Tomb Raider PSN Flash Sale

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Tomb Raider PSN Flash Sale

UPDATE: The flash sale is now complete.

Tomb Raider Flash Sale

Have you picked up Lara Croft’s first adventure yet? If you haven’t taken a tour of Yamatai, now’s the time to book a ticket. Tomb Raider is currently 50 percent off in the PlayStation Store as part of a sale that runs from now until Monday, April 29th at noon. The sale is available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Argentina.

Tomb Raider marks a reboot for the seasoned franchise, exploring Lara Crofts origin story and transformation from an untested young woman to a hardened survivor. Series staples of combat, exploration & traversal, and puzzles return to Tomb Raider, reimagined through an action/adventure experience rooted in survival. New offerings include skill and weapon upgrades, fast travel throughout the island, and online play with friends.

If you’re in the mood to tackle Tomb Raider with friends, keep an eye out for premium DLC such as the “Caves & Cliffs” or “1939” multiplayer map packs too. Weapon packs, multiplayer characters, and alternate outfits for Lara are also up for grabs.

Don’t wait – download the game now!

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  • I’ve been holding back on this game because people have said the multiplayer is horrible, but an awesome singleplayer.

  • Are the map packs free?

  • I also have played every Tomb Raider game on console.
    $30 sounds good, but only if it where physical copy, I only buy digital games if they are on sale $15 or lower.

  • I also forgot to mention that the game is
    $50 new and
    $40 used
    so 50% off would really be $25.

  • Again I’m sorry the game is actually
    $40 new and $35 used.
    so 50% off would really be $20 and THEN would I buy it digitally.

  • Whoa, it is more than just the game. It is the game, three DLC packs, + Quantum Conundrum for 30. Should mention that in the post!

  • It’s worth mentioning that the bundle includes a bunch of DLC and Quantum Conundrum.!/en-us/cid=UP0082-NPUB31211_00-TRDIGITALEDITION?smcid=psblog::up0082-npub31211_00-trdigitaledition:ps-blog-2013-04-26-tomb-raider-psn-flash-sale-50-off-this-weekend-only

  • sounds like a good deal, what’s the size though?

  • @Cloud_X1
    Go look online all versions of Tomb Raider are 25 dollars right now. Looks like Square is trying to have a flash sale to drum up profits and reach their lofty goals. Check Amazon and you maybe able to get your physical copy.

    Honestly I say buy this game. It has a wonderful single player and if you’re looking at Tomb Raider for anything more than a single player then the fault is your own for passing up this wonderful game. No one plays TR for Multiplayer and its inclusion in this game is silly and no reason to hold back your money.

  • It’s a ruge discount… this game is amazing…

  • oh great now i HAVE to get this …. lol itll be a while until its 30 anywhere else

  • Bought it at launch, and it’ll permanently be a part of my collection. :)

    As for DLC, I wish you guys would come off your MP-only DLC stance. The MP in Tomb Raider has been blasted in every review for feeling tacked-on, and supporting it seems like a wasted effort. Tomb Raider has always been a single-player experience, and if you really feel like bleeding us with DLC, please make something people actually want: single player DLC. Mass Effect should prove to everyone that people will buy SP DLC to play more.

  • wow KILLER deal!!!!

  • Wow,I really wanted to get the bundle but I thought I’ll hold on a bit for a sale,this is great. Also just so others could know,you can get the bundle for half off but you have to find it as its not in the sale menu.

  • oh wow it also gives you Quantum Conundrum …. thats cool

  • Are ‘flash sales’ going to become a more regular thing for PSN?

  • This was a good idea, I’d like to see more flash sales like this in the future.

    I rented this game for $1 through a GameFly promotion. Not as great as the press led me to believe, but it was still decent. My favorite part was hunting deer with explosive arrows after I had beaten the game.

  • This is a heck of a deal. Between Tomb Raider, the extras & Quantum Conundrum, you are really making out. Tomb Raider is a solid game, single player at least. Well worth the money.

  • Getting it now!

  • Also, if you are a Plus member, this will be a great test of the Download Queue. It’s available to everyone, but if you have plus, it is supposed to download the game when it does your auto-update. Buy the game at the web store and set up your PS3 to download at 2AM.

  • This is a great idea. Wish PSN had more consistent sales on games like Steam.

  • @1,3,4,5 Jeez, give it a rest. And nobody cares about your purchasing standards or playing history.

    This is a good deal for a relatively new game. I hope we see more flash deals like this in the future.

  • Mmmm.. That is VERY tempting but everyone says the Online is trash. Really wish Square would have never agree to it. Ugh but isn’t there a New sale coming this Tuesday? dang, now I’m conflicted..

  • Question: I already have Quantum Conundrum via PS+. If I buy this bundle, what happens to QC? Does it get turned into a regularly purchased game, or does it still get locked up when my PS+ expires?

  • I bought the game, paid the full price and TOTALLY worth it.

    This is a great offer and I hope Sony make more “flash sales” in the future.

    By the way, I bever played MP and I din’t care either… I’m totally a SP gamer.

  • Thank You! Purchased!

  • wow good deal. I’d bite if I didnt already play and beat it. I highly recommend it to everyone.

    The game is great (multiplayer is needless trash)

  • Dammit!!! I bought this game from GameStop yesterday!! Oh well!
    I’m enjoying it very much!

  • great sale, but I prefer physical copies

  • no thanks. still too much for digital & already got QC for free with ps+ a while back.

  • Dang.. I ‘m gonna pass on this. Never take the first bet or something like that. I just hope whatever the sale is Next Tuesday don’t make me regret this. If there even is a sale next week…

  • please please please more sales like this >.> i will be spending so much money and would buy this if i didnt already have it.

  • The Tomb Raider multiplayer isn’t that bad at all. I’ve put about 10 hours into playing legit games(not boosting) and I have had a a lot of fun.

    If the PSN had more flash sales I think it would be awesome for the community, especially for games with less than great multiplayer and co-op communities.

  • Nice sale!

    I haven’t bought a single digital game while there is a physical version available, but very cool for those who like the downloadable counterpart.

  • Wow thank you so much for this, I was always on the fence about buying the game since I heard the multiplayer was horrible but how could anyone warrant not buying the game now with this sale. Now I’m eagerly awaiting for my download to finish so I can finally play.

  • i just traded in my physical copy to Gamestop… i might repurchase it next year and hopefully it will work for the PS4 (digital)

    good sale if you haven’t purchased the game yet, although as for multiplayer… it’s like a C-

  • Whoever posted this blog should mention it is a BUNDLE

  • Honestly, those saying the MP is a detriment, I think the SP game is meaty enough that if they didn’t include MP, then it would be looked at as a solid retail priced purchase. For $30 if you have no MP interest, it is definitely a winning game.

  • Wow, great deal, especially with the bonuses. Too bad I’ve already 100% the single player and traded it in…there’s no incentive for me to re-purchase. Also I don’t play much multiplayer and the mode in this game just felt tacked on.

    I really do hope this flash sale promo continues with other titles, say…Far Cry 3?

  • Instant purchase! This game was on the top of my wish list!

  • Just curious, for those who say they won’t buy digital if there is a physical copy available, why is that? I understand if the game is priced at $60, but for this as an example? If you have not played it yet, what is stopping you? And I get it if you don’t have enough room available on your HDD.

  • Ugh I just bought this off of Amazon recently at a higher price and it shipped already. I wish this PSN sale was announced ahead of time.

  • KazeEternal its 39.99 on amazon….

  • If any plus members take advantage of this, would you post whether or not it removes the expiration from your plus purchase of Quantum Conundrum?

  • Well, it’s $10 more on Amazon for a physical copy.. I would immediately be sold if it was an extra %10 off for Plus members…

  • One of the best games I have ever played. A masterpiece for sure. If you have not played this game yet you are missing out on one hell of an adventure.

  • Im just glad i upgraded my PS3s HDD last november!

    10GB is nothing, SSFIV Arcade Edition is 18GB, Ratchet and Clank All for one is 14 GB.

    Here in Brazil phisical copies are expensive as hell, a 50$ PSN Card here i cheaper than Tomb Raider, so ill get it for sure tomorrow.

    As much as i dont like to play MP ill do it anyway for the trophies.

  • It was a great game. Already beat it and ready to trade in, because no DLC for single player. Too high a proportion of trophies allocated to multiplayer.

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