Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

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Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

Resistance Collection on PS3

Resistance Collection on PS3

This holiday season just got better. Resistance Collection is hitting stores starting December 5th for $39.99, and it makes a great gift for any shooter fan who hasn’t had a chance to experience one of the best FPS trilogies on PS3.

Resistance started as I-8, a return to Insomniac’s roots making first-person shooters (Disruptor was our first-ever game on PSOne). It evolved from a space opera featuring lizard-like aliens into an alternate history World War I shooter, before eventually evolving into the 1950s-era game that launched alongside PS3. Over the three titles, we had an incredible experience developing the Resistance franchise for PlayStation fans.

From Resistance: Fall of Man’s 40-player multiplayer, to Resistance 2’s 8-player online co-op, to Resistance 3’s heroic survival of Joseph Capelli in a brutal world, everyone at Insomniac is incredibly proud of what we accomplished with the Resistance trilogy. For all of you who haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, the trilogy gives you the opportunity to experience them now

Resistance Collection on PS3Resistance Collection on PS3

The collection includes Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, and all the DLC listed below.

  • Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
  • Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon
  • Resistance 3 Brutality Pack
  • Resistance 3 Survival Pack

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep an eye out for Resistance Collection starting December 5th!

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25 Author Replies

  • rfom trophies?

  • Trophies for Resistance: Fall of Man???

  • How many discs?

  • Best FPS campaigns I’ve played ever. All those military shooters campaigns are trash. I’m not saying any of the Resistance games are brilliant, but in terms of the story-mode alone they beat the crap out of any COD or BF game.

  • trophies for resistance fall of man pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Same questions as @2 thru @5 :)

  • The games are awesome, among the best stories I’ve seen for a FPS series. Still hoping for Resistance: Fall of Man trophies (come on Insomniac, Kojima Studios added trophies support to MGS4 more than 4 years after the release, I know you can do it). Besides, I would re-buy the game if trophies are included!

  • I already have those games. It would have been nice to see trophies for the First resistance, and also to be able to get the games from PSN.

  • I bought all three games as they came out so this won’t be for me, but I’m a big fan of the series, despite some of the failings of number 2.

    If the price is good, this would be a good gift for some people I know.

  • Will there be a controller pack available?

  • A BIG f— you to Insomniac. You guys dropped the ball big time and this set was a total waste of time. We’ve been crying and screaming for trophies for years. Yet you resist and resist. Why the heck would we (fans of the game) buy this? I don’t see this being a big seller at all. If people haven’t played the game yet there won’t be many people trying to jump on the bandwagon now. Especially at PS3’s end of life. Idiots!

    • Not sure why it’s us dropping the ball. For years we have said we will not ever add trophies to RFOM. We are completely focused on new games, and to try to re-open our 6+ year old code base to add trophies and then retest the entire game on an engine and environment that we haven’t worked in for years, is not possible.

      But why should that inability on our part to add trophies prevent Sony from repackaging the three games together for folks that might not have picked them up yet?

  • I would buy this collection in a heartbeat – only if it would include a separate 8-player online co-op mode (like in Resistance 2) in Resistance 3.


  • I want to pick this up, despite the fact that I already own all three games. This is worth getting.

    Does it have dual coverart for Canada? Just like the other collections? That was a neat bonus.

  • @13 Calm down, I’m not happy with this decision either but it’s not a reason to come here and insult developpers… Trash talk will only get you a ban… Try to keep it friendly :)

  • Might pick this up even though I already own all three games – that box art is sexy.

    And though I’m still sad Insomniac won’t be making another Resistance game, I just wanted to say thanks for creating one of my favorite franchises :).

    Now release more Fuse footage :P!

  • Kinda wish Sony had the ‘Collection’ tag done earlier.

    So much nicer than “HD Collection!” with the game series logo plastered 3-5 times on the same front. Very nice coverart for this one. Granted, I was a big fan of the original Resistance.

  • well while the unlikely hood of RFOM not getting trophies this is a good deal for me, I just traded my resistance 2 copy as I wanted the full collection and this does save me money

  • I don’t know why people complain about games not having trophies. Does it really impede on your ability to enjoy a game when there are no trophies? Did you even play games before trophies came out?

    I bought the dual Resistance pack last year since I never played the games before. I thoroughly enjoyed Fall of Man, even though there where no trophies.

  • Love RFOM, that one lead me to buy Resistance 2 and then Resistance 3, sadly, as I saw on previous comments, the only thing I was wishing to happen will not…

    This re-pack of the 3 games was my last hope for RFOM Trophy add…

    I guess at this point, this announcement became irrelevant to me…

    For those who haven’t play the game before, buy it, is a great saga!!!

  • For the record, Resistance is the series that made me start playing shooter games, before that other than occasional CoD with a friend I had no interest in them.

    RFoM is one of my favourite games this generation and I loved it without any trophies. Trophies can be a nice little bonus, but ever since Sony started demanding them in games, people seem too focused on them.

  • meh. i’ll pass.

  • I already bought and enjoyed all 3. If you “pass” that’s your loss.

  • Resistance 1 and 3 had the most fun campaign co-op modes I’ve played this generation and resistance 2 had the most interesting!

  • 3 discs?
    Is not one blu-ray disc?

  • Why not on one disk? There shouldn’t be any limitations with blu ray….

    • Well, you still then have to build a whole new application bootstrap layer where people pick between the games they want to load.

      Also, R2 and R3 both were dual-layer blu-rays, so not sure we could fit all three on a disc the PS3 reads or is even a disc size that’s commonly produced.

  • ok, HD collections were fun and awesome, but seriously, this just getting more and more stupid by the time, i mean who would buy 3 games that were released not too long ago (i mean of this generation)? and most people already own all 3 of them -_-; instead of givings us new IPs you’re just wasting your time and effort by making unnecessary collections… get it together already…

    • Well, if by wasting time you mean figuring out a way to package these together and ship them, then I guess. But I take issue with a lot of that.

      A. there was no dev time used here at all. In fact, we’re super busy on new IP, Fuse, and Full Frontal Assault.
      B. There are still lots of people still buying PlayStation 3s, and with the holiday season, if you’re a new buyer of a PS3, you’re probably looking for great value in your game purchases. These collections allow you to catch up with all of the great games on the PS3 at great prices.

  • ive never play any of these games so a Resistance Collection seems like a good idea, for me. is they offline co-op for 1, 2 or 3? i dont have the stable online connection to play online multiplayer.

    • Yes, there is two-player split-screen offline co-op through the campaign in RFOM and R3.

      There is a seperate 8-player co-op campaign you can play in R2… you can play that offline in 2-player split-screen.

  • ive never play any of these games so a Resistance Collection seems like a good idea, for me. is they offline co-op for 1, 2 or 3? i dont have the stable online connection to play online multiplayer games.

  • Nice value. I always meant to play these games but never got to. Almost a sure buy!

  • Before ya’ll sold out to become a CoD clone, R:FoM was the best game on the PS3… it’s a shame instead of making a 4th title that holds its own once again in form similiar to the first title, we get a collection of the evolution of Resistance: Origional, CoD-copy, Hyrbid of the 2.

    Insomniac you guys make awesome games, but how about instead of calling old wounds that you guys announced as a dropped series into a ‘collection’, you make new titles for it that rock the tried and true style the first had?

    Everybody uses CoD multiplayer systems to the point that even CoD dropped it for a new points-related system, for once copying their idea and dropping 2-weaponswap/killstreak is a good idea!

    • Well, this didn’t take any time on Insomniac’s part, and as we’ve announced, we’ve moved on to new IPs and games. So there it is!

  • thanks for the quick reply, i will now be picking this up. you can count on it :)

  • Well I already have all three, awesome campaigns and challenging multiplayer!! But I’m missing the DLC, mmm…

  • I know how hard it is to work on games and then to get so much hate for stupid things (trophies). there are so many ignorant people posting on here complaining about no trophy support and then whining that they want more new IPs. It’s not easy to go back and add trophies to a 6 year old game that most likely has a different code and will take a long time to retest the game and go through a few other things. AND how hard is it for people to understand that these are amazing deals for people who didn’t get to experience the games a long time ago, and to new people coming into the world of playstation. There are still many people who are buying PS3s and many more that will buy some for the holidays, and these are great deals.

  • This is good for those who have yet to play this trilogy and at a good price. I know you guys at Insomniac have moved on to new IPs and stuff but in your guy’s opinion do you see a future for this series or does it all end here?

  • I just love how shallow people have become over “trophies.” Get a life and just play the games. What did you do before trophies? Just played; like I’ll be in December!

  • I have also missed out on these games somehow, so I will definitely be picking this collection up

  • Why should Insomniac go back and add in trophies to a game they created SIX years ago?!? Wouldn’t you all rather they work on NEW games? I know I would.

    This collection looks great….keep up the good work Insomniac. All three games are great and this is a fantastic way for newcomers to check out a great series. Resistance 3 contains one of my all-time favorite single-player campaigns. And the first two entries are awesome as well.

    To those who haven’t played these games yet….buy this collection! For $40 it’s definitely worth the purchase.

  • Wait someone from Insomniac is answering questions?

    Ive been wanting to play Resistance for awhile now, so all 3 for $40 seems like a nice deal.

    Off topic, to James Stevenson if Insomniac could trust one studio to do a Ratchet and Clank movie who would it be?
    Also any chance of a R&C Future collection?

    • Oh man, I mean, obviously it’d be amazing if Pixar would do a Ratchet movie. I’d go see that at midnight in 3D etc. etc. etc. etc.

      Honestly we’d just love to get a movie made PERIOD. It’s hard to work with Hollywood.

  • Well I have played all 3 of these and loved them but I don’t own any of them. Guess it’s time to take care of that.

  • Will each game be available separately on PSN? Also, you mentioned Disruptor. Will we ever see that as a PS1 Classic? With Ratchet: Deadlocked HD coming out, that would leave R&CF:TOD, The Resistance Trilogy, and Disruptor to be added to PSN. That way, the entire Insomniac Games catalog of their PlayStation exclusives would be available on the PSN Store.

    • Disruptor would be up to Activision as I believe they own the rights.

      These games won’t be available digitally due to the size + the fact that this is just a re-package of the discs. I think TOD would suffer from some similar issues in terms of size / online configuration. It might be possible to encapsulate them and make that happen, but it’d be up to Sony to complete.

  • Hey James will we see another game from you guys come to the vita.

    • Well, we didn’t develop the Vita version, Tin Giant did the port. I assume if Sony wants to do a Vita version of our games going forward, it could happen.

  • So many people whining in here. This is just a collection of the three games in case people never got to play them. Nobody is FORCING you to buy them. Stop being such babies.

    Also… nobody needs trophies for RFOM… why are they so damn important to people? They don’t earn you anything but nerd points. I feel ashamed for even having more than 10 platinums……

  • that my rage has stopped…. thank you James Stevenson for being so patient and answering these fine gentlemen’s questions. I look forward to more from Insomniac in the future.

  • I like the collections but I must admit I am sad to see no trophies included. I realize it might not be the easiest thing to do but I think it could have been done without too much effort. Make the trophies associated with the story line and keep the number short. This would add the much sought after trophies and reduce the amount of work needed to recode the game. Otherwise I hope this boosts sales cause the support for Resistance 3

  • This collection is for people like me that have never played a Resistance game, I always thought this game was good, however I preferred to buy other games (like God of War, Demon’s/Dark Souls, The Walking Dead, GT5, etc), but now that all the games are in a single collection, I will give it a try.

  • Hey you guys, I’m getting the collection but I already own the first! Should I give it away or keep it as a sort of keepsake, since it’s probably one of the copies from near the launch of PS3?

  • Great, for 40$ i gotta buy it.

  • Oh, more relevant question: How soon can we expect news on Ratchet Deadlocked coming to PS3?

    • After the launch of Full Frontal Assault next week we should have a better idea. I’d say by early December we should be able to give a date. We’re still pushing to have it out this year to wrap-up the 10th Anniversary festivities.

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