Tomb Raider PSN Flash Sale

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Tomb Raider PSN Flash Sale

UPDATE: The flash sale is now complete.

Tomb Raider Flash Sale

Have you picked up Lara Croft’s first adventure yet? If you haven’t taken a tour of Yamatai, now’s the time to book a ticket. Tomb Raider is currently 50 percent off in the PlayStation Store as part of a sale that runs from now until Monday, April 29th at noon. The sale is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

Tomb Raider marks a reboot for the seasoned franchise, exploring Lara Crofts origin story and transformation from an untested young woman to a hardened survivor. Series staples of combat, exploration & traversal, and puzzles return to Tomb Raider, reimagined through an action/adventure experience rooted in survival. New offerings include skill and weapon upgrades, fast travel throughout the island, and online play with friends.

If you’re in the mood to tackle Tomb Raider with friends, keep an eye out for premium DLC such as the “Caves & Cliffs” or “1939” multiplayer map packs too. Weapon packs, multiplayer characters, and alternate outfits for Lara are also up for grabs.

Don’t wait – download the game now!

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  • OMG!! this is friggin awesome :-)

    I wanted to get this sooooo bad when it came out but I’ve been holding off because all my spare cash goes to the PS4 but holy crap!! this is way too good of a deal to pass up on.

    Thank you so much …you’ve made this PlayStation and Tomb Raider fan extremely happy :-)

  • @johnnyp70

    I will never buy a digital copy if a physical one is available. Even if it is currently $10 cheaper. I just like the advantage of having more freedom with a physical copy. From lending it to a friend or using it on another PS3 easily, and maybe selling it at some point if I choose. I could probably sell my entire PS3 collection of discs to pay for my PS4, something you could never do with digital copies. I also have a 1TB HD, so space is not really an issue. There is just more value and versatility in something physical.

  • It never ceases to amaze me about how many support physical copies, over downloaded.

    I would rather buy a game like this, at a deal like this, than allow a trading company to make one more dollar.

    Permanent hardcopies are great, as well as equal trades.

    Problem is the lack of funding towards the industry that creates them, and more towards middlemen extorting youth, the inexperienced, or time restricted.

    Keep your physical copies, but those of you knocking at a sale like ths, obviously, should reconsider your thinking.

    Support SOE, and thank them, for all the entertainment they have helped contribute to your lives.

    Just becxause it is your money, does not mean you would have anything, if they did not take the time to build it.

  • Wow, if I didn’t buy this game already, I would have purchased the digital version. I love digital. Why bother switching discs all the time.

  • Hey, Rezolution77, I agree with you in principle but I can’t pass up those retail-only bonuses, which TR had if you bought from GameStop. I like my guys @ local GS and want them to stay employed. I would give my unwanted games away for free if I could but none of my frenemies are gamers. So it’s either trade them or be further buried under my hoarding. Some kids can only afford to game by buying used, so it’s a necessary evil.

    I support devs and Sony plenty because I buy things and don’t hack, cheat or game share, not even when we could use 5 PS3’s.

  • That Flash sale is a 1 time thing?

  • The Tomb Raider Reboot is 50% off… at 10.2GB I’ll pass. It would be better if I could just buy the single player half of the game I have no need or desire for the multiplayer at all. A Flash Sale ? this is a first how about a sale on Under Defeat HD Deluxe Edition with a file size of 283MB at 50% off at that $15 it would be priced just right. ?

  • Yes!, flash sales like steam!!!. Thx Sony!.

  • I can understand that lisatsunami.

    I also, can completely understand the physical copy argument.

    Making your investment go further, especially if the hype is greater than the product.

    Would definately like to see everyone get what they paid for.

    If my wife showed enough interest in it, I would buy it right away.

  • More Flash Sales in the future SCEA!

    Already have Tomb Raider. Wish I could get the platinum, but the grind for multiplayer is not my thing at all.

  • @Rezolution, saying middlemen are wasting game developer/publisher and users money is wrong. There are used sales with books, vehicles, houses, and many other things. Maybe games will go mostly or purely digital in the future, but there’s a place for both now.

    This is an awesome deal on Tomb Raider. I bought a copy for $40 at Gamestop a couple days ago. Wish I could have done the $30 deal instead. If you plan on keeping Tomb Raider for a while, this $30 deal is the best you’ll get in a while imo.

  • Purchasing digiltals KILLS gamstop & the games trading mafia.

  • To the ones asking about QC and Plus…

    I can confirm that downloading the Unlock Key from QC in this bundle does, in fact, remove the PS+ expiration date from Quantum Conundrum. You do NOT need to re-download the whole game.

    Great deal… I had a mild interest in this game, and was going to purchase it (either digital or disc) when the price was right, and $30 for the game and some DLC hit the mark.

  • I can’t purchase this because I has Quantum Conundrum from my PS Plus subscription. In order to fix it they have to put in a request to refund the free game which takes 5 to 7 business days. Sale ends on Monday. Live chat and called no resolution. Huge disappointment. I was waiting for this game to go on sale and was arguing between the PC and PS3 versions. Sony please fix the licensing problem with Playstation Plus games.

  • @Mazda… see my previous post (#63). If you buy the bundle, and just download the Unlock Key for Quantum Conundrum, it removes the PS+ expiration from the game, which makes the game yours whether you stay subscribed to PS+ or not. With the bundle, you are getting QC as a free bonus. You aren’t actually paying for it. You are paying for Tomb Raider plus about $6-8 worth of DLC.

  • awesome sale, I almost bought this a couple times this week, glad I held out :D

  • You guys need to do more psn flash sales a lot more often

  • Surprised this post here doesn’t mention anything about all the things it includes, namely the dlc packs and quantum conundrum. That’s a huge omission.

  • Sold! Downloading now. :P

  • Just got done speaking with support they said if you buy this bundle then when/if your plus sub. expires the time limit on your previously plus acquired game should go away. So if you are like me and already have conundrum maybe keep that email confirmation handy?

  • @ PlatinumAura: refer to post #63. You can already make the expiration go away. I’ve already done it. Quantum Conundrum no longer expires on my PS3.

  • @71 whoops didn’t read that. sorry and thank you for the info!!!

  • Ahh… Good move guys, next week PlayStation: all stars sale. Metal gear rising and DmC should be on sale.. Oh and dead space 3 for sure.. A good way to beat the competition.

    Please keep them coming.. Flash sales

  • This game is SO WORTH IT

  • LOL – you can go to GameStop and get a physical copy for a few dollars more than this “sale.” Until digital pricing competes with brick and mortar (and Amazon) – I’d say this is one place where online definitely isn’t cheaper.

  • I agree, more flash sales!!

  • @75 you could drive to GameStop and get it for $40 or order it from Amazon, pay shipping, and wait for it… Or you can just buy in the comfort of your own home.. And you get a free game with it. (It was free on plus, I know..but c’mon). Convenience.

  • Already downloaded it!
    Let’s hope Sony has this flash sales every weekend!

  • AWESOME !!! Glad i checked the blog this evening, and just purchased and downloading this game! THX :)

  • ugh why do you do this to me? i JUST bought Dead Island on psn. Blah, better go sell my kidney

  • This is an amazing deal and a amazing game I want everybody to go buy it.
    If you don’t own it already
    I would love to see PlayStation have more deals like this :-)

  • already completed tomb raider, but really digging this flash sale idea

  • Not big on tomb raider, but I love the flash sale stuff. Moves like this, more toward the types of stuff Steam provides, make this a better platform for everybody.

  • OK, so I didn’t know this was a bundle until I checked it out on the PSN store via PC.
    This IS a great value, wish I could have just payed $20 for the game instead of $30 for the game, mp dlc, and the free PSN game, but a good deal none the least. 97% completed! Can’t wait to install the game and play its awesome story. I’ll give the MP a shot, but it looks horrible.

  • yes more flash sales these will compete with steam n make me give u my money

  • More sales like this! Never was on my radar but now I’m seriously thinking of buying it.

  • Rented it from Redbox last weekend and beat it. SP was good and MP was ok I thought but even at 50% off the game if I was to buy any game right now it would NOT be this one.

  • Whyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I got this game last month I paid $60 for it :( this always happen to me, I buy sometyhing and here take it discount, or free in plus, same happen with soul calibur broken destiny, I paid $19 for it on the last sale and now is free for plus. I want to cry, everyone without this game take it, it´s pretty good and for $30 and all the things in the bundle is worthy

  • i’d buy but the fact that our ps4’s wont support any of our downloaded games, i can understand no disc based backwards playing, but when it comes to all the games ive bought and etc on psn it’s self it puts me off on buying them on psn the same year the ps4 is coming out

  • Wonderful sale, although I understand the “Flash sale” aspect of it… I wish I had known earlier so I could’ve taken advantage of it. However, please keep these great discounts coming :)

  • $29.61 extra cash on my PSN account! >.> So close!

  • This modern gaming garbage is not Tomb Raider. More like Garbage Raider. This reboot does not contain the same elements which made people fall in love with the series in the first place. Can’t think of a single video game series that has gotten better this past gen. All you new gamers have influenced the pewpewing, casualization and streamlining of games. Series like Resident Evil, Splinter Cell, Final Fantasy, DMC, etc. have been ruined and those of you who support these inferior changes are only adding to the problem.


  • This is actually a good deal.

  • Uh… Great deal. Watched the gameplay and I know I’ll be enjoying this game.

    Too bad I just bought bioshock the week before and am planning to buy soul sacrifice next week. Flash sale is a good thing. Keep it up.

    I hope this game will be on sale again some other time…

  • neuropunk, i can say the same for HipHop….

  • Senju_Karim, OUTCHHHH

  • Sold! OMG, this is by far my most expensive digital title that I’ve bought, better be good…

  • ALWAYS ONLINE DRM. On a PS3 game.

    Who would want that rip off? Especially if I can’t play offline. No seriously, screw off Square Enix, that is total BS and is disgusting. Keep that stuff on PC games, and away from console gamers.

  • I live vicariously when read the US Playstation blog. I close my eyes and dream of what could be. Then, when my soul is replenished, I return to the harsh reality of the antipodes where physical disks are dramatically more expensive than the US and – oddly -digital distribution is still shackled by the tyranny of distance.

    Could someone pass a memo to Playstation Europe (who look after Australia because we were colonised by England back in the late 18th century). Or nudge them – I think they must have dozed off again.

  • Good deal!

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