The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD features more than 30 hours of gameplay, remastered graphics, added touchscreen input, and includes the Encore expansion, as well as the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita) — In PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD the player controls a defender-of-the-forest character in a lush environment. The player’s goal is to strategically defend the pathway to his homebase from an onslaught of various threatening monsters. In between waves of monster attacks, the player scrambles to reinforce his defenses by collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen enemies to finance new towers and research deadlier weapons.

Cloudberry Kingdom Designed to be “the platformer to end all platformers” from the design team at Pwnee Studios, Cloudberry Kingdom is an innovative and endlessly challenging platformer that adapts to your skill level. Thanks to a dynamic AI system designed around the creator’s study of platforming games — flow, spacing, rhythm, player expectation — Cloudberry can provide a very simple and enjoyable platforming experience for inexperienced players or can ratchet up the challenge to insane (but always beatable) levels of hair-raising, face-melting difficulty.

Narco Terror Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror is an arcade twin-stick shooter about a one-man war against the drug cartel.

Puzzle By Nikoli V Slitherlink (PS Vita) — The third release from Puzzle by Nikoli series brings you the world-renowned “Slither Link” game. All fifty challenges have been carefully designed by Nikoli writers, who ensures that each solution is distinctive and different! With PlayStation Vita’s exclusive controls, games on large boards is made easier! Everyone from novices to experts is sure to lose themselves in this immersive puzzle world.

The Last Bounty Hunter The Territory has been overrun, and you’re the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws – Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, cause they’re looking to get you too! These crazy outlaws will lead you through the roughest areas of the Territory so be careful. There’ll be danger round every corner and shootouts with some of the fastest hands in the west so come on, use that gun!


PlayStation 2 Classics

P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theatre of Operations — The setting is 1939. The European continent is plunged into war. The globe is carved into 50 naval districts. Players must take command of Naval forces from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, or Germany. The objective is to seize control of as many districts as possible, and defend against enemy aggression. From the North Sea to Midway to Okinawa- every conquest is one step closer to victory!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • Two Questions:

    1) When are you guys going to come up with a system update that allows us to alphabetically sort our games in the XMB, rather than creation date and recently played? (not talking about the store download list sort order). What gives? Are you guys inept / lazy, that you will not provide these simple functions that should have been part of the PS3 OS since day 1.

    2) What time does the PlayStation Store update on Tuesdays?

  • @1

    Two Questions:

    1) Do you troll enough, are you that lazy and that much of a inept tool?

    2) same time frame it has for months


    wow that very worst week for this tuesday in PSN Store

  • @ Jisats_Kiddo

    Two Questions:

    1) What is wrong with my legitimate complaint? Almost every technological device has alphabetically sorting, yet PS3 has no option to alphabetically sort our games, even though the trophy list is alphabetically sorted. If that simple function is not on PS3, that shows that PSN employees, whoever are responsible for the system firmware, are inept.

    2) No. The PlayStation Store never updates at the same time. I have seen it update anywhere from 12pm Pacific on Tuesday to early the next day. Hell, I’ve even seen the PS Store update days later. Why does it not update the same time every Tuesday? Hell, sometimes “The Drop” doesn’t even get posted on Sundays.

    My complaints are legitimate, therefore you are the troll. I state the truth and legitimate criticisms, and you’re the one insulting me, so therefore you are the tool.

  • MelodyofMarshall

    PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita) = awesome! Thanks guys! :-)

  • @2 Hahaha, that’s funny for the 1st answer of his question. But seriously, we do not need such functions.

    Anyway. Nothing new for me this week. Look forward to August’s PS+ Update.

  • 1) Hear, hear! Further, it’d be nice to have an alphabetical sort that ignores articles (the Trophy list sorts the “A …”s up top, the “The …”s together).

    2) It begins updating at 9:00 AM PST, which means any deals available from the prior week will be neutralized then, despite the Store still showing them as they were. Learned this when I tried to get Stealth Inc. last-minute.

    But, since I missed one PLAY game, I think I may only go for Ibb & Obb out of the four, for now. Cloudberry catches my eye, but I’m still unsure of its playability. Then again, only footage I’ve seen is the Store’s trailer, which is mostly filled with masocore action.

  • @ Gamerzlimited


    I have over 100 games downloaded. How the **** am I supposed to easily find them if you cannot alphabetically sort them?

    Also, know why else the function to alphabetically sort them should be there?


    So, get out of here, you troll. There’s no good excuse for why there is no alphabetical sorting. I have brought it up for years, and no one from the PSN staff has ever stated why this simple yet necessary function does not exist on PS3.

  • Not 1st. Alphabetical sorting please and PS2 classics playable on the Vita. What happened to PSone classics? So many more I would love to see released!!

  • @8 Shut up, I don’t need such an insult from you. Admit it, your too lazy to sort it out yourself. Even I have trouble trying to sort out my games on my PSP. But am I complaining? No, because I can deal with it. So your the true troll here.

  • I have Cloudberry Kingdom on preorder, and I’m hoping that its anywhere near as fun as Stealth Bastard. Other than that, not too much there for me.

    @4, your complaints are definitely legitimate. While I have my content sorted in about 15 folders, I would love it if the games were alphabetized in each folder. Regarding your second complaint, there is really no legitimate reason why the store can’t update at the same time, or at least around the same time every week. Of course, Sony isn’t exactly known for their excellent customer service either. From what I hear, even Microsoft manages to update their store at the same time every week, so why can’t Sony? I guess it is what it is.

  • DAKool-AidJammer

    @ neuropunk

    Hey don’y worry about what the others are saying. It’s called company fanboy-ism. It is a simple and needed feature that should be included. I had to buy a new PS3 because my blu ray reader died on me.

    Having to redownload my favourite games, DLC, themes and avatars was a huge pain. Going through a list of over 500 items. Having to wait for the list to load if you scroll down too fast. It’s a terrible system , especially now that PS Store is so much slower after the new design change

    Quite frankly not only would I want an alphabetical filter but I’d want one that separates games, add ons and themes/avatars.

    The list system is so bad that I gave up scrolling, and just searched for the things I wanted to redownload and got them that way. Which was also a pain but somehow felt more efficient since I wasn’t wasting time waiting for icons to load

  • @ 10

    How about “NO”? Why don’t you make me shut up?

    How many digital games do you have?

    Has nothing to do with being lazy. Has everything to do with convenience. I have dealt with it for 7+ years, so I’m definitely not lazy. Oh and I counted, and I don’t have over 100, I only have 81 digital titles, and it makes it a pain sorting through the list. I’m OCD. If you’re not OCD then you do not know what it is like, and you should go away and shut up if you are unable to be sympathetic/empathetic.

    I just want a legitimate answer from the PSN staff as to why alphabetical sorting does not exist and why they can’t simply just update it in a firmware update. I want an answer and I want it fixed.

    It has not been fixed after 7 plus years, so if I want it to be fixed/implemented,


    I WANT ALPHABETICAL SORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I agree we do need an ddeserv ebetter functionality with our ps3’s. However we also have to understand the ps3 wasn’t the best designed system to begin with. Just look at the true hurdles developers have to overcome when programming for it. the same can be said for the OS and XMB and the ps store. they all need serious work.

    Sony xould spend the time and money fixing our big issues but they choose to focus on the ps4 instead making it more developer friendly and hopefully user friendly as well. Now we may see some ps3 improvements later this year when the ps4 launches but I wouldn’t expect much.

    Our best bet is the ps4 hopefully it has a well thought out OS and a much better store. Hopefully Gaikai will eventually bring us our ps3 digital library but hat could seriously take awhile.

  • @ 12, the store download list is not what I was talking about, but that needs to also be fixed.

    I was talking about your list of games already downloaded in the XMB you select and play. (not the PlayStation Store download list).

    Is what I am talking about clear now, or are you still confused?

  • @neuropunk, you do realize that you can sort your content into folders, right? Of course, the interesting thing about that is that the folders sort themselves alphabetically on the XMB, but the games inside the folders do not. Who knows what they were thinking when they came up with that. . .

  • July is the worst month for PS vita two years in a row. Although last year was worse, atleast this years there’s some Indies. Something is better than nothing. That’s my motto for vita now.

  • Now see this is a debate we should be having and Sony or its social media group should be at least addressing the issues even if they say no but we won’t get any worthwhile replies on this forum or better yet a blog post talking about it.

  • Nothing for me this week, but I’m looking forward to playing Dokuro for free from Plus. The week after this will be huge, though. Dragon’s Crown and Tales of Xillia!

  • Every week I wait for Portable Ops to show up in the drop list. Oh, well…

  • @neuropunk Also, do you know what functions we “do” need? A option to delete trophies and finding what DLC have we downloaded already. That way, we can delete those trophies on games we don’t play anymore or stuck at 0% and make sure we don’t download the same DLC again because we might accidentally delete it if you cancel it. All this is more important than what you suggest.

  • @duke301 folders may be ok but they don’t resolve the issue. It’s not complicated writing script for a sorting mechanism or writing script allowing you to self arrange your content. but no one cares that we may want that as a ps3 feature it adds little value for Sony. Why do it if you make 0$ off of it.

    Now their are some other companies out their (Steam) that will do it anyway to keep consumers happy and coming back and keep their community expanding.

  • keep the vita drops coming! any word for dead nation release for vita ? im guessing i have to buy it again?

  • Yes, we do need the alphabetical sorting, specially for download list. The HD isn’t big enough for me to deal with hundreds of games stored, so it is simple to organize it. But the dowload list is a chore. And it seems that when renewing subscription, it puts back on the top of the list all the IGC content from… ever. Haven’t downloaded far cry 2 since it came out, more than a year ago, and yet, it its listed as downloaded when my subscription renewed.

    And I agree that we deserve an answer, at least to stop boring guys you with that matter.


  • Just spend the time sorting your games into sub-categories, takes awhile but makes it tons easier once you have done it.
    I made mine into Demos, PS1, PS2, PS3, and PSN games.
    Much easier to find what your looking for, but I still had trouble sometimes, as my PSN category has about 100 in it alone. So yes alphabetically being able to sort out your games is not a stupid request. They should have it. But until then, Do what I did.
    Maybe even make more categories so that you can find them eaiser.

  • @Gamerzlimited

    Sony asked lots of developers what they wanted from the ps4 to make it developer friendly but did we get asked what we wanted from the ps4 to make it user friendly. Nope otherwise those questions would’ve been on a survey somewhere.

    Heck we got surveyed what games we wanted to see in plus and overwhelmingly responded rpgs that was ack in 2012. How many rpgs have you seen in plus I counted 1 Disgaea for Vita and the same Atlus psp rpgs on sale at least 3 times so far.

  • @22, I know what you are saying. In my initial post, I also said that Sony isn’t exactly known for their customer service. If they really did care about those of us who spend our hard-earned money on their console, not to mention the content, then the little things that are being discussed here wouldn’t even be issues. But like you said, why do it if you don’t make any money off of it.

  • Cloudberry Kingdom and Narco Terror for me this week.I see neuropunk a.k.a as Greer on GameFaqs has made his presence on here.He has accounts banned all the time on there and for good reason.

  • Purse317 – “@duke301 folders may be ok but they don’t resolve the issue. It’s not complicated writing script for a sorting mechanism or writing script allowing you to self arrange your content. but no one cares that we may want that as a ps3 feature it adds little value for Sony. Why do it if you make 0$ off of it.”

    Remember the last system update? Now we have the option to turn off trophy notifications. That is of very little value to me, and alphabetical sorting is something that should have ALWAYS been included with the PS3. What other useless features have been included with firmware updates?

    You say it has little value for Sony, but not like it would cost them anything either.

  • @ gearhead32 – shut your ugly troll face

  • @nueropunk.
    Two thumbs up.

    Thiis is one of the many oversights, due to the lack of more money.

    A good majority of these gamers care nothing more than obtaining more quarters, to pump into the machine.

    I would hope that Sony would realize the importance of such things, if they truely valued their real supporters.

    Chances are, they do not.
    Still does not change trying to reward the ability of having a reality that has more character than real life.

  • @30 I don’t take orders sorry

  • neuropunk, stop crying. If you want your damn games alphabetized, then go into the PS3’s recovery menu and rebuild the database. It’ll do it for you. I have over 200 games installed (not a single demo) and find that Recently Played is much better at sorting games than alphabetically. I’d get annoyed of having to scroll all the way down to the letter S to play Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike or other games I play a lot more often than others if it were sorted alphabetically.

    Stop being so damn entitled and #dealwithit..

  • @25 Yeah I took the time to sort out my games into different categories and it makes it way easier that way.

  • 34th!

  • Gearhead, you take orders when people tell you that they want fries and a drink with that.

    Anyhow, please be aware that you have always been and will always be on my ignore list on GameFaqs. Doesn’t matter if I have many banned accounts there, since RaptorLC is the worst troll, worse than everyone combined on GameFaqs, yet he is the lead mod/administrator on GameFaqs.

    I will say what I want to say and no moderators, and you will never stop me. Nobody dictates my opinions and what I can and cannot say. I will state what I want.

    @ MapleStory – you should learn what entitled really means. Nearly every tech device has alphabetical sorting, and it’s ludicrous and absurd for PS3 not to have it. As you can see, many other people here agree with my legit criticisms. Also, looks like you are the one crying over constructive criticisms.

    So, you want me to rebuild my database every single time I play a game? I have rebuilt it before a few times and it never stays.

    How come the games go alphabetical with rebuilding the database, BUT THERE’S NO OPTION TO KEEP THEM ALPHABETICALLY SORTED!


  • crap, someone beat me to it!

  • Cloudberry looks like they just put a bunch of crap in the foreground………. it makes it harder………..but so does someone walking in front of the TV.



  • @36 You just make me laugh with those dumb comments about me when I just spoke the truth.I think it’s hilarious that you think I work in fast food believe what you want.

  • Its obvious most of America has went braindead.

    And those of us playng games, instead of wasting it on gas, or paying it for rent on substandard living conditions, are even more outnumbered.

    Anyway ,

    Seriously looks bad this week for PSN.

    You are falling short as usual, and it only shows why people rent instead of affording to buy.
    Great way to live life I guess, lease it, instead of investng into it.

    Beats having some POS steal it from you, but then again, thats what repo is for.

    Good Luck to all of you upstanding people trying to make it better.

  • “I WANT ALPHABETICAL SORTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” sounds like a bratty, entitled kid to me.

  • @42 He acts much the same way on Gamefaqs and trashes anyone who dares to like a game he hates.He also sends rude pics and creepy messages to people online as well.

  • Crash and Spyro on Vita, please.

  • I honestly love that llLOYDll, is still speaking up and protesting for Spyro and Crash.

    Keep it up, my kids may want it back when they get older.

  • Can you please confirm if Persona 4: Golden sale is for one week or will it continue? It is currently selling for $20 along with every other Persona game.

  • I actually stated that they could do away with it all together.

    The database could keep it as is, and we should be able to delete and organize as we see fit.

    Such as having a personal download list, and keeping the other with account info.

  • Seriously, stop adding this “classics”. They are not classics at all. What’s the point of having the best game libraries ever in the PSX and PS2 to keep releasing only the crappy games no one played? Why not release Strider 2 for PSX? The series is being revived. Why not make Crash and Spyro work on Vita? Why not get portable ops working on the Vita? Why not get PS2 games working on the Vita? Just focus yourselves in bringing games and features that actually matter…

  • @ 42 Maple Story

    You think I am “entitled” because I am complaining about a feature that would greatly improve service? Anything that is bad, I want improved. Everything and anything in society that is not good, I want better. That is not entitled. Alphabetical sorting would improve the PS3 for millions and millions of people.

    I guess you must think that Martin Luther King Jr. was entitled for speaking up for human rights.

    Xenoblade was localized to US after people were complaining about it and made a petition with Operation Rainfall.

    Thing is, if you refuse to speak up, you will get ignored.

    Why am I allowed to alphabetically sort my 50GB of music in iTunes by either “title”, “artist”, “album”, and customize it any way I want to? PS3 is not capable of that, WTF?!

  • neuropunk had a legitimate question and everyone jumps down his throat and calls him a troll? Take it easy people!

    Most people have no class and common decency these days.

    And it just gets worst here every week. Although it is entertaining at times to watch two complete strangers duke it out on a message board in a battle insults, it still makes me lose faith in humanity at times. =p

    Because we have become a society of people who sit in front of a computer screen and try to bully the weak.

    I guess because it’s the only way some people can bully. Probably got bullied as a little chap, and it still burns.

    Oh, and trying to stay on subject, I will be getting Pixel Junk Monsters for Vita. Great game!! =]

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