Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

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Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

Hello PS.Bloggites, today we’re giving you something a little different! We are pleased to welcome ourselves — Jeff Green, Community Manager for PopCap Games and Neil Sorens, Zen Studios’ Creative Director — to the show, as we dynamically tag-team this entry. We wanted to share with you a little bit about how Zen and PopCap worked together to create the Plants vs. Zombies Pinball table, releasing today right alongside Zen Pinball 2 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Enough of us rambling though; take a look at the trailer.

Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

Jeff: The first thing you need to know about this Plants vs. Zombies table is that it is built out of authentic Plants vs. Zombies bits and pieces. We handed Zen Studios original game assets including art, sounds, objects, zombies, flowers, plants, defenses – ok, you get it – in a beautiful package of digital goodness. Zen took these and went to work designing another brilliant pinball table. We asked Crazy Dave for some wisdom to send along to Zen: “MMMMMM PINBALL”.

Neil: When we first received all these assets, our excitement level went through the roof. We were beyond excited! The second thing that went through our mind: wait, Plants vs. Zombies is 2D, are there any 3D assets? Obviously, the answer was no. One of the first things we had to figure out was how to translate a very deliberate, slow-paced 2D game into a fast-paced, frantic pinball game with 3D interactive characters. The team went to work creating a bunch of 3D models for the zombies, plants, Melon Pults, and Crazy Dave’s jalopy. We then had to figure out how to incorporate all of these into the table geometry. Luckily, we received tremendous help from the Plants, and Crazy Dave also turned out to be very supportive.

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies TableZen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

Jeff: When the Zen Studios team started sending us materials for approval, we were seriously impressed with how they were translating 2D to 3D. It was like Plants vs. Zombies was completely new again, totally remade for a brand new experience. The day playable code showed up, we were all lost in a “wow” moment. We about lost it when the “Going Nuts” mission started and fog came billowing in across the table, while zombies started marching toward the door step. That’s when we knew the true spirit of Plants vs. Zombies had been successfully captured in this pinball creation.

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

This was the very first time PopCap has ever licensed out any of our game properties or worked with another developer on this level. Zen did a stellar job — the table turned out better than anyone could have expected.

Neil: It’s been quite a good time working on pinball over the past few years. We have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and some of the most creative people in the industry. Working with PopCap has certainly been an amazing experience, and it’s really cool that our first project together will release today along with Zen Pinball 2. When I look at the game, I see the work of so many… not just Zen Studios people, but people at Tecmo, Capcom, Marvel, and now PopCap have contributed so much to this game.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new Zen Pinball 2 platform and Plants vz. Zombies table. Don’t forget, this is a Cross Buy game, so buy it once and get it on both PS3 and PS Vita! If you have any questions about Zen Pinball 2, check out the FAQ we have put together in the Zen Pinball 2 forum. We’ll be here to answer your questions all day long!

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  • Glad this’ll be free! What free game deals are happening today? I’m sadly ignorant in those affairs. Also when will I be able to download my RE6 demo? I’ve been waiting months to play it myself.

  • The day is finally here that we can play Zen pinball on our Vitas !

    This addition looks really good too.

    Keep bringing those tables and thanks for the great work your team are doing Neil.

  • seriously Sony my cable service is out till thursday and I need to play Pinball NOW!!

  • Hi, i just want to know : do this game has Trophies? And actually how many PS3 games do Sony place in the Plus section for free every month?

  • @51 You’ll have to wait at least a month as thats when the game comes out and even then there probably wont be a demo up day 1

  • @55 I heard that demo of RE6 will be available for everyone on 18th of september. And for those who bought Dragon’s Dogma about today or something like that.

  • Let me just say that the PvZ Pinball table rocks. And hey, just because I get paid by PopCap and also receive $5 for every post I make here doesn’t make me biased! Seriously you can totally trust me.

    Also I was just kidding about getting $5 to post here. It’s $3.

  • Lawl, Jeff

  • The other game is the one in wich you usea rocks and stuff in order to destroy enemies base… right Neil??

  • I don’t particularly care about the PvZ table (though I’m sure it will be great), but I have been anticipating Zen Pinball 2 for so long. The delays have been disappointing and I can’t believe it’s finally going to be on the store today. My PS3 and my Vita are ready!

  • When will the update launch?

  • has a famous somebody would say COME ON HURRY UP!! i want to be out NOW and i mean NOW!!

  • i just may end up buying this, errr, the tables, since it is also for the Vita… I love pinball and while i think the Pinball Arcade game is the best digitally made pinball game around, i like that Zen has created completely new tables.. Farsight re-creates tables based on actual tables, which i am quite fond of.. they do a great job, and was also cross-buy enabled.. so, that’s a big selling point to me.. i’ll try out the demo and see what i think..

    • We are happy to see what Farsight is doing. The more pinball the better! Those classic tables deserve to be remade for everyone to enjoy!

  • I know this is never going to happen but they know they are going to do an update every Tuesday. That gives them a whole week to prepare. I think they should have a standard time every week to post the updates. They plan these updates ahead of time so that shouldn’t be too hard… Look at me going on about what Sony should do when everyone knows they always do the exact opposite. Silly me…

  • Store update. WHERE IS IT!?

  • MAN ! this is great , i just wish the store would hurry and update !!!! i have every table for both Zen and Marvel , they were always day 1 purchases , which really REALLY SUX because then plus would give them away free ): anyhoo … UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE !!!!!

    • The late update could be due to testing that everything is 100% right. Zen Pinball 2 is a super complicated game – backwards compatibility, upgrades to existing users, Cross Buy, tons of content + a new table. WOW. Thanks PlayStation Store team!!!!

  • were is the store update????????????

  • they should test it out in the early morning so they can get it to us all b4 most of the day has gone by

  • Great, will buy. Off topic question, how soon can we get some news on kickbeat? I really like the gameplay video, thanks.

    • We will probably do another KickBeat news drop in the next few weeks. We are in the final crunch, tying up loose ends and ironing small details. Hopefully the next time we talk we will include a release date.

  • Where is the update? What happened to the early updates we saw a few weeks back?

  • hi if u had to say what % r u at out of 100%

  • A God of War table mmmmm….you’re multiplatform so I doubt it’ll happen. :(

    On a side note, have you guys ever considered actually making these tables and perhaps auctioning them off and donate some of the proceeds to charity? They’d auction well. With them being only one made/totally unique and all. =)

  • Its live on ps3! Dloading right know, just search “zen” on the store searching tool

  • Thanks, bany_rock! Downloading now!

  • thanks downloading now to vita sir do u know if there will also be more ps one classics?

  • Just downloaded Zen Pinball 2 and the Plants VS Zombies tabel. All I have to say is you guys have out done yourselves. This looks and plays amazing on a 3D TV…..WoW. I’m off to try it oon the VITA now :-) GREAT JOB!

    • Great! Glad you like it, and happy to see things working as planned. You are always nervous until things go live!

  • Wow that was close. my eyes almost popped out of my head when i saw that the game is free to download. I already have a bunch of tables from the first game and its super awesome I get to download them into ZP2. Seriously you guys/gals rock! *gives hug

  • Does the Psn store wallet hold 300 dollars for the Sunday Ticket does anyone know cause last year the Psn store that i could remember only held 150 dollars max

  • Now that the store has updated, I downloaded Zen Pinball 2. What a complicated mess to download all the tables I own! I tried importing tables, but all it found was the Vengeance & Virtue pack from Marvel Pinball. I have bought every single table from Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball when they were released.

    So I went into the store add-ons section, and downloaded the 100kb key for each table, as well as queueing up the table download. Once each table is done downloading, I can install it. So this is a lot of work for the user, I thought this was all going to be automatic?

    I’m not looking forward to doing all this again for the Vita version! (I do appreciate getting the Vita version for free though!)

    • It does look like the import functionality needs to be stream lined. I have a feeling the full update has not yet finished. New content keeps propping in the import menu every 15 min or so.

  • When will the Fantastic Four table be added to Zen Pinball 2? I remember seeing something about issues with that one a while back, and it’s definitely not there to import right now. It’s my favorite table!

    • It looks like the Fantastic Four table was indeed held in case we need to issue a patch – which from testing at the moment looks like we might have to do in order to better steam line the import features. Should be available soon, though.

  • Hi Neil, I downloaded ZP2 for Vita, and downloaded/unlocked the original marvel pinball and original zen pinball tables. Started the game and patched it, but zen pinball 2 never showed up in my trophy list?

  • @ Ecks , i used import and it showed one game . by the time it had finished several others were ready to be downloaded so just wait . (:

  • @81, same here. trophies not showing up on my vita

  • to all the complainers the store has updated already. about 2 hours ago i think. i already got my borderlands game installed. they probably havent posted due to all the complaining. you have to be patient and let them do their job.

  • @83.. I had to delete everything then redownload again. they’re showing up now.

  • I am having problems with Trophies as well. It is saying “Thanks for checking out Zen Pinball 2! Trophies are only available in the full game.” I own Zen Pinball 1, I thought this would mean I would own Zen Pinball 2?

  • @Neil: I just want to say bravo on the import feature. That can’t have been easy to figure out, but it is going seamlessly for me. If only it was a giant button prompt at startup instead of subtly mapped to the square button at the bottom of the screen. Some users in other threads still haven’t spotted where to look for it.

    Hopefully ZP2 helps to streamline Zen’s cross platform development with PFX2. I went PS3 because of the exclusive tables, and Zen is just a cooler name. ;) Sticking with PSN for you guys.

    Also I absolutely adore the marketing choice of “Cross Buy”, because so many people seem cross that they can’t buy the games they want to play on their Vita yet. :) That’s irony you can’t brainstorm ahead of time.

  • @85, thanks…will try again later

  • Thanks for the help earlier, Neil. The tables that I had gotten with Zen 1 before my PS3 died are happily listed in my shiny new copy of Zen 2. :)

    This game is gonna get a lot of play tonight.. thanks so much for the quality game!!

  • The PvZ table is spectacular, and ZP2 is playing like a dream so far — so much fun! My only question is, why oh why can’t I remap launch to a trigger??? The triggers have enough travel time that skill shots are makable, but I can’t imagine getting them except occasionally through sheer luck with the cross button. That’s a HUGE bummer.

  • I have all the tables installed now for Zen Pinball 2 and have played a few, so far so good! It sounds like the Import feature is now working, if so, that makes things a lot easier.

    I mapped my flippers to L2/R2, when you finish a game and enter your initials, it seems to use L1/R1 or the d-pad, if functionality could be added so it uses your flipper config, that’d be great.

  • Hi I’ve downloaded both the vita and ps3 versions of zen pinball 2. I’ve only got time to sit down and check out the vita version, I noticed that a trophy system has not been included yet. Are you guys still working on putting in trophies? will there be an update? and do the ps3 and vita version have a different trophy set or the same?

    • The PS3 and Vita versions have their own sets of trophies that must be earned separately. I see them on Vita and PS3, are you still not seeing them?

  • I was wondering if you would ever made a set of tables like a great old pinball game I played a lot when I was young. 3D Ultra Pinball Creep Night was amazing and I think it would go great in Zen Pinball. October is coming so its fitting!

    • Great idea! I used to play those Sierra games all the time (Hero’s Quest / Quest for Glory got the most play time on my old IBM PS1 286/10MHz). In the meantime, check out Nightmare Mansion, Paranormal, and Sorcerer’s Lair for some spooky fun this Halloween!

  • The Plants vs. Zombies table is INCREDIBLE, very interactive and a lot of fun. And it looks absolutely killer in 3D! Looks and plays great on the Vita too (all for $2.99?!). Nice job to everyone involved with its creation. You really nailed it. I’ll definitely be buying other tables, probably the Marvel (Blade, baby!) collection next.

    • Thanks! Even though not many people have 3D sets yet, once we saw how the game looked in 3D, we just had to include that feature!

  • @92 – I had to delete and then re-downloaded the game and then I was able to get trophies.

  • Please Help It’s been 3 hours still only newest pinball apps nothing will import at all finally found a way to get all on ps vita no luck on ps3. Please Help

    • If you’re having trouble with the automatic import feature, try downloading the tables from the PS Store. As long as you bought them with the same account, it should allow you to get them for free. In terms of functionality, this is exactly the same as if you had imported them – it’s just not quite as convenient.

  • Neil can you help me please.. got the latest pack to download but it will not import any other table frustrated as hell with this mess.

  • The only way I got all my tables to download to vita was I went to add ons and left the game open they all transfered with no problem very slowly just figure that out. But no luck redowloading addons or importing on Zen 2 engine.

    • Any table you have already purchased should download – just hit ‘download’ or even ‘purchase’ and it should up as a free download. Give that a shot.

  • I haven’t played any of the previous Zen pinball games, bought I just bought this PvZ DLC. I hope it’s fun!

  • Cool, looks nice. I was going to buy both 1 and 2 today an saw that 2 was free which was awesome, but can’t seem to find 1 anymore??? How do I buy it now, did it move?

    • Since Zen Pinball 2 has all the content and features of 1 plus a bunch more, we’re not listing 1 on the store anymore. If you bought it in the past, you’ll still be able to download it from your history.

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