PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Join The Fight

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PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Join The Fight

The doors to the PAX convention center are officially open here in Seattle. The show is now in full swing, and so are our character reveals! We already unveiled Evil Cole and Raiden this week, and now we have two more characters that we’re announcing at the show today.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nariko

Heavenly Sword’s Nariko has joined the cast of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Heavenly Sword’s cinematic experience and engaging gameplay dazzled gamers in 2007, an experience we wish to re-create for those playing as Nariko in PlayStation All-Stars. Nariko has proven to be a strong female lead, and was a prime candidate for inclusion in the roster.

During Nariko’s combo attacks, players can trigger different actions during key poses within her offense. This opens up defensive options such as dodging, jumping, or parrying mid-combo, or offensive options such as continued combo attacks or juggle starters. She also has several projectile attacks to harass opponents with from a distance. During her level 3 super, Nariko uses the full power of the Goddess to devastate the battlefield with attacks inspired from her Level 3 Super Style attacks from Heavenly Sword.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Sir Daniel

For all the old-school PlayStation fans out there, we’ve included Sir Daniel Fortesque in our roster! The older crowd might remember this skeletal knight from SCE Cambridge Studios’ MediEvil series, widely regarded as a PlayStation classic and praised for its quirky style and fun gameplay. It’s been 14 years since Sir Daniel’s video game debut, and he’s ready to shake the rust off his armor to do battle with the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars cast.

Sir Daniel is a crowd-control character who is able to build heavy amounts of AP while in the middle of the action. He brings several weapons to the battle including his axe, chicken drumstick, bow, and even his various skeletal appendages, all taken directly from the MediEvil series. He also has his trusty broadsword and shield, the latter which can be equipped during battle to absorb damage and strengthen his charge attacks. His super attacks are more magical in nature, summoning the power of his lightning orb, Golden Chalice, and even Zarok’s Anubis Stone to KO opponents.

We invite you all to stop by the PlayStation booth over the next few days to go hands-on with all four of our new characters. They will all be playable at the booth for the very first time. We’ll also have some cross-play PS3 / PS Vita matches happening, so you’ll want to check those out as well! SuperBot’s Creative Director, Omar Kendall, will be at PAX this weekend too, so if you see him around the show floor let him know what you think of the game! We always look forward to meeting you and hearing your feedback. Enjoy the show!

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  • I’ve been following every PlayStation All-Stars blog post closely and I want to say D-Squad3, you seem as excited and enthusiastic about this game as I am; if ever you want to play when this game is released, let me know!

  • @ onslaughtree. Smash Brothers is a clone of every fighting game in this genre that came before it including Power Stone. Only people who know gaming history know that. Many modern gamers don’t have a clue . They just saw SSB and assumed it was new since they never played a game like it before.

  • technically mortal kombat is in the game….kratos lol. both GoW and mk lol. as far as actual sf and mk charatcers, forget about it. neither franchise was ever really exclusive or had exclusive features tp ps except for kratos in mk. plus seth killian worked on sf…do you really think capcom will let sony use there characters now? yes i do realize sf x tekken had koro toro and cole

  • @cosmis…amen

  • Both good choices of characters. I am glad to see some more females. Nariko’s moves look great, I like what I am seeing about key stances.

    Now we need one PS2 female lead, say, Jennifer Tate from Primal. She’s good set of moves ;)

  • I’m starting to think Crash, Spyro and Snake are all going to be an in-game surprise. I don’t like Raiden in there. They should add The Boss from MGS3. She was an amazing character and she was the one who taught Snake how to fight!

    Add Law or Paul Phoenix from Tekken or Yoshimitsu

    Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2

    Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts Series

    Hana from Fear Effect series

    A Madden or NCAAF player

    A baseball player from the MLB thing

    A Gran Turismo stage or car as a fighter

    Agent 47 from Hitman

  • The Spy Hunter car as another playable fighter

    Lara Croft aka the Original Nathan Drake

    Tidus from FInal Fantasy 10

    Leon from Resident Evil 4

    Wanderer from Shadow of the Colossus; with a Shadow of the Colossus stage too

    Those are some of the most memorable characters I’ve every played with on the Play Station. Listen to the fans sony!! Stop your stupid advertisement push for other games and focus on what got you here

  • Oh! And Nathan Hale from Resistance, without Resistance Fall of Man, you guys would have had nothing as a release date sell for the PS3, just saying!

  • please have an everybody dance stage…. preferably the deadmau5 track yes w a black figure dancing in background or a mau5 head bobbing lol w colors flashing

  • no nathan, already have a shooter or 2 in game ffs. just a chimera will do

  • I think it’s a real reach to classify these characters (and many of the others in this game) as “All-Stars”. Nariko, Sir Daniel, Parappa, Colonel Radec, Spike…these guys are more like bench players than “All-Stars”. And that is nothing against their respective franchises (can you really call 1-2 games a franchise?), but these don’t seem to be the “best of the best” that Playstation has had to offer over the years. No Crash Bandicoot, no Spyro, no Final Fantasy VII characters. Seems like a lot of the franchises that helped make the PS a household name are missing here for whatever reasons.

  • Oh, and add Ghost or Captain Price to the fight, that would be badass

  • @62, I’m really just repeating to myself that they are all in-game surprises but I don’t see the reason for Superbot to not announce the best of the best being there. I guess it might be like the leading up where they will start showing the best as the time draws nearer. But it is becoming a real drag knowing that there are 2 coles from infamous and no spyro, crash or snake announced

  • @62 heavenly sword was critical to ps3 and has sort of a cult following…mostly due to fact not many had ps3 back then…it was still $600

  • Well that’s finally it for the leaked characters. I really hope they add some true all stars like
    and Sora

    I am still really mad that haihachi and big daddy are here. Where those characters ever exclusives? We have too many great current and former exclusives to get these third parties.

  • There are priorities!

    The priorities in this game are the 1st and 3rd party games that are iconic and important with PlayStation!





    Final Fantasy



    Gran Turismo


    Jet Moto

    Ridge Racer

    Lara Croft


    old Dante

    Resident Evil


    Gabe Logan


    and the list goes on!

    Also, Heavenly Sword 2, MediEvil 3 with HD remakes of the first two!

  • I forgot to add, priority characters HAVE to be in this game, non priorities like Fat Princess, new Dante, Raiden and Big Daddy can be in the game AFTER all the priorities are in it.

    Also, this game better have a lot of unlockables

    And don’t even think about charging for characters after the games release because they should be free!

  • hell, u’d pay for chimera if need be

  • *i’d”

  • @cosmis_chaos

    In case my first comment doesn’t make it through.

    Thanks for being a Jerk, guess you can’t read the rules clearly posted on the side.

    I expressed my opinions. Never said they were fact.

    I said I didn’t know a character from my 25 years of gaming. Didn’t say Sir Whoever is a bad character.

    Stop being so butt-hurt over someone expressing an opinion in the hopes of the game becomming something better than I currently see it as.

    People like you who go out of their way to be rude and a pos are the people who give gamers a bad name.

    I hope something horrible happens to you in the near future.

  • I’d just like to know the thinking process for the people creating this game. How deep does their knowledge of Playstation characters go? Sony should have had a fan contest and had like a national quiz off in E3 to test people and the knowledge of the playstation 1 to 3 including the hand helds. That would have been fun and actually rent a Playtation Historian, I’m sure some are out there somewhere lurking in the dark reaches of the internet space, yelling at the monitor as to why this current roster isn’t an All-star roster (yet). This would have gotten fan’s included and actually had a say (though I think a very small one). I just would have appreciated if we can all have a way to email the creators of this game and give our thoughts on who should be characters. The ones with the most votes for the next 10 roster spots would be voted in!

  • Just imagine how hectic it would be if Superbot gave us the choice to vote for 10 roster spots and we had a chance to choose 10 characters. Everyone would be creating sites for the characters they want. And argue their reasons! It’d be intense

  • @72 try twitter, very responsive

  • I would still like to see the Nemesis from RE in this.

  • Great! I just hope these aren’t the final reveals. I’m still rooting for Spyro & Crash!

  • @ Joe-TFW. shows what you know. Not only are many of these characters the ones that drove the PlayStation forward but several of them have had at least two sequels after the original game. Sweet Tooth and Parappa alone where in games that were the first of their kind. Parappa was one of the first few rhythm games and Twisted metal was one of the first combat car games. The game doesn’t have to have five or six sequels to be an all star. It is what they represent that matters. In SSB, Pitt, Marth,ROB, Ice Climbers, Ness and Snake barely had any games on a Nintendo system and yet they are considered to be faces of Nintendo and no one ever complained how many games they were or weren’t in. Parappa, Sweet Tooth, Kratos and Sir Dan have been in more games then Ness, Marth, Pitt and Ice Climbers have probably been in but you don’t see anyone putting them down for not being Nintendo characters or Nintendo accused of reaching even when they resorted to Sonic and an outdated peripheral to fill out their roster.Why didn’t Nintendo go for Simon Belmont, Mega Man, Battle Toads or any of those characters instead of the garbage they choose like three Links, two Marios and decades old characters and a failed peripheral?

  • Wow, Nariko looks SUPER fun to play. Maybe even better than Kratos!

    The game looks awesome so far, SuperBot. I hope you guys have more characters & stages in store for us!

  • I really hope Rau Utu from The Mark of Kri makes the list. That was a very cool and excellent game that can’t be ignored. Please make it happen.

  • Oh and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus also has to make the list. Really really hope.

  • add some final fantasy characters and some anime characters from bleach, naruto and one piece. please superbot :)

  • They should add Sora from Kingdom Hearts to the roster now that will be awesome

  • I bought a 3 month plus membership specifically for the vita because your company claimed vita had plus..Well wtf? My plus is almost up and still no plus on vita. I demand an answer! When will plus be implemented on vita?

  • YES! I have been waiting for this news since this game was announced! As someone who grew up and loved the MediEvil series as a kid, I’m ENTHRALLED to see the (pun probably intended) resurrection of Sir Daniel Fortesque!

    I am more than glad he has not been forgotten and that you included him in the roster. Thank you so much Superbot, you just made an old-school PlayStation fan VERY happy!

  • @ iiGeTMoNeY23. They aren’t putting a gun to your head to buy them and companies are there to make profits. If they make new characters and stages later they have the right to charge for them if they want because it is their game. If you were in their shoes you would do it too so don’t pretend like you wouldn’t. If you just gave all DLC like stages and characters away from free you would be bankrupt in a few months. That is way I am happy the people who comment on sites like this don’t own big businesses. You would give everything away for cheap and for free and set the record for fastest bankruptcy. New stages and characters use resources and money to make and giving them away for free is a quick way to get bankrupt fast. If you made something and people were demanding it for free you would be outraged that you put all the time and work into it and no one wants to pay for it.

  • I know I have been spamming this a lot on each news about PASBR, but please add Wander from Shadow of the Colossus with some cool attacks and specials xD

  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Listen to me. I have legitimate complaints and a GREAT addition you MUST HAVE!

    #1.) Very very western oriented lineup. You need more JPN characters. Many of us old school PS fans grew to love PS due to it’s plethora of JRPGs. Give us some love too.

    #2.) Where are the bad guys? Way too many heroes. Talk to SEGA! Get a Valkyria Chronicles characters in there. Get Selveria! Talk to SE and add Sephiroth.

    #3.) Where in the heck is Prinny? Disgaea is practically a staple in the Playstation lineup and no one is known better than Prinny. He is without a doubt a MUST HAVE in this game. I am sure NIS will not object at all. Think about it. He throws another Prinny for a Prinny Bomb, that is special #1. Disgaea later added Magichange, so make him something awesome for special #2. Want super awesome Prinny special #3 that would make him badass and knock enemies everywhere? Don’t forget we had Super Uber Prinny Baal. :)

    I better see him as an announcement at TGS, and if not, better call NIS now and at least tease him as DLC. He is just as deserving of being in PS Allstars as anyone on the current roster, and arguably more so than most characters there. ;)

  • DOOD!!!!

  • when is the usa public beta coming out superbot

  • That last Sir Dan special made no sense… That was never in the original Medievils… O_o

  • Well, I havent played Heavenly Sword nor Medievil in its time (though now seems to be a good time to do it since I own the Psone classic :)). anyway, I know they are both important for the Play Station brand so Cheers on them!

    There are 2 months and a half left for the games launch and putting aside all the leaked (now confirmed), I think all there is left to see is if more third party characters (Final Fantasy, Assassins Creed, Castlevania, etc.) will join the cast and if they will be able to get Crash Bandicoot (and other missing PS related characters like Yorda?) on the game, though I believe that if they are able to do it, they will announce it at the very end :P

    Anyway, hype is bigger now that we are getting closer! :D

  • @cosmis_chaos #85

    You obviously don’t know how things actually work.

  • Cosmis_chaos is awesome.


    Quick question…I’m not asking if these games are represented as characters, stages, items, etc in PASBR, I’m just asking if you guys know of/remember these games: The Unholy War, War of the Monsters, Scaler and Malice…Do you guys know these games? PLEASE REPLY

  • Obuously Activision hates the Playstation brand and won’t allow Crash or Spyro to appear in the game especially the later.

  • Great additions, nice to see Nariko is in the game. I loved Heavenly Sword!

  • Where tha hell is Crash, Spyro and Jak?!?!

  • Soo many demands. How about just being grateful for such an awesome game?

  • Ha ha ha ha ha. I sure hope the lot of you that are blogging on the character content of All Stars, actually go out and BUY the game. Th roster looks great. If this was set as the launch roster, I will be very, VERY happy. In the age of 1st day DLC, you really think that SB will not add any more characters ??!! C’mon now. Cant wait to get this game on my Vita. Cross buy Will push major units for this title come xmas time. I already have a few friends that I will be putting this under their Xmas trees for.

  • @onslaughtree

    I dont understand the complaints eirher, hell the roster is huge compared to to he 1st SB plus imo w the characters they had felt more cartoony. now while this looks like a cartooony arcade game as well it has a diff fel w characters like sweet tooth and kratos in the game etc

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