Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

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Resistance Collection Lands on PS3 December 5th

Resistance Collection on PS3

Resistance Collection on PS3

This holiday season just got better. Resistance Collection is hitting stores starting December 5th for $39.99, and it makes a great gift for any shooter fan who hasn’t had a chance to experience one of the best FPS trilogies on PS3.

Resistance started as I-8, a return to Insomniac’s roots making first-person shooters (Disruptor was our first-ever game on PSOne). It evolved from a space opera featuring lizard-like aliens into an alternate history World War I shooter, before eventually evolving into the 1950s-era game that launched alongside PS3. Over the three titles, we had an incredible experience developing the Resistance franchise for PlayStation fans.

From Resistance: Fall of Man’s 40-player multiplayer, to Resistance 2’s 8-player online co-op, to Resistance 3’s heroic survival of Joseph Capelli in a brutal world, everyone at Insomniac is incredibly proud of what we accomplished with the Resistance trilogy. For all of you who haven’t had the chance to check them out yet, the trilogy gives you the opportunity to experience them now

Resistance Collection on PS3Resistance Collection on PS3

The collection includes Resistance: Fall of Man, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, and all the DLC listed below.

  • Resistance 2 Aftermath Multiplayer Map Pack
  • Resistance 2 Skin Bundle
  • Resistance 2 Wraith Skin multiplayer weapon
  • Resistance 3 Brutality Pack
  • Resistance 3 Survival Pack

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and keep an eye out for Resistance Collection starting December 5th!

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  • @ 51 BlooodyCow – R2 and R3 CoD clones?…please kill youself…since RFOM the franchise was just growing better…R2 better than RFOM and R3 better than R2 and RFOM.Any Resistance game blow CoD out of water.The only mistake was with R2 not including weapon wheel.

    @ 87 IRISHJOE13 – All the servers are working but its impossible to find a single soul on R1.But there are still people playing R2(at least the last time I’ve played)…and R3 is the best with lots of people playing including me.

    @ 93 Guaxi666 – As far as I know just R3 has Move support.Probably will continue this way.

  • I only got R:FOM, never got around to getting R2 and R3. So this is a way to get them. I still have my copy of R:FOM (along with Disruptor btw) in my collection and will remain there since it was one of the launch titles I purchased when I got my original PlayStation3 (may it rest in peace… YLOD) at launch.

    Have a good Thanksgiving.

  • Why are trophies so important to so many nowadays? Is it because you have such low self esteems that trophies fill that void? I would understand if trophies would get you credits to acquire DLC or something like that without using real money to get it. You know, unlocking things in games. But they are just as worthless after you acquire them as they were when you started playing that game. They only exist in la-la land. They don’t affect your real life at all. I just don’t get it.

    Whenever I see that I got a trophy, my reaction is always the same… whatever. I’m just playing the game not trophy hunting.

    Just my 2¢

  • This is an excellent trilogy and I recommend anyone that didn’t play the Resistance games pick this up.
    Insomniac, any chance we can get some avatars from all three games?

  • Hey James LTNS (use to chat with you once in a while on FB, untill I killed my account. I doubt if you rember me.). Anyhow,glad to see you are still doing what you do best, dealing dealing with peoples questions in a professional maner, no matter how rude some people can be.

    Here is my question: Will there be another Resistance title? Maby a prequel showing the initial launch of the Chimeran invation?

    FYI for all bitching about trophys for RFOM, there are a ton of trophys IN GAME. Not that hard to find, but a bunch are hard as hell to get.

    Cheers all!

  • Man James, I don’t envy your position when reading some of these Blog comments (ie., matriXiXiX). Seriously entitled people out there with only a selfish thought in their head.

    Trophies have been a blessing, and a severe crutch this generation. I see far too many people passing on amazing experiences simply because it isn’t going to some arbitrary online/digital score card. Seriously? Is that really what it’s about now?

    I see the point, the collections are fantastic values for new PS3 adopters and even veterans who simply want to pick up those games again. Either way, you don’t owe us anything, especially another explanation about why there are no Trophies in a game that basically launched this lifecycle.

    Thanks James!

  • whats with all the hate in the posts?
    thanks insomniac for producing quality fun games for the PS3.
    looking forward to see whats next from you all.

    i havent played the games yet, for some reason, and i’m happy to see the whole deal in a collection. will throw some money down that i get at xmas.

  • I’m sorry you’re getting so many nay-sayers on here. Personally, I’m stoked about this. I haven’t played any of these, just the demos, and I’ve been wanting to pick these up. I’m glad I’m getting a chance to pick all three up in one package. I do wish you would include a voucher for the handheld games too to have the complete collection, or at least Retribution (is that on psn? Haven’t checked), but despite that, I’m still looking forward to picking this up.

  • When are we going to see the Resistance saga in movie form??

  • With 3 collections down (inFamous Collection, Killzone Trilogy, God of War Saga), I think I found my next target! :D
    Side Note to the Insomniac representative: how come there’s no Resistance characters in Playstation All stars? I was so disappointed not to see one, Nathan Hale could have been in with his chimera powers at end of Resistance 2, with a Chimera and James Grayson being costumes! Why isn’t this a thing already! :D

  • Meh this collection should have came out long a time ago i think trophy hunting is a joke and waste of time if buy games just for the trophies you need check yourself real talk.

  • I just tweeted playstation the other day about this? I was wondering when this would be coming? I used to have the first 2, never got around getting the third so this would do nicely. Thank you Playstation:0)

  • resistance 1 and 2 were terrible. I haven’t played 3 yet ( I bought it by accident). the price is off, I know I spent $30 in total on the resistance dual pack with 1 and 2, and resistance 3 later, you would think this bundle be $30 or less

  • OMG…The stories i could tell about Resistance 1…i clearly remember the struggle i had in the church after that epic battle down the hill…Resistance:FOM was just on a whole other level. i loved it :)

    Resistance 2 ending…OMG…….couldn’t believe, the changes that Nathan Hale went through toward the end after the final boss was EPIC..

    Resistance 3 convinced me that 3D was necessary in my household. the SCALE of 3D gaming on R3 is something to truly see…

    i still own R2 and R3 but the boxart is sweet! great pickup for anyone whose been curious about the series.

    R2 8 player co-op is the best!
    R3 3D presentation and 16 player online is the best!
    R:FOM is just EPIC.

    i pre-ordered R3 at gamestop, to this day i still wear my Chimera necklace :) im truly a fan..
    when people ask..i usually say “I AM THE RESISTANCE, GRIP THE NECKLACE AND SMILE :) )

    Could of included a Burning Skies voucher! is fun online as well..still working on it on Vita :)

  • Get working on rebooting DISRUPTOR or give us sequel on the PS4. Thank you

  • It would have been nice to have something included for those of us who already bought all 3 Resistance games…
    Making of documentaries or something. Other than that I recommend it to anyone who hasn’t bought them already.

  • James Stevenson is the man

  • R:FOM was easily one of the best online games ever. R3 was great as well. I just hope that the community comes back and that you start supporting the servers better again (I remember the content like Cloven was dropped. I used to have it but my PS3 died and had to get another one and by that time the servers for the website changed or something and didn’t let me get it back. IDK why it wasn’t saved on my account instead of the PS3 in the first place). Shame R1 doesn’t get trophies but this is still a great buy especially for those that have missed a game or 3 of the series.

  • Although I am disappointed that RFOM doesn’t have trophies it doesn’t lessen the value of these games. Relearning an old code to patch trophies will be costly and time consuming. If it this collection brings new fans to the genre than its mission accomplish. Give these guys the credit they deserve to continue trying to re-release these great games to a new fan base. I love trophies but if a game doesn’t come with it then its not enough not to play the game. Just enjoy the game and quit these insults to the people who created your favorite games. You once played games without trophies for years so it shouldn’t matter.

  • Resistance: Fall of Man was one of the best launch titles on any platform, and I have great memories of playing co-op with a buddy. Resistance 2, that 8 player co-op was amazing, and probably some of the most fun I have ever had online, the campaign had it’s moments as well. Resistance 3 was when I realized how deep the universe really was, and was extremely bummed out to find out it was Insomniacs last effort in the franchise because they nailed every aspect of the game, the campaign was fantastic with an engaging story and emotional characters. The multiplayer was well-balanced and I think one of the best multiplayer shooters on the PS3. Sadly, we lost the 8 player campaign in favour of the co-op in the main campaign, which was still great. For anyone that hasn’t tried these games out, be warned that it’s not “just another FPS”, R: FoM has its flaws in the gameplay department but it definitely has a universe that sets it apart from other shooters on the market.

  • hi big fan of ratchet and resistance 1 and 2 not plyed 3 yet so this will be great flr my game i hope u awnser this,when i saw that u guys were ganna add ratchet deadlock i was hoping to see the psp version and deadlock on the ps3 on disc but when i found out it was only deadlock i was kinda dissapointed really wanted all of ratchet games on disc plus hoping u guys would have put quest flr booty on disc as well just wondering why your only going to do one more old ratchet and not have deadlock,size matters,agent clank and wuest for booty with all trophies as well it would have been a deffent welcome i would have so bought it :)but hope u get back to me

  • Thanks!
    These collections are awesome for people who have just picked up a PS3.

  • You said in another comment that you will like to do a ratchet & clank movie, that would be AWESOME!!!!!!!!! When i started playing R&C i notice that the cutscenes are so well done, that you should make a movie and pixar handling it is an awesome idea, now back to the topic, i am a big fan of insomniac games and i never had the opportunity to play resistance so the collection is a great idea.

  • Trophies Trophies Trophies! Insomniac says that it would be to hard and time consuming to go back and add trophies for in my opinion the best ps3 game of all time… They have added trophies to all the new collection games that have come out including: The Ratchet and Clack Collection (same company that made Resistance series), The Jak and Daxter Collection, the God of war Collection, etc. Even Uncharted Drakes Fortune didn’t originally have trophies but Naughty Dog did the right thing and went back and added them. I don’t think its to late for Insomniac to go back and add trophies for this masterpiece of a game but I want this more then a new Resistance game…

  • I am so dissappointed how this was bundled together…. I was expecting a collection pack much like God of War Saga, Killzone Trilogy, etc all together in one case across multiple discs. This is packaged like the old dual pack… the original 3 cases in a cardboard box…..

  • OMG!!!!!

    the worst piece of junk SONY ever release!

    what your problem sony?? cant make a proper packaging??

    so you just trought all together the 3 game in a carbox…. that real lame!

    sorry im just plain angry…… i did sold all 3 game to get the collection (i tought would be like all other 1 disk) NO NO sony to greedy …

    well i learn my lesson never trust sony picture went they show 1 disk trilogy went at end of full of ****

  • Hey people, why you asking hardly for trophis in R:FOM, thats not gonna happend!!! am want it too but am reallistic, but if you want a challenge try to achive all the skillpoints in the game I asure you that is a pan in the ass and I think is more challenging that the trophis in most of the games out there also I think are more challenging in the resistnace series because I got the Platinum relatively easy from R3 but the skillpoints! man! makes me sick hahaha!

    Great games here! I want it that insomiac guys give us a more detailled data about the resistance universe like MGS4 do like an index/encyclopedia, but that probably never happend, hell I’ll buy it if you decide to release it like a addon

  • Another quick question did all the 3 games able to 3D or just R3?

  • Well I was let down a bit after realizing this collection…I sold all 3 games to get this collection because I like stuff being condensed, only to find out that it’s the same exact 3 games seperetely…the only good thing about this collection I guess is all the DLC for 2 and 3.

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