Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

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Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Out Today on PS3 and PS Vita

The day has finally arrived! Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time goes on sale today in North America. We are so stoked with how the game came together; this is a very proud moment for the whole team! The game is available at retail, and also as a download from PlayStation Network. You can get the PS3 version for $39.99, which includes the digital PS Vita version at no additional cost, or you can purchase the standalone PS Vita version for $29.99.

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time

Sly Cooper: Thieves in TimeSly Cooper: Thieves in Time

We are so happy that players can finally experience the joy of Salim al Kupar’s carpet ride and Tennessee Kid’s Crack Shot as they follow the gang’s adventure, twisting and turning through space and time. We love how the demos have been received by the Sly Cooper fans, but we have also loved watching a new, younger audience pick up and enjoy the Sly Cooper experience. It’s been hard keeping things under wraps for so long, but I can’t wait for players to uncover the latest plot twists first hand! Find out more in the launch trailer at the top of this post.

We are also pleased to announce the simultaneous arrival of the Bentley’s Hackpack, a new Sly Cooper companion game available for download on PSN! Based on Bentley’s hacking minigames from Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, the game gives players 60 totally new, controller twisting missions to take on, tons of nifty Sly Cooper loot to collect, and cameos from the whole gang, all wrapped up in Bentley’s signature arcade. We had so much fun making and playing the mini games in Thieves in Time that we just couldn’t stop and wanted to pass along the fun. The Bentley’s Hackpack is available today for either PS3 or PS Vita, for just $2.99. Purchasing either version of the game will allow you to download the game on the other platform at no additional cost. Check it out:

Bentley's HackpackBentley's Hackpack

Bentley's HackpackBentley's Hackpack

It’s been an absolute blast bringing Sly Cooper back and we’d like to thank PlayStation and Sucker Punch for giving us such an awesome opportunity!

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  • @100 The Sly Collection is 20GB

  • $40 for the PS3/Vita Cross Buy is a day #1 no brainer. Thank you Sony and Sanzaru Games. Both my PS3 and Vita appreciate it.

  • ok so i understand the store has to update so i can download sly but do you know when the store is going to update.

  • @103 5:00 pm pacific

  • the PS3 version will be available on the PS Store??

  • @103 It seems to vary from week to week when they get the store updated. Sometimes it’s there by 6 PM Eastern, others by 9 PM. I still wonder why they can’t have a set update time like the other guys.

    @105 Yes it will be available on the PSN Store too. As mentioned in earlier replies to comments, expect a 16+ GB download.

  • Is there any time limit for the Cross Buy (at least for Retail/Disc version)?

    I will definately be buying this but I’m not sure I can afford it this week/month and if the cross buy, especially for retail copies, is forever, I don’t have to worry about rushing.

  • Okay, I picked it up at the store on my way home from my doctor’s appointment. If I go hungry this month, I’m blaming you Cristian Cardona. >_<

    • Woohoo!

      …I mean, to the purchase. Please don’t starve =/
      I think if you put some butter on the paper coversheet it’ll make a good bread substitute!

  • Heh thanks for the reply.

    If I buy any game this month, this is at the top of my list, but money is a bit tight so we’ll see, either way I’ll be buying mine as soon as I can :)

  • So can I use my ps vita to controll the ps3 version?

    • No. You can save and continue your game experience between the PS3 and Vita. Sly everywhere! All the time!

  • Thanks for the suggestion, Cristian. I do need more fiber in my diet. :p

  • Looks like you guys put a lot of love and effort into this project. Hope it does well.

  • I have a question, will the cross buy work if I buy the ps3 version digitally?

  • Well whats the cross-controller feature utilized for besides finding treasures…I was under the impression that wed also be able to physically use our ps vitas to control Sly Cooper on Ps3 if we chose to..If this is not the case can you guys please release a patch in the near future to enable this becuase we need more games that can do that…I would rather get rid of my dul shocks all together and use my vita for all ps3 games..

  • Rather new fan to the Sly series (didnt really like 1, but loved 2 and 3) so I will be picking this up after work later.

    Offtopic question for the Blog team, what will happen to Darksiders 1,2 and the Red Faction games now that THQ is no more, will they still be offered on the store for awhile, or is there some set date where they will no longer be available on the store?

  • I can’t wait to buy and play it! :D

  • Bought my ps3 copy today but Im out of the country until Friday; can I access my vita copy without my ps3? The box has no paper inserts just the cd

  • when it will be in the store ? :(

  • @117 Nope. You need the disc to access it.

  • @Cristian Cardona Seems the 3 preorder skins are the same as the ones you unlock in game by collecting the masks.

  • @The_Dukenator I think you’re right, just unlocks them without the required masks found. A little disappointing…

  • Cristian, do you guys have any idea when the PSN store will update? I really want to play with the AR feature….

  • Hey! :)
    I just have a question about the cross-buy

    Do I get a code for cross-buy to use it on the vita’s store?
    It’s really confusing :/

  • Hopefully this is the right place to ask, but I got my disk for Sly Cooper but it’s saying that the disk benefits aren’t available, even though if I look on the store both Thieves in Time and Bentley’s Hack Pack are fully available. Anyone know whats the deal here?

  • Please explain…

  • For some reason this isn’t available in any retailers around me. :-[

  • @123: The cross buy is linked to the disk for the PS3 version if you buy retail. You access a feature called “Disk Benefits” and it’ll bring you to the store where you can “purchase” the vita version for $0.00. If you buy digitally then after you purchase the PS3 copy both it and the vita version will be added to your download list. hope this helps.

  • I got my copy today and I’m loving it, really brings back memories of playing the old games on the PS2. I really miss games like this, good ol platformer games! Love it. Thank you so much Sanzaru Games! Great job and I wish you the best.

  • Thank you mrRandom1234 :)

  • This game has been marketed pretty poorly. Sony needs to do a better job next time advertising and getting the word out for games like this. It’s almost as if they want it to fail. Same with PlayStation All-Stars.
    They undermarket a game, it doesnt perform too well, and then they can the small dev who made it.

    Give good series like this the attention they deserve.

  • Glad that the budget price of $40 seems to be spreading, though. I loved that point in the PS2 generation. Gave us classics like Katamari Damacy, which was only $20 instead of $50.

  • ****SANZARU GAMES***…… Thank you sooo much for re-awakening the Sly Cooper series. Ya’ll are my heros!!! I’m still on the first episode but thus far I’m very impressed by how much detail and love you put into this game. I’m a huge fan of Sly Cooper and now I’m a fan of Sanzaru as well! I guess I need to keep playing to find out but did you guys add any aggressive animals to the hub worlds like the Bear in Sly 2 or the Wolf in Sly 3? I always thought it was fun to watch them attack the guards lol!! Thanks again for crafting a BEAUTIFUL GAME!! Hopefully this will mean more Sly Cooper in the future =)

  • I will definately be picking up the PS Vita version, because the portable needs more original games.

  • I’m loving the game, But where’s the code for the ps vita version? I bought the ps3 version and couldn’t find the code. Someone help please.

  • @119 thanks – so you gotta put the disc in then the ps3 takes you to the psn store for the download? Cool, but I really wanted to play this while away on vacation! Boy, it will be a long wait til Friday. ;(

  • Ok so the store has updated, but it still will not let me utilize “disc benefits”. It still says this will be updated later or something to that nature.

  • really starting to tick me off that Sony hasn’t gotten the “Cross Buy Disc Benefit” thing straighten out yet. I mean seriously you have known the game was releasing Feb 5th for quite some time now. When i bought All Star Battle Royal at 10:00 am ET i was able to come straight home and start downloading the Vita version and 10:15 am ET even before it was listed on the PS Store. I did the same this time but here I am (6:20 pm ET) with no Vita version and running out of time before i leave for Vacation. I wouldn’t care so much if i didn’t do a majority of my gaming on my Vita and the fact that I paid good money for it.

  • I’m getting pretty annoyed. People who pre-order the game and go get it early are basically being made fools of. The game is great, but I want the entire experience and I’m being denied it for no real reason.

  • Picked it up today, can’t wait to play it! I would purchase Bentley’s Hackpack, but I’m got $22.70 in my PSN wallet and I’m saving that for Skyrim’s DLC at 50% off discount, which will be about $22.50 or something like that. Maybe later I’ll buy Bentley’s Hackpack, when I can afford it. :)

  • Same disc benefits problem here……. Is there an explanation?

  • @139 I have yet to read or hear of any explanation yet as to why we are unable to download onto our Vita via the disc benefits.

  • So how bout them disc benefits, seems to be happening with this game still, I hope that they really activate this soon. I’ve been really peeved off at this all day. I already got disappointed with the whole R&C: FFA deal, and I’m really ready to just get rid of this game in general. I’d expect the cross buy thing to work on day one but this is slowly diminishing my faith in the Vita and Ps3’s compatibility with each-other as well as just games in general.

    With that being said. I think that it should be the responsibility of the developers to advertise this before selling the game so that I don’t waste my money so quickly. I wouldn’t be so pissed at that whole thing If I knew it was coming later or advertise with a time-stamp on it. PSASBR didn’t do it so why is this one?

  • Store has been updated for awhile now but “Disc Benefits” still is not working.

    Can you guys check on this?

  • The whole CROSS BUY has been disappointing. Anyone have any clue as to why the DISC BENEFITS is not working ? The Vita version of Thieves In Time is on the network ready for download if you buy it, so why the hold up ? Anyone heard as to why Ratchet and Clank Full Frontal Assault still is not available ? With communication most people would be understanding. They got it right with Playstation All Stars Battle Royale. 1 out of 3 handled properly. Not very good stats.

  • its available on ps store now

  • It would be one thing to tell us you will check on it and it take awhile but no one is even re-assuring us it will be soon.

    They said when the store updates but the store has been updated for a couple hours now ans still no “Disc Benefits”… kind of ridiculous. Usually I don’t say that because I know stuff like the update takes time but someone defiantly dropped the proverbial ball on this one.

  • @144

    Yes it is but the cross-buy feature isn’t working as of yet.

    It would have been so much easier for them to just have put in a activation code… but no they had to try and be smart to try and stop people from selling one half of it.

  • Got my copy along w/ Dead Space 3 today… So as already pointed out. Says Bonus Content Coming soon. Will the update be up tonight for us to dl/install Sly onto the Vita today or is that going to be in the coming week/s? Since I’m busy w/ Ni No Kuni I’m hoping the Vita version gets some love in the coming weeks when I get a chance on the go…. thanks guys, sure it’s going to be an excellent entry into an already incredible series…

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