The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD features more than 30 hours of gameplay, remastered graphics, added touchscreen input, and includes the Encore expansion, as well as the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita) — In PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD the player controls a defender-of-the-forest character in a lush environment. The player’s goal is to strategically defend the pathway to his homebase from an onslaught of various threatening monsters. In between waves of monster attacks, the player scrambles to reinforce his defenses by collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen enemies to finance new towers and research deadlier weapons.

Cloudberry Kingdom Designed to be “the platformer to end all platformers” from the design team at Pwnee Studios, Cloudberry Kingdom is an innovative and endlessly challenging platformer that adapts to your skill level. Thanks to a dynamic AI system designed around the creator’s study of platforming games — flow, spacing, rhythm, player expectation — Cloudberry can provide a very simple and enjoyable platforming experience for inexperienced players or can ratchet up the challenge to insane (but always beatable) levels of hair-raising, face-melting difficulty.

Narco Terror Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror is an arcade twin-stick shooter about a one-man war against the drug cartel.

Puzzle By Nikoli V Slitherlink (PS Vita) — The third release from Puzzle by Nikoli series brings you the world-renowned “Slither Link” game. All fifty challenges have been carefully designed by Nikoli writers, who ensures that each solution is distinctive and different! With PlayStation Vita’s exclusive controls, games on large boards is made easier! Everyone from novices to experts is sure to lose themselves in this immersive puzzle world.

The Last Bounty Hunter The Territory has been overrun, and you’re the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws – Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, cause they’re looking to get you too! These crazy outlaws will lead you through the roughest areas of the Territory so be careful. There’ll be danger round every corner and shootouts with some of the fastest hands in the west so come on, use that gun!


PlayStation 2 Classics

P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theatre of Operations — The setting is 1939. The European continent is plunged into war. The globe is carved into 50 naval districts. Players must take command of Naval forces from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, or Germany. The objective is to seize control of as many districts as possible, and defend against enemy aggression. From the North Sea to Midway to Okinawa- every conquest is one step closer to victory!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • @neuropunk Do you understand why I said we don’t need such functions? Maybe I should shove it in your head and make sure you listen. It’s because there are other better functions that are more important than just organizing games. Like deleting trophies, I would rather have that than a function that only a few people like yourself use.

  • take it easy people this is a blog not an idiot hangout

  • @Rezolution77 I think IIL0YDII and Nevi901 are too braindead to know that Crash Tag Team Racing for PSP works on the Vita, if you can transfer it from PS3 to Vita that is. They should stop saying Crash and only Spyro already since it’s confirmed that Crash Tag Team Racing works.

  • For what it’s worth, I agree with neuropunk on the topic of alphabetized lists. I wouldn’t say Sony employees are “inept” (after all, Sony does have to divert resources to three different platforms), but the complaint is a legitimate one. Sony doesn’t just abandon platforms, so hopefully we’ll see this feature and more added in the future – even with the PS4 still on the horizon.

    On topic: Nothing for me this week. Hopefully there will be some nice Plus deals when Morgan posts the Plus Update. Other than that, I’m still waiting for Tales of Xillia to drop on the sixth :D!

  • @49

    You are right why can’t we just sort our games anyway we want heck itunes has been doing to for years it should be a common feature and the fact it was overlooked or never implemented does say a lot.

    customer service feedback and satisfaction are something Sony truly needs to work on before the ps4 drops A

    Lots of people will be leaving M$ and coming to our side and to be honest xbox live makes psn look horrible. Case in point compare their summer sale with ours Daily updates spontaneous price drops AAA titles on sale and what did we get ……………..

  • Cloudberry vita news?

  • @52

    We’re just having a friendly (heated discussion) it’s not like Sid or someone from sony will respond to our questions so most of us are jut venting hoping they’ll read these comments and maybe propose some changes.

  • I would like the games to be alphabetically sorted too. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for Sony to implement it.

  • my comment stands regardless of anything you guys can say

  • If they implemented alphabetical sorting, I’d personally never use it. For years now, I play the most recent games I buy. I’ve always had my games sorted by “Creation Date \/” so that the newer stuff is towards the top. And I’ve got almost 200 games across all supported platforms on my PS3. I just have them organized into folders by platform, then browse through them from most recent to oldest. I guess more sorting options would be nice for some people, but I honestly wonder how many people would stay with it after actually using it for a while. And it could be that Sony specifically doesn’t want to allow it, because then your new content you just downloaded would be buried somewhere on your game list or folders, rather than right at the top. To me, it just makes sense to use “creation date \/” or “recently played” so you have quick access to what you want to play or plan to play soon.

  • This week Drop is a joke. Drop fallout3 for PSN this week plz

  • How much is PJM:UHD going to be and will there be a PS+ discount??

  • @Rezolution77: If you actually took time to read the replies (which you obviously don’t, given the poor excuse for an argument you’ve had with neuropunk so far), you’d have seen that we want the original PSX Crash and Spyro games on Vita. The one you mention is from PSP.

    You do know that condescension is the easiest way to show you’re insecure, right? You’re actually mad over nothing. Learn to read, will you?

  • @ everyone

    We asked for more flash sales after TR3 nothing.
    We asked for rpgs in plus nothing not even a sale on ps3 rpgs
    How about cross game chat it took years for us to finally learn it wasn’t possible.
    Month long listing of plus content how long did it take for us to get that
    Store updates at a regular time on Tuesday’s nope
    Pricing to compete with retail nope
    More classics or ps2 and ps1 (not some of the crap we get now real classics)
    Sorting for digital titles we purchased

    The list literally goes on and on and on and freaking onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn with little or no response so we complain.

  • sigh…nothing good in this drop.

    Please tell me you guys will start letting us preorder the digital version of Tales of Xilia this tuesday. EU psn store has had it available for preorder for almost a month now. They even have Watch Dogs and Assasins Creed 4 for preorder. Why is NA store so freaking slow?

  • All Im asking is for fallout3 for PSN I ben trying asking for 1 year and noting Maybe im just a jerk

  • Still waiting for PSP’s Disgaea games sale.

  • @63
    Maybe you should follow your own advice, because, so was I.

    And the argument about a better format is geared to loner owners with more downloaded titles.

    The fact so many of you are givin someone grief about something more than he want done, show you o not care what others want, just yourselves.

    Much like the selfish American , waiting in line for Santa Clause acting like you have greater need over the next.

    Which is why his argument makes more sense.

    It’s to improve the system we all use, and a fix that could probably have many solutions to.

  • i too want that alphabetic sorting on both games on your folders as well as your download list.

  • @Nevi901 I like how you are directing your comment to the wrong person. It shows how much more of a braindead person you are. So what’s your point there? The TTR Crash is the same Crash we all know and love before he turned into a fuzzy looking furry that slaps instead of spins. If you talk about bringing Crash and Spyro on Vita, you talk about every previous platform they’re in. And since you can play PSP games on your Vita, you can still get your fair share of Crash on the go even if it isn’t the PSX version. Therefore, your argument is invalid.

    As for Spyro, there isn’t a PSP game made with him. So we have to rely on Sony trying to bring his PSX games on the Vita. Other than that, no Spyro on Vita. So you can still complain to Sony about Spyro.

    @Rezolution77 I think he is directing that towards me, not you.

  • Jak X: Combat Racing HD Online Edition F-ing when?!

    Also, for next month or the month after that you could give God Hand (PS2) for free on PS+!!! THAT WOULD ROCK


    Hmmm, what music do I want to listen to off my PS3? Noisia? Look through the N’s. Pet Shop Boys? Look through the P’s. Black Sun Empire? Look through the B’s.

    Hmmm, what digital video do I want to watch off my PS3? Adventure Time? Look through the A’s. Indiana Jones? Look through the I’s. South Park? Look through the S’s.

    Hmmm, what digital video game do I want to play off my PS3? I CAN’T FIND THE GAME I WANT SINCE ALL MY GAMES ARE SORTED IN A BIG JUMBLED MESS!!!!!!!!! WTF?!

  • Ugh

    Nothing of interest.


  • @neuropunk You know what? I got nothing to counter your argument. You are correct about other things being sorted alphabetically instead of digital games. I guess people would rather want to sorting games in alphabet order over deleting trophies for games people don’t play anymore. Guess you win.

  • How many time we need to wait to can Pre-Order Games on The PS Vita because i don’t have a PS3 For Pre-Order Games i want Pre-Order Rayman Legends T-T

  • Decaf guys. Drink decaf. That’s all I’m sayin.

  • @ Gamerzlimited: you can clearly see that many others want the alphabetical sorting feature. Isn’t it strange how everything else, but games are able to be alphabetically sorted on PS3? Isn’t it strange that with the “restore file system” option that all the games go alphabetical, but there’s no feature?

    Not saying that you shouldn’t have an option to delete trophies, but you can see exactly why that feature won’t be added, right? Someone mad at you? WHERE DID ALL MY TROPHIES GO? WHY AM I BACK TO LEVEL 1 FROM LEVEL 17??

    Why can’t you just, not look at your trophies? You know you don’t have to look at your trophy list or even see the trophy notifications, right?

    @ ZHero0: I’m almost finished with my 2nd pot of regular coffee tho!

    D34TH B4 D3K4F!

  • DecadanceFantasy

    PixelJunk Monsters HD looks like it could be a fun addition to my Vita. Is there a price for this that has been announced? I might get it soon.

    I think for PS2 classics you guys should release Shadow Hearts, SH: Covenant, and SH: From the New World!

    I so want to play those again, and would buy them in a heartbeat. Or a HD remaster pack with all three games and trophies! I would so buy that to play Yuri the kick butt Harmonixer again!

  • Dragon Warrior 7 and Suikoden 2 Ps1 classics please! I’ll be shocked if more than 10 people buy P.T.O 4.


    can you guys put some good PS2 classics like
    “The Simpsons hit & run” and
    the crash bandicoot games

  • If you guys wanted to stop the complaints for a week, you could just release the Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon games for PS Vita. I’m sure the North American PSN users would be very happy about that. (:

  • @neuropunk

    LOL DUDE!! I like how you seem to think you’re going to be the savior of the PlayStation Nation by coming on here acting like a childish rabid animal, swearing at people and insulting people, and demanding Sony put an alphabetical sort to folders. Please, guy… though you’re the first to ask for this feature. You aren’t even the 5286th person…..and at least most of the other 5000 actually knows how to cnverse like a human being as opposed to acting like a troll who grew up anonymously on the internet and has no clue how people socialize.

    Real humans have been asking for this literally since Day 1 of PS3 in 2006. Being LOGICAL instead of psychotic, knowing PS3s issues with memory available for OS operations which are publicly known…..and considering Sony goes out of their way to try and please fans……if they havn’t put that simple feature in by now….there’s a tchnical reason like there is literally 0 ram left to do anything else.

    And besides all that, don’t you just think expecting an OS change in a consoles last days is a bit unrealistic and even unreasonable?

  • PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD. I love PS Vita.

  • @neuropunk Man the problem its not you complain, its the way you do it. We need that function? yes more is better, but you should ask more politely, because the way you express yourself in the first post its just not correct. I cant accept any reference from you about Martin Luther King Jr. because of the language you used and the aggressiveness you show. You just drop any chanses you have of getting an answer from Sony.

    You might have the right to complain, but you have the duty to respect

  • @ Pildoring – I started asking politely like 3 years ago. Never received a response. Started posting about it more and more, still no response.

    Being nice gets you nowhere. I gave Sony employees more than enough chances to respond.

    Sony does not deserve my respect after not implementing that feature or ever responding to those legit criticisms. You can see most everyone else in this topic agrees with me. If you think this is the first time I have asked this, you are very sorely mistaken.

    @82 – F off

  • Wow smh, why is people really getting at neuropunk like something wrong was done? Firstly, Everything on PS3 has abc sorting but actual games and it pisses me off too, hell even game folders is abc sorted, but not the games? I need that for my games, I’m OCD and I don’t like using my PS3 cause everythings so disorganized (and I have everything in folders actually). Next is Why can’t I play MY CRASH AND SPYRO on my VITA!! I’m so on the verge of selling this sad excuse of a gaming device. You know you failed, when the jak collection has a vibration option and you have it on by default and it has more glitches then the original smh. Next Still no Crackle on Vita? It was promised over a year ago smh. Also the stupid PS Store issue on it where it gets stuck prompting a download an you have to restart the vita! SMH, no support.

  • “Being nice gets you nowhere. I gave Sony employees more than enough chances to respond.” LOL @ that. You GAVE THEM a chance? Seriously, stop being a spoiled brat. Others agree that alphabetical sorting would be good but it’s not something that anyone truly needs. If you feel that it is, then that’s just your own idiotic OCD at work.

    Just sayin’.

  • Wow, what happened here??? A lot of craziness I see. Perhaps instead of fighting about useless things may I suggest looking at a local print ad for Walgreens and see if there are any sales for female hygiene products.

  • @88 i guess after trolling the TLOU page people are going after this guy :/ but in this case he really didn’t deserve this… eh who cares hopefully this will get settled soon

  • @ 1 neuropunk – Store needs a download list sort feature ASAP….come on Sony is really painful to go through 700 items on my download list when I want to download something back there.

    PS:Whats up with these supposed PS2 classics?….where’s the real PS2 classics?….

    I can safely say this is the weakest drop ever.

  • Please release Suikoden II on PSN someday. I know there are a ton of fans who are eager to re-play it, and another huge group of fans that have heard the great things about the game but have never had access to it.

  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Got to agree with Maple Story on this: alphabetical sorting would be handy but not super needed. Id rather want to rid my trophies list of the couple 0% lists i have on there.

    And if you’re “OCD” is making you all high strung and stressed about such a little situation, then maybe owning a game console isn’t the best thing for you m8, because they will always have similar issues such as this, even next gen consoles. I mean, your raging about it over the internet to random strangers, its just not needed.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    @ neuropunk

    Umm… you know you could just make some folders for each letter of the alphabet. And actually, you won’t even need 26 folders because many of your games will all fit into one folder, for example, games that start with I-K, O-Q, and U-Z. That’s even better than what you’re asking for, actually. It’s much easier to scroll to a lettered folder first and then find the game you want to play among a much smaller list of titles.

    Your claim of wanting “convenience” comes across as insincere. If you wanted convenience, you’d employ the method I mentioned above, because lettered folders are absolutely much more convenient than repeatedly having to scroll through a long ass list of hundreds of alphabetically-arranged titles. That’s a fact.

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Rezolution77 on July 28th, 2013 at 5:05 pm said: “I honestly love that llLOYDll, is still speaking up and protesting for Spyro and Crash”

    Protesting in the wrong place.

    Rezolution77 on July 28th, 2013 at 5:01 pm said: “Its obvious most of America has went braindead.
    And those of us playng games, instead of wasting it on gas, or paying it for rent on substandard living conditions, are even more outnumbered.”

    What the…? What?

  • Seriously.

    The term trolling is so widely off based in its usage, no wonder, it is slang.

    Its a blog.

    And if Sony listens to anything about what people want, the more the better.
    So to repeat age old topics untill more people agree with it, makes it trolling?

    Whereas, everyone who blogs is reading or posting on the website since creation?

    Trolls have gotten to be the replies of mindless puppets spouting the world Troll in my opinion.

    Let people speak reasonable complaints about having a better service improved, and stop wasting space crying about those who have suggestions (reguardless of how many times it is).

    Go back to your caves Trolls.

  • please have your stupid fight about stupid things someplace else, this is not the forum for your complaint…defo not the forum to argue about whether it’s a legit complaint or not.

  • @everyone wishing for deletable Trophies:

    Maybe SEN will one day be kind enough to at least meet us halfway on the issue, and allow for the deletion of Trophy lists of games that are no longer able to be Platinumed due to server shutdown?

    *glares at copy of Ghostbusters on shelf* I’ll be damned if I’ll bother to ever finish it because of this.

  • As for incognito, Give it a rest.

    You are obviously one at f which I speak, especially if real life is not understandable.

    But once again, remain anonymous, to antaganize those who would teach you to watch your mouth.

  • Better yet , remain the coward you are , provoking people.
    Especially since you can do little more than complain of what someone else wrote.

  • @ PrimeroIncognito – are you seriously ****ing kidding me?! THAT IS NOT WHAT I AM ASKING FOR!

    I know about folders, but that method is so stupid and inconvenient. I want to be able to SEE all my games in one easy list, A-Z-#. If everything is in folders, you can’t even see them.

    Also, how long would it take to sort 80+ games into folders? That sounds like far too much work.

    Seriously, why can’t I just get a really simple easy to use A-Z-# list?

    FOLDERS, ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

    “thesuzukimethod on July 28th, 2013 at 9:39 pm said:
    please have your stupid fight about stupid things someplace else, this is not the forum for your complaint…defo not the forum to argue about whether it’s a legit complaint or not.”

    Don’t blame me. Sony PSN employees could have stopped this discussion with a simple answer to the question.

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