Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

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Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

Resistance Collection on PS3

Resistance Collection on PS3

This holiday season just got better. Resistance Collection is hitting stores starting December 5th for $39.99, and it makes a great gift for any shooter fan who hasn’t had a chance to experience one of the best FPS trilogies on PS3.

Resistance started as I-8, a return to Insomniac’s roots making first-person shooters (Disruptor was our first-ever game on PSOne). It evolved from a space opera featuring lizard-like aliens into an alternate history World War I shooter, before eventually evolving into the 1950s-era game that launched alongside PS3. Over the three titles, we had an incredible experience developing the Resistance franchise for PlayStation fans.

From Resistance: Fall of Man’s 40-player multiplayer, to Resistance 2’s 8-player online co-op, to Resistance 3’s heroic survival of Joseph Capelli in a brutal world, everyone at Insomniac is incredibly proud of what we accomplished with the Resistance trilogy. For all of you who haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, the trilogy gives you the opportunity to experience them now

Resistance Collection on PS3Resistance Collection on PS3

The collection includes Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, and all the DLC listed below.

  • Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
  • Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon
  • Resistance 3 Brutality Pack
  • Resistance 3 Survival Pack

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep an eye out for Resistance Collection starting December 5th!

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25 Author Replies

  • this is just a poor attempt at a collection.
    Resistance Fall of Man (best game you guys made this generation by miles) not getting Trophy support
    3 separate disk
    Not including all the DLC’s
    No Bonus to buying this.
    You get one Resistance game (RFOM), and 2 Call of Duty failures (R2 and R3).

    You guys killed Resistance after 1 amazing game in RFOM, killed my favorite game series of all time in R&C. Yeah, I won’t be buying any more of you games.

    I never seen a company that was so original and creative fall so far. IG is dead to me

  • Some stupid questions over here and there.

  • I pass it becz resistance 1 doesn’t have trophy. Konami did develop with mgs 4 trophy patch in past 5 years ago. Konami did a great job for mgs 4 trophy. I’m fan of trophy hunter. :)

  • I never played the first and third one and had been giving some thought to picking this up, but I have to admit the trophy situation in the first game is an issue for me. Good luck on your future games, though.

  • Will this also be released in the UK? if so what would the price and date of release be?

    Cannot wait to get this :D

  • Alread own all games but… “THAT’S” awesome!!!

  • Hey James thanks for the reply! :D

    I was not aware it was out over here I can only find the Double Pack

    • Yeah, you may need to check online retailers, but we DID ship a Trilogy edition over there with some stellar box art.

  • I was going to buy this until i saw no trophies for FOM, i already have R2 and R3 so there is no point, i’m not even interested in the 1st one and no trophies not feel the need to play it

    now i will get Mass Effect Trilogy. maybe in another life i’ll play RFOM

  • I check this site everyday for news on a Socom Collection, I hope
    you guys are going to announce this soon.

  • Great games. 3, 1, 2. My favorites in that order. Not that 2 was horrible, just didn’t like some of the changes. Better story presentation in my opinion for that game than 1 though.

  • I already own all three. But I NEED to buy this collection since I LOVE this series so much :)

  • Thank you for the replies James! Really appreciate them. I’ve actually been spoiled to death everywhere on Resistance 2 (including the Spike 2010 VGAs), but I’d still like to play 2-3. I’ve got all the -original- Spyros and all the Ratchets except All 4 one-money’s tight, ya know.

    One last question, which is just curiosity; do you see Insomniac doing anything new with a new mascot if/when Ratchet ends? Much as I love shoot’em up fun, I really don’t want to see mascots disappear. Oh and congrats on the ten years; Ratchet really made my junior high and high school days.

  • For anyone that hasn’t played the series, you are robbing yourself. I own the first and third, so this isn’t up my alley. Guys, could we be a little considerate to James, talking like spoiled babies can cause people to not want to deal with us/develop for us.

    Thanks for the info and all the responses James. If only you could patch in a weapon wheel to Resistance 2, I would go buy it right now. I love Insomniac’s weapon wheels, killed me when I heard it wasn’t there.

  • Hi James Stevenson, Just wanted to jump in here and say, you my friend, are a true professional the way you have answered some of these rude narrow minded comments. I will take a look another look at this incredible series and if i can afford it I would love to play through the campaigns. Keep up the incredible work and keep answering in the professional way that you have.

    • Thanks, no worries. I understand why people are frustrated, but at the same time, if they could see if from our perspective, they’d realize it just isn’t feasible. And so I try to provide as much transparency and honesty into that perspective as I can.

  • Played them all. Resistance 2 is my all time favorite. I sold R1, I still own R2, I only rented R3 from Gamefly,. Im sooooooooooooo all over this package. Priced at $30, this is also a great XMas gift…Good job guys.

  • Put me down for Ratchet & Clank movie by Pixar or by any solid animation studios asap. I’ve always been pushing for this, man.

    Will buy Resistance Collection though. Traded in the first two in hopes that you guys would bundle everything up, and looks like it came to fruit. So how will the inside cover look? And assuming the dlc will be a voucher code like the other collections?

  • @James Stevenson
    List of all Resistance DLC’s Missing:
    Map Pack 1-Westmorland, England and Camborne
    Map Pack 2 -Bracknell and Axbridge

    The best game you guys release this generation by miles and you guys are trying too hard to bury it. I don’t understand it. We need more shooters like FROM and less Call of Duty Clones.
    I know Vavles is willing to make a AAA game for anyone if they invest fully in the project. I wish I had the money so Vavles can remake RFOM exactly the way it was, but just upgrade the graphic (Keep the artstyle), add trophies, 3D support, more MP skins, and maps.

  • PSN please? Pretty please. PLEASE! Thanks.

  • already own them all, but nice collection for newcomers… beautiful price

  • CALLED IT AGES AGO! Been waiting on this announcement for awhile now. I will be grabbing it! Any chance of trophies getting added to RFOM?

  • i love the way Sony putting all the great games in one collection, so i can own the title which I’ve been looking around just to complete the collection! keep release the collection SONY!

  • James stevenson, sorry man but the people raising legit concerns are absolutely right. This collection brings nothing new at all to the table. So yes you and your cohort absolutely dropped the ball here not patching Resistance 1 for trophy support. Theres no excuse for it. Face facts, The last game is already well over a year old now and it was a flop, the others are even older and you can count on nearly everyone who wants them already has them. People want value for their hard earned money not to be milked like a cash cow!

  • Thanks for the release, Insomniac! This collection is on top of my to-buy list.

  • Will Resistance games ever come to PSN?

  • Also, a release of a R&C Future collection would be an amazing match with the current HD one. Just sayin’

  • HD Version for vita! :-D Please

  • Some of the comments on here are utterly ridiculous. How hard is it for people to understand that it is difficult for Insomniac to go back and completely recode a game that is SIX years old to recognize the trophy system? And the MGS 4 trophy patch is not a good excuse either. Konami has already stated that while the game was being made trophies were being worked on as well, but they became lazy about it and completely forgot about it while deciding to move on to other projects. Resistance FOM was made before the thought of trophies even came into existence! You shouldn’t go badmouthing Insomniac when you have no idea what’s going on there. If you think it’s so easy then go work for them and you take care of the problem.

    On topic: Can’t wait to try this out. Always thought of trying my hand at Resistance.

  • Jeez. If you guys notice, Resistance 1 does not use Vibration until you connect to online from within the game. That’s because that game wasn’t coded to receive updates through the system OS before the game even starts like the games from later on, on PS3 do. So trophies are on a whole different thing altogether so it’ll take a lot of time to redo Resistance for trophies. Trophies are all well and good but you don’t need them to have fun.

  • I will definitely purchase this, but I have to evaluate whether to purchase it at $40 or wait until it’s $30.

    On some of the posts, I have to agree. R1 was my favorite game and FPS and is still one of my favorite and most beloved games this generation and one I hold a lot of great memories with. I played it all the way from December 2006 until R2 came out. When R2 was announced I was EXTREMELY excited and couldn’t wait for it because how amazing R1 was and how amazing the R&C games are and Insomniac was one of the best and most respected developers at the time I think or at least to me. And when a Game Pro magazine came out and had R2 as the main story and I remember on the cover it said something like, “BETTER THAN HALO, BIGGER THAN CALL OF DUTY” and 60 player online multiplayer and 8 player co op online was announced I was literally :O!!!!!!! :D!!!!!! I can’t even type everything that happened at those moments. I was incredibly excited for the game and couldn’t wait for it and than I got into the beta and OMG you couldn’t believe how happy and excited I was, and than I played it.

  • For those that are complaining that not every piece of DLC is included in the collection, there is free DLC for all three games that was left out of this collection because it’s FREE. Just download it from PS Store.

    Having said that, I can’t wait to get my hands on this collection! I’ve only played the demos for these games and they were awesome. Thanks Insomniac!

  • good deal :D

  • Despite what anyone has to say about RE trilogy the games were very fun. For those just now getting a PS3 for Christmas this is a good pickup to add to your collection!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • What are the chances of them patching Resistance: Fall of Man’s button mapping to match the sequels?

  • Just one question, not sure if anyone asked already, but will this game come out for the network on Dec.5?

  • Good series. I may have to pick this up.

  • Again Insomniac crying and complaining to gamers for complaining about RFoM trophies is getting ollllllldddddd and silly. You guys could have just shut up and added trophies to RFoM in 2008 for a then 2 year old game. You let it get 6 yr old without trophies and now not even the loyal original R fans remain I think. No wonder R3 failed. Doing what you guys did at the end of R2 is so suicidal. I cannot believe a smart guy like Mr Ted Price would’ve let u goofy designers at Insomniac do it. JC was so so hero and a rush job on R3’s ending to the R world was sad. Answer is a simple crash into it??? really??? all ideas gone? You had plenty of ideas b4… like removing RoM weapon wheel lol, getting rid of Hale, getting rid of CTF, getting rid of 40ppl nice ideas!!! :(

    I hope Fuse does well on the other platform and you guys at Insomniacs make a come back someday.


    ps: hey RFoM trophies please!!!!! lol

    TED MAKE A FPS with hale in chimera world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sweet! i had the first but a friend lost it. Borrowed 2 and never played 3. This will be a good pick up for me once I get threw some more games. And to the cry babies….seriously if this does not effect you why cause trouble? It just makes you look foolish. Props to Insomniac! I hope Fuse does well and maybe have there contract expire so Sony can pick them up :D

  • is the MP server still up for all three games???? when i first got my ps3 when it came out, there really was no games i wanted. i played the demo of the RFOM and didnt really like it.. but i chose to buy the game anyways just to have something to play. im glad i got it.. it was amazing. i dont have alot of money and having this collection would definitely be worth getting.. just hope the servers are up for all three of the games

  • bought RFOM on launch day. you need to add TROPHIES

  • Expected this. Played all 3 already, but this is quite a good value – all great games.

  • i dont understand why people feel the need to get all riled up about trophy support.. I think this collection was a great idea, and to be honest, I’ve been holding off on buying any resistance games because I just KNEW a collection had to come.

    And now that it’s [almost] here, I guess my wallet’s taking another beating!

  • can we get some new Resistance avatars for the release of the collection.

  • Still wish we got more co-op from R2.

    That mode was incredible. I would have loved a Resistance made with *just* that. Since R3 ditched it, I lost most interest in the game as a whole. It’s a good game, but without that co-op meh. I hate competitive multiplayer.

  • Hi, wich one of them is compatible with Playstation Move? Only Resistance 3?! Or the other 2 has move support?!

  • Does Resistance 3 multiplayer still requires the online pass?

  • is Resistance: Fall of Man really that big? we already have games like uncharted 2 that is i think around 22GB on PSN

  • Any news on these collections being released outside the States, specifically Australia?

  • With all honesty i game in getting this collection, for of a couple of reasons:-

    1) I’ve yet to play any of the resistance games, yes i know its an eye opener iam sure you all are telling yourself “whats up with this guy for not even playing resistance”. Well i was into Killzone and Battlefield so resistance was just not in my radar at all.

    2) 3 games for the price of $39.99 its not bad at all, especially those who have yet to play the series, iam sure they’ll get their money’s worth. I for one will defiantly get.

    3) RFOM no trophies, come on guys. I know some of the comment many of you are stating MGS4, but hey remember their different their not Kojima production. So just because some other game developer can do it doesn’t mean they also can. Cut them some slack.

  • I would get it if R1 had trophies

  • Well just like the recently released collections…Resistance Collection isn’t for me as well.I got Resistance Dual Pack and R3…loyal PS customer.I couldn’t miss such great games never thought it could have an collection.Anyway I’m really surprised with the amount of people who didn’t played the series and even more with people who didn’t played R3…such a fantastic experience.Resistance is the best FPS franchise after Killzone.And R3 has an superb addictive MP.For those who never played,this collection is a bless.Add me if any of you ever get addicted with R3 MP(Also one of the best MP ever).

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