want to dive into a dungeon with four wizards? No problem. But best of luck keeping everyone alive.

Once you and your courageous party members clear the first round of stages, alternate routes open up that unleash new dangers and boss encounters. Endure these, and your characters will grow in strength, glittering with prizes freshly won, and magical trinkets aglow with enchantments.

Dragon's Crown, 02Dragon's Crown, 01

Clearing both paths with all six characters on every difficulty setting will take time. As in, more than 100 hours. With this much content, your journey through the ruins and caverns of Hydeland will satisfy even the fiercest craving for loot drops.

Dragon’s Crown launches on August 6th in North America for PS3 and PS Vita. Anyone even remotely interested in brawlers, or incredible fantasy artwork, should ready their swords for this one.

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  • Pre-ordered over a year ago.


  • Any word on if this will be available day 1 on PSN for download?

  • Beyond!! So ready for this next week. Definitely going to be playing this on my Vita.

  • can we digitally download on psn

  • I’m so excited for this game.

    Here’s an aside:

    Ryan it’s so good to see you working for PlayStation now. I was a huge fan of you and all you did during your time at IGN. You’ve influenced me to do and accomplish a lot. I’ve begun writing (music reviews and coverage), started a band, and begun a work out routine because of tweets, editorials, and comments you made throughout your career there. Congratulations to your continued success and I look forward to seeing all you have to offer for the PlayStation community. BEYOND! And may Ryan’s Wrap Up live on forever.

    • Thank you so much for this great comment! I really appreciate the support, and it’s great that the IGN community has offered kind words here on the PlayStation.Blog as well.


  • well you guys still didn’t answer… is it coming digitally next week?

  • This is ridiculous, same thing happen with soul sacrifice digital download… NO WORD until the day before it came out? Information to pass along to your consumer very hard to come by?


  • Do players have free screen movement on the vita, or we have to have all the players on the screen, like I believe it will happen on the ps3? This would be a big plus for the vita version.

  • I am running out of space of my 16gb card for Vita. I would be happy to pay the 32gb price for a 64gb card OR buy a new Vita with internal storage. I am psyched for this game but I need more vita storage.

  • I’m buying this for PS Vita for sure, but… it has cross buy or not? And cross play?

    And if it has… what if I buy the physical PSVita version? Can I have the PS3 version some way?

  • how does the game feel on the vita ryan? i hope its super smooth and im sure looks great on that screen…really excited for this game

    • Feels and looks great! I’ve been playing on PS3, though, just so I can get the biggest screen to view all that art. The art — I likes it.


  • Nice “Beyond!” support.. IGN is backing this game like a bulldozer.

  • There should have been option to play between Vita and PS3 players.

    Thanks anyways, Atlus.

  • Game looks great.
    Reminds me a lot of the recently re-released Chronicles of Mystaria arcade games, but with a lot nicer aesthetic appeal. From what I understand, one of the character designers from those games helped out with design on Dragon’s Crown, which is pretty awesome. The Vanillaware titles look great on the Vita (or at least Muramasa sure does).

    Also, great to see you end up with Playstation, Ryan. You must feel a bit more @ Home there.

  • Have you played Ryan

  • And what can this bring to my gaming Experience.

  • Mr. Playstation Powerhouse,

    I’d say let’s play some league together since you’re burnt out on D3, or were previously, however I am burnt out on LoL. Luckily, I don’t know if you’ve heard, there’s this beautiful little gem coming to ps3 and vita called Dragon’s Crown! You should play it with some of your loving fans (that miss you and want you to make some more appearances on beyond)!

    A loving fan that misses you and wants you to make some more appearances on beyond.

  • So incredibly bought. I love Vanillaware.

  • I was very interested in this game but it loses me with no cross-buy ($50 and no cross-buy is pretty ridiculous for this kind of game) and that you can’t play between vita and ps3

    • I’m highly biased, but I do feel that it won’t disappoint at its price point.

      It does have cross-save, which is blissfully easy to use. And doesn’t require PS+

  • I’m excited to play this game. I just watched the livestream from IGN and review. Looks like a fun game. I hope it really is.
    I’ve had it pre-ordered for about a month now for ps3. Too bad vita players can’t play alongside too.

    • It’s super, duper fun. You’ll start off very button mash-y, but then combat will just “click” and you’ll get a feel for chaining together combos.

  • Only thing that would have made this game better would be cross play.

  • Cross Save?
    Cross Play?

  • I know it’s already been mentioned that Dragon’s Crown will be receiving day one support on PSN, but will it be purchasable at midnight, or will we have to wait for the store to update later in the evening?

    Boy, I skipped past the actual post to check and see if this question was answered, and glad I did as such. I had no idea Ryan was writing for the PS Blog now. Glad to see you still in the realm of gaming journalism! BEYOND!

  • Dear playstation:

    I have a problem with my purchases , i bought the season pass for the walking dead some months ago, but before that i got episodes 1 and 2 free with PSPLUS .Now i don´t find the first episode in my download list and can´t play it.

    PD:the season pass also appears as if i haven´t bought it yet.

  • thanks John hardin, glad i waited it then ^^ th ps3 version is also 1 gb right?

  • Ryan,

    I’ve been looking forward to this game for quite some time now! I’d like to know if this game will be released at midnight on 8/6 for PSN digital download, and if it will feature voice chat for coordinating with online co-op partners?

    If you can answer either question (or both), I’d greatly appreciate it.

    Thanks for your time!

    • I don’t know when it releases on 8/6, but it won’t have voice chat.

      Some people told me they were pretty incensed about that, but it’s not like taking down a raid boss or anything.

  • I’m looking forward to playing this, and will most likely pick it up for the Vita, but I have to admit that the overly exaggerated…bits…on all female characters has me feeling a bit skeevy buying it. I kind of feel like I can’t play it in front of some folks.

    • I played as the Amazon on a crowded 5-hour plane ride to Minneapolis. F***s given? Zero.

      (wait, am I allowed to swear on here? I’d better edit myself)

      If you do wind up feeling uncomfortable playing it in front of other people, I’m sorry. Good news is that the Sorceress and Wizard have very similar play-styles as do the Amazon and Fighter.

  • 1gb Vita download that is fantastic!

  • I am so ready for this game!
    You might say that I am BEYOND! excited! (wink wink)
    btw I love you Clements. <3

  • Does it have local co-op? Haven’t really been able to find confirmation, though it looked like it might from some of the screens.

    • Yep! Local 4-player on PS3 is available from the beginning (progression will only be recognized for Player 1’s character though)

      Vita has AdHoc multiplayer that unlocks a few hours into the game.

  • Does Dragon’s Crown use any PS Vita specific features such as touch screen, rear touch or Near?

  • How deep of a PVP system is there? I know there is an area type mode, can you go into that?

    • It won’t be something you see at EVO or anything. But it’s fun, and gives you a bunch of options on how to set it up. And there’s actually a pretty sophisticated combat set, so in the right hands, I bet it’s pretty kick-ass to watch some of the matches.

  • Hi Powerhouse.

  • No cross play..? I really hope this is something that can be corrected in a future patch. This game looks really good but I only ever have time to play games on my Vita anymore (newborn child and all). If it had cross play I could play with my friends who own a PS 3. :(

  • Why doesn’t she tip over? As a female gamer I’ve learned to overlook a lot of tasteless female models, but I don’t think I have ever come across a more ridiculous looking character. So congratulations fort that. No wonder the room of males playing the game all look like they are leering at their Vita.

    • Sorry you feel that way :(

      Kamitani’s art style is definitely unique and everyone’s entitled to their own opinion about it. Good news – you don’t have to play as the sorceress or amazon, and I promise that the game has some very rewarding elements to it.

      In terms of the leering comments, it wasn’t over the sorceress. It’s over how amazing the game looks on the vita; it’s like watching a high-def watercolor painting come to life.

  • Justin Massongil, i just saw you also answered my question ^^ thanks just have to wait now *0*

  • Hi, Does this game come with the artbook if you order it from newegg? Thanks.

  • This game looks amazing especially for the vita….but im looking forward to Sacred Citadel for the PS3 and Real Boxing for the PS Vita..

  • That pre order artbook!!! @-@
    Trophy question, If I’m on the PS3 doing local co-op with my friends all the way to end (if possible), would I get the trophies that involved beating the game with different characters at the same time? Or is it only going to read the character that’s in the first player slot?

  • IDK if its just me but that booby topping lady…is kinda saying in my ear..”buy this game….buy this game”…lol…ok been a while since I saw the 1st video of this game…looks good…I’m looking forward to it.

  • awesome game , but why it’s not cross buy ???

  • Got it pre-ordered.

    @35, Certainly the females’ proportions are part sex appeal, but I think they are so exaggerated to also be somewhat tongue-in-cheek — at least that is how I see her design. I laugh, scoff, and yet I like it. I get other people might have different reactions. But that’s mine. I don’t think there’s a singular, acceptable response.

    Look at action games — I, as a non-muscular male, have to often play as impossibly beefed-up guys. So just as this game exaggerates the female form, the action games exaggerate the male form.

    But I do take exception to the broad brush you used to paint men who play this game, “leering at their Vita.” That suggests all men react to her design the same, and all men are lechers, which is not the case.

  • Real shame it’s not cross buy.

  • Watched the IGN live-stream this afternoon and loved it! Didn’t win a copy, so was going to go pre-order it on Amazon, but now waiting on #WinItWed. lol.

    I’ll have this game and the artbook at launch, one way or the other!

  • For VITA!

  • I can’t wait.
    Pissed off about lack of Cross-Play, I’ll enjoy it my vita without any friends regardless.
    Lack of Voice Chat is a major bummer too, would’ve been great. Organizing a gaming session on the Vita will be a major PITA.

    But if those are my only gripes. AWESOME!

  • To everyone complaining about the “AMAZON” woman being overly endowed, please tell me how it’s any different than what Futurama did: mimg.ugo.com/201006/48032/amazons2.jpg

    Been looking forward to this game since it was shown at E3 in 2011. Finally, we get to play it. I’ll be grabbing this for my Vita, physical copy with the pre-order artbook. It’s been a long time coming, but really looking forward to jumping into this.

    An actual question now. Since the two versions are not cross-buy, will each version have a separate trophy list, or is it a single shared list, like Guacamelee! and Zombie Tycoon 2? If they are separate, I could see myself possibly buying it on PS3 in a little while, to earn the trophies twice.

  • wishing for cross-play =.=
    so greedy making it cross-save w/o cross-buy -.-

  • Day one, guys! Absolutely love beat’em ups.

  • Also, the reactions to the art of this game make me smile. If anything, it was a PR genius as the polemics have propelled the game to a wider audience.

    To me, well, I would have the same fun be it playing completely naked characters, or simple rectangular blocks (such as indie “Thomas Was Alone”).

    Looking forward to Dragon’s Crown’s RPG elements and gameplay more than the characters’ physical attributes.

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