Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Out 11/27 for $19.99

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Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Out 11/27 for $19.99

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The 10th Anniversary of Ratchet & Clank is coming up next month, and it’s been a lot of fun this year reliving the memories from our original PS2 games in the recently released Ratchet & Clank Collection. We also had a blast playing the beta of Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault with all of you earlier this fall. Since then, we’ve gotten a flood of e-mails, tweets and Facebook posts asking when you can get back to exploring the battlefield and defending your base in FFA.

We’re happy to announce Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault will be available on November 27th on the PlayStation Store and at retail. That’s right, you asked and we listened: Full Frontal Assault will be available as a retail copy for those of you who love physical copies of your games! Both the download and retail versions support cross-buy as well, so your purchase gets you both the game on PS3 and a digital copy for PlayStation Vita.

Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault

The other big question we’ve gotten a lot is “How much will the game cost?” As you know, Full Frontal Assault is a “fun-size” project that’s similar in scope to Ratchet & Clank Future: Quest for Booty. But Full Frontal is actually bigger than Booty (sorry, couldn’t resist), as we’ve added tons of new features, including the new base assault and defense elements. An even bigger addition to Full Frontal Assault is the replay value we packed in with online / split-screen co-op, and online competitive modes. Most importantly, while the experience itself may be more condensed, the game quality is bursting at the seams. We’re very proud of what we’ve created.

As such, we’re especially excited to announce that Full Frontal Assault is launching for just $19.99. Considering you get a brand-new Ratchet & Clank game for your PS3 and PS Vita, with cross-save and cross-play support for the game’s co-op and competitive multiplayer, it’s a deal that’s hard to refuse.

That’s all for now! We hope you’re excited about Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault’s launch on November 27th; if you have questions, we’ll try to answer them below!

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  • Will there ever be a more traditional Ratchet & Clank in the future?

    • You never know, though we think fans of the more traditional style Ratchet games will love this one

    • UPDATE:

      You may see above that there is a strikethrough on co-op in terms of cross-play support. This was an error that we thought we corrected, but somehow slipped through to the post. Totally my bad. Regardless, cross-play on FFA only applies to the competitive mode.

      Apologies for any confusion. It wasn’t our intent.


  • YaHOO!!That’s exactly the date and Price I was expecting! But I was not expecting a retail release here in NA. I was planning on using the $20 I’ll be getting back to buy it, but now if i didn’t have to use up my HDD space I might consider buying a disk.

    Can you tell me how much space it will take up?

  • Retail version is a nice welcome surprise! Is there going to be a Platinum trophy?

  • any new r&c game on my playstation devices is a win but i too miss the thrill that tools of destruction gave me as a fully fledged adventure. please hear our plea insomniac :(

  • I am so excited. I love defense games. I love it even more when it”s actual human players. I’ll pick this up using the $20 I earn from buying Liberation and AC:3 on the PSN.

    Thank you guys for getting this game out for this holiday season. The PS3 and especially the PS Vita holiday lineup is amazing this year.

    Day one buy for me.

    • Thank you so much for your support! If you are Day 1, and don’t mind, please pre-order! it does actually help us out :-)

  • awesome news James

    I played the beta and it was rather unique

    definitely a fresh take on the franchise

  • Thanks a bunch, we hope you enjoy the final game

  • This series isn’t really my thing, but I’m really glad to see strong first-party support of the cross-buy and cross-save programs, as well as the beginnings of a variable pricing structure. Keep up the good work!

    • Well, we hope you give a shot since it’s such a great deal, and this is a bit of the twist on the classic formula, so you might find it up your alley!

  • Is the retail version $19.99 as well?

  • I’ve always LOVED tower defense games and I cannot wait to see how it was implemented here.
    Is this game as big as Tools of Destruction?

    • The campaign certainly isn’t as long or elaborate as TOD (hence the smaller price!). That said, we feel like you might play this game even longer than you did TOD (well, some of you played TOD a lot). The reason for that is it has a fun campaign that you can keep trying to improve at (and play co-op), and it also has a competitive multiplayer mode we’re planning lots of support for so it should stay fresh. The competitive mode is a lot of fun and adds TONs of replay value.

  • Will the Vita version be available at retail or only the PS3 version?

    • There is no physical version of the Vita game, so at retail you buy a PS3 disc and then you use that disc and your PS3 to unlock the vita version (which you can then sync from your PS3)

  • I’ll look into this. The price is right.

  • Is the retail version Be $19.99 as well?

  • Is there a retail version for the Vita or just the PS3?

    • The retail version includes a PS3 disc w/ the game on it. You can then use that disc in your PS3 to unlock the Vita version for your Vita.

      There isn’t a physical Vita card version.

  • Cant wait! Can never have too much R&C! Having it on the go is gonna be awesome. Speaking of which, any news on the Deadlocked HD remake?

  • Thanks for the quick reply and disregard my typo:-)

  • Perfect timing. I’m just finishing up my Platinum for UYA. Just have the Challange mode stuff to do.

  • OMG I’m so excited for this!! Please take my money now….when can I pre-order?

    • Should be very soon as we’ve been briefing retailers. Please keep an eye on our twitter for more, but we’re hoping it’ll be in the major retailers systems ASAP.

      And please do pre-order! it definitely helps us out!

  • Day one buy for me :)

  • PS2 R&Cer here. If what you say is true and the game was really made for players like me, you’ll have my purchase. Just one question I’m hoping you can answer: How long is the game? Having a $20 price point makes me view a game like this as only about 3 hours of gameplay. I really do love the cross-buy though, having both a PS3 and Vita makes this a HUGE buying point for me.

    • It’s definitely not as long as a full $60 Ratchet adventure, it’s more around the size of Quest for Booty in terms of campaign length (depending on how good you are, it might even be a bit longer), but between having co-op through the whole campaign, and having an entire competitive mode that we will continue to support, and having the cross-buy, we feel like its a great deal and provides a TON of gameplay for 20 bucks.

  • Looking forward to playing through the first half of FFA!

    I say that because I have every R&C game, I’ve really enjoy every R&C game but for some reason I’ve only played through about half of each one.

    Someday I’m going to have a marathon weekend and finish all of them. Hopefully sooner than later as the list of R&C games is building.

    • You should make that your holiday break resolution!

      Quest for Booty and this game will be the easiest ones to help you start breaking that strength since they are a bit shorter :-)

  • Man! This game looks fantastic and I’ve heard some really good things about it. At $19.99 and cross-buy…I’ll be putting this on my PS3 and Vita for sure.

    • Thanks! If you’re planning to get it at retail, please give us a pre-order when you have a chance! It helps us out a lot! :-)

  • man this series was a hit in israel everyone loved and still does love ratchet & clank i will buy this game when it comes and i hope you will made Even more good ratchet games on the PS4 :D

  • How do you make up such dirty names and get away with it?


    • Well, some of our best ones we didn’t get away with… all depends on timing and who is paying attention at the moment. ;-)

  • This is great, I really love how you included the Vita version on the retail version as well, satisfies both my need to have a physical copy and a great Vita game. To my knowledge, you’re the first to have done so!

  • I don’t know….I do love booty

  • As soon as it goes up on Amazon consider it pre-ordered! =)

  • I hear good things about the depth that you guys added to the core gameplay of Ratchet with this game. Is this a preview of your plans for the Ratchet & Clank series next gen or is this for FFA only? And please make competitive online a standard for Ratchet games

    • Who knows what the future holds, as always we usually take what works and make it work better in the future, but like I said, we’re just happy to be wrapping this one up and starting on supporting the MP!

  • Oh jeeze! There goes more of my money! And to think, I’m still working on Plat’ing the R&C collection games!! Oh well, love you guys!!

    Also I just wanted to say how much I love the look of A crack in time and this one. The new sort of cell shaded-ness/cartoony look is awesome. And I love how explosions and smoke look.. fantastic :)

    I was thinking Ratchet and Clank should get a cartoon one of these days. The whole universe of R&C seems like it would fit a cartoon perfectly.

    PS can’t wait to give Ratchet a try in PS All Stars! :D

    • We’d love there to be a cartoon or a movie, it’s just not as easy as it seems to get that done.

      Did you read the comic books?

  • This is a no-brainer.

  • Hey James! Can we pre-order the digital version on the PSN?

  • Will there be a week 1 discount for Plus subs? (please)

  • So nice to see a release date for NA but Where is the EU Release date. We should of been told at the same time.

  • Will it have local co-op? I’m buying this game anyway, but this feature would be nice.

  • Any news on eu launch date?

  • will this have 3D support?

  • When are you guys going to give us the PS Plus discount on Ratchet and Clank collection that you orignally promised months ago?

    • That’s a Sony thing. Not an Insomniac thing. Not sure what the deal is there, honestly. e-mail me jstevenson (at) insomniacgames (dot) com with a link to said promise?

  • YESSS sss!! Xmas is early this year! Thanks devs!!!

  • Excellent news! I will be pre ordering the retail copy when i go pick up AC3!

    @James, is there any update on when Deadlocked HD will be releasing?

    • Not yet, still think it’ll be before end of the year to be one last celebration of the 10th Anniversary but TBD

  • OMG I love Ratchet and Clank. I just got into the series like a year ago and I love it. This pricing and cross buy is SO good. I am so happy with this! Day 1 buy, heck I will even preorder it!

  • The cross buy thing makes me very interested to get this game though. Hope it has a Plus discount on top of that low $19.99 price. :P

  • i do love that you have enough confidence in your product to announce the price right away. Most of these other game articles try to hide that, since they know the pricing for what they are offering is often ridiculous.

    • I mean, it’s an insanely good deal. The game alone is worth 120 bucks, not even counting multiplayer and getting both versions for one price!

  • Great news! I’ll pre-order the game as soon as it hits EB Games in Canada :)

  • Pre order $22 plus shipping for the physical version in Europe known as Ratchet and Clank: Q-Force. Sorry just have to have this on disk:)

  • @45 Q-Force? thats a strange renaming.

  • Please answer. I understand no physical copy for the Vita. Will there be a download for Vita only for those of us that don’t own a Ps3? Possibly for less $ since we don’t get a Ps3 disc?

    • The digital version of the game is 19.99. You can download the digital version to either your Vita or your PS3 (or both).

  • @46 Well, they can’t get the dirty hidden messages through the EU ratings team.

  • Consider it bought.

  • Awesome. Going to pre-order this on physical, retail release on Vita.

    This should scratch the R&C itch I’ve had ever since I gave up hope that the R&C trilogy would end up on Vita like MGSHD did.

    • Just keep in mind there is no physical Vita version, only a physical PS3 version that allows you to get a Vita copy via the disc in your PS3.

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