Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Updates

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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Updates

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault for PS3

Hey everyone! We’re excited to share a lot of news with you about Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault. Whether you are looking for a new multiplayer map, waiting for your PS Vita download, or excited about Deadlocked HD, there’s something in this update for you, so read on!

First, thank you for your patience as you’ve awaited the PS Vita version of Full Frontal Assault. Our friends at Sony and Tin Giant have been working hard to deliver a version of the game that lives up to your expectations. The good news is that the game is complete, and will be released on the PSN Store on May 21st.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Furthermore, we know many of you are excited about Deadlocked HD, which we are including as a bonus thank you for your patience on the PS Vita release. The fine folks at Sony and Idol Minds are wrapping it up, we are expecting it to be available soon.

For those of you with the retail copy of FFA, you’ll be able to download Deadlocked HD as well as the Vita version of FFA to your PS3 and transfer to your PS Vita. You can do this by accessing the “Disc Benefits” option on May 21st. If you downloaded FFA, the PS Vita version and Deadlocked will appear free for you on the PlayStation storefront.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

Lots of you are still enjoying Full Frontal Assault’s competitive multiplayer and have been enjoying the Metropolis map we added at the beginning of this year. We wanted to continue to support the game for the loyal PS3 players as well. As such, the team in North Carolina has a new software update for the game which brings a brand-new competitive map set in Molonoth Fields from A Crack In Time, and a new game mode exclusively to the PlayStation 3 version of the game.

Here’s a first look at the new map:

The new game mode, 2v2 Full Frontal Assault mode, is something for our hardcore players. It eliminates the phases – so you can always capture nodes, build units, and attack the other team’s base. This results in a more dynamic, more strategic experience that will test players’ skills more than ever before. This new software update is available now.

Additionally, we’ve added new skins to Full Frontal Assault which you can find in the in-game store. The new Monsters pack, Intergalactic Foot Soldiers pack, and Plushy pack all are available now, for $1.99 each. We also have a new A Crack in Time pack and All 4 One pack coming soon!

That’s all for now! As always, thanks for all your support, and if you have questions we’ll try to answer below.

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  • Will there be a demo for the PS Vita version? Really glad its finally coming.

  • Is there a deadline (hah!) to getting Deadlocked free with FFA?

  • DarkMegamanSX900

    Well all that waiting payed off I guess.Well I’am happy,I had alot of games to play to get this off my mind.So can’t wait for next week Tuesday.Ha Ha Ha and on top of that Resident Evil Revelations comes out that same day..This is going to be fun.Well thank you Insomniac Games for the update,and can’t wait for the Ratchet and Clank movie!!!.

  • No physical release? I know it was set out as a goal in Fall 2012 before the game was delayed.

    I dislike fatty downloads, with my 32GB card, and enjoy collecting good Vita games.

    Good to see it’s alive, though.

  • A physical release was previously mentioned in this playstation blog https://blog.playstation.com/2012/10/26/ratchet-clank-full-frontal-assault-out-1127-for-19-99/

    I would pre-order the Vita version as soon as it went up on amazon.

  • If I buy FFA right now will I get a copy of Deadlocked?

  • Glad I waited for this to come out, definately will have to pick this up!!!!!!!!!

  • I bought FFA once I heard about Deadlocked. Otherwise, IMO, the game would not be worth $20. The story, though enjoyable and with splitscreen, stopped just a bit too early in my eyes. There should’ve been two more missions (One on each planet), where after doing the initial three of setting up the Planetary Defense Centers [Spoiler!], you had to go back through and take down the Weather Modifiers. The fourth mission had a pretty different set-up, and it actually lowers my opinion of the game that we just left those other machines operational.
    Since it copied the maps from the previous levels, I feel that it would’ve been almost easy to create those two more levels. Heck, I even came up with what I feel would be an interesting storm choice! After the snowstorm on the ruins, you go to a sandstorm in the advanced city (With damaging tornadoes and such), and then a thunderstorm on the first barren planet (With lightning and rain). Honestly, the game is unfinished in my eyes. If possible, I’d absolutely LOVE to see those missing levels added in via a patch, like the maps.

  • (Continued)

    Also, I am praying that splitscreen will be added to competitive mode. I realize that it could cause problems with the HUD, but I feel that even if it gets a little awkward, it’d be worth it. I love the multiplayer in this game. In my opinion, it is simply amazing. But… it isn’t used. It takes quite a while to find someone to play with. Being able to bring the competition to the living room would make this game pretty much unending IMO.
    Alright. Rant’s over. Please, development staff, just consider what I’ve said if you haven’t already, and keep on supporting this wonderful game. If it comes down to having to choose the missing levels or splitscreen multiplayer… I’d choose the competitive mode a few hundred times. Thank you for listening, if you did.

  • Already beat the story of FFA on PS3, but will try to play again on the Vita. What I’m really looking forward to is playing Deadlocked HD. I played and beaten that game so many times. It’s one of my all time favorite PS2 games along with the other original 3. Thanks for including this Sony and Insomniac. This more than makes up for the wait for me.

  • (Continued again)

    I really hope that this multiplayer is included in the next “true” R&C game. Not necessarily the storyline, but the multiplayer is extremely fun. With a few more customization options (Such as Buzz Blade turrets, Zoni Launcher turrets, Plasma Striker turrets (With a long range but short rate of fire), Dynamo bombs, and Cryomines, etc. Basically filling up the menus).
    This is good, just not worth $20 in the long run (Without Deadlocked) due to the general lack of interest. Please, though, keep on supporting this!

  • If the Vita version had supported ad hoc multiplayer, I personally could have guaranteed four purchases, but with its curious omission, we’ll be passing on this one. I love my Vita, but I hate how terrible its reception of wi-fi signals is. Every single wi-fi enabled device that we own works wonderfully from the bedroom, except the Vita, it’s really a shame. I was looking forward to playing this game with my wife while on vacation in Japan this summer, oh well, I guess it’s golf and Soul Sacrifice for us.

  • thanks for the great news!, can’t wait to play it on my Vita, and to get Deadlocked for free! :D

    PS. I hope you guys bring the Ratchet and clank collection to the vita ;)

  • So I have a specific question…

    I’m pretty sure that I understand we Vita owners will NOT be receiving this newly added “2V2 FFA mode” that the PS3 is getting, correct? But what I’m not clear about is if the Vita version will get or ever get any of the new levels/maps that have just been announced and are soon to be released for the PS3 version???

    I mean, even if we Vita owners don’t get the new maps right now, or when the game is released next week, I’m OK with that as long as we get them at some point in the future. Because from what I’ve heard, this game is fun but it can get somewhat repetitive partly due to it not having that many environments to play in.

  • ^^^continued^^^

    However if like the PS3 version we Vita owners also get a chance to expand this game with the various new maps/environments, I think it would go a long way in helping people play the game for longer periods of time and simply get more out of it.

    I also believe that because we Vita owners have had to wait so very long for this game, we should at least be receiving all the same maps/levels that the PS3 version has/will get… especially after all this time has passed! Having one less mode for multiplayer is one thing I can understand in terms why it couldn’t maybe fit and therefore be included, but I do expect to be able to play on all of the same levels that the PS3 players get to play/have fun on/enjoy.

  • Deadlocked is delayed again? :/ They said it would come out with the vita version of FFA. That was what made me buy FFA in the first place.Hope it comes out like next week. Some more news whenever you can please! Thanks for the update so far though, I really appreciate it.

  • THANKS!!!

  • To the few people I saw asking if the Vita version would have its own trophy list. If you’ve got the PS3 version of the game, just go look at your trophies while in “Online Mode”. It’ll say right on the game listing. Either just “PS3” or both “PS3 … PS Vita”.

  • @ zepified: If you didn’t catch on from the body of the article, Tin Giant is porting the PS3 game to Vita. So all the new maps and the new FFA multiplayer mode have been made by Insomniac for the PS3 version. That’s why they won’t be in the Vita version at launch, since TG has been busy just trying to port the main game over to the Vita. Chances are, all of this content will come to the Vita in time, but based off how long it took them just to port the game, don’t expect the expanded content anytime soon. :(

  • i would think it would be better if the people who got the hd collection got deadlocked hd free.

  • @ AizawaYuuichi

    Also the vita version will be shared with the ps3 version. Which means you won’t be able to collect trophies for the 2nd time.

  • I’m glad i decided to buy when they had it half price for $10.00 for PS Plus… Not bad 3 games thank u PSN

  • Are those Vita screens, or PS3 screens? Because I’m pretty sure those are the PS3 screens you showed ages ago. Hard to feel this isn’t a rush-job. No previews, no screens or video, just dumping a Ratchet and Clank title on owners with 3-4 days prior to launch seems disrespectful to the franchise and its fans. Will be waiting for reviews before picking this up.

  • I’d love a skirmish mode added to FFA. Not everyone wants to play against someone online. Sometimes you just want to fight against the AI without having to be in story mode.

  • So glad I bought this on your PSASBR sale.

    Too bad more people are not playing it.

    Either way, having Deadlocked and (definately for a) Vita worthy edition should make this a no brainer for the price.


    Now if they added multiplayer mode for Strangers Wrath, that would make two games, of the best value for Vita owners.

  • You guys should add Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time to the psvita store for free because we have been waiting for so long to get FFA.

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  • Ratchet DEADLOCKED is getting a HD remake!? Holy s**t im buying that day one!

  • waiting for resistance 4 on the ps4….

  • Does people still play this online?

  • TheGameMeister94

    @ UnrealButcher and Teflon02

    Alright, let me explain to you two why all of the bonuses are for the PS3 and not the Vita. The thing you really need to understand here is the actual reason why they’re giving out these bonuses. You seem to be thinking that it’s simply because a game was delayed, but there’s a flaw in your reasoning there. Lots of games get delayed every year, but they almost never give out any kind of freebies as an apology. So, we can pretty safely assume that the bonuses probably weren’t released simply because the Vita version was delayed.

    So, why are they giving out freebies, then? Simple: Cross-Buy. When they released the PS3 version, they had promised the Vita version along with it. Most people that bought the game were factoring the value of the Vita version into their decision of whether or not the game was worth $20. When the Vita version was unavailable, they rightly felt a little bit cheated. Let’s stop here for a second. Who has been affected by the cross-buy? People buying the PS3 game. Who would buy the PS3 game? People looking to play it on their PS3.

  • TheGameMeister94

    So, since they misled people buying the PS3 version, they need to apologize to them. Not to the Vita owners, because delays are a pretty standard part of gaming and really don’t warrant much more than a written apology posted somewhere. Since they need to apologize to PS3 owners, they release PS3 freebies. It just makes sense.

    People that got burned buying the PS3 version really needed to do more research before they made a purchase. If I remember right, it was announced that the Vita version was delayed a little under a week before the PS3 version released. Also, I noticed one or two people (possibly one of you two, I don’t know) saying that they bought the PS3 version even though they didn’t even have a PS3. I really wonder what those people are going to do come Tuesday, when they find out that they have to actually open an application from the disk on a PS3 system to unlock their free versions of the other games.

  • THIS IS WHAT I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR! I can’t wait to pick up FUSE either! Now I just need friends that aren’t afraid to try an Insomniac game that isn’t Ratchet and Clank. I can’t even get a few people to play Spyro! Though, those few friends enjoy watching me play it and exploring the story with me. Just not their “cup of tea” thanks to SkyL***ers ruining its image. /rant over

  • so like, i got the digital copy and i’m not sure if its been added to the store yet or not, but i cant find anywhere were i can get my free vita version, can someone help? i looked everywhere through the playstation store and i just cant find it.

  • maybe its going in the store later on tonight?

  • never mind the store got updated recently so i found it, currently downloading the vita version , then deadlocked

  • I just tried downloading Deadlocked from the store, but it won’t let me because I already own R&C:FFA, but the Vita version of FFA was readily available to download. Could you help me get my copy of Deadlocked?

  • To download Deadlocked, download FFA for vita, then, it will automatically download.

  • Deadlocked online servers aren’t up yet, any chance for an update?

  • Ok i have the digital version so where do i go to download the vita version i am pretty sure i searched every where can some one please help me

  • I click disk benefits and it says that this content is not selectable or something similar, Is it just un-avalible to australia right now?

  • It’s now the 22nd in Australia.. the end of the day and still nothing on the Store..
    I am really not happy with the lack of respect been given to the anyone that bought a Vita. It was first set for November, then January, and now it was set for 21st of May, and we have got nothing. I know it might come a day late in Australia because we are ahead in the time zones, but it’s the end of the day, and it’s just really annoying.

  • Great.. so it’s looking like Australia just hasn’t got in on our store yet. Oh come on..

  • If anybody knows when it goes onto the store in Australia, could you please let me know.

  • Disc benefits keep’s saying error for me but i live the united states more specifically Florida i would like my free game please.

  • @jtio1
    There seems to be that error going around. I have posted it to the PS3 forum and I have had no responses yet. Lets just hope it is a minor issue and will be solved QUICKLY!

  • @Karl_Hates_GT5
    Yep for sure i want some ratchet and clank deadlock goodness right about now lol.

  • Anyone know more about the Deadlocked/Gladiator yet? Because I still get a error when I try to get on the Disc Benefits thing. just like jtio1

  • @jito1
    I have been waiting for it for SOOO long. I will be keeping a close eye on whether it all fixes itself with in the next few hours.

  • @DevilShinji
    It’s an error that seems to be going around for everyone at the moment. Atleast in America and Australia. We are hoping it is a minor bug and will be fixed soon.

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