DualShock 4: Developers Speak

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DualShock 4: Developers Speak

We are incredibly excited about PlayStation 4, and we can’t wait to share more features and details with you as we get closer to launch.

As you know, one of the first major reveals during PlayStation Meeting 2013 was the new DualShock 4 Wireless Controller. Today, we’re pleased to share a brand new video where developers discuss some of their favorite DualShock 4 features, what makes each feature unique and how it will make your gameplay experience much more dynamic.

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  • I love the new DualShock 4, but PLEASE GIVE US BACK START AND SELECT!

  • Wait a sec, no start or select or PS button? How do we pause games?

  • @StormRaging Presumably with the PS button, like the Vita.

  • I like what it’s become, I hope it’s comfortable! Anxious to see the console.

  • @StormRaging and @antikewl

    You have to press the options button.

  • i hope we can plug our pulse wireless headsets into the headphone jack and have the mic work

  • I am afraid to ask how much extra controllers are going to cost with all the new features added to the Dualshock 4.

  • I want to hold it! Also would like more PS4 posts, been running short since last week

  • 7 has a good point….took me awhile to buy a 2nd one at the current price…maybe, can the ps4 come with 2 controllers? that’d be another HUGE selling point.

  • why do i get this apple propaganda type vibe from this promotional video lol – anyways that sounds good as long as it doesn’t function like an apple like device :D

  • I like it, cant wait to have it in my hands.

    @7 RidleysBox

    Probably similar to what the ps3 controller cost maybe 5-10$ more. Not enough to make a big deal about it in my opinion.

  • After my experience with the PS Move (disappointing) i will wait to see how the new controller works in real games. Talk and tech demos are just that, dont mean anything

  • Please tell me thats not the final look, it’s just so ugly… Also can we turn off that massive light in the back? In the dark it looks like it will be incredibly annoying if were not using it. Triggers and the handles look like they might be too small again too, plus more curvature to the triggers would be nice.

    Granted I need to hold it to really know how the changes work, but those are serious concerns.

  • why would they sell it for more? These features don’t cost anything but the touch, but that isn’t even a screen so it shouldn’t affect the cost.

  • I know when asked before Shuhei Yoshida said that the DualShock 4 model that we’ve seen is not the final model and that there are some minor changes to be made. Is this the final model or will we have to wait for the full PS4 reveal to see its final design?

  • for the type of gamer that i am, the Share button is completely useless… i have no interest in recording and sharing video of my gameplay nor do i care to watch others play… maybe im in the minority, but im sticking with single player games, assuming we will still have them… i want nothing to do with online-only, mutliplayer games… maybe im missing out, but thats fine.. i can live with that…

  • I would have liked if you could interchange the D-PAD with the left stick. I prefer the left stick to be where the D-PAD is positioned.

  • @16
    It’s an optional feature, so no one is forcing you to stream your games, upload screenshots or videos.

    That being said, at least in my case, I find it extremely cool. I’m a big fan of steam and how it creates a really tight community with screenshot uploading, video uploading, and community pages, etc. I’m hoping that with the edition of the share button PSN will become more and more like the amazing community that steam has. Not to mention how easier it it to stream HD consoles now!

  • Addition**

  • Looks great!! cat wait to hold it !!

  • I am ps4

  • looks great but is the speaker also a mic?

  • There’s only one question I really have when can I preorder it??? I want my PlayStation 4 now LoL

  • Question: Any improvements on the build quality. I fear the analog sticks and trigger buttons were the first casualty within 2 year tops.

  • Maybe you guys should start something other than that Dualshock?

  • Just get rid of the motion sensors and it’s all good.

  • The only thing I would change from the controller is where the D pad is located the D pad is so last last last last last GEN most people use analog sticks for all their games so having the D pad as the main input is just sad. I like almost everything else from the controller cause it looks like an evolution of the dual shock but I would love to try the triggers myself and see how they feel

  • Can’t wait for the PS4!!! Announce the price or show the box on May 21st.

  • The new controller looks very ergonomic. I can’t wait to use it and experience it for myself. The one thing I liked about the Move was how comfortable the cylindrical shape of the controller felt. And it seems the Move controller shape has been some what integrated into the DualShock 4. I also like what I see from the shape of the top triggers. I probably won’t use the share function much, if at all, but have a few friends that will love it. So i have no qualms with it. Looks good guys!

  • The Share function would be nice, but it’s being implemented by the same company that can’t even update its Store on time. If they can’t do something that apparently seems so textbook and simple to EVERY OTHER console, how will they implement this successfully? I foresee a lot more apologizing from incompetent Sony employees.

  • Please consider dual or triple hdmi outputs on the ps4.

    Nothing better then surround sound with 3d surround vision.

    I like the analog sticks having a concave surface for grip, and the triggers look to be better suited to being set down without activating, no more need for $5 trigger clips!!

    I wonder why they didnt stick with the Vitas rear screen setup, then vita games would more easily move over to the PS4, especially with second screen and using the Vita as a controller they should have made them more similar.
    Makes me think the Vitas rear touch screen didnt work out how they planned.

    I like that the controller has headphone jack and a speaker, should mean way more people have mics in game.

  • My ps4 game wishlist goes like this:
    -Starwars Battlefront 3
    -Heavenly Sword 2
    -Motorstorm 4, but back to its roots, maybe take a hint from the PS2/PSp motorstorm and have snow mobiles, even water?
    -Starhawk/Warhawk hd dual pack. Up the frame rates to 60fps, leave the resolution at 720p, fix the bugs, if it sells well keep the DLC coming, just be reasonable about pricing, I’d say $30 for the dual pack is fair.
    -Hulk Ultimate Destruction 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Forget the PS3 Hulk game, take the PS2 version and release a HD version on PS4, then use that money to make a true sequel to the OG Hulk game.
    -Starship Troopers PS4 remix! Take the first movie, let me choose a player and blaze though it, take some story from the animated series.
    -I want some work programs to run on PS4. Imagine using AutoCad with the move!?!?!? Excel, word, photoshop, in 3D? etc.

    I have more but I’ll let you get this done first, get on it! Please? Seriously pretty please?

  • Take my money already

  • I can’t wait!!! I hope Heavenly Sword 2 is a launch title! I’m so excited to see what the PS4 has in store for us and some other great franchises like Uncharted, LBP, and Kingdom Hearts and sequels to new IP’s like Plastation All Stars 2 or some new IP’s.

    PS4 is a guaranteed purchase for me. Playstation Rocks!!!

  • Sony I only have a few questions. WHEN ARE YOU GONNA LET US PRE-ORDER THE PS4? AND HOW MUCH? (isnt going to affect if I buy it or not) AN HOW MUCH IS GAIKIA GONNA BE? Thanks for all the great games and the PS Plus service. Keep up the great work. Btw thanks for the Vita.

  • Oh forget the people asking for an xbox controller, Playstation controllers have also had this arrangement and it is much better then the xbox misplaced stick and d-pad.

    If they want an xbox controller, guess where they can find one?

    Does the controller still have sixaxis? or does it just use the light bar and PSEYE now?

    Games like Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Warhawk, LAIR showed how awesome Sixaxis can be, dont forget it!
    Its one of the big reasons I bought a PS3.

    Oh yeah I also need you guys to make a LAIR 2, games was sick. Make it two player split screen, let people get off their dragons when they land, or hijack enemy dragons to upgrade your mount.

    Make it so number 1.

  • I almost forgot!!

    PixelJunk Monsters 2!!!

    And Heist 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another PSN Infamous holiday themed game, this time how about Christmas? Gotta save Santa!!!

    And I have this idea about a sweet open world Santa game, gotta get those presents out in time, would have micro management of the Elves to get all the toys built, then catch the Reindeers, take off and fly around the world, gotta avoid missile from countries that do not believe in Santa. Maybe upgrade Santas Sleigh with Shields and anti-anti-air tactics such as Reindeer poop to draw away heat seeking missiles, etc.
    Perhaps you find a imposter Santa like the Grinch stealing presents and you need to track him down, and use your Elves as battle hoards kind of like Pokemon. the more Elves you carry the better you can fight, but fly slower and maybe run out of time to deliver all the presents. Help Santa help you!

    I have way more ideas, hit me up.

  • The evolution of the new Dualshock is amazing! Can’t wait to hold one! Bring me PLANETSIDE 2 on PS4!

  • Honestly, I’m really startng to get excited for the PS4. Looking forward to whatthey show at E3 and I’ll hopefully be able to experience it for myself at PAX Prime.

    I own all three consoles from the last generation, but I’m going down to one for the new generation. MS has a hell of a lot of work to do in order to win mind share with me.

  • I really hope this controller is actually durable unlike the crappy Dual Shock 3.
    I’ve had my DualShock 2 for 10+ years without anything going wrong with it. I took the same care with both the PS2 and PS3 controllers but the PS3 controller decided to fall apart. First the trigger buttons, then the little divider between the triggers cracked.

    I’m already on my third PS3 controller, these things are not cheap but they sure as hell feel like they were made cheaper than their predecessors.

    Here’s to the Dual Shock 4 being as good as the Dual Shock 2.

  • I love it I can’t wait to get my PS4!! So far I love everything about the new PS4, im super pumped for this!!

    by the way when is there going to be any new playstation allstars battle royal character DLC??

  • It’s true that the touchpad can show virtual buttons like some pc keyboards?

  • I don’t get the Share-Button hate. You don’t have to use it. I can think of a thousand moments that I would have liked to have recorded in my gaming history, and I see myself making some use of the feature, but you don’t have to use it. At all.
    Personally, I have much larger gripes with the touchpad, which seems too small to be useful and will likely be relegated to exactly what the man in the video said, some swipes and taps that most games that are worth playing won’t bother implementing. And it just looks out of place.

    The additional speak looks like the kind of stuff that could be really annoying. I don’t want my controller making “swoosh” noises every time someone fires a bullet at me, or, much worse, burst noises every time I fire.

  • i hope they increase the share button time limit (i believe it was like 5min-15min) an hour seems a lot better especially when playing a multiplayer game…

    Also i think it would be better if the touch pad was a touch screen… i made a PS.share idea on it but got rejected :/ oh well can’t wait for the PS4 :)

  • Is there a way to turn off the glowing light? If I’m playing a single player non-motion control game, I don’t want it draining the battery.

    Is there a way to turn off the speaker on the controller? I can’t imagine it would sound any better than my surround sound system.

    Will the headset jack work with any headphones?

    Will extra controllers be insanely expensive due to these extra features (that many users won’t even use)?

    Can you turn off sharing and social functionality?

    The touch pad seems useless.

    Basically, I just want a DualShock 3 that can be used with a PS4. Can you release a DualShock 4 “Classic” version?

  • 1 – I don’t see the point of the share button. Since we won’t share everything everyday, it should be in the options. The same feature, but in the options menu.

    2 – I don’t see the point of the speaker. Can I turn it off? I never want any sound coming from my controller’s low quality speakers. I bought a Sony Receiver and Sound System for high quality sound, I don’t want to pay more for each controller just because they can play some sounds.

    3 – Where are the select and start buttons? How the hell can we play PS1, PS2, PS3 games on this console without them? This is the lamest thing ever.

    Finally: It’s nice to have better analogs (with the sub circle in it for better accuracy), and the better L2, R2 buttons. But frankly, select and start are not “optional”, they are needed for PSX games. Give them back. I don’t intend to use the touch pad to press those in those games….

    PS: The touch pad should be a touch screen. Even with low resolution, you could map buttons there. Then THAT would make it useful.


    Will the Dual Shock 3 works with games that doesn’t require the touchpad? Please tell me yes on this! I have 4 of them.

  • @27
    There is reason why Sony’s controller has time and time again won the award for best controller design and is the most imitated controller ever. I’ve never heard people complain about the placement of the analog sticks…I play just as comfortably on a 360 controller as I do on the PS3 controller(because Microsoft modeled after the PS controller). If you want to be a fan boy, go be one somewhere else…nobody cares here.

  • Where is the start and select button? o_O;

  • More details on PS4 please!! More more more more more more!! :D

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