Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

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Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

Hello PS.Bloggites, today we’re giving you something a little different! We are pleased to welcome ourselves — Jeff Green, Community Manager for PopCap Games and Neil Sorens, Zen Studios’ Creative Director — to the show, as we dynamically tag-team this entry. We wanted to share with you a little bit about how Zen and PopCap worked together to create the Plants vs. Zombies Pinball table, releasing today right alongside Zen Pinball 2 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita. Enough of us rambling though; take a look at the trailer.

Plants vs. Zombies Shambles onto Zen Pinball 2 With New Table

Jeff: The first thing you need to know about this Plants vs. Zombies table is that it is built out of authentic Plants vs. Zombies bits and pieces. We handed Zen Studios original game assets including art, sounds, objects, zombies, flowers, plants, defenses – ok, you get it – in a beautiful package of digital goodness. Zen took these and went to work designing another brilliant pinball table. We asked Crazy Dave for some wisdom to send along to Zen: “MMMMMM PINBALL”.

Neil: When we first received all these assets, our excitement level went through the roof. We were beyond excited! The second thing that went through our mind: wait, Plants vs. Zombies is 2D, are there any 3D assets? Obviously, the answer was no. One of the first things we had to figure out was how to translate a very deliberate, slow-paced 2D game into a fast-paced, frantic pinball game with 3D interactive characters. The team went to work creating a bunch of 3D models for the zombies, plants, Melon Pults, and Crazy Dave’s jalopy. We then had to figure out how to incorporate all of these into the table geometry. Luckily, we received tremendous help from the Plants, and Crazy Dave also turned out to be very supportive.

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies TableZen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

Jeff: When the Zen Studios team started sending us materials for approval, we were seriously impressed with how they were translating 2D to 3D. It was like Plants vs. Zombies was completely new again, totally remade for a brand new experience. The day playable code showed up, we were all lost in a “wow” moment. We about lost it when the “Going Nuts” mission started and fog came billowing in across the table, while zombies started marching toward the door step. That’s when we knew the true spirit of Plants vs. Zombies had been successfully captured in this pinball creation.

Zen Pinball 2: Plants vs. Zombies Table

This was the very first time PopCap has ever licensed out any of our game properties or worked with another developer on this level. Zen did a stellar job — the table turned out better than anyone could have expected.

Neil: It’s been quite a good time working on pinball over the past few years. We have had the privilege and honor of working with some of the biggest names in entertainment, and some of the most creative people in the industry. Working with PopCap has certainly been an amazing experience, and it’s really cool that our first project together will release today along with Zen Pinball 2. When I look at the game, I see the work of so many… not just Zen Studios people, but people at Tecmo, Capcom, Marvel, and now PopCap have contributed so much to this game.

We sincerely hope you enjoy the new Zen Pinball 2 platform and Plants vz. Zombies table. Don’t forget, this is a Cross Buy game, so buy it once and get it on both PS3 and PS Vita! If you have any questions about Zen Pinball 2, check out the FAQ we have put together in the Zen Pinball 2 forum. We’ll be here to answer your questions all day long!

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  • I have been waiting a long time for this. Thanks Zen.

  • I’ll be getting this today!!!

  • Saw the new Zen Pinball 2 at PAX over the week-end and it looks and handles amazingly well. Also got a chance to see the announcement for this and I’m just amazed at how well Zen Studios manages to incorporate a license into a pinball table. Congratulations on what I’m sure is going to be your biggest success yet.

  • Buying today for Vita. Dollars spoken for.

  • I am not much into pinball games, but I was wondering if you could tell me something. When will the Vita version of Pvs.Z will go on sale?

    • It would be really hard to predict when this will go on sale. Don’t forget, when you buy the Vita version, you also get the PS3 version at no extra cost. That’s the power of Cross Buy!

  • What will the price be for the new PvZ table?

  • Looks great. I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  • @5 zzamaro
    I’m pretty sure it’s already in the store.

  • I thought Zen Pinball 2 was a free download, and you just had to buy the new tables. and If you owned previous tables for Marvel Pinball they’d work in Zen Pinball 2.

    Quote from announcement blog post:

    “For those of you who are new to the game, Zen Pinball 2 will be a free platform download with trials available for every table. Simply download Zen Pinball 2, and you will have access to an amazing library of pinball tables including the brand new Marvel Pinball: Avengers Chronicles pack, featuring tables based on Marvel’s ‘The Avengers’ Movie, ‘World War Hulk,’ ‘Fear Itself,’ and ‘The Infinity Gauntlet.’ Here is a glimpse of the brand new, redesigned Zen Pinball 2 dashboard, showing how the tables will be presented.”

    • That is correct. Download Zen Pinball 2 for free today, import all your old tables and off you go. Any tables you do not yet have will be there for sale. Don’t forget to download to Vita as well!

  • Buying it today on my Vita! Been waitin’ for this a looooooooooooong time! Squeee!

  • Can’t wait for ZP2 to go live with the Store publish! And while I’m not really a PvZ fan, I’ll be buying this just to keep my Zen Studios collection complete!

    Quick question: Obviously I’ll find out when it releases, but were the good people over at Zen able to get the Fantastic Four table working for launch? That’s one of my favorite tables. :)

  • 8# I think he mean ‘sale’ like 50& off the original price.

  • Yeah, as soon as the Vita version of PvZ is $9.99 or less, I’ll buy it.

  • Picking this up today!

  • Can’t wait till the store updates. I already have every table available on my PS3 so can’t wait to be able to play them on my Vita along with the new PvZ table. Thanks for supporting your game so much with new content.

  • Also how much space will all the tables and game need for the Vita?

  • hey cant wait looks very temping? cant help my self! very temping! need help!

  • So, when will this go live?!?!

  • is this game free for us ps+ members? need to know ok! thanks!

    • Zen Pinball 2 is a free download for all players, and comes with the ability to demo and test out all the tables before you buy anything. In the past, we have had Zen Pinball and Marvel Pinball free for PS+ members, so if you downloaded those, you are all set to go already!

  • I didn’t know this was cross buy. I’m not usually interested in pinball games, but i really need something new to play on Vita. Hope its fun and not too hard. The last pinball game i played was Sonic Spinball for Genesis. >_<

  • hey free games coming out today for us ps+ members! i want these great games cant wait! today finally MW3! and also NFL SUNDAY TICKET! all and more coming today cant wait! thanks playstation u did it again!

  • Only $2.99 for the PvZ table? Excellent! That’ll leave another $17.01 in my PSN wallet for more Zen Pinball 2 purchases! Maybe it’s time for Epic Quest and Avengers Chronicles…

  • Is the file size for the PS3 version the same as the Vita version?

    Also how can 27 tables at 50-60GB each equal to 1GB (1024MB)? I’m getting a total of 1,350MB if I go with 50GB for each table?

  • @ shogun00: He said “new tables” will be that size. I’m sure some of the older tables aren’t as big.

  • I think personally this should of been Peggle instead of Plants vs Zombies but whatever. I am buying it regardless and i am sure it will be good like the rest of zen’s tables. I am happy finally almost 2 seasons of delays we are finally getting Zen Pinball 2 today. I cant wait for the store to update.

    • Thanks for baring with us through the delays. It’s been a lot of hard work, but we are so proud of the game we were able to make. And, who knows. More PopCap collaborations could happen!

  • Just to clarify, all of the original Zen Pinball tables will come along too? El Dorado is my favorite table ever and being able to play it on the Vita will be amazing.

  • well if plants vs zombies is croos play why cant i download the vita version i own the ps3 version why not both

  • Didn’t know the game was gonna be free and could use your old tables. I’ve quite enjoyed the first game so this is good news to me.

    Definately gonna give it a try and while I have no interest in plants vs zombies, I’m sure there will be plenty of future tables I’d enjoy. (still might enjoy PvZ table I just didn’t like the game it’s based on).

    Great stuff, thanks.

  • Neil, I have a question I hope you can answer. I bought Zen Pinball on my PS3, which has sinced died with a YLOD.. and I haven’t bought another. My question is – when I buy Zen 2 on my Vita, is it going to grant me the tables from Zen 1 – in other words, can it tell based on my account that I qualify for those tables, or am I out of luck because I can’t connect my Vita to my PS3 anymore.

    • If you use the same account, it should work just fine as your purchase history is tied to that account. But, let me know if it does not work for some reason, I would be happy to help you out in any way possible.

  • @kcasa: He means the PvZ table for Zen Pinball 2 (because all tables are cross buy) not the actual PvZ game.

  • Yes I’d been waiting for this emmmmmmm brains. Even though I don’t play zombie games lol. But I do play pinballs games from all kinds of companies to support them ;)

  • I hope downloaded some of the tables that were free to PS Plus members last year. Its unlikely, but i’ll check my download history anyway to make sure.

  • @33 I believe that as long as you remain a subscriber to PS+, you’ll retain access to the free Marvel Pinball tables. PS+ also had discounts on both the Captain America table and Fantastic Four tables. Since those were purchases and not freebies, you’ll always have access to them if you bought them with the PS+ discount.

  • Really must say this table looks fantastic! I’ll be picking up Zen for the Vita as soon as it’s released today. I already own Zen on the 3DS and iOS devices, so why not add another system to the mix.

    Is there anything Vita specific that had to be done for the Zen tables or are they pretty much exactly like the PS3 versions?

    So excited!

    • There were certain optimizations that needed to be made in order to take advantage of the screen size and touch controls. Zen is a HUGE fan of the PS Vita, we plan to support it quite a bit.

  • Can’t wait to get this. I foresee a late night of pinball, and a very groggy morning commute tomorrow.

  • What is going to happen to the DLC for the existing games? I know that DLC I’ve already bought will transfer over to ZP2. What I want to know is what happens to the DLC for the existing games, ZP1 and Marvel Pinball? If I leave those two games on my PS3 (which I will) can I still get DLC for those games as well?

    • ZP1 + DLC is going to be removed from the store. If you have ZP1, it will remain playable for you, but the ability to buy the DLC will go away. Those tables can be purchased in ZP2.

      Marvel Pinball + DLC will remain on the store unchanged.

  • Thanks so much for the reply, Neil! Looking forward to your game big time! I will post and let you know whether it does or doesn’t grant me the tables.

  • What up . I love the games this studio make. I do follow u guys on facebook. Will we receive vita suppose down the line?

  • That looks cool!!!!! By the way, im waiting for the IGC for this month….

  • Your Pinball tables are a amazing! I am hooked and cannot wait to buy more tables today. I will be downloading Zen 2 for the Vita. Also want to get the rest of the Marvel tables. Glad to support your games, keep up the great work. :)

  • Plants vs. Zombies is really cool but seriously update the store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been waiting all day to download armored kill… It’s 4 p.m. E.S.T. COME ON JEEZ!!

  • I was asking if we going to see more games past the 2 announced one zen pinball 2 being one of them.

    • Yes, we have a 3 games (including ZP2) coming to Vita! You know about KickBeat, and the ‘other’ one will surface later:)

  • Thanks for the response Neil. All ZP1 DLC bought!

  • WHEN IS THE UPDATE!!!!!!???!?!? CAN’T WAIT ANYMORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • That is a stellar table for a stellar pinabll sequel! How about you do a Zuma based pinball table? Other than that, what of the suggested tables that were supposed to be for ZP1? Will they go to ZP2, too? Looking forward to more new tables!

    • We would love to keep things going with PopCap. Who knows what will happen! All of the tables from ZP1 will be available in ZP2 – my favorite is Tesla.

  • I’ll be downloading Zen Pinball 2 as soon as the store updates, then giving some older tables I haven’t played in awhile another spin. I haven’t played El Dorado or Shaman in a long time! Well, after I play the new Plants vs. Zombies table of course!

  • YES!!!!!!!! I’m a HUGE PvZ fan! I”ve got it in my ipod, pc, ps3, vita, tablet, etc lol. AND if any of u watch my trophies, I’m a HUGE pinball fan as well! Zen is my favorite and I’ve been foaming at the mouth waiting for ZP2 to get here like a rabid zombie!!! When I heard the mystery table was PvZ, I passed out. Then I gained consciousness and passed out again. Once again I gained consciousness and immediately got a 32GB card for my Vita so I could d/l on DAY ONE. Guess what?!?! IT’S DAY ONE!!! Oh, no don’t worry, I’ve already started the d/l :)

    A HUGE thank you to team Zen and Popcap for letting them do this. Time to wear out some buttons on my faithful PS3 controller and put that Vita to a stress test! Ciao!

    P.S. The zombies said “Team Zen ROCKS so we’ll eat their brains last’

  • Ugh…..c’mon you guys/girls on PSN need to hurry up and get these updates live already! I want my Zen Pinball 2 now……u_u.

  • its well past 4 ‘o clock Sony.
    where’s the store update Sony?
    why are you late Sony?


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