DualShock 4: Developers Speak

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DualShock 4: Developers Speak

We are incredibly excited about PlayStation 4, and we can’t wait to share more features and details with you as we get closer to launch.

As you know, one of the first major reveals during PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the new DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. Today, we’re pleased to share a brand new video where developers discuss some of their favorite DualShock 4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic.

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  • I’ve never wanted to touch anything more in my life than the DS4. lol Give it to me, NOW!

  • Sony I want you to trump MS Xbox event… announce your own PS4 reveal on the same day! lol

  • sounds good nice features. i wont be getting a ps4 day one or anytime soon but i will down the road. my ps3 still feels BRAND NEW.

  • Zezzler , Woww i just realized there was no start and select bottons until i read your comment…

  • The share feature is an interesting addition, but I really, really hope it will support light video editing features. Nothing earthshattering, but the ability to chop & insert different sections of gameplay; and the ability to add your own audio tracks (voice commentary or music) would turn the feature from a passing novelty to an integral part of the system experience.
    Think of all the tutorial vids, tournaments, analyses, reviews, let’s plays and other game related content on youtube, twitch, and other sites right now. Migrating a portion of that community onto the PSN itself would advertise software, create new online communities for gamers, and enable players to access game-related content without having to switch their system off and go browse using their PC.
    I’m assuming the PS4 will have a decent web browser / youtube app, which means this content will already be available on the system. Why not let us create and access the content we want ourselves quickly and easily as a natural extension of the share feature? Video editing please!

  • Right now it’s all about May 21st and what Microsoft will unveil.
    Until then we can decide if this is good or not.

  • But can it order me a pizza? :o

  • Still not entirely sold on the Dualshock 4 design, but I do like some of the new features especially the share button. I also like the looks of the triggers and sticks, and I’m not 100% sure, but it looks like the D-pad may have been modified a little? Hopefully it has that “clicky” feel of Vita’s d-pad.

  • Cant wait to game with this controller! :D More details please

  • Hmmm DS4 looks good cannot wait to hold one much better then DS3 imo

  • I love the new DualShock 4, I don’t care what the children that are complaining about it say.

    I am super excited to see the console reveal at the pre-E3 press event, and I will pre-order the PS4 (and a bunch of PS4 games) the first day it is available to be ordered.

    Bring on the next generation of PlayStation!

  • why didnt you bother asking us what we wanted? your making the same mistakes you made with the dual shock 3! you cant have the entire weight of the controller rest on the r2 and l2 buttons. that leads to increased wear and tear on the buttons and raises the probability of unwanted button presses. have you ever tried setting the controller down in the middle of a game and have the r2 or l2 button depress with the simple act of putting it down? that can lead to a whole host of problems while gaming. its clear to me you are merely developers and not actual gamers

  • The PS4 controller has truly evolved it has arrived, this makes the pree conference for the unveiling of the system that much more dynamic. E3 can’t arrive soon enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • seems to me they arnt making a game console, more like an entertainment system that can play games. the vita is still bogged with apps than anything so my hopes are low. after this gen with games, i might stop staying current.

  • and also, get rid of those damn triggers.

  • Read the first page of comments and saw many say “They’ll probably charge more, but that’s not a big deal”
    Umm.. Last i checked $50 for a controller right now is outrageous as is…. I don’t get how this is not a big deal. So your saying you’ll happily pay $60 (which is the price of a game now) just to be able to play your game if ur controller breaks/gets stolen or lost?

  • Nothing that hasnt been said already.

  • alright i love Playstation 4! and dualshock 4!
    i dont know if you guys knownst but old PS3 games that had Playstation on the side
    not ps3 on top you able to use the controllers sixaixs i miss using that they removed it
    so whats the point of dualshock 3?

  • @16: So don’t push it. Tada. “For the type of gamer that I am, sports games are completely useless. Better remove them from the market completely!” Or I could just not play them.

    @49: Combined in the options button. (on the opposite side of the share button) Makes sense. Select is rarely used.

    And any time it *IS* used, they can just use the touch pad. Which is located closer to the d-pad/face buttons than the select button was. So it’ll be easier to reach. As are the options/share buttons than the start/select.

  • So are all my 150+ dollar Arcade Sticks now obsolete and completely useless on PS4?

  • I have to be honest… I absolutely hate the controller. It may feel the same, which is a good thing, but what’s with all these new features? Lights on my controller so I can tell who’s using it? Speakers to amplify sound? Why do you need to stick a touchpad on there if we already have tons of buttons to use? The share button is possibly the only addition that actually sounds good, but I won’t use it because I don’t use the internet much!

    All these extra features sound good now, but how long is the controller going to last with all this stuff in it? What’s the price going to be? I never even bought a second PS3 controller–they’re not exactly cheap, you know!

  • I just hope the light bar isnt so bright. When I played Heavy Rain at night using my move controller with all the lights off, it’s light were kinda of annoying.

  • Dang these sound pricy….. I may have to wait a while to get a second player on my PS4.

  • i really wanna see what the PS4 looks like i bet it looks really awsome :)


  • my guess is the controllers are going to be 80 to 100 buck

  • Looks like its going to feel… Sexy! Haha! I can’t wait for the PS4!!! Woot!!

  • Awesome controller!!!

  • great :)

    btw MOCHIIIx what game is your avatar?

  • The PS4 keeps track of the controllers, and in splitscreen, puts the screen on the side with the corresponding controller. Very smart. I love little things that nobody has thought of that makes things simpler.

    Speaking of little improvements, there needs to be a way to hide UI elements in the browser and twitter app for Vita. Unfortunately, the static UI of the browser has caused burn in on my Vita. It’s not noticeable unless the screen is displaying a solid image, but I can’t use the browser any more because it may worsen the burn in. Please consider a solution. My only mobile browsing solution is the 3DS and it’s just terrible compared to the quick Vita browser.

  • Will the battery life be shorter than the dualshock 3 due to the light and the speaker?

  • this is off topic but i would like to thank SCEA for the $10 i received for being a loyal PS customer. I started console gaming with the first playstation when i was kid playing spyro, now im 20 and i’m still with playstation, and i’ll continue with playstation because that’s where the best gaming experiences are :-).

  • loved the DS3… and the DS4 looks great. loving what I’ve learnt about the PS4 thus far!
    hope you guys can do more about PSN, PS+ and user accounts (allow region change… change of userIDs etc)

    LED consumes next to no power.
    I doubt the speaker will be of high-fidelity.. it won’t eat much power

  • I think the controller is step in the right direction…but Sony has let down so much of there community, they need to repair the damage they have done with the Socom community and make things right.

  • this controllers looks really sexy i like the style and it looks comfortable i am excited to see what else is in store for the PS4 with E3 being so near now and all

  • i wish there was a mic on the controller n i kinda wish it came with vitas as controllers hopefully it will actually communicate with vita unlike ps3 either way ps4ev

  • I like this new controller the whole look and feel of it looks pretty smooth. Hopefully the price will be reasonable. And hopefully this time the charge on the battery will be much better than the PS3 controller.

  • The Speaker will be great for sports games especially for a game like MLB The Show when you’re playing in the Road to the Show mode you can get your base coach instructions when you’re on the base paths or even better when you’re are in the field you can get your team mates chatter i.e. the play is at 1st or a call for the ball.

    In basketball the same thing here the coach calling out plays, calling for time outs or your team mates yelling out i’m open, or take the shot, the shot clock is low. American Football and Soccer you get pretty much the same thing. The small ambiance you will only feel when you’re on the field or on the court. All this audio will be from your team mates so you will know its your squad, and all the other ambient audio from other teams and crowd will come out of your Audio system.

  • The touch pad is easy one to think of. Think of Forza and all the layers you need to use too create or replicate something. With the touch pad if they let you use a stylus or even your finger. You can draw your image on the touch pad and it appears on the screen. Hit the option button and a color wheel pops up to fill in with the select color or colors. Now think about that in a game like Gran Turismo or the new IP Drive Club. Think about it just as an app to draw and then print.

  • Controller is pure love making. I don’t think it can really be topped. DS3 was meh. This is awesome.

  • I dont know what motovated the developers to create a SHARE button on the controller. However In my opinion this is a bad idea. Personally I play PC games more than any of my sony devices, but my children 4yo and 9 yo do play a lot of games. I would not them sharing a bunch of stuff on the internet. This silly little button on the controller will keep me from buying a PS4, I can play my PC and PS3 and Vita and PSP games till my kids are old enough to be trusted with how and what they share to the internet. Why would it have been so hard to just put the SHARE function in the options menu so sharing is more deliberate and to reduce the chance of kids just pushing the button over and over?

  • @91: Better yet, you could wait until we know more about the PS4 before writing it off based on pure ignorance!

    For all you know they’ll be a multitude of parental options available to you. Never mind not being able to share to the internet magically. I don’t know about you, but when I buy something new. It requires me to sign into accounts to use them. I can’t share to facebook without signing in. I can’t share to twitter without signing in. etc.

    Wait before making an ignorant decision. And instead, make an informed decision when the info is actually out there. ie; closer to launch/launch itself

  • @92 shut up troll.

  • I think there are a few things people are overlooking:

    1) Pretty sure the Social features are optional. If you don’t like them, you don’t have to use them.

    2) I remember reading somewhere that all PS4’s will be bundled with a headset.

    3) The light bar serves a few purposes: Low health indicator, A form of player ID (each player has a different color), And last but not least, It gives the camera something to track (The same way Move works.)

    4) There is still a Start and Select. They are merged into the Options button.

    I may be wrong on some of these points, but it seems like some of your concerns may be completely unnecessary. Do some research.

  • that controller is ugly, no select and start button, mean no compatibility to ps1, ps2, and all ps3 games using thoses button layout.

    a touch pad… really a touch pad, we are in 2013 i want a led touchscreen,

    and now there’s a speaker in the controller, lol i hate everytime the wii controller do sound, i always turn it off.

    a big freaking light to know what controller number, i mean “color” we are…

    i only see downgrade from the DS3 controller,
    that ps4 controller look like a big pile of poop to me for now.

    i’ll keep my 4 ps3 as long as possible before buying more of your downgraded product.

    my guess is there’s no led touchscreen on the controller bc they know that hackers will make a way better use than they do for it.
    like playing all your games streaming from your ps4 to your DS4 controller led display

    Do ignorant people know they are Ignorant when they call it to others?

  • @93: be a parent troll. It shouldn’t be up to Sony to parent “your kids”. Sony shouldn’t have to remove a well mentioned feature of the PS4 along with the ease of sharing just because some parents can’t keep track of their own children.

    Stupid thought. Watch your kids? Be involved with your kids? It’s like idiots think everybody else should do something to “protect” their kids just because these “parents” can’t be bothered.

  • @94: You’re actually right on the ball there. The only one of those not directly confirmed by Sony is #2.

    Sony also gave examples of the PS4 using the light bars on DS4 controllers to track positioning. The example was given that P1 is sitting to the right while P2 is sitting to the left. P1 decides to move around a little and swaps positions with P2, meaning P1 is now on the left and P2 is now on the right. The PS4 would see the differences in positioning and swap the screens around so then P1s screen is on the left while P2 takes right. Another position swap would cause it to revert.

  • Anyway, the DS4 looks like a step in the right direction. The PS4 is set to be a beast too. Can we also get a little more detail on the new camera coming? Maybe a little clarification as to if the PS4 will actually come bundled with the camera or a mic? Maybe a little more detail on what outlets we’ll be able to share to, IE Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc?

    All around can’t wait to get my hands on PS4. Please don’t ditch the idea of using PS Vita as a control method for PS4. The DS4 & Vita will share many traits so being able to use my Vita as a controller while I’m home then having that Vita experience on the go just makes sense. I also hope the LBP Cross Controller pack isn’t the only cross controller experience we ever get. The pack really is amazing plus a bonus for those who choose to buy into the Vita and PS3.

  • @46

    You cant play PS2 or PS3 games on a PS4, so there should be no controller issues to be had.

    The PS4 will not support older generation games, heck I dont think it can even play or read CD’s so even PS1 games look like they will be incompatible.

    Risky business eliminating well over 3000 games from a consoles launch library.

    Many, many moons from now they may implement some form of streaming service to allow you to rebuy all the games you own and love today. Awesome right?

    I just never want to stop paying for the same games, ever!

  • I havent read a single legit complaint on this comment section, what a bunch of ignorant fools

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