The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

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The Drop: Week of July 29th 2013 New Releases

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD features more than 30 hours of gameplay, remastered graphics, added touchscreen input, and includes the Encore expansion, as well as the extra towers, enemies, and levels from the Deluxe edition.

Enjoy this week’s The Drop!

PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita) — In PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD the player controls a defender-of-the-forest character in a lush environment. The player’s goal is to strategically defend the pathway to his homebase from an onslaught of various threatening monsters. In between waves of monster attacks, the player scrambles to reinforce his defenses by collecting gold coins and jewels from fallen enemies to finance new towers and research deadlier weapons.

Cloudberry Kingdom Designed to be “the platformer to end all platformers” from the design team at Pwnee Studios, Cloudberry Kingdom is an innovative and endlessly challenging platformer that adapts to your skill level. Thanks to a dynamic AI system designed around the creator’s study of platforming games — flow, spacing, rhythm, player expectation — Cloudberry can provide a very simple and enjoyable platforming experience for inexperienced players or can ratchet up the challenge to insane (but always beatable) levels of hair-raising, face-melting difficulty.

Narco Terror Dishing out justice, one grenade at a time! Narco Terror is an arcade twin-stick shooter about a one-man war against the drug cartel.

Puzzle By Nikoli V Slitherlink (PS Vita) — The third release from Puzzle by Nikoli series brings you the world-renowned “Slither Link” game. All fifty challenges have been carefully designed by Nikoli writers, who ensures that each solution is distinctive and different! With PlayStation Vita’s exclusive controls, games on large boards is made easier! Everyone from novices to experts is sure to lose themselves in this immersive puzzle world.

The Last Bounty Hunter The Territory has been overrun, and you’re the last hope to rid the town of the four vicious outlaws – Handsome Harry, Nasty Dan, El Loco and the Cactus Kid. You better be quick, cause they’re looking to get you too! These crazy outlaws will lead you through the roughest areas of the Territory so be careful. There’ll be danger round every corner and shootouts with some of the fastest hands in the west so come on, use that gun!


PlayStation 2 Classics

P.T.O. IV: Pacific Theatre of Operations — The setting is 1939. The European continent is plunged into war. The globe is carved into 50 naval districts. Players must take command of Naval forces from the United States, Japan, Great Britain, or Germany. The objective is to seize control of as many districts as possible, and defend against enemy aggression. From the North Sea to Midway to Okinawa- every conquest is one step closer to victory!

[Editor’s Note: The following dates are subject to change. Game details are gathered from Press Releases, Retail Descriptions, from their individual publishers and/or ESRB rating descriptions.]

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  • xFuzylilManPeach

    Rezolution77, you make 0 sense m8! haha

  • PrimeroIncognito

    Rezolution77 on July 28th, 2013 at 9:37 pm said: “So to repeat age old topics until more people agree with it, makes it trolling?”

    No, it’s not about the repetition. It’s THE WAY that these things are being asked.

    Put yourself in Sony’s shoes. If you were a Sony exec, and some little brat was constantly in your face squealing demands about silly, irrelevant functions being added to his precious console’s OS, you’d feel no inclination whatsoever to give him what he wants. And you know it. You’d probably want to speak to his parents and ask them what the hell they were thinking when they were raising him.

    ASK NICELY. Do some research and find out who’s in charge of such matters and then make a humble request to that person. That has a much better chance of working out in the end instead of screaming, “I WANT ALPHABETICAL SORTING!!! AND I WANT IT NOW!! OR ELSE I’M GOING TO XBOX/NINTENDO!!”

    Sony probably ignores those types of posts immediately. I would too. And then the idiot who keeps whining wonders why he hasn’t been answered yet…

  • @ neuropunk

    You can see them once you click on the folder…

    If that’s not good enough for you, then I don’t know what else to tell you other than I hope your OCD leaves one day…

    Honestly, it’s a really petty gripe. I’ve always respected your passion, and I don’t consider you a troll (you’re nothing like that jackass Ryumoau), but your outlashings would be much better applied if they were channeled into creative, constructive ambition. You’re wasting all of your opportunities to make a real change by complaining over frivolous things.

  • Rezolution77 on July 28th, 2013 at 9:42 pm said: “As for incognito, Give it a rest. You are obviously one at f which I speak, especially if real life is not understandable. But once again, remain anonymous, to antaganize those who would teach you to watch your mouth.”

    Again… What?

    I really hope English isn’t your first language.

  • I am a brash person, and I enjoy being brash. In the past I have tried being nice, but nice people finish last. Have to be more assertive, to the point and blunt.

    I have asked for an answer to the alphabetical sorting over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Who the hell do I ask? Who is going to answer why there is not this option?

    Do they even read and respond to those community forums?

    Petty and frivolous? Imagine if you were unable to sort your music on iTunes. It is the exact same freaking concept.

  • Such spectacle of polar ends.

    I would love to see alphabetical sorting options, on both PS3 and PSP. Recently played is useful to me, but if I hadn’t sorted things into alphabetical folders (used to have them in their most relevant genres), being able to just scroll through my list would be useful, since there’s no search function I know of (which I know iOS has, not that I use it).

    The Download List is useless. No search, no sort, and you either scroll through a list or click through pages to locate anything (except PS+-dependent items, which are lumped with your most recent extension’s date). Especially for content not available from the now equally sluggish Store, being able to pop up a game title to nab it and any associated content would be convenient. And is inFAMOUS still showing up as “not available because you already own inFAMOUS”? Endlessly frustrating.

  • And, yes, Sony, get back to native Vita and Vita Store support for PS1 Classics and PSP games. It is beyond ridiculous to keep holding content away from Vita-only customers, particularly if other regions are providing the same sort of content.

    All this, and hardly talk of The Drop. But, not much spectacle. All that gets graphics here is a game’s been released twice already. Eh.

    I’d say, in the mean time, for sorting, that folders of 10-20 (I float around 15 or less) by first letters works well. Short lists, easy to scroll in. My systems vary, based on total content, but “A-#” lists with a “#LetsPlay” floating up top.

  • @neuropunk the amount of time you have wasted today on the PSBLog complaining about this you could have easily made those folders and sorted those 80+ games you mentioned. You’re like a bleeding heart liberal on here and nobody cares what your opinions are, valid or otherwise. You will never be heard here, and are wasting peoples time. The definition of a troll is someone that intentionally waste peoples time…thus you are one.

  • I don’t want folders. That does nothing to solve my problem.

    I want one easy to scroll through list that shows a picture of the game, in simple A to Z to number fashion. Not a bunch of awkward folders that I have to click on to see games.

    I have no political association. I hate politics. Not sure why you brought up liberals here. Politics/government is corrupt and thus, a waste of time. People can’t change anything with the amount of corruption in the US government. But that is going way off topic.

    So on topic, this drop, cool eh?

  • OH and I made a topic about alphabetical sorting on the community boards.

    On topic, any cool games? The Last Bounty Hunter? What’s that?

  • @ neuropunk

    Heh… you actually remind me of myself in many ways. I believe in being assertive and straight-forward as well… but you’re getting assertiveness confused with being brash. You can be assertive without being disrespectful. It’s very easy to be blunt in a respectful manner.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe in being harsh when someone is absolutely deserving of it. I have no qualms with that whatsoever. But, in this case, there is no need for it. You’re speaking to the shadows, and the topic in question is ultimately insignificant. This isn’t worth fighting over.

    As for sorting, actually, I’d prefer other options much more convenient than alphabetical sorting. For example, I’d love it if I could just “drag & drop” files wherever I want on the list, much like re-organizing the list of programs on Windows. Then I could put all the pinball games together, put all the Back To The Future episodes in order, put sequels next to each other if they happen to have entirely different names, etc. But, you know what? If I can’t do that, it’s fine. I find ways around it. I deal with it.

  • Well, I have molded this blog post into a discussion about alphabetical sorting, and I would bet that there are a few Sony employees that have read at least a few of the points here.

    Yeah, I have wanted an XMB interface change for years now. I realize it will never happen since we’re too far into the PS3’s life. It’s too bad. I would love customizing.

    But what I’m asking is such a simple straight forward feature, that any simpleton should be able to code and implement in a firmware update.

    I have asked and asked and asked so many times nicely. Sick of being nice. Sick of people to tell you the truth. Sick of things not making sense, just like no option for alphabetical sorting makes no sense.

    Who the hell do I have to **** around here to get an answer?

  • @neuropunk

    Dude, you’re better off posting comments on the PSN updates or PS+ updates. The guy who does The Drop never replies to the comments.

  • “Who the hell do I have to **** around here to get an answer?”

    Try Morgan, the dude who does the PS+ updates post.

    I don’t think the discussion in here will be read by any Sony employee, better directly complain to them or like I said, post on the other blog.

  • Okay, I’ll try Morgan’s posts, thanks.

    How do you complain directly? Oh and I posted a topic on the community forums, under general.

  • Try here:

    Sometimes Morgan answers, sometimes he doesn’t. Anyways I’m also waiting for those updates so I’ll see you in the comments section there.

    To stay on topic, I love all contents of The Drop this week, and actually last week, and the week before that, and the month before that. Now if only I have the money to actually buy them lol.

  • So PrimeroIncognito finally shows up to the party. After seeing his posts, I know he can talk some sense to any idiots that require spanking.

    @neuropunk So what your saying is every trophy I delete lowers my ranking. That’s fine, no one is going to get pissed at me because this account didn’t belong to me back then. It was originally own by another person in my family and was given to me because he doesn’t use it anymore. He ain’t going to get mad at me for something he doesn’t use anymore.

    Back to the organization thing, so you don’t want to use folders either? Folders is a useful tool for organizing stuff, but I guess you got a point there. Having a lot of folders means more of a pain to get where your going.

    This all started because of you wanting an option to organize of your games. But I guess you really want to get your points across, so you post it here. That’s fine, not that Sony will listen to it. We are probably the only ones that read it anyway. Try posting the same complaint on Tuesday’s PSN update thread. Make sure your one of the people in the first page. You will most likely get answered that way.

  • Oh, another sh***y drop, what a surprise!

  • @neuropunk

    The RAM of PS3’s Allocation for its OS is Spent. There are no refunds.

  • @ PrimeroIncognito
    I honestly love how you butthurt every blog post, speaking with people that doesn’t even answer you.

  • PrimeroIncognito works for Sony. He loves to be their lawyer.

  • Since Steam and M$ do a better job than Sony when it comes to online gaming and selling of games. Sony should take note and address those gaps in service. when your die hard consumers ask week after week month after month for something like ps plus monthly listing, or rpgs for PlayStation plus or even ask for more flash sales so they can spend money in the ps store. Sony should address the issue(s) head on.

    Think I’m wrong go look at Steam and Microsoft’s summer sale and compare it to Sony’s then write me back.

  • @ IIL0YDII

    The reason they don’t respond anymore is because THEY CAN’T. After I take on a fool’s feeble argument and completely dismantle it, they stay silent in embarrassment knowing they have no counter. It’s all by design and the list grows every day. It’s the best – and actually, the only – way to win an argument… completely silencing your opponent. You can be next in line if you wish, junior.

  • As for “butthurt”, whatever that is, I think it must be what you’re feeling, since Sony won’t cater to your every whim. This is you literally EVERY week:


    You, Ryumoau, boomstickbhg, and a couple others… ungrateful, incessant whiners. Absolutely disgraceful. It’s funny that one of the biggest crybabies here (YOU) would call someone else “butthurt”.

    Or maybe it’s your dirty diaper that always keeps you so cranky all the time? Who knows. Who cares. Tell mommy it’s time for a change, kiddo.

    Now remember, don’t answer that. ;)

    Or at least not yet. I’ll destroy you later. I’m logging off now. I gotta take a dump and go to bed.

  • @ carlpain

    I wouldn’t work for Sony. I would probably like it too much. I can’t work a job that I’d enjoy. I have to dislike my job. My belief in keeping business and pleasure separated… I wouldn’t want the things I love to ever be associated with my income, surviving the system, and… well, you probably wouldn’t understand, so, nevermind. :)

    Good night.

  • Oh, my bad. You aren’t their lawyer. You are just a fanboy who can’t find anything wrong.

  • @PrimeroIncognito Don’t bother with IIL0YDII. He’s too braindead and wants his Crash and Spyro already. He’ll just continue posting every week along with his friend, Nevi901 until he gets it. They don’t care about everything else, only the stuff they want.

    @carlpain And your just one of those stupid whiners who can’t learn how to troll right. Do better.

  • Any idea when the Muramasa: Rebirth DLC for Vita will be available on the psn?

  • I’ve always wanted an alphabetical sort option for my games on the PS3. I’ve got over 180 PSN titles, 67 PS1 titles, and over 50 minis so it can be a pain to find a specific game sometimes, especially within the PSN category.

  • @PrimeroIncognito
    are you dumb? Are you seriously dumb? Or are you a super troll? Or seriously dumb?
    you have a problem with People asking for Crash and Spyro for Vita!?
    How can someone be ungrateful for asking for something every other region has already?
    I bought All Crash PSOne Titles, I own all Spyro PSOne Titles. But can’t play them on my Vita, so I’m a ask where is my Crash and Spyro on Vita. Your problem is you contradict yourself in every way. Maybe these bloggers may or may not have the mind state to see through stupidity, but I can.
    Me I’m a big sony fan, BIG one. But I know when I’m getting BS’d and I’ll say something about it also.
    Reason for my reply, I like the Vita and love Crash 2 and CTR, and played CTR on a daily bases on PS3, but wanted it on my Vita instead to play, looks better on it plus I love kart racers on the go. You called me ungrateful with ’em, imagine how much PS3 would suck without consumer input (though they almost never listen). Trophies was added cause people asked etc.

  • wow, that troll cried for another two pages.

  • @ Jisatsu_Kiddo: well, looks like so many more people agree with me than they do with you, so that would make you the troll. You get so butthurt and you cry because others have legitimate complaints. Well, guess what? I have a right to make legitimate complaints and that doesn’t make me a troll.

    More people agree with me, so you lose, loser.

    Go put your head in the oven to dry your tears and runny mascara.

  • I’ve wanted to sort games by name from day one and when I realized it was never gonna happen I went the folder route. People need to learn that it’s not about what we want, it’s about what Sony wants us to have. If it doesn’t increase sales then it’s just not worth it to them. The “it only does everything” slogan was their biggest lie. Case in point, it does way less now then it did when I bought it. Sony is a wizard when it comes to games but in common sense they are barely monkeys. Time to move on I guess the next GEN is almost upon us. Maybe we’ll get alphabetical sorting sometime soon lol. Lyf is too short getting upset with what we can’t have.

  • Drop: To let something fall without intention.

  • @neuropunk

    Agree with what?

    Agree you want something that technically can’t be done on PS3 & has been known since 2006 but let’s keep complaining about it agree?

    I have more digital titles than you claim you have (majority of them not free) & do you see me everywhere on this blog complaining about alphabetical sorting on XMB?

    You’re first post had nothing to do with the Drop & since then you have done nothing except complain & insult members of this blog & Sony.

    I fail to see why anyone from the staff & Sony should answer you directly here in this blog about something that has nothing to do with the subject manner.

  • And I thought something was seriously wrong with my PS3 when i couldn’t find a way to make folders or sort my downloaded games… I didn’t think there was no option from the beginning X_x

  • @ Derp #133: if you were not so dense you would be able to tell that many other people agree that there should be alphabetical sorting.

    If you do not think we have a right to complain, that our criticism is not legitimate, then you can go **** yourselves, you trolls.

    I don’t care if you have a million digital titles, do you want some ice cream? We are different people, thankfully I’m actually an intelligent person, and so we are going to have different likes and dislikes and different opinions. You don’t care for alphabetical sorting? Yeah, well **** you and get the hell out.

    TECHNICALLY CAN’T BE DONE? – Wow, you are a freaking lying troll. That has never ever in a million years been stated anywhere. It hasn’t been known since 2006, since something that has never been stated hasn’t been known. Everything else has alphabetical sorting, so there’s no reason why games can’t be. Not sure why the world is full of shady liars like yourself.

    Yeah, and Sony didn’t even answer when I asked nicely, the first dozen times. So now to ask not so nicely.

    But you know what though, that won’t stop me from spamming every single blog post if they don’t answer. Is that what you want?


  • Wish some of you would stay on topic. Yes it is ok to voice your complaints, BUT THIS IS NOT THE POST to do it in.
    Gamers come to The Drop blog to see what games and DLC that are coming next and to comment on those topics. Take your complaints to the correct channel, for all your doing is irritating your fellow gamers that come to this page to comment on Drop information.
    Oh and please also add the ” Crash/ Spyro ” complaints to this list. , believe me, its going to happen when Sony and Activation come to an agreement……Keep on Gaming

  • @136: This drop sucks and there is nothing to talk about.

    Also, if the Sony people do not answer my question, I am going to spam their blog posts non-stop until I get a legitimate answer. There has never been an answer given and the issue has never ever been acknowledged by Sony employees.

    So, don’t blame me for being off topic, when I have done so much in my power to get an answer. Blame Sony for not giving us the answer.

  • Woot Vita love~!

    LOL it’s neuropunk again. What’s he complaining about this time? xD

  • @ neuropunk.
    We get it. We really do. No need to keep on going on and on with it.
    No product is 100% perfect. NONE. You cant please 100% of your customers.
    The ps3 is over 6 years old. We did not get Voice Chat, but guess what, we survived.
    Do what most of us have done and create ” Ps3/ Playstation2/ PspMini’s ” folders. It work well and its really not a big deal to scroll through 80-90 games in a folder to find your game. It takes what, 12sec ???
    In truth, your making a big deal of almost nothing. The ps4 is 4 months away from release. If the ps4 comes out without that feature, then yes, you have a legitimate complaint, cause now they are aware of it and did nothing about it, but as of now, please, PLEASE take this complaint to the correct Blog. My fellow gamers will thank you for it……Keep on Gaming.

  • I don’t want freaking folders.

    I want a basic A to Z list, showing all my titles in one single file list.

    Folders do not take care of my problem.

    there was an update that disabled trophy notifications, like a month ago.

    also stop acting like the PS3 is discontinued as soon as the PS4 rolls out. I for one won’t be getting a PS4 until like a year or two later. I was burned big time with the PS3.

    I bought a PS3 for turn based JRPGs. – WOW WAS I SURPRISED, AND BURNED TO THE 3RD DEGREE!
    The reason why I bought a PS and PS2 were for turn based JRPGs. And then the ShooterStation 3 comes out with its crappy generic shooters, that kill off the turn based JRPG genre. Why the F do you think I’m not a happy camper with the PS3? And Sony are not even competent enough to have alphabetical sorting for digital games.

  • ps3 owner’s so greedy,what sony have to do to satisfy you.Even Sony let vita dying and ps4 coming soon,the still make many AAA games for ps3,you love love Sony about that.The only one can complain Sony is ps vita owner,shut up ps3 !!!


  • You thirst for attention is on 200% right now. STOP IT.
    You wont get a ps4 because of JRPG’s ? Yeah right, I don’t believe that. You hate your ps3 so much that you even invested in Ps+…??!! YEAH RIGHT. your just blowing smoke.
    The ps3 is region free and last I checked, there are tons of JRPG’s released in japan. Here’s an option for you, “IMPORT”
    Motorstorm/ infamous/ Hot Shot Golf/ Wipeout/ Heavy Rain/ The Last Of Us/ Uncharted/ LBP/ Starhawk/ Gran Turismo/ God Of War/ Ratchet & Clank are all but shooters and are all solid 1st party titles. You own the most diverse video gaming system and yet still here you are complaining about alphabetical sorting ??? c’mon son.
    Oh and lastly, Killzone/ Resistance are all but generic shooters…..Keep on Gaming.

  • Jeez there alot of trolls, im going to be an ogre :P

  • ” Puzzle By Nikoli V Slitherlink (PS Vita) – The third release from Puzzle by Nikoli”

    Third? But, I only recall having Sudoku?

  • >>>>>> VITA <<<<<<<

    SONY promises at E3 2011 … 2012 … 2013 … And the owners VITA won:

    – Projects Cancelled games like Lair warriors;

    – NEVER seen the classics (Crash, Spyro, Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts BBS Final Mix, N +, …);

    – VITA + PSN Plus members: Ports from Old games, too expensive after the "discount"!

    – Months to put apperar A VITA exclusive game …


    About Droop = VITA!

    – PixelJunk Monsters: Ultimate HD (PS Vita) = 15 dollars for a PSP game Velha, with "new graphics in HD" …

    – Puzzle by Nikoli Slitherlink V (PS Vita) = A Sudoku game!


    I have two PSPs (Phat and Slim model) to play PSP games!

    I have an Xperia Play Games for Mobile …

    I HAVE VITA … No PS3 … NO PS4 … I have no interest in using the "VITA as a PS4 control"

    I believed in the promises of Sony for the Vita!

    PS Vita is the most powerful portable system in the world? Or … The promises were lies?

  • For anyone that wants to see a comparison of PJ Monsters on PSP vs PS Vita, PSNstores uploaded a direct feed comparison! Looks super nice on Vita. (they also put up a review today on their site)

  • Yes ..

    Very good … 15 dollars for a game “refurbished” old game! …

    NO DISCOUNT for PSN PLUS subscribers! It really makes a huge sense!


    Who wants money? … I’m throwing dollars out the window!

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