PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Join The Fight

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PlayStation All-Stars: Nariko and Sir Daniel Join The Fight

The doors to the PAX convention center are officially open here in Seattle. The show is now in full swing, and so are our character reveals! We already unveiled Evil Cole and Raiden this week, and now we have two more characters that we’re announcing at the show today.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Nariko

Heavenly Sword’s Nariko has joined the cast of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale! Heavenly Sword’s cinematic experience and engaging gameplay dazzled gamers in 2007, an experience we wish to re-create for those playing as Nariko in PlayStation All-Stars. Nariko has proven to be a strong female lead, and was a prime candidate for inclusion in the roster.

During Nariko’s combo attacks, players can trigger different actions during key poses within her offense. This opens up defensive options such as dodging, jumping, or parrying mid-combo, or offensive options such as continued combo attacks or juggle starters. She also has several projectile attacks to harass opponents with from a distance. During her level 3 super, Nariko uses the full power of the Goddess to devastate the battlefield with attacks inspired from her Level 3 Super Style attacks from Heavenly Sword.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Sir Daniel

For all the old-school PlayStation fans out there, we’ve included Sir Daniel Fortesque in our roster! The older crowd might remember this skeletal knight from SCE Cambridge Studios’ MediEvil series, widely regarded as a PlayStation classic and praised for its quirky style and fun gameplay. It’s been 14 years since Sir Daniel’s video game debut, and he’s ready to shake the rust off his armor to do battle with the rest of the PlayStation All-Stars cast.

Sir Daniel is a crowd-control character who is able to build heavy amounts of AP while in the middle of the action. He brings several weapons to the battle including his axe, chicken drumstick, bow, and even his various skeletal appendages, all taken directly from the MediEvil series. He also has his trusty broadsword and shield, the latter which can be equipped during battle to absorb damage and strengthen his charge attacks. His super attacks are more magical in nature, summoning the power of his lightning orb, Golden Chalice, and even Zarok’s Anubis Stone to KO opponents.

We invite you all to stop by the PlayStation booth over the next few days to go hands-on with all four of our new characters. They will all be playable at the booth for the very first time. We’ll also have some cross-play PS3 / PS Vita matches happening, so you’ll want to check those out as well! SuperBot’s Creative Director, Omar Kendall, will be at PAX this weekend too, so if you see him around the show floor let him know what you think of the game! We always look forward to meeting you and hearing your feedback. Enjoy the show!

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  • There’s so many different people/opinions/tastes of course there’s a ton of demands.

    They’ll never please everyone, so what’s wrong with the unpleased voicing their opinions?

    If the game is actualy awesome (by my standards it has a lot to prove before I’ll assume that) then I’d be grateful/happy for sure.

    And even if I think it sucks, I’m happy for anyone who enjoys it (any game).

    Personally right now I have no reason to buy it because they have yet to add a character I want to play. Sure there are a few that look interesting, but nothing that makes me want to play yet. This doesn’t mean the game is bad/I think the game is bad. It just hasn’t offered anything for me to want it yet.

    Of course, since Dante is my fav video game characters of all time, if they add a classic (real Dante) skin for him, I’m such a sucker for that character (only reason I bought the MvC fighting game was Dante) that I’d buy it on day 1 despite my reservations just for that, heh.

    I’m sure the end product will be well made and there will definately be happy fans. Hopefully there’s enough new characters coming (new meaning true old classic/all stars) that I’ll be a happy fan too :)

  • Also why does Sir Dan prance around the place… That was the disappointing PSP Sir Dan not the original one…

  • Oh well perhaps I’m being too picky. In any case it is great to see Medievil become relevant again. Man I hope they make another some day. :/

  • Socom Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  • Nice reveals! Now all we need is Cao Ren. Ahaha, nah… just kidding. Hope to see a few more characters, I’d personally love to see someone from Legend of Dragoon, or maybe some reference to it. Keep up the good work!

  • I can’t believe Nariko is finally announced! She’s my favorite female character ever!!!
    2nd and 3rd are Kat and Chell.
    Thank you SOOO much Superbot! XD

  • I feel the same way other people feel about this dante but the way i look at it is ninja theory made the original heavenly sword so my thinking is sony asked for dante but capcom and ninja theory had condition…btw i know sony owns HS IP, just thinking on the fly here

  • Twing Twang :)

  • Dan looks Killer! Thanks for him!

    But..uh is the final roster? Please answer!

  • in need of buds on this account (newest) so anyone just add me, let me know you’re from blog. currently play tekken r3 and soundshapes on n of when im not on vudu or crunch roll, will be getting all stars

  • I was hoping that roxas or sora would appear in the game at least as a dlc but i like the roster though great characters just hoping roxas or sora would appear in the game or dlc

  • WOO! I love Medievil! I hope the sequel gets released as a PS1 classic. Great to see that bit of fan service. Also, Heavenly Sword is AWESOME! Keep up these character reveals and I’ll buy day 1!

    Please :3

  • Yay! Another female character! I love Nariko (still prefer Kat though). But it’s all okay now that I think SuperBot is actually listening to the fans? I really hope so! You guys can make this game super awesome!! ( Unless these two are the last to be announced and there are still 2 Cole(s) =,=)

  • I don’t care if the rest of the roster was stick figures, I’m just glad I can once again see Nariko in a new game. Day one buy for me! I’m one of the biggest Heavenly Sword fanboys ever and have a life-size display stand, 2 action figures and a few rare magazines with her on the cover to prove it. :)

  • – Selvaria Bles from Valkyria Chronicles
    – Kazuma Kiryu from Yakuza
    – Date Masamune from Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes


  • Guys, I know we all have our favorite characters missed, but please think carefully before you suggest, characters like Crash, Spyro, Kat,etc. are really good to suggest but I see some of you kept complaining how Dante, Fat Princess, Raiden suck but kept suggesting some very alike characters from 3rd party games, this is not gonna change anything.
    BTW Crash Bandicoot USED to be Sony’s but not anymore, so I think it’ll not be easy to see him. So is Spyro. Unless these franchies are having new games and want to put characters in to advertise, I don’t think it’s easy to put them on the roster. :)
    They can still add Kat though XD

  • Kat is first party from Japan Studio. She’s is practically the face of the Vita.

  • Nariko looks delicious. Sir dan is a nice surprise but I doubt I’ll play him. he looks sluggish…

  • Totally agree! KAT!!! I want Kat!!!

  • how about some psvita characters? Kat? Lil or Laarg? Iota?

  • It would be awsome if Kratos and Nariko were rivals in the game.

  • Ok…here’s my character wish list, Firmware update 4.XX and Now installing Yellow Bar for Final bosses! Seriously…preordered my copy long ago, I’m looking forward to this game! Ps. Please consider using characters from the Ps1 RPG back catalogue. Wild Arms Rudy, Arc the Lad, ect ect. Thank you

  • Sir Daniel is back from the dead!!!! man he is a legend, love to see him on the game. I grew up playing MediEvi, love the series.

  • Sir Dan “The Man” Fortesque awsome choice. Don’t know who Nariko is but she looks cool man.

  • Now i’m just waiting for Spyro to come gliding in. Sadly he never learned to fly, what the hell!

  • When I think classic Sony, I think Metal Gear Solid/Solid Snake. Solid Snake is the unofficial mascot of Sony, kind of like that green dude for Halo and M$. Its kind of weird that Raiden is in but not Snake, who is in more games, more important, and more popular than Raiden. A Chimera and Lara Croft are also a huge part of the Sony brand so they really should be added. Also consider a Resident Evil characrter from games 1-3, Gabe Logan, and maybe Tony Vercetti.

  • Hey Sony, who’s the bag of bones ? Lol.

  • You guys are doing great with picking both old and new characters from both 1st and 3rd party rosters. Keep up the great work and I can’t wait to play this game on my Vita.


  • So i’m guessing the Tokyo Game Show will reveal atleast 2 character’s, Snake and Cloud(or main character from FFX, or Lightning) hopefully more. But that leaves out if they will have the last 3 huge PSOne stars in the game… Crash, Spyro, and Lara Croft.

  • Glad to see Noriko in this (you know what game would DEFINITELY benefit from a trophy patch? Heavenly Sword…just sayin’).

    While I may disagree with some of the character choices (a Big Daddy?!? Dante In Name Only?), I understand that some companies want to sell their upcoming products.

    That said, I think it’d be absolutely criminal to not include a few more Japanese-developed characters.

    Kazuma from Yakuza
    Selvaria from Valkyria Chronicles
    Cloud, Sephiroth, or Lightning from Final Fantasy
    Ivy from Soul Calibur
    Wander from Shadow of the Colossus

    As much as i’d like to see a Disgaea or Ar Tonelico character, I understand those aren’t big enough franchises to be on the radar, but I hope to see, at the very least three of the characters I mentioned above. Don’t put in superheroes, don’t put in anime characters, don’t put in sports stars. But please do not forget the type of games many of us bought a Playstation for.

  • Also, please tell me Evil Cole doesn’t get his own character slot. The rumor I had heard online, that I thought was absolutely brilliant, was that you started off as neutral Cole and your playstyle determined which Cole he turned into. That would have been great. I love the Infamous series, but no character should get two slots.

  • can you all clarify if you be revealing any on disk characters at tgs and ney york comicon

  • plz tell me you all have considered The Legend of Dragoon for characters????

  • Thanks, Superbot. I’m so glad to see Nariko on the list. I’m still waiting for more female characters though. I’d love to see:

    Regina (Dino Crisis)
    Lightning (Final Fantasy) or Cloud or Auron
    Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)
    Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil) or Ada Wong
    Dart (Legend of Dragoon) or maybe Rose
    Crash Bandicoot

  • I just thought if Kratos and Nariko had a kid….Epic warrior

  • All I ask for is:
    Tag: modnation racers
    Crash Bandicoot: crash bandicoot
    Razputan: psycohnaughts

  • I love to see Kat too. As far as game will be playable on the Vita, Kat is a must =).

  • Crash, Sora, and Cloud Please! c: ive always wanted to play as sora in ssb but guess what? i couldnt. Sony ADD Sora or in ssb 4 they’ll have him and youll regret it. Now thats over with, im glad how the games turning out. since you moved it to november i suspect more characters maybe? :D i dont know if you can add a couple square enix characters, like sora cloud and lightning. after all square enix has a good history with sony. i think lol

  • The wait is unbearable!! The roster so far is Incredible. Thanks Superbot for all your hard work on this game…i hope that there will still be more to come!

  • How many more characters are there left to show as now I’m seeing alot of my favorite characters appearing but I keep hearing of rumors that Crash Bandicoot and Spyro.
    Aslo as I just heared that there is going to be a item called Sonic Rift that appears in my favorite ps3 Modnation Racers , will there be a chance that the character Tag will appear?.

  • I’ll admit I wasn’t all that excited about this game until now. I just wanted to say thank you for bringing an old hero back from the dead(again!) I’m definitely looking forward to this game now.

  • I think it is awesome to see how Sir Daniel looks in HD :D. I’m like ” sooo that’s how it’s really supposed to look like” hehe

  • OK, so I probably still won’t buy this but maybe, possibly, hopefully this will lead to Medievil HD Collection and Medievil 3?!?!??!??!!!!

    Please bring the characters I love in their own game!!!!!

    BTW why no Secret Agent Clank on the R&C Collection?

  • Thank you SuperBot for bringing, Sir Dan and Nariko, as well as Characters announced in the past. It would be cool to have some Marvel characters:

    Dr. Doom, Spider-Man, Ironman, Deadpool, etc….

  • Hey Daniel, Any news about Spyro and Crash in the game? I would love if both are in the game

  • Solid Snake = Sold

  • Everyone wanted to see Nariko vs. Kratos from day one. :)

  • Hey boomstickbhg, did you know?

    “People like you who go out of their way to be rude and a pos are the people who give gamers a bad name.”


    “I hope something horrible happens to you in the near future.”


    Major contradiction.

    Have a wonderful day. :)

  • Roster is Looking Great thus far! Evert reveal gets me more pumped for the game. Looking forward to all the news for this game, I am guessing the next reveals will be at TGS. Well the game is looking great can’t wait to finally play it when it comes out..

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