Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

The day has finally arrived! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time goes on sale today in North America. We are so stoked with how the game came together; this is a very proud moment for the whole team! The game is available at retail, and also as a download from PlayStation Network. You can get the PS3 version for $39.99, which includes the digital PS Vita version at no additional cost, or you can purchase the standalone PS Vita version for $29.99.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

We are so happy that players can finally experience the joy of Salim al Kupar’s carpet ride and Tennessee Kid’s Crack Shot as they follow the gang’s adventure, twisting and turning through space and time. We love how the demos have been received by the Sly Cooper fans, but we have also loved watching a new, younger audience pick up and enjoy the Sly Cooper experience. It’s been hard keeping things under wraps for so long, but I can’t wait for players to uncover the latest plot twists first hand! Find out more in the launch trailer at the top of this post.

We are also pleased to announce the simultaneous arrival of the Bentley’s Hackpack, a new Sly Cooper companion game available for download on PSN! Based on Bentley’s hacking minigames from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the game gives players 60 totally new, controller twisting missions to take on, tons of nifty Sly Cooper loot to collect, and cameos from the whole gang, all wrapped up in Bentley’s signature arcade. We had so much fun making and playing the mini games in Thieves in Time that we just couldn’t stop and wanted to pass along the fun. The Bentley’s Hackpack is available today for either PS3 or PS Vita, for just $2.99. Purchasing either version of the game will allow you to download the game on the other platform at no additional cost. Check it out:

Bentley's HackpackBentley's Hackpack

Bentley's HackpackBentley's Hackpack

It’s been an absolute blast bringing Sly Cooper back and we’d like to thank PlayStation and Sucker Punch for giving us such an awesome opportunity!

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  • @46 yeah, i’ve never understood that. I don’t think Ratchet and Clank FFA had a midnight release on psn either. Its like they don’t care much for their own properties.

  • Really looking forward to this; you guys did a great job on the HD remasters and can’t wait to see you getting to do more creatively with Sly and company

  • Seeing as it’s gonna be a few hours till it uploads, ya mind estimating how much room the Vita version of the game takes up?

    Just so some of us can make room for when it becomes available.

  • Still can’t decide if I should buy this. I already have 4 or 5 games that are new that I haven’t played yet… But this one looks so good.

  • can anyone tell me if i can download the US vita version on my UK account and will it work?

  • Absolutely awesome job with the game Sanzaru. Please make sly 5. :D Just a little note to sony, please make sly 5 come out the same time in Denmark as North America, so i didn’t have to pre-order form and get my game on friday. Amazing game.

  • Is it intentional for Sly 4 to not have a print manual in the case? I bought this a bit ago for Ps3 and not iced no print manual, just a digital one.

    @54 I got this new awhile ago. I had picked up The Sly Collection last Nov.

  • o man update update plz!!!!!

  • @ 55-you can only play vita games with the PSN ID that purchased them. If you purchase the game with a US ID, and you are a UK gamer, you may want as separate memory card for that ID.

  • This is 16.5 GB on PSN? Between the late store publish (I’m on the East Coast) and the size, I definitely won’t be playing for a while. Now I have to think about which games I will be deleting from the hard drive.

  • I bought the ps3 version of sly today and i cant seem to get the vita download i dont understand why?

  • By the Way Sanzaru You guys did a great job i love Your version of Sly its absolutely amazing i will enjoy Playing it for a couple of months Bring on the SLY 5!!!!!!

  • How exactly does the cross buy work? If I buy a copy and want the Vita version, then later give the PS3 copy to my brother’s PS3 (not my account), will the game work on his console or will he need an online pass or something similar?

    • Once you insert the PS3 disc and activate the Vita version, it’ll be locked to that PSN ID. The PS3 disc, however, should work on anyone’s system.

  • Is there any difference between the PS3 and Vita versions besides graphics and the vita’s touch controls??

  • @63 Not sure.

    @61 Store isn’t updated yet.

  • Picked up my copy at lunch break, come 4:30 i’ll be tearing into it! Now that you have the engine & experience down, cannwensafely assume Sly 5 is a possibility?

  • SWEEEEEET!!!!! This might be the best Sly Cooper game for PS3 and Vita. :)

  • In Japan right now. I’ve had a big nostalgia smile on my face for about an hour. Really like the new game so far.

  • So far I’m loving the game it’s really fun :-D
    I hope Sony keeps on making sly games

  • I couldn’t wait for the psn store to be uploaded, so instead I just went straight to GameStop to purchase the game… I know it’s cross buy but I just couldn’t remove the games that are on my psvita… This is when Sony should release a 64gb me stick lol

  • @70 Plus you don’t have to download it.

  • Note that all gameplay videos for Sly 4 released prior will help you out thru the game.

  • Looking forward to getting this at some point. Thanks Sanzaru for bringing back a true legend. Sly 2 is my favorite platformer of all time, and I love 3 and really like the original as well.

    You guys have some big shoes to fill, but if that demo was any indication, this series is in very capable and trusted hands.

    All the best to the hopeful success with this release. I will buy this game, just can’t afford to right now, plus backlog of games, too much work, etc.

  • @Cristian Cardona Seems the audio cuts out while rescuing Riochi on PS3. The music plays, but no sound effects or voices play during the dragon statues fireballs until after you rescued him. Then it returns.

  • @73 I started with Sly 2, then got Sly 1 & 3. I had preordered Sly 4 back in December once I had the money to afford it. I have yet to redeem the skins or get the Vita version, just waiting for the PS Store to update.

  • hmmm… I’m trying to dload the vita version from the ps3 disc but I get a “disc benefits coming soon”.
    Do I have to wait for the store to update?
    Pls let me know thx

  • I am a majoy fan of the Sly Cooper series as I can’t wait to play the newest one that I replayed all the games on the PS2 system that I have just to get myself ready for the new one.
    I was sad to hear that only 4 out of 10 of sly’s ancestors are playable so just out of interest are there any plans for another game in which will have the ancestors Slytunkhamen Cooper , Otto Van Cooper , Slai MacCooper , Henriette “One Eye” Cooper , Thaddeus Winslow Cooper and Slys dad?.
    Please answer back.

  • @76 Yes.

  • This would be awesome if I could actually download the vita version..I didnt see a code in the package..And if its like playstaion all stars then I should have been embedded into the disc..all the disc benifits says is “disc benefits coming soon”..anyone else having trouble with this??

  • @77 Have you considered getting The Sly Collection? All 3 Sly games in HD.

  • Are there any hopes of another game after this new one if possible?.
    I heared rumors of a game titled Sly Cooper: Thieves be forever but like I said it just a rumor I heared so what do you have to say if it’s true or not?.
    Answer back please.

  • If you could make new villans for Sly and his gang to face what kind of animals would they be.
    If you ask me I have ideas for a peacock , a cat , penguin and others if you are interested.
    Please answer back.

  • Sony is sending this game out to die just like all their other games not titled God of War .

    Prediction: Sly 4 will sell like crap and Sanzaru will be closed because of it.

  • Thank you for the fast reply Christian. Sly and Dead Space for me tonight! what great way to end my vacation ;)

  • @80 Yes I have all the Sly Cooper games on the ps2 plus I have the sly collection on ps3.
    That’s just how much I love the series.

  • @57: It’s sad that Sony has become so cheap. It’s bad enough not to have any manuals in any Vita release, but PS3? It’s ridiculous. I don’t want a digital manual Sony, at least not only a digital one.

  • Any trophies on The Bentley’s Hackpack? =]

    btw 8 years of waiting!… :’D

  • I had to clear all my space for this game until I’m able to upgrade to 8gb or 16 gb.

    The store needs to update, I need my Sly Cooper 4 fix.

  • @85 I still have the ps2 discs and The Sly Collection on PS3. I even was on PS Home during E3 2012 to get the Sly mask, cane and Bentley companion.

  • How much space does the disc based game take on my ps3 as I have 52GB out of 111GB left and wan to make sure before playing.

  • @88 Patience grasshopper.

  • You guys really need to step up your marketing. Don’t be surprised when this game fails to meet sales expectations, since few people outside this blog even knew it was coming out today until…well today!

  • @89 Lucky you.

  • @86 I kinda don’t like buying used games due to the manual being missing, but sometimes the companies would have a pdf version for download.
    The manual for Zelda: A Link To The Past SNES is a bit worn out due to the constant handling..
    Gears of War 3, Duke Nukem Forever, BioShock Ultimate Rapture Edition manuals are pdf downloads.
    Need For Speed: Most Wanted has the manual built into the game pause menu.
    The Unfinished Swan has a digital manual, since there is no manaul in game as I recall.
    Fallout 1 & 2, Tomb Raider 1-3 had the manuals on the disc as pdf files.

  • I am not a fan of platformers since I didn’t grow up gaming, but these games look gorgeous. I hope they sell really well and we’ll get more from Sanzaru.

  • So the disc based game won’t take alot of data to save onto my ps3?.

  • Picked up my copy, can’t wait to play it, way to go Sanzaru! :)

  • Hey, I try to download the game on the Vita and it keeps saying “Disk Benefits Coming Soon.” Do I have to wait for an update? If so, when will it come?

  • @96 It only needs at least 100kb for save games. Do not install game to HDD.

    @89 The PS Store hasn’t been updated yet.

  • surprising huge file for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

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